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From His Heart Ministries Channel | Pastor Jeff Schreve – Texarkana, Texas

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Pastor Jeff Schreve – TBN Interview: On this episode, he shares a powerful truth about how a relationship with Christ frees us from guilt. He reaffirmed what the Bible says: “There is, therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).

Video Transcript

you know but before we get started first of all I want you to just first of all know we’re thrilled to have you I want you to just take your liberty in the Lord and I’ll just get out of your way but I’m always interested in this yes how men and women that are preaching to in great churches television you name it you’re doing it but you weren’t always a preacher of the gospel no not everybody’s got a little bit of a pass don’t they yeah talk about how you came to Christ before we get into this ministry well I grew up going to church and didn’t really like church church was dull Church was boring to me as a kid and but my parents made me go and I was the fifth of six kids and so our parents wrestle with us to go to church because they gave him a lot of static we don’t wanna go churches dull churches boring well by the time the fifth out of the six kids came around they kind of had given up and they said all right by the time I hit th grade he says if you don’t want to go to church anymore you don’t have to and I said well good I’m not going and but I had had him planted in me a lot of truth about Jesus but I knew about Jesus in here yeah I believed about Jesus like I believed in George Washington yeah Jesus had never changed my life and my senior year in high school I began to date a girl and she started asking me questions about she said well are you saved and I said I don’t know what that is I don’t never used that term she said we’ll come with me to this meeting it was a young life meeting yeah I didn’t know what it was was on a Tuesday night and I thought man I went to that meeting I thought man this is like church on Tuesday this is horrible and I told her I said I am never going back again to these meetings he said well I’m never going out with you again I said all right what time’s the next one and that so the next one I went to I heard a guy shares testimony and he was a football player and he was a big strong guy and he was talking about drinking and I like to do that and he was talking about getting in fights and I thought man this is my kind of guy and then he talked about giving his life to Christ and he began to give an invitation and the Lord began to speak to my heart and it was that night that I’m ready to receive Christ and my life totally changed praise God in that wonderful thing for you tonight I know that you’ve got a booklet right there that’s on your heart about being not guilty I do I wrote this book but not guilty from Romans chapter verses and there’s therefore now no condemnation for those from Christ Jesus for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free the law of sin and of death and I’ve done enough counseling as a pastor to know that so many people are struggling with guilt so many Christians so many of God’s people yeah and I read a book that said guilty Christian is an oxymoron because Romans says there’s no condemnation God has already ruled on us and the judges said not guilty and Jesus has paid it all huh and so I know that I struggled with guilt in my own life when I a Christian I’d fail and evil thoughts and evil deeds and as Paul said you know the good that I do I don’t do and the evil that I don’t want to do I end up doing and I’m like that’s me and then you feel like you have this this heavy coat of guilt and everywhere you go you just saw and the devil will come and beat you to death with that you sure will and now I know God doesn’t want that for your children and it’s been very freeing to me to know that I’m not guilty because Jesus has taken all that away and to really live in that the Spirit has set me free from the law of sin and of death and I want to share that with people as I talked to people in my counseling office and things that are struggling with guilt there’s some keys to help people break through and a lot of people don’t realize that they’re not the Lord has already ruled you’re not guilty you’re not under condemnation the enemy is the one that comes in the accuser right he comes in and says yeah but look what you did here and what about this and what about that some people that have sinned in the areas of abortion or sexual sin deep things that’s like a -pound gorilla on their back and they they seem to get going in the Christian life but then the devil will come and say yeah but remember this that you did back year ago I was out ten years ago I know a lady who had an abortion over years ago and still the guilt is so heavy on her and Jesus died to take that away as bad as a sin as abortion is the Lord’s blood can wash that white as snow all right Pastor go ahead and just give us some of the keys that’s on your heart well I think one of the big things is that there was spring for me is to understand God doesn’t want us to feel guilty mm-hmm God wants us to feel sorry when we sin you know the second Corinthians chapter talks about a godly sorrow that brings repentance and then there’s a sorrow of the world that’s that guilty terrible I’m a horrible person type of feeling that produces death and when I was introduced to that concept that when if I’m feeling guilty that’s not from the Lord he doesn’t want me to feel like that the devil wants me to feel like that because that derails your train as you walk with God absolutely you know God doesn’t want you to feel sorry so that you can repent and I think a beautiful illustration of that is the difference between Judas and Peter okay you know they both had a similar type of sin now Peter denied the Lord three times Judas betrayed the Lord so it’s kind of a longer same vein but the way they dealt with that Judas was consumed with guilt when he saw that Jesus had been condemned and took the pieces back and said I’ve sinned by betraying innocent blood and they said what is that to us see to that yourself and he threw the silver pieces and he went out and he hanged himself Adrian Rogers you’re talking about Baptist preachers he’s my brother Rogers he has a great quote about Judas he said trying to escape the Hell within him he stepped into the hell before it and but Judas was consumed with guilt and he had a sorrow the world that produced death yeah Peter who denied the Lord three times Kirsten swore I don’t even know the man he Oh godly sorrow and that produced life and repentance for him and he hurt because he hurt Jesus and it was a book I read called how people grow by Thompson and cloud where he talks about the fact that guilt the sorrow of the world is rooted in you it’s you thinking I’m such a terrible person I did this terrible thing I’m so bad I’m so awful godly sorrow is rooted in the fact if I hurt you I have hurt my brother Dwight and I need to make things right with white when you sin against God it’s that I have hurt God and I have grieved the Spirit of God and I need to change to get things right not because I’m such a terrible person but because of what I’ve done to God so that the emphasis of the godly sorrow is on the person on God whom you voted and the guilt is all rooted in self the other thing that helped me so much is to know the scripture called Jesus our helper in our house calls Jesus our friend and our friend and you know I don’t want to have a friend that every time I’m around that friend he points out all the things that I did you remember Jeff back five years ago you did this ten years ago you did that and and you’re such a bad person you’re so horrible yeah a lot of people see God like that like God’s just constantly they think that’s conviction that’s not conviction that’s accusation they’re on the enemy and when I realize you know the Lord is my friend he’s not against me he’s for me one of the greatest verses I found on the Bible is Psalm verse where David says this I know that God is for me oh and if God be for us who can be against us and when you have a friend who is for you and he’s not condemning you he said I’ve already died for all that I’ve paid for all that you’re not guilty but now you do have some things I have some things we all have some things where we fail God and the Lord says alright let’s deal with this you confess this and and when we fall I often think the Christian life is kind of like a child learning how to walk and you know when my kids were little and they learned how to walk take a few steps and we would cheer for them if they fell we didn’t yell at them we didn’t say oh you’re terrible okay – we’d stretch our hand say let’s take a few more steps God is like that and he’s pleased when we take those steps and we walk with him well in that are great and that a great you know there’ll always be people who will try to write the script for your life based on past you never will amount to anything you’re going to turn out just like you uncle right but if you listen to what other people say trying to write that script for your life you can’t find out what God’s script is for your life right that’s history and you’re not tied to the umbilical port court of the past right you’re connected to that glorious future with your hand in the hand of the man that’s going to lead you from victory unto victory now a pastor there’s people that are watching tonight that I know before we get out of this conversation you’re going to want to help reach them even in prayer but take us to another key before we before we get to that he’s a friend that never reminds us of our past right well here’s another thing that really helped me a lot there are two mountains in scripture two big mountains that we read about the mountain in the Old Testament is Mount Sinai the big mountain in the New Testament is Mount Calvary when you sin as a Christian you have a choice where am I going to take that sin if you take that sin to Mount Sinai you’re condemned because the law just says sinner the soul that sins shall surely die didn’t you wear that heavy coat oh I’m terrible condemned sinner you got to take your sin to Mount Calvary where you are forgiven mercy there was great and grace was hardened there was multiplied to me there my burdened soul found Liberty burden at Calvary and that makes a huge difference I know some people say well you know I send ten years ago with this sexual sin and and I had sex outside of marriage and then I got pregnant then I had an abortion and you know I can’t forgive myself and I’ve asked God a thousand times to forgive me for that sin and I say well you need to ask God once to forgive you that sin and thank him a thousand times I don’t forget oh that’s a good one thank you my thousands Oh pastor looked right into that camera right there and just take your liberty and continue to minister and then when you feel it of the Lord just lead people tonight in a prayer not only for salvation but those that have been saved and set free and receive Christ then for once and for all to bury it right never to look at it again would you do that I definitely will let me just say if you’re struggling with guilt we have a special offer for TBN viewers tonight on from his heart dot o-r-g slash TBN you can get this booklet for free we’d love to send it to you I think it’ll be a real help to you God does want to deliver you if you’re struggling with guilt and you say there’s this a sin in my past I can’t seem to get over it just know this if you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior he has already forgiven you yeah for all of that sin and don’t ever elevate your sin above God’s Son Jesus blood is more powerful than any sin you could ever commit and the Bible says in Isaiah chapter come and let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet they will be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool and if you and I will just believe God that Lord you have died for that sin and at the moment that I’ve confessed that sin to you it is forgiven or driven and it is forgotten it’s buried in the deepest sea it’s removed as far as the East is from the west now the thing that’s really important see Romans says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus you might be watching today and you’re not in Christ Jesus and you say Jeff I feel guilty and I’ve done these sins and listen if you’ve never given your heart to Christ you are guilty and you will one day stand at the great white throne judgment and the Lord is going to pronounce judgment on you and he doesn’t want that Jesus died so that you wouldn’t ever have to face that you know one of the things that happens at the great white throne judgment for all the people that are cast into hell the Lord opens up the book of life and he shows you where your name could have been there because Jesus died for you yeah and I want to ask you if you don’t know for sure that if Christ is in your heart today is the day to just receive him and to receive his love and to just say Lord Jesus you died for me and I want to receive you as my Lord and Savior so would you just right now wherever you are if you’re not sure about your relationship with Christ just pray that prayer just say Jesus come into my heart amend and save me so I am a sinner and I’m lost and I need you and Lord I’ve been living in guilt yes and Lord if you really died for me and if you really took away all my guilt and shame and condemnation then deliver that to my heart and be real in me I surrender all to you my friend if you’ll pray that and mean it the Lord will come in and the judge will pronounce over you not guilty yes and as a believer if you’re struggling with guilt listen you need to just believe the Word of God you need to know that Jesus is a friend that because he’s a friend of sinners he’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother and he wants to help you he wants to change you he wants to lift you up he did the devil is the one that wants you to live in guilt the Lord wants you to live in victory so just claim his word and just say Jesus I’m tired of living in the lies of the devil and I want to live in the truth you died for me you’ve forgiven me for all of that sin and god I want to walk in victory and I’m gonna believe you and every time the devil comes and tells me yeah but what what about what you did five years ago years ago I’m just gonna praise God for the cross and for my forgiveness that makes all the difference in the world father I pray that you just bless each person that’s watching to this floor I pray that you deliver people who are struggling with guilt your children who are struggling with guilt and lord save those right now who are walking in the flesh and need to come to know you as Savior and Lord we claim it in the powerful name of Jesus amen amen what a word tonight

About Pastor Jeff Schreve

Pastor Jeff’s real life spiritual story is one of personal transformation. His struggles and victories form the foundation of his calling, intersect with the message he preaches each day. The truth of the Bible is central to his ministry. Jeff is passionate about introducing Christ to those who feel hopeless, helpless and think God is out of reach for them.

He served as Pastor of Membership and Missions at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX from 1997 to 2003 before being called as Senior Pastor to First Baptist Texarkana in February of 2003.  Dr. Jeff Schreve and his wife, Debbie, live in Texarkana, Texas. They have three beautiful daughters, two precious granddaughters, and a talented son-in-law.

From His Heart Ministries

From His Heart Ministries is the multi-media broadcast ministry of Jeff Schreve.  He began the From His Heart radio and television broadcast outreach in 2005. The sermons originate from his pulpit ministry as Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas.

From His Heart is seen on over 730 radio stations and thousands of TV outlets across America and is also available in 180+ countries around the world.The mission of FHH is to proclaim real truth and real hope from the loving heart of God to the lost and hurting.


Pastor Jeff Schreve - From His Heart Ministries

Pastor Jeff Schreve | From His Heart Ministries



From His Heart Ministries Channel | Pastor Jeff Schreve

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