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Pastor Saeed Abedini Interview on CBN News

Pastor Saeed Abedini Interview on CBN News. Courtesy of CBN.com

As Pastor Saeed Abedini served his prison sentence in Iran,  he witnessed some Christian prisoners turn to Islam to make their situation better. In a Facebook post, Abedini wrote, ” I saw some Christians who were put in prison because they would not deny their faith and they kept doing their ministry.”

He went on to say, “I heard one of the Christians prayed Namaz Islamic prayer to make his situation easier.  I saw some political prisoners who started obeying the Intelligence Police of Iran to get free or make their situation easier in prison.”

Despite the numerous beatings and torture he endured while in prison, Pastor Abedini said he helped a number of prisoners convert from Islam to Christianity.  He found opportunities to evangelize every time he was moved around by authorities to a new prison… Read full story on CBN.com


Pastor Saeed Abedini Back Home in Boise Idaho

KBOI-TV News:  CBS Channel 2 News in Boise, Idaho captured exclusive footage of Pastor Abedini as he arrived home by private plane at the Jackson Jet Center in Boise.  In a statement from his wife, Naghmeh Abedini: “Saeed is in Boise. Had a great reunion with the kids.  We are taking time to work on personal issues.”  Mrs. Abedini previously stated that the family would undergo weeks, if not months of counseling.


Social Media Comments:

Jonathan Merritt

Pastor Abedini spoke at @LibertyU today. No mention of accusations of abuse. Some students reportedly walked out. https://t.co/12BwBWotPF



Don Bowden

Pastor Saeed Abedini says he witnessed Christians embracing #Islam in #Iran prison to stop the torture https://t.co/1FDxYsqVvV




RT @lucampusband: It was an honor to join Pastor Saeed Abedini in declaring “Our God will come through, Always”.
#libertyconvo https://t.c



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