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[Music] 0:06 hi everybody I’m Ron Cantor the Israel 0:09 Regional Director for God TV but I’m in 0:11 Dallas today because a very special 0:14 thing is gonna happen at Gateway Church 0:16 you may recognize the gentleman with me 0:18 it’s pastor Robert Morris he is the 0:20 pastor here and tonight they’re gonna be 0:22 announcing a brand new initiative the 0:25 Gateway Center for Israel I say that 0:27 right yes I think so 0:29 well I know that year you gotta get out 0:31 there and speak so I’m gonna get right 0:32 in to the questioning I’m gonna he was 0:35 giving me a lesson on on what now we 0:37 gotta tell the whole world 0:38 reading content I don’t 0:41 have them yet so I’m going to use these 0:43 so pastor Robert how it is standing with 0:47 Israel impacted Gateway Church probably 0:52 the greatest impact that on Gateway 0:54 Church that of anything because I feel 0:58 like as God spoke to Abraham I’ll bless 1:01 those who bless you I believe that God 1:03 has blessed us and our efforts to 1:06 evangelize our efforts to help other 1:08 churches our effort efforts to reach 1:10 more people disciple more people matter 1:13 of fact I was asked to prepare a message 1:15 for a pastors conference of why gateways 1:17 so blessed and I actually told the 1:19 pastor I don’t like it almost sounds 1:20 like we’re bragging I don’t want to say 1:22 that and he said what other pastors want 1:24 to know and when I went to prepare it 1:26 the Lord spoke to me and said I bless 1:28 you because you bless Israel well now 1:32 this new initiative the Gateway Center 1:34 for Israel what excites you about that 1:36 what excites me about that is said I 1:38 believe we can try to get the entire 1:40 body of Christ to come together because 1:43 it’s not 1:45 you know it’s not it’s not gateway it’s 1:48 everybody all the Gentile churches the 1:50 Messianic Jews churches messengers Bible 1:53 Institute with dr. Wayne Wilks that came 1:55 out of Shady Grove Church is where 1:57 Gateway came out of and that’s one of 1:59 our campuses now it’s all of us coming 2:02 together was that they did said the 2:04 Messier Jewish Bible Institute that was 2:06 initiative actually we at tikkun we were 2:08 part of that travel yeah and Jonathan 2:10 bernis a Jewish voice and this there was 2:12 a revival in the 90s in the former 2:15 Soviet Union but we had no in scores of 2:19 Jewish people came to faith but there 2:20 were not leaders to pastor them so you 2:23 guys are we started the messengers Bible 2:26 Institute but now it’s evolving into 2:29 something different yeah yeah and it’s 2:31 evolving into where we bring that under 2:34 that but we also want to be able to 2:36 somehow be a gathering for Messianic 2:39 Jewish ministries and a teaching place 2:42 for Gentile churches to be able to 2:45 understand that God has a purpose for 2:47 Israel and that God loves his people 2:50 and I think that we can come together 2:52 under that banner and you know we’ve 2:55 seen more Jewish people accept Messiah 2:57 in the last generation than we have in 2:59 the previous 2,000 years so I think this 3:01 is just gonna be one more gathering 3:04 place for what God wants to do you know 3:06 there are pastors all over the world 3:08 they may be they like Israel that but 3:11 they’ve got other things that are more 3:13 important and it makes them a little 3:15 uncomfortable when someone like you were 3:18 saying no you got to get behind theirs I 3:19 got a bless Israel what would you say to 3:21 pastors out there who don’t really have 3:23 what I would call the Romans 11 mystery 3:27 revelation what would you share with 3:28 them well I would say really to open be 3:32 open minded to the scripture I was 3:34 taught replacement theology 3:36 in Bible College and I didn’t know any 3:39 different and it wasn’t until Wayne 3:41 Wilks at Shady Grove and an elders 3:43 meeting begin to take scripture by 3:46 scripture to show us that God still had 3:49 a place in his heart and a plan for the 3:52 nation of Israel and for the children of 3:54 Israel and once you see it in Scripture 3:56 it changes everything and just a while 3:59 back I was with some of the one of the 4:03 largest churches in the world and they 4:05 have multiple campuses all over the 4:07 world and the senior pastor said to me 4:09 what’s the most important thing that you 4:12 could share with us and I just 4:14 immediately I said take the gospel to 4:17 the Jew first Romans 1:16 I’m not 4:19 ashamed of the golf sports the power of 4:21 God in salvation and everyone who 4:22 believes and that’s where many pastors 4:24 stop but it says very clearly to the Jew 4:26 first to the Jew first so we don’t take 4:28 the gospel of gateway to the Jew only 4:30 what we do to the chief first and I 4:33 believe it’s like typing when you give 4:35 the first 10% to God the rest is blessed 4:38 I believe our missions efforts when 4:40 we’ve given the first of our missions 4:42 efforts to the nation of Israel into the 4:44 Jewish people than the rest are blessed 4:46 you know if God TV our three main points 4:49 are Souls Israel and revival yes sir 4:54 si R and you know I was in Israel in our 4:57 CEO or Simpson who’s sitting off-camera 5:00 stood in front of a bunch of Jewish 5:02 people and he said you know whether God 5:03 TV we are never ever going to shy away 5:06 from preaching the gospel but part of 5:09 that for us is standing forever with the 5:11 State of Israel and I continue that 5:13 provoke them to jealousy they were 5:15 hugging him afterwards now as a Jewish 5:18 believer I said that they would throw me 5:19 out but they loved him it was really 5:21 really amazing that’s wonderful pastor 5:24 Robert thank you so much for spending 5:25 time with us and you can see pastor 5:28 Robert on God TV and we’re gonna put 5:30 some information on the screen so you 5:31 can learn more about the Gateway Center 5:33 for Israel thank you so much thanks Ron 5:35 great so you have bless you 5:38 [Music] 5:41 [Applause] 5:42 [Music] 5:52 [Applause]

In this Regional Update with Ron Cantor. GOD TV’s Regional Director for Israel talks to Robert Morris who is the Senior Pastor of Gateway Church in Texas, USA. They discuss God’s plan for the nation of Israel, at the launch in Dallas of the Gateway Center for Israel.

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