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Pastor Jonathan Greer Fired for Inviting Black Children to Church

Pastor Jonathan Greer. Image | WTOK News.

Pastor Jonathan Greer claims he was fired after he invited black children to the Vacation Bible School at his church, Mt. Sterling Baptist Church in Butler, Alabama. He said he was “told explicitly in a meeting with deacons that the church did not want me to invite black people to church.”

In an interview with WTOK News, Pastor Greer said, “There was pushback about where the types of children we were bringing in, and I was asked to not invite black children to VBS”. He added that the deacons wanted him to resign but chose not to based on church bylaws. His last church sermon was about racism.

All People Worthy of the Gospel

Pastor Jonathan Greer went on to say, “I wanted the church to know that this is not consistent with the gospel. This is not consistent with God’s Word that we honor and give dignity to all people. That’s what the Bible teaches us, and all people are worthy and in need of the gospel, and racism denies that to a certain amount of people”.  Read the full story…. christiantoday.com


Alabama Pastor Says Church Fired Him For Inviting Black Children to Bible Study

WTOK News: Pastor Jonathan Greer speaks on termination.



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