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0:02 welcome to from his heart with pastor jeff schreve as he continues his new 0:07 powerful series life is hard but god is good there are significant advantages for 0:13 those who trust in and surrender their lives to christ today you’ll learn the pluses found in the lord’s benefits 0:21 packages [Music] 0:49 [Music] college graduate 0:55 brand new fresh out of college mechanical engineering degree he had his first 1:01 interview after graduation the interview was going pretty well he was interviewing with the head of 1:08 human resources for this particular company and the head of human resources 1:14 asked this fresh college graduate said now what kind of salary 1:19 are you expecting in this job he said well i expect uh 1:25 around 175 000 a year plus benefits whatever the benefits package 1:31 would be you know i’m going to look at several companies and so it’s going to be in that range and then i’m going to evaluate the benefits package and the 1:38 interviewer looked at him and said how much he said around 175 000 a year 1:44 depending on the benefits package he said well what would you say to a benefits package 1:49 that had five weeks of paid vacation 14 paid holidays 1:57 medical dental optometry all covered 100 2:03 uh a matching ira up to 50 of your salary and hey 2:09 how about a new company car every two years for you we’ll say a red corvette he goes wow are 2:16 you kidding he said yes but you started it 2:24 we want to talk today about the lord’s benefits package you know companies have 2:31 benefits packaged probably where you work you you work for a salary plus 2:36 benefits and benefits can be very important i remember when i was working way back 2:42 when it at waste management waste management would say you know we don’t pay much but we have good benefits and 2:49 one of the guys i worked with said yeah but it’s tough to eat benefits uh and and i understood what he meant but you 2:55 know benefits really add up well just as companies have a benefits package 3:02 the lord the giver of every good and perfect gift he has a benefits package for those who follow after him now we’re 3:10 in a series in the book of psalms called life is hard but god is good and today we want to look at psalm 103. 3:18 interestingly i found out uh just this week in my studies i thought for so long 3:24 that the middle verse of the bible you know if you’re ever on jeopardy and they ask you what is the middle verse of the 3:29 bible i was always told it’s psalm 118 verse 8 it is better to trust in the lord than to put confidence in man what 3:35 a great middle verse of the bible but i found out it’s really not the middle verse of the bible when you look 3:41 at all the verses in the bible uh the middle verse of the bible the king james bible when you look at the number of 3:47 verses the middle verse is really two verses because it’s an even number so if you have an even number you really can’t 3:53 have a middle verse but it’s two verses it’s psalm 103 verses 1 and 2 4:00 where david says bless the lord o my soul and all that is within me bless his holy 4:07 name bless the lord o my soul and forget none of his 4:13 benefits now we talk about blessing the lord and and the bible talks about praising the lord 4:20 and maybe you’re thinking what does it mean to bless the lord warren wiersbe the great 4:25 commentator said this to bless the lord means to delight his heart by expressing gratitude for all he is 4:33 and all he has done it’s not asking him for anything but praising him 4:39 for everything and david is blessing the lord for all his benefits forget none 4:48 of his benefits here’s a problem that you have that i have that david had that 4:54 everyone who’s ever walked on the face of this earth has had we have a tendency 4:59 to forget his benefits i mean the christian life can be hard 5:05 and we can forget his benefits that word forget in the hebrew means to ignore to 5:10 neglect to give attention to to cease to care to fail to remember 5:16 we have to be proactive to remember his benefits to remember all the wonderful 5:23 things the lord has promised to those who follow after him 5:28 as i said the christian life is a hard life the lord said it was going to be hard old song from the 70s 5:36 says i beg your pardon i never promised you a rose garden don’t ever get the idea that the 5:42 christian life is all honey and no bees there are difficulties in the christian life in the world jesus said you have 5:49 tribulation but be a good courage i have overcome the world hey we’re going to have 5:54 trouble in this world jesus said if the world hates you know that it hated me before it hated you 6:00 a christian in this world is a twice-born person living in a world of once born people 6:05 our citizenship is in heaven we follow the lord jesus christ we don’t march to the beat of the drumbeat of the 6:12 world we march to the beat of the lord’s drum and so it’s a different 6:19 experience for the christian and there are going to be difficulties for us and so it’s very important to not forget 6:26 the benefits package that the lord gives us so let’s look at the five benefits that 6:33 david tells us don’t forget any of these benefit number one the lord forgives all 6:41 your sins when you come to christ when you begin to follow the lord with all your heart 6:47 the lord forgives all your sins he says in verse 3 who pardons all your 6:52 iniquities now the bible talks about three main words when it speaks of sin 7:00 and sometimes it uses sin sometimes it uses transgressions and sometimes it uses the word iniquities 7:07 exodus 34 where the lord revealed himself to moses he said remember he hit him in the cleft of the rock and he 7:13 passed by i said moses you can’t see my face no one can see my face and live but i’ll i’ll hide you in the cleft of the 7:18 rock i’ll pass by you can see the the back side the edges of my glory and as he passed by he said the lord the lord 7:26 god compassionate and gracious slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness and truth who keeps loving kindness for 7:33 thousands who forgives iniquity transgressions 7:39 and sin so it it delineates those three here it 7:44 just says who pardons all your iniquities the word iniquity literally means moral twistedness 7:52 it’s also defined as if i can find it here in my notes 7:57 serious moral evil now this is david saying he pardons all 8:03 your iniquities david had some serious moral evil on his 8:08 account we know from the life of david that he did some terrible things here is a man 8:14 after god’s own heart the one that lord the lord chose when he was just a kid the one who defeated goliath when he uh 8:20 was probably only 15 16 years old and god’s hand was on this guy from the time that he was young 8:27 but he did some terrible things he committed the sin of adultery which was a terrible thing and it’s 8:33 doubly terrible when you understand that david had multiple wives 8:38 and then he had a harem of women he had the bible calls those concubines 8:43 not porcupines concubines and concubines are girlfriends so he’s the king and he has lots of 8:50 wives and he has lots of girlfriends and he sees a woman bathing named 8:56 bathsheba and he was just overcome with this desire for her 9:01 she’s the wife of uriah the hittite uriah the hittite was one of david’s 9:08 faithful soldiers he was one of david’s 30 mighty men and so david calls for bathsheba he has 9:14 a night of illicit sex with bathsheba he sends her on her way 9:20 the word comes back to him i’m pregnant david david’s in a bind because uriah is 9:27 fighting the king’s battles he’s not home so there’s no way this could happen it’s not uriah’s baby and david says i 9:34 got to cover this up and so what does he do he calls uriah back from the battlefield hey i need you to come back 9:39 and tell me what’s going on at the battle and he’s hoping that uriah will go home to his house to see his wife and 9:45 be with his wife and everything will be covered up but uriah has too much honor to do that he says there’s no way i’m going to go 9:52 and be with my wife when my kinsmen are out fighting the king’s battles no i’m just going to stay here at the door of 9:58 the king’s house and guard the king and so david said crud and so david the next night got him drunk 10:05 crud is a hebrew word i just tell you that so he gets him drunk thinking well if i 10:10 get him drunk then he’ll do it but he wouldn’t do it so here’s what’s so terrible so david 10:17 writes a note seals it in an envelope the note is to joab the general 10:24 and the note says put uriah in the fiercest part of the battle 10:29 and then everyone withdraw from him so that he’ll die 10:34 and he seals the note and he puts it in uriah’s hand 10:39 and uriah takes his death note unbeknownst to him 10:44 to joab as a good and faithful servant of the king and uriah dies those were the sins that 10:52 david had hey the sin with bathsheba was a hot-blooded sin and the sin with uriah 10:57 the hittite was a cold-blooded calculated sin and david had both of those on his conscience and david said 11:04 bless the lord o my soul and all that is within me bless the lord on my soul and forget none of his benefits who pardons 11:10 all your iniquity all the terrible things i did with bathsheba all the terrible things i did 11:18 against uriah the hittite he forgives all of that he doesn’t forgive 11:24 most of it he doesn’t forgive some of it he forgives all of it the worst thing that you’ve ever done 11:30 you know what it is maybe some others know what it is maybe they don’t but you know and god knows 11:37 and when you confess your sins to god if we confess our sins homo ligeo first john 1 9 homologae means to say the same 11:43 thing as god when we confess our sins to god he’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all 11:52 unrighteousness hey do you have some some bad sins that seem to haunt you 11:57 hunted by the ghost of guilt i remember a friend of mine who was starting to grow in the lord he 12:04 he would tell me he said jeff you know i think about my failed first marriage and i think about how terrible i was to my 12:10 first wife and i think he was physically abusive with her and he said i have so much guilt and he 12:16 said every morning i wake up and i just ask god to forgive me for the way i was to my wife 12:22 i said you do that every morning he said yes and i said quit it quit it he said what do you mean and i 12:29 said well every time you ask god to forgive you for that you’re just saying god god i don’t believe that you forgave 12:34 me when i asked you yesterday i don’t believe when i asked you the day before i don’t believe the day before i said 12:40 you asked god from a sincere heart god forgive me for this and then you thank 12:45 him every single day for forgiving you he pardons all your iniquities 12:51 and the scripture says when it comes to removing your sins and 12:57 dealing with your sin jeremiah 31 i will be their god and they shall be my 13:02 people they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them declares the lord for i will forgive 13:08 their iniquity and their sin i will remember no more 13:14 micah chapter 7 says that the lord buries our sins in the depths of the sea 13:21 and as corey 10 boom says then he posts a sign that says no fishing he doesn’t bring that back up again 13:26 now when the bible says god doesn’t remember your sin anymore that doesn’t mean that god has some kind of divine alzheimer’s it just 13:34 means he doesn’t remember it against you anymore that sin is forgiven that sin is dealt with 13:39 psalm 103 verse 12 tells us not only does god forgive our 13:44 sin not only does he forget our sin but he also removes our sin as far as the east is from the west 13:51 so far as he removed our transgressions from us he just takes them away 13:57 as far as the east is from the west now think about this what if it said as far as the north is 14:03 from the south you say yeah it just is just as good it’s just talking about direction east west north south doesn’t matter to me 14:09 just so long as he removes them let me tell you why it’s a big deal because as if it said as far as the 14:16 north is from the south the distance from the north pole to the south pole 14:22 is a calculated distance i calculated it another thing if you’re on jeopardy 12 436 miles from the north 14:31 pole to the south pole see as far as the north is from the south 14:37 is a fixed distance so say you’re at the south pole and you’re going to start traveling north you’re going north north 14:44 north north north north north you get up to the to the north pole and you keep traveling in the same direction all of a 14:50 sudden now you’re going south south south south south see that’s a fixed distance between the north pole and the 14:56 south pole as far as the east is from the west is an infinite distance 15:02 we’re in texas we start traveling uh east and we go east and we go into arkansas and we go past arkansas and we 15:09 hit the coast there the east coast and we go across the atlantic ocean and we get into europe 15:14 and then we get into asia and then we get uh go all the way around and now we’re we’re coming back around and we’re 15:20 in hawaii and we’re in california and say well california why that’s west uh-uh 15:26 because you’re still going in an easterly direction the distance between the east from the west is infinite 15:34 and god says that’s how i take away your sin i remove it an infinite distance as far as the east 15:41 is from the west and we don’t need to be walking around haunted by the ghost of 15:47 guilt we can confess our sin and know that god forgives our sin i think about the woman in luke 7 the prostitute in 15:54 luke 7 who wept at jesus feet what does he say to her that repentant woman your sins are forgiven your sins which are 16:00 many are forgiven your faith has saved you go in peace don’t go in guilt don’t 16:06 go in shame don’t go on condemnation go in peace god is the god who forgives 16:12 from the gutter most to the uttermost so the lord forgives all your sins that’s 16:17 the first benefit of the lord’s benefit package benefit number two the lord 16:22 heals all your diseases who pardons all your iniquities 16:28 who heals verse three all your diseases now we have a name for god in the scripture a 16:35 wonderful name that were introduced in exodus 15 verse 26 16:40 for i the lord am your healer i the lord l o r d all in caps which is 16:47 the yahweh y yhwh the four letters that’s translated yahweh or jehovah i the lord 16:54 am your rapha your healer and so we have that name jehovah rapha yahweh rafa that we 17:01 call upon when we’re sick because he’s the healer they jesus is the the great physician everywhere jesus 17:08 went he healed the sick and the lord is the healer and so he heals all your diseases what a 17:16 great benefit but now somebody may say well hold on time out well i mean jeff 17:22 we know that that’s not true i mean there are a lot of christians who have 17:29 ailments and difficulties in cancer and leukemia and this issue and that issue and and they’re not 17:36 healed well maybe not in this life it doesn’t say he heals all your diseases in this life it just says he 17:43 heals all your diseases uh one of my great heroes in the faith 17:48 is johnny erickson tata i have a picture that i took with johnny a few years ago and 17:54 just a wonderful lady she’s the lady who broke her neck when she was 17 in a diving accident and became a 18:00 quadriplegic in a wheelchair and she prayed for healing 18:06 and healing didn’t come in the way she wanted it and then she said well if i can’t be healed then i want to die 18:13 and so she tried to kill herself and it’s hard to try and kill yourself when you’re quadriplegic in a wheelchair 18:19 she would take her wheelchair and she’d run it as fast as she could to try and run into the wall hoping that she could 18:25 break her neck a little higher and suffocate and die she would ask her friends please slash my wrists i won’t 18:31 even feel it just kill me i don’t want to live like this and she came to the place where she said 18:37 god the lord was working in her heart she said god if i can’t die then show me how 18:42 to live and god showed her how to live she was on larry king a number of years 18:48 ago and it was when christopher reeve was really in the news and he had made that 18:54 declaration i know that i’m going to get out of this wheelchair one day and walk again well larry king asked johnny do 19:00 you think that you’re going to walk again she said larry she said i’ve been in this chair almost 50 years 19:06 she said i have no uh you know no hope or vision that i’m gonna get out of this chair in this life 19:13 but she said when i get to heaven she said i’m gonna take that wheelchair 19:18 and i’m gonna throw it into hell and i’m gonna leap and run and dance and shout 19:25 because the lord is my healer and he heals all your diseases revelation chapter 21 verse 4 the bible 19:33 says and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes and there shall no longer be any death 19:40 there shall no longer be any mourning or crying or pain the first things 19:46 have passed away and everyone in heaven who is healthy and whole in a glorified 19:52 body says he is the healer he delivers from all diseases he heals 20:00 all your diseases and hey when the lord doesn’t heal in this life you know anytime we 20:07 get sick what do we want we want healing that’s a normal natural thing the apostle paul had a thorn in the flesh we 20:14 don’t know what that was exactly but i think it was a physical thing because he calls it a thorn in the flesh he said it 20:21 was a messenger of satan that was given to him and he didn’t want it he prayed three 20:26 times lord let this pass from me i don’t want this take this thorn from me and it wasn’t 20:32 just one of those little prayers now i pray me lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my thorn to keep it wasn’t that 20:37 kind of prayer he was really praying god take i don’t want this anymore and the lord said 20:43 paul my grace is sufficient for you for my power is 20:49 perfected in weakness hey when god doesn’t bring healing physical healing 20:54 in your life as you want him to just know that his grace is sufficient for you for johnny erickson his grace is 21:00 sufficient for you when paul heard the lord say to him my grace is sufficient for you for my power is perfected in 21:06 weakness he said most gladly therefore i would rather boast about my weaknesses that the power of christ may dwell in me 21:13 for i am well content for weak with weaknesses with insults with persecutions with distractions 21:18 distresses with difficulties for christ’s sake for when i’m weak then i’m strong 21:24 because then the power of god fills me hey what’s on the benefits plan the lord 21:31 forgives all your sins secondly the lord heals all your diseases thirdly the lord redeems your life from certain 21:39 destruction verse 4 who redeems your life from the pit 21:49 god is the redeemer and any time in the old testament when you talk about you run across the word 21:55 redeem the hebrew mindset would immediately go to egypt 22:01 because god’s people were slaves in egypt for 400 years they were under the thumb of pharaoh 22:07 pharaoh is a picture of the devil and egypt is a picture of the lost condition 22:13 enslaved to sin and what did the lord do he sent moses 22:19 to pharaoh and moses said to pharaoh thus says the lord god let my people go 22:26 and pharaoh said i don’t know the lord i don’t know this yahweh 22:32 neither will i let his people go who is the lord pharaoh said that i should obey his 22:39 voice see pharaoh thought himself as a god so you’re telling me about this god 22:44 i’ve never heard of this yahweh god i’ve never heard of him who is he that i should obey his voice and then the 22:50 battle was on because pharaoh was going up against god who is the lord and the lord says well 22:56 i’m going to introduce myself to you mr pharaoh and he does in a series of plagues 23:02 and the plagues come and they get more and more and more severe and finally the 23:07 tenth plague comes which is the death angel and the death angel is going to go through egypt and he’s going to kill the 23:14 firstborn of egypt in every family in egypt but god told moses 23:20 hey you tell the people to take a lamb an unblemished lamb a spotless lamb and you slay that lamb and you take the 23:26 blood of the lamb and you put the blood on the doorposts 23:31 and on the lintel on the sides of the door and on the top of the door the lintel 23:36 and he said when my death angel comes through he’s looking for one thing and one thing only the blood 23:42 if you don’t put the blood on the door the death angel is going to come in and kill your firstborn 23:48 if you say well i don’t like bloodshed oh that just doesn’t sound right i’m gonna i’m gonna put some poetry i’m 23:53 gonna write some poetry i’m gonna tack that up on the door surely the lord will love my uh poems 23:59 death angel come in and kill your firstborn you you tack sacks of money on the door put that on there uh the death 24:04 angels coming in and killing your firstborn you you write up all your good works everything you did well lord i did 24:10 uh i had memorized the scripture verse and i gave my money and i went to sunday school and all these good things i was 24:17 who wasn’t you know bad to my parents or or you know all that stuff you put that on the door the death angel comes in and 24:22 kills your firstborn god was looking for one thing and one thing only the blood of the lamb and when i see the blood i will pass 24:30 over you and they put the blood on the doorposts 24:36 and on the lentil and the lord said every year you remember this 24:42 occasion you celebrate the passover and when jesus came on the scene what 24:49 did john the baptist say before he baptized him behold the lamb of god who 24:54 takes away the sin of the world and jesus gave his life at passover 25:01 he is the lamb of god and at three o’clock twilight on friday 25:08 the priests would slit the throats of the passover lambs and at three o’clock on friday jesus was 25:15 hanging on the cross we call that good friday and he breathed his last and said father into thy hands i commit my spirit 25:23 he is our passover lamb and you take the blood of the lamb and you apply it to your life through faith 25:30 and then the lord sees the blood on you and the lord redeems you now redemption 25:37 and forgiveness are tied together so who pardons all your iniquities 25:42 who heals all your diseases who redeems your life from the pit from the pit of destruction colossians puts it this way 25:48 for he delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his 25:54 beloved son in whom we have redemption what is that the forgiveness of sins the 26:00 forgiveness of sins redemption and salvation and the forgiveness of sins those go together like iniquity 26:06 transgression and sin those are synonyms and they come together in the person of jesus and what he did for us on the 26:13 cross and so the lord redeems you from certain 26:18 death from certain destruction now you know in our world today people don’t like to hear 26:25 about a place called hell they don’t like that at all 26:31 and you hear this quite often well there’s no there’s no such thing as an eternal hell i mean if god is a god of 26:38 love there’s no way that he would send anybody to hell 26:43 well god doesn’t send anybody to hell you send yourself to hell god does all he can to keep you from 26:49 going to hell but you need to remember something everyone in this world is born with a terminal disease called sin 26:58 we’re sinners by nature we’re sinners by birth we’re sinners by choice we’re sinners by practice we are sinners as 27:05 the song says i was sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore very deeply stained within sinking to rise no more 27:12 but the master of the sea heard my despairing cry and from the waters lifted me now safe am i 27:18 it’s not the lord’s fault nobody’s ever going to stand at the great white throne and point their finger in the face of 27:24 god and say god you’re not fair because you sent me to hell no you sent yourself to hell you rejected the love of god god 27:30 did not send his son into the world john 3 17 to condemn the world so that but that the world might be saved through 27:36 him he’s done everything that he can do to keep you from going to hell but if 27:42 you bypass the cross and say no thank you god i’ll do it my own way all that’s left for you is hell 27:48 people say why is hell such a terrible horrible place because hell is where god is not 27:55 that’s why it’s so terrible second thessalonians chapter 1. 28:02 says then these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction those who reject christ these will pay the penalty of 28:08 eternal destruction what is eternal destruction away from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power 28:15 you are out from the presence of the lord not by his choice 28:21 i think at the great white throne the lord is going to say with a broken heart to those who rejected him 28:27 not my will but yours be done you didn’t want me all that’s left for you 28:33 away from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power hey what’s the lord’s benefits package he redeems 28:40 your life from the pit number four 28:46 not only does he forgive all your sins and heal all your diseases and redeem your life from the 28:52 pit and from certain destruction he crowns you with his love and compassion 28:59 who crowns you with loving-kindness verse 4 and compassion 29:06 loving-kindness is a great word in the new american standard not every bible has that word it’s the hebrew word hesad 29:13 h-e-s-e-d translated loving-kindness loving kindnesses it’s 29:19 used 183 times in the new american standard the bible that i use it’s talking about god’s loyal love 29:26 god’s faithful love god’s covenant love for his people a love that will not let me go it’s that 29:33 kind of a love i’ve loved you he says in the book of jeremiah with an everlasting 29:38 love the word compassion the compassion to in the hebrew mindset is like the seat of 29:45 the emotions one of the translations for compassion is the womb 29:50 it’s the bowels it’s inside you you just feel it inside and the lord has compassion for his 29:58 people the english word compassion calm means with and passion means suffering 30:04 to have compassion means you suffer with someone it’s like saying when god says i have 30:10 compassion for you god is saying i feel your hurt in my heart i 30:17 feel that with you because i have compassion for you the bible says 30:22 in psalm 103 verses 11 and 13 for as high as the heavens are above the earth so 30:28 great is his loving kindness toward those who fear him just as a father has compassion on his children so the lord 30:34 has compassion on those who fear him and god crowns you 30:40 like a crown on your head with his love and his compassion he cares about you he 30:47 cares about me how many of us have difficulty 30:52 really believing that god loves us and it’s not based on 30:58 performance i think many of us do we struggle when when we’re not performing well we’re not 31:05 doing very well we really struggle to say how in the world could god love me 31:11 and listen if a christian has fallen into terrible horrible sin 31:18 what happens to that christian is they start to wonder if they’re saved at all they really begin to doubt their 31:23 salvation because they’re not doing right and they’re thinking you know 31:29 i don’t like me because i’m doing these terrible things and there’s no way god could like me if 31:35 i don’t like me how could god like me the poem i like says this i have to live with myself and so i have to be fit for 31:42 myself to know i have to be able as the days go by to look myself straight in the eye i don’t want to stand with a 31:47 setting sun and hate myself for the things i’ve done and if i hate me then it’s really hard for me to think that 31:53 god could love me but when i believe that god loves me 31:58 then it’s okay for me to love me god doesn’t love you because of you 32:06 he loves you because you’re accepted in the beloved 32:12 ephesians 1 6 because you’ve given your heart and life to jesus god puts you in jesus jesus is 32:18 the beloved you’re accepted in the beloved and god loves you and i don’t care what you do he doesn’t stop loving 32:25 you now you can break the heart of god you can displease god but you can never get god to quit loving you because he’s 32:32 just chosen to love you with my three girls jill amy and sarah 32:38 i love them because they’re mine if they did something terrible something horrible something that would cause them 32:44 to spend the rest of their life in prison my heart would break but i would still 32:50 love them and i’m just a sinful fallible man 32:55 how much more the perfect holy righteous god who is the god of love 33:02 how much more does he feel about you and me jesus said if you being evil know how to give good 33:08 gifts to your children how much more shall your father in heaven give what is good to those who ask him 33:13 god has a heart that’s a million times trillion times bigger than yours bigger 33:19 than mine when it comes to love and so he crowns you with loving kindness and compassion you know the 33:25 apostle john and his gospel were studying that on wednesday nights he would refer to himself not as john 33:33 but as the apostle whom jesus loved isn’t that interesting see people at 33:38 first were like who’s he talking about he’s talking about himself the apostle whom jesus left now there’s two ways to look at that you could say 33:45 well look at that john i mean he’s just stuff full of himself he thinks he’s a big shot who are you john i’m the 33:50 apostle whom jesus loved don’t you know me that’s not how he meant it 33:56 he was saying can you believe this this is the greatest news of all i am the apostle 34:03 whom jesus loved wow i like what 34:08 is said about the apostle paul he was saved and he never got over it 34:16 that’s the way john was the apostle whom jesus loved wow that he would love me 34:22 it’s amazing that he would love me as george beverly shea used to sing oh the wonder of wonders that thrills my 34:29 soul is the wonder that god loves me because i know me 34:35 and if i were god i wouldn’t love me i’m so glad i’m not god i’m glad god is 34:40 god and god loves me and i can say with the apostle john 34:45 unworthy me little me i’m the apostle or i’m the disciple whom jesus loves 34:53 paul said i’ve been crucified with christ and is no longer i who live but christ lives in 34:58 me and the life which i now live in the flesh i live by faith in the son of god who loved me 35:04 and gave himself up for me i asked jesus how much he loved me and he stretched out his arms and died 35:12 hey he crowns you with his loving kindness and compassion 35:18 and lastly he satisfies your life and renews your strength 35:25 the last benefit of the lord’s benefits package is verse 5 who satisfies your years with good 35:30 things so that your youth is renewed like an eagle hey remember this about god god 35:38 is a good god he’s a good god the devil works overtime to try and get 35:45 you to think that god is not good that you can’t trust god 35:51 that god is he throw you a curveball just when you think things are going right then god’s going to throw you a 35:57 curveball to to watch you squirm like a worm and hot ashes he gets some kind of sadistic glee by watching you suffer 36:05 that’s not god god is a good god god uses suffering in our lives but god doesn’t get any sadistic glee from 36:11 watching you suffer he has compassion god is good 36:17 second chronicles 7 3 truly he is good truly his loving kindness is everlasting those two things are critical to know 36:22 that god is good and to know that god loves you some people get the idea that following 36:28 christ is kind of like taking bad medicine to get better 36:34 can anybody remember as a little kid when you had to take medicine medicine’s hard to take even as an adult 36:40 sometimes unless they’re i don’t know some kind of chewy 36:46 something or other tastes like some kind of candy then it’s not too bad but man when i was a little kid take cough 36:52 medicine this is horrible you got to take it or you you’re not going to get any better 36:57 not to be too gross but some of you may have had a colonoscopy you know what you have to take for that 37:05 it’s awful and you got to keep taking it just keep taking it and taking it and 37:11 taking it finally get to the end it’s just like i’m going to puke if i have to take any more of that stuff well some 37:16 people think well the christianity is just taking bad medicine to get well because you know that you’re in the pit 37:22 of destruction and you don’t want to go to hell and so you receive christ so you don’t have to stay here but receiving 37:28 christ is is hard and the christian life is just no fun and and that’s just awful 37:33 no god is a good god the bible says taste and see that the lord is good 37:38 he’s good he satisfies your life as you walk with 37:43 him you know mick jagger he said i can’t get no satisfaction 37:50 remember that you go the way of the world and let me tell you what you’re going to find zero 37:55 satisfaction the book of ecclesiastes vanity of vanity says the preacher vanity of vanities all is vanity you’re never 38:03 going to be satisfied with the things of this world they’re passing pleasures they’ll fill you up for a little while 38:08 but it’s like drinking salt water to quench your thirst it’s not it’s just going to make you more thirsty it can’t 38:16 satisfy friends all around me are trying to find what the heart yearns for by sin undermine i’ve learned the secret i know 38:22 where it is found only true pleasures in jesus abound blaise pascal the great french 38:29 mathematician and philosopher and theologian he said in every human heart 38:34 there’s a god-shaped vacuum there’s a hole in every human heart kind of like a 38:40 missing puzzle piece and the only thing that fills that hole is god you can try and fill it with all 38:47 sorts of other things and it’s just going to leave it empty because god is the only thing that can fill that hole 38:55 augustine said in the 4th century a.d lord you have made us for yourself 39:00 and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in you hey he satisfies 39:08 your years with good things so that your youth is renewed like the 39:14 eagle years ago i heard this statement and it’s so true 39:19 the devil doesn’t have any happy old people 39:25 you know as you get older life gets harder can anybody say amen to that hey when you’re young you don’t realize 39:32 what it’s like to be older now i’m a very youthful 58. but 39:38 you know when i see my grandkids running around and doing cartwheels and all sorts hey gigi let’s see you do that 39:45 like i’ll get my other hip replaced if i do that i can’t do that i got down the other night to do something and it’s 39:52 it’s tough getting back up you know your knees are not as strong as they were and things hurt joints hurt and as you get 39:58 older life gets harder and if you don’t have a relationship 40:04 with jesus you’re not satisfied with him what do you have to look forward to 40:10 i asked my dad he was 82. i said dad he had cancer all sorts of things he was on his 40:16 last leg i said dad where do you see yourself in five years he said dead i mean that’s just the way it is you you 40:22 live life my mom’s 92 and she says you know and things kind of hurt and it’s it’s difficult and and i just don’t 40:28 really understand i was like well mom you’re 92 that’s that’s that kind of explains it 40:35 not to be a debbie downer but but i mean do you know any people that are like 110 40:40 saying i feel great i mean it’s the best i’ve felt my whole life no it doesn’t work like that and you just get and your 40:46 body is going to start to suffer but hey 40:52 your spirit doesn’t have to your heart doesn’t have to you can be satisfied in him and you can know that 40:58 the best is yet to come hey an older person who doesn’t know 41:04 christ the devil doesn’t have any happy old people the best they have to look forward to is if they die 41:10 question mark maybe i go to heaven there’s no assurance of salvation they’re not a christian so 41:16 they can lie to themselves and say maybe there’s life after that maybe the lord has something for me 41:23 a believer doesn’t have to live with a question mark in eternity it can be an exclamation point say that’s what’s 41:29 waiting ahead for me and i am excited to meet the lord and my future is so bright i have to wear 41:36 shades and in the future as paul said the the lord has laid up for me a crown of righteousness and i can’t wait to see 41:44 him face to face whom i know heart to heart [Applause] 41:51 so he renews your strength like the eagle inside they that wait upon the lord isaiah 40 41:56 31 shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not get weary they shall walk 42:02 and not faint hey what a e what are eagles known for they’re known for soaring 42:09 and god says i’ll renew you like the eagle you’ll go to new heights with me 42:15 hey the lord’s benefits package have you been forgetting some of his benefits 42:22 forget none of his benefits he has that all for you and listen if you’re here and you’ve never given your life to 42:28 christ then none of this is true for you but it can be 42:33 it can be i heard about a a woman who came to a service and she didn’t know hardly anything 42:39 about the bible at all but she came to a service because god was working in her heart and she talked to the pastor 42:45 after the service and he said to her do you know any scripture she said i know one verse 42:52 john 3 16. he said how does that go she said for god so loved the world 42:57 he gave his only forgotten son 43:02 and the pastor looked at her and said do you know why for god forgot his son 43:08 she said no he said 43:13 so he could remember you and he took her error and he turned it 43:18 around into an opportunity to lead her to faith in christ 43:24 for god so loved the world that he turned his back on his son and he let his son die 43:29 for all your sin and all my sins so he could be the savior so he could pay the 43:34 price that we couldn’t pay and if we’ll put our faith and trust in him 43:40 he’ll save us and he’ll transfer us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his 43:45 glorious light and all the benefits become yours the moment you repent and 43:51 believe my friend i don’t know what’s going on in your life today but i know god does 43:57 and he cares and he wants to help you and listen it all begins with you 44:02 opening your heart to jesus if you’ve never done that before i want to help you 44:07 with this simple prayer just pray with me lord jesus i need you 44:13 i know that i’m a sinner and i’m lost and i can’t save myself but jesus i believe that you are god in 44:19 the flesh i believe you died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead 44:25 and right now jesus i open my heart to you come into my life forgive me of all my 44:30 sins be my lord and savior i surrender my all to you my friend if you’ll pray 44:37 that kind of prayer and mean it the lord will come in and your life will never be the same 44:43 i’d love to hear from you to know that you’re watching to know that god is using this broadcast to make a 44:49 difference in your life to know that you just prayed that prayer to receive christ as savior and lord please take 44:54 the time to call that toll-free number write me email me let me know what’s going on and how we can pray for you 45:00 you really are important to god and you’re important to us and we’re here for you 45:08 from his heart is the viewer supported broadcast ministry of dr jeff schreve who believes that no matter how badly 45:14 you may have messed up in life god still loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life 45:20 find out more about that when you go to from his heart.org 45:26 [Music] 45:40 you

The Lord’s Benefits Package: Let’s face it: the Christian life can be very hard at times. Christians are twice-born people, living in a world of once-born people. Because our citizenship is in heaven, life on earth can be difficult for us. In this message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares five benefits of the Christian life and how important it is for us to be proactive to remember all the wonderful things the Lord has promised to those who follow Him.

About Pastor Jeff Schreve

Pastor Jeff’s real-life spiritual story is one of personal transformation. His struggles and victories form the foundation of his calling, and intersect with the message he preaches each day. The truth of the Bible is central to his ministry. Jeff is passionate about introducing Christ to those who feel hopeless, helpless and think God is out of reach for them.

He served as Pastor of Membership and Missions at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX from 1997 to 2003 before being called as Senior Pastor to First Baptist Texarkana in February of 2003.  Dr. Jeff Schreve and his wife, Debbie, live in Texarkana, Texas. They have three beautiful daughters, two precious granddaughters, and a talented son-in-law.

From His Heart Ministries

From His Heart Ministries is the multi-media broadcast ministry of Jeff Schreve.  He began the From His Heart radio and television broadcast outreach in 2005. The sermons originate from his pulpit ministry as Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas.

From His Heart is seen on over 730 radio stations and thousands of TV outlets across America and is also available in 180+ countries around the world. The mission of FHH is to proclaim real truth and real hope from the loving heart of God to the lost and hurting.


Pastor Jeff Schreve - From His Heart Ministries

Pastor Jeff Schreve | From His Heart Ministries



From His Heart Ministries Channel | Pastor Jeff Schreve



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Pastor Jeff and Debbie Schreve interview on Daystar Television

Pastor Jeff and Debbie Schreve interview on Daystar Television | Image courtesy: daystar.com



Pastor Jeff Schreve ministering at First Baptist Church in Texarkana Texas

Pastor Jeff Schreve ministering at First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas | Image courtesy: fromhisheart.org



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Pastor Jeff Schreve interview on TBN’s Praise The Lord Show | Image courtesy: tbn.org



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The world hates the truth of God’s word because they love their sin more than they love the Savior. Standing up for the Lord won’t always be popular, but it is so critical today.  In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, prepare your heart to be a light in the darkness as you boldly proclaim the truth in love…

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What comes into your mind when you think about God? A.W. Tozer said how you answer that question is the most important thing about you. And many people misunderstand the true nature of God. Is He good or bad? Is he close or far away? Is He one of many? Watch “Introducing the One True God” this week at www.fromhisheart.org/tv and discover the foundational pillars of the character of God…

Meet Pastor Jeff – FBC Texarkana 

Jeff Schreve became the Pastor of FBC in February of 2003. He previously served on the staff at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Jeff graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 with a degree in Business Administration.

After spending 12 years in the business world as a salesman (Waste Management, Inc. and Nalco Chemical Company), God called Jeff to preach. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 2000. Pastor Jeff received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 2014…

From His Heart, by Pastor Jeff Schreve | Living by Faith – Crosswalk

Think for a moment about the difference between faith and unbelief… what do those two opposite responses say to God?  Faith says, “I believe You, Lord.  I believe You can be trusted and are not lying to me when You make a promise.  I believe that You are able to make a way… even when there seems to be no way.”  God loves it when we say those things to Him,,,

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What Is Happening to Our World?  Our world is drifting further and further away from God.  People are proudly giving themselves over to sinful desires and sexual immorality. How are we to understand what is happening? In this revealing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve exposes the truth behind the state of society today and how it’s now more important than ever to stand for the Lord…

First Baptist Church of Texarkana

God is at work in our midst at FBC Texarkana as we strive to Love God, Love People, and Reach the World for Jesus Christ. If you come to worship with us at FBC Texarkana, our prayer is that you will sense the Lord’s presence in a powerful way…

Runaway Emotions | Jeff Schreve

Runaway Emotions - Pastor Jeff Schreve - Christian Book

Runaway Emotions (Book) by Pastor Jeff Schreve

Negative emotions are uncomfortable by design. Like any good fire alarm, they alert us to greater danger. But they won’t help us if we try to cover them up, hide them behind excuses, or assume they will always plague us. The only healthy way to manage negative emotions is to find their source and address the problem that sets them off.

God Himself is trying to speak to you through those emotions—right now.” So what is God saying? How can we understand our emotions—even change them? Schreve shows how the truth of the Bible can make sense of our confusion. | Learn more…


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