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PEOPLE | Hillsong United Piano Covers by Dan Musselman
All songs arranged, performed and recorded by Dan Musselman. Recordings and sheet music available at https://danmusselman.com.

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What a powerful album! This is one of UNITED’s best, if not the best, album they’ve released. Another in the Fire especially resonates with me. What about you? Comment below what your favorite song from the album is. 😀


0:00 – As You Find Me
7:31 – Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
14:44 – Good Grace
20:44 – Another in the Fire
27:02 – Ready or Not
32:57 – Here’s to the One
36:31 – Might Sound Wild
42:49 – Clean
45:21 – Starts and Ends
53:40 – Highlands (Song of Ascent)
1:00:04 – Holy Ground
1:05:38 – Echoes (Till We See the Other Side)

1:11:25 – Quick message from Dan!



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