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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

  • Perry Stone ministers on “The 72 Hour Reversal” at Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Video Transcript

your Bible goals be to job chapter 42 we’re going to get started I’m going to preach on the 72 hour divine reversal and I want to show you a principle of three days or 72 hours how God works in that timeframe to turn things completely around it is a divine set time frame found throughout the Bible job chapter 42 verse 10 is one little verse of scripture that’s a little foundation of verse it says and the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends and the Lord gave job twice as much as he had before look at somebody and say every now and then God will give you double for your trouble as most of you know three days there’s 24 hours in a day thus three days would be a period of time of 72 hours in Genesis chapter 40 in verse 13 in 72 hours the butler of Pharaoh went from the prison back to the palace in Joshua chapter 1 and verse 11 in three days or 72 hours Joshua and the people crossed the Jordan River and took the promised land in Joshua chapter 9 and verse 16 in 72 hours Joshua made a very important peace treaty with the Hittites in the promised land in 2nd Samuel chapter 9 and verse 20 in 72 hours Saul went from looking for donkeys to being anointed the king of Israel Jonah was in the belly the belly of the fish for 72 hours and then he was revived and brought out as you know Jesus was in the tomb for 72 hours or 3 days and nights and afterwards he was resurrected so in the Bible there’s this principle of 72 hours being a timeframe in which you go from a disaster to a blessing or you go from a hindrance to something great where there is a freedom or deliverance or whatever they can come in your life now I want to talk about for a moment a man that was set up for a divine reversal I want you to look at somebody and say this hey neighbor every now and then your mess-up is a setup there’s a man in the Bible who was named David I love David I love his life the thing I like about David is he’s a man who’s after God’s own heart and yet the Bible starts showing you all the human side of David you know the Bible if it was not written let me say it this way if had been written by mortal men who were trying to impress you for the Great God we had some of these stories would have been left out of the Bible I would have never had no a drunk after the flood no one had just been a hero and walked out of the boat building an altar glory to God what a man of God I definitely would have never told you if I was writing the Bible about lot and the two daughters getting him drunk and him getting the daughters pregnant forget that man that’s just weird okay and there are some things I’d have probably left out about David if I were writing it trying to impress you but I want to talk to you for a moment and tell you that the reason God allowed some of these really bizarre crazy stories to be put in the Bible like the David and Bathsheba liked the David faking insanity to the king at Gath and like David doing some of the crazy stuff he did is because ready for this God knew you had a crazy gene in you can I be honest with you God knows everybody has a crazy gene in them now you just come on get the Halos off stick them in the briefcase right now between your Bible get that get the wings let’s pull the wings down and let’s just talk for a moment that dysfunction everybody has a dysfunction I don’t confess this it’s just the fact so there’s nothing to confess it’s just a fact I have Asperger’s autism and that explains to me why I have some of the really weird things that I have you can stick me in a room for 15 hours and nobody’s show up and give me a Bible in a notepad and I’m happy I could spend three days that all the people I want to see as my wife and my kids I miss them and so you can do that I’m a one friend person whoever I meet the first time of the day that’s who I run everything through go check with Charlie will you go do this can you go get my lunch that first person so it’s like friend of the day all my staff says who will be the friend of the day today the the positive thing about having this however is that you focus as a genius in one area most people are computer geniuses or most of them are graphic designers or writers with me it was the Bible I can focus on the Bible and see things in scripture that a lot of people commonly miss so let’s talk about for a moment dysfunction folks listen to me everybody’s dysfunctional in some way or another you think that it’s your crazy Freddie uncle that’s crazy and there’s nobody else in the family as crazy as him but you will discover that all the people in the Bible that we call the heroes of the Bible the majority of them had one thing that was a cork one thing that was odd sometimes they live their whole life and do the right thing and have one incident in their life that put a mark on their name I can take you whether you want to go with Solomon who in their right mind ladies and gentlemen who in their right mind would have 300 wives and 700 concubines you got to be kidding me can you imagine the women arguing over that’s you got the same breasts on I’ve got nine wearing that to the palace no you what you he bought you the same dress can you imagine taking him shopping I mean Solomon was a rich man but I’ll tell you one thing by the time he got to taking those 1,000 women shopping he didn’t have nothing left he died broken you all know what I’m talking about I mean just there’s some odd stuff in the Word of God so let’s go with David I could spend some time kind of cutting up with you but let’s go to David and talk about a crazy time in David’s life David was anointed to be King when he was a teenager by Samuel Saul who was his father-in-law became jealous of his anointing and began to attack him in fact someone said there’s about 21 attempts that soul made in the Bible against the life of David so David becomes weary and when people become tired and become weary sometimes they do things that are not the best decision to make so David says instead of Saul chasing me now I’m gonna cross the border of Judah into the land of my enemies the Philistines I’m taking my 600 men with me and I’m gonna tell the Philistines I’m now working with you forget Saul forget Israel he’s been trying to keep my father loved been trying to kill me for 14 12 years now I’m tired of it and I just want to fight for somebody else so the king said if you’re really with us I’m gonna send you and your men on a battle assignment and you take out our enemies and let’s see if you’re really forced David and the men did it the king was impressed and said he’s had a change of heart we’re not his enemies anymore so he gave him a city by the name of Zig leg and he said I’m gonna give you this city to live him bring your wives there bring your possessions there bring everything you know it’s one of the top five Philistine cities you can control it and you can own it so David thought everything was great and fine he was away from Saul now he could have a little bit of rest chill out with his former enemies the Philistines but he didn’t realize that when he came into the land of the Philistines the Philistines had an enemy you got to be careful aligning yourself with God’s enemies who have enemies there was a group of called the Amalekites and there was a group of men that decided to invade zig lang the Philistine City and when they went there David the Bible said had been to battle and gone back and when he came back from the battle imagine six hundred men on horses david leading them coming across the hills in the southern part of Israel and there’s smoke in the atmosphere they know something’s been burning they’re not sure what when they come upon sig lag the homes had been burnt to the ground all of the six hundred men men that were married that had children the wives had been taken what they knew from the culture of that day was if they took our wives they will rape our wives and after they rape our wives they will take our wives to be they’re wise they will take our daughters and our sons to be slaves at this moment everybody turned against David six hundred men spoke of stoning him but you know it’s hard to stone a man and kill a man who’s living under the anointing it’s hard to stone a man a man who’s living under a prophecy David had a prophecy that he would be the next king and God would be true to his covenant because the Bible said that God be true and every man a liar so even though they wanted to kill him God had a different plan David then got the priest and he went to the ephod and he said what shall I do and God said these words pursue overtake and recover all now we come to the problem most preachers don’t preach about we preach about he pursued and got it back but we leave out this aspect ready I’ve been to where sig lag is and I’m telling you if you take on the mount of Zig lag where the city used to be and you turn 360 degrees those men could have taken that family of those 600 men in any direction they could have gone north northeast north west south south east south west they could have gone in about eight different directions and where are you going to pursue him God didn’t say pursue him in that direction God just said go after him so what are you supposed to do David so David had to have some kind of an inclination to say guys it looks like we got a few hoof prints this way let’s try this path but it still doesn’t tell you where are they going they may go all the way to Egypt they may end up in a desert somewhere how does he know where to pursue well let me talk to you about what the setup look at somebody getting save a mess up just as a set up so David’s got it all messed up sig lag is burnt everybody’s gone then I read in 1st Samuel 30 11 through 13 King James translation and as they’re going they found an Egyptian in the field and brought him to David and gave him bread and he did eat it and they made him drink water and they gave him a piece of thick cake of figs and two clusters of raisins and when he had eaten his spirit came to him again for an eating no bread or dumb drunk any water for three days and three nights 72 hours and David said to him to whom do you belong and who are you and he said I am a young man of Egypt a servant of Anna Melek I and my master left me here because three days ago I fell sick hang on here why David is to battle while the enemy is burning the city while the women are being captured an Egyptian is having a belly ache who happens to be a servant to one of those men attacking Ziklag all of a sudden his belly ain’t gets so bad maybe he begins to vomit maybe he has a fever the leader says wait a minute we don’t want you mingling with all of us we got battles to fight we’re going to leave you in the field so for three days I’m an Egyptian boy with a bellyache that knew the plan of the Amalekites you ain’t hear what I’m saying that knew where they were headed that had the information that David needed so all the time when the city was burning what David didn’t know was God had a sick Egyptian laying in a field when David was being spoke of being stoned to death what the men didn’t know is God already had a setup to get him out of there miss what David did not know and what the mighty men didn’t know is every now and then God will give somebody a belly ache to put him in the will of God to lay him right where their need to be and get him in the direction that they need to go and all the sudden in third and three days or in 72 hours David went from sick lag which was burning to an Egyptian that said come on if you’ll keep me alive I’ll tell you exactly where they’re hiding out and David was able to pursue he was able to overtake and he was able to recover all and he did it in 72 hours somebody give the Lord a pray now we’re gonna talk about one more person and we’re going to go into a little bit of depth here that’s the Apostle Paul the Apostle Paul in 2nd Corinthians tells us something that’s very odd he says know folks lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of Revelation there was given to me a thorn in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buffett me now the word messenger of Satan is agree is the same greek word angel and it can you know messenger in greek that particular greek word can mean a human messenger or it can mean a supernatural messenger like a demonic angel in this case paul was given a demonic spirit to attack him God permitted a hedge to be down in paws and the spirit constantly beat him up and constantly attacked him because Paul said God did not want me to get exalted in my mind because of the abundance of revelations that he was given me that was way beyond any revelations he was giving anybody in my day so he says this now listen to this very carefully he said for this thing for this thorn that this thorn in my flesh he caused it I besought the Lord three times that it might leave me come on has anybody ever had a weakness and you said God take it out come on somebody raise your hand thank you all five of you right here they want to be honest about it the rest of you we’ll get you an altar call later okay this was this this was an attack that it might depart from me and God said to me my grace is sufficient and now Wiccans we can retranslate that because it’s the same greek word used for translating favor God was saying the favor of my lord I feel the anointing right there the favor I’ve given you on your life will be sufficient to take you through any of these things that this thorn tries to produce in your life that’s what he’s saying there therefore God says my strength will be made perfect in your weakness why does God say his strength is made perfect in our weakness because I will tell you something when you have physical emotional or spiritual weakness and you’re a believer it makes you lean more on God it makes you depend more on God see if I ever get to the point and I don’t because I tell the Lord every time I push Lord I need you I’ve always needed you I’ve depended on you since I was a kid preacher I still depend on you but if I ever got to the point where I think that by some gift I could get up here and communicate this message with or without the anointing I am in serious trouble because I’ve got to understand that Perry stone is weak without the anointing you have to understand that you are weak without the anointing and without the word and without the favor of God so God says to him my grace is sufficient for you he said even though I besought the Lord tried twice three times to remove this my strength is made perfect in your weakness so Paul said therefore I will gladly glory glorify in my infirmities now that word infirmities is a lot of times translated as sick says by some people but that’s not what it means here it can mean de-stresses troubles and trials now all right let me talk to you about a man that went through stuff say you had a bad hair day and got mad at God because the woman cut your hair too short you had a bad day because you had a flat tire on the new car you had a bad day cuz you got a recall I’m gonna talk to you for about one minute about a man who had a bad day almost every day everybody ready his name was Paul look at what he said or that this is second Corinthians 11:23 through verse 28 are they ministers of Christ I speak as a fool I am more in Labor’s more abundant in stripes above measure in prisons more frequent in deaths often that means coming near the point of death the Jews five times received our forty stripes save one three times I was beaten with rods once I was stoned three times I suffered shipwreck a night and day I had been in the deep that means a not a one-nothing a night and a whole day he was floating on something in the water after a shipwreck that’s a long time to be in water folks in case you didn’t know it in journeyings often perils of water paral paral means distress danger that’s an old English word of robbers in perils of my own countrymen meaning Jews were trying to arrest him and attack him and perils of the healers and perils of the city he just loved perils deadly perils in the wilderness perils in the sea perils among false brethren just trouble trouble trouble in weariness and painfulness in watchings often in hunger and thirst in fastings often in cold nakedness besides all these things that aren’t without that comes upon me daily the cares of the church now my point is this and listen carefully if you’ll read the book of Acts and you’ll see everything Paul went through his trouble was caused by religious people who didn’t believe what he was preaching so the thorn in the flesh although it was a spirit used people to attack Paul because a demon that’s invisible by itself the only thing it can do is bring a dark into your mind or a spirit of infirmity but these spirits like this used people in opposition to the Apostle Paul so he goes in a city he don’t look for the holiday and he looks for the jail that’s where he’s gonna go for the Crusades over you know that and I mean he really you know you’ve got to you can start feeling sorry for the guy because he says later I bear in my body the marks of the gospel and that word actually means literal marks physical bTW I mean this guy was scarred up and beat up if you’d have looked at Paul’s back I mean he had scars all three times beaten with rods are you kidding me ever seen anybody beaten with rods all right now now do you understand why he’s said to God three times please take this thorn away please take this messenger of Satan away now I’m going to talk to you for a moment and bring this out in about about ten minutes I read this as a minister and read it for years and I want you to know that I did not think that God was fair to let a man who wrote fourteen letters of the New Testament have to battle that kind of stuff you don’t read where Peter ever battled that Peter goes to jail one time gets out and then Peters all over the buzz he’s preaching here and he’s going there James was beheaded yes there was persecution in the early church but there wasn’t anybody went through what this man went through and so I was bothered that God said to him after he prays three times because wait a minute doesn’t God answered prayer what about all those verses of two or three of you shall agree it shall be there are more days that min a minute what about all those promises of God that I’m going to keep it I’m going to preserve you and no weapon no weapon is going to prosper I mean did Paul not know those verses now keep that thought in mind because I’ve got an answer that’s gonna stun you in just a minute but I’m gonna tell you what the answer is yet so here’s Paul now this is found in the book of Acts stay with me cuz we’ll show you a revelation and a half right here Paul says I want to go to Rome and I want to appear before Caesar and present my case as a Roman citizen before Caesar they said okay to get to Rome you’re gonna have to get in the boat so he gets in a boat now when he gets in a boat he gets in a boat off the coast of the Mediterranean and it’s in the area of Haifa or job I’m sorry Caesarea that’s where the old port was and I had been to Caesarea in November when twice the winds of the Mediterranean and Rabi raise your hands to rob Rovere father’s he knows what I’m going to say the winds were so bad that Robby watched me do this I leaned my body forward as if to fall and the wind held me back the waves were 40 feet high I have never seen surfers wouldn’t have either had a heyday or died because this was crazy was it not we couldn’t even tape it says Surya inland it was okay but they’re unbelievable and the thought came to me about the story I’m going to tell you Paul tells them this is not the season to get in a boat he says I know enough about the Mediterranean that if you get in this boat we’re going to be in trouble now how many of you know that there are people who come to you and tell you I would not do that if I were you and you think they have an ulterior motive so you don’t listen to him see if they thought what Paul’s motive is he just don’t want to go to Rome he just don’t want to be a prisoner he just doesn’t want to live in snow chains too bad boy they rented the boat I got the money getting the boat Paul said oh oh I don’t feel good about this I do not feel good about this they get in the boat and I want to talk to you what happened I’m gonna give you the list acts 27 I’m going to go through this quickly number one they hit contrary winds contrary winds means the wind was pushing in the wrong direction of the ship now the second thing they did they sailed slowly as the winds were working against them the third thing that happens all of this is in acts 27 the sailing grew dangerous they storm by the name of your rock Ladon hit the Mediterranean ocean and they were in the middle of it and the storm is so violent it’s beginning to tear up pieces of the boat suddenly they begin to throw out things trying to look lighten the load because as they come inward there’s quicksand you do not want to get in quicksand that means if the boat goes under you’re in quicksand everybody’s gonna die on the quicksand then the Bible says this it got darkened into heavens and the Sun and the moon and the stars you ready for this did not appear for 14 days there was no GPS guys there was no radio to contact anybody the Sun Moon and stars is how you navigated they knew the north south east and west they knew where they were by the Stars now they are lost there in the middle of a storm the ship is falling apart help how much more worse can it get here’s what Paul said in acts ready all hope that we should be saved was taken from us okay tell us um when Paul says it’s it’s one thing it’s one thing when the guy on the boat says it but when god’s man of faith and power who wrote romans without faith is partly in Hebrews without faith it’s impossible to please God in the book of Romans confess with he wrote all the confession verses he wrote all the holdfast you could but here’s a guy who’s a man of faith if there’s ever been one and when Paul says because he talks about Abraham who against hope believed in the hope Paul actually is at the point of saying we’re all dead that’s really when he says all hope is gone that we should be safe it simply means y’all better get right you better say your prayers cuz you’re either gonna go to heaven or hell in the next hour because this boat is about to go under but watch what happens an angel of God appears after 14 days and said just so you’ll know you get up and tell the boat folks there’ll be a loss of no man’s life except the ship’s going down and he got up and told him and when he told him watch how the enemy tries to come against your prophetic word he tries to come against what God tells you immediately the centurion says we’d better kill all these guys on the boat because if we don’t kill him they’re gonna swim away and if one of them swims away we get killed it’s the best thing to do is kill him and all of a sudden because of Paul’s revelation because of his word he said don’t do that the boat will go under but I promise you everybody’s gonna be safe he believed it and they came in ready on broken pieces that’s what your Bible said how many of you know sometimes people only come to God when they come in broken can I prove it to you how many of you probably would have never come to the Lord if trouble had not hit somewhere in your life raise your hand raise your hand look at there can we stand up for five seconds quick let everybody see trouble had to hit your life okay look at this look at this how many of you know that coming in sometime broken is the only way you can come in because if your ship would have been intact and you’d have had all the food you want all the money you want the job you want and the people around you you want you gonna sell on to Rome and do your thing but God let your rock Ladon hit you well hey you know why this man is safe I’ll give you their testimony real quick Jamie his wife had two miscarriages and at that time Robbie was a drug dealer it’s not make no bones it’s part of his testimony he was doing drugs and Alabama and when she got pregnant with the next baby they said that baby quit growing at four months and you’re going to lose that baby and Robbie said god it’s my fault my drugs are killing my babies I’m done with it if you will touch me deliver me and save me and give me that baby I promise you I’ll never take drugs again I serve you and the doctor told her in him your baby will be born stillborn or born dead and it’s gonna be born mentally retarded but I’m telling you and in nine months when she went into labor the nurse screamed oh my god this baby is bigger than we thought get the doctor and that baby came out healthy today she’s 25 years 26 years of age 25 years of age six foot tall she was here lad with two years ago with Robbie at the table her name is Tiffany and she’s in love with a boy named Nathan because the Holy Ghost told me she was gonna marry him didn’t it yeah so I’m saying if he had not hit that trouble God came through god blessed but he had to submit to the Lord and so and you know what he got instantly deliver from cocaine is to the living room smoking pot is to deliver him everything that’s what you call radical conversion sometimes people have to come in in brokenness to get to God now you’re ready to go cuz here’s where the story plot the plot begins to thicken Paul has nothing but the clothes on his back and they’re whipped nothing worse than wet clothes they get to an island well I can’t absolutely cannot get any worse it can’t get any worse we lost everything the ship’s gone we’re on an island we know where we’re at and they’re collecting firewood can’t get no worse really they’re collecting firewood so Paul collects firewood to build a fire and a viper fastens on to his aunt in front of everybody now that doesn’t scare you but I was in the Middle East one time in fact I was a Dead Sea and I saw a little snake that bit little ol tiny snake when you with me Robbie me and you and Charlie and I’m gonna take a stick don’t play with that thing am i God said you better back up ten feet from that thing I said are you sure he said get back don’t even don’t hear he said that thing is very quick that snake I’ll turn on you and bite you and you’ll be dead in five minutes he said that’s got more poison than a rattlesnake this and he says as a matter of fact the word Viper in acts that particular word that’s the kind of snake that bit Paul and I said look I ain’t Paul okay let me get out of here I don’t know if I got that kind of faith to shake it off ain’t no fire here I got off I know I know snake handler let me get out of here I was I’m raised in West Virginia and I ain’t no snake handler let me get out here when when the Viper pad fastened in Paul’s hand the people around him thought that he had done something bad now isn’t it funny when bad things happen to good people instead of us saying well it’s just a normal attack it was a hurricane it rains on the just and unjust what do people do when something bad happens to some well I tell you what there must be something there life you know that’s what they did the job job was an upright man fear of God and shun to evil and yet when job lost everything he had he had three fish you know what one time said one of them said you got too much pride God had to take you down another one said well you never really gave to anybody you just kept it all for yourself and the third one said there must be something in your life God’s judging you publicly for your private problems and how many know all three of them are wrong according to God so sometimes you will have people that will look at you and you got a snake hanging onto you or a Viper or you’ve been bitten by something well I tell you what that’s just God judging them and they all looked at him and said he is evil and he shook it off in the fire and went on collecting wood and after five minutes he didn’t die and they changed their mind and said he’s a god whoo he’s a god faucet I’m neither I’m neither wicked nor am i of God but my God has protected me now when they saw the sign you get ready cuz we’re about to go somewhere right there let’s keep reading what happened after the snake bite and after the shipwreck acts 20:7 seven to ten new King James translation in that region there was an estate of a leading citizen of the island whose name was Publius who received us an entertained us Curtis Lee for three days 72 hours and it happened that the father published slaves sick of a fever and dysentery Paul went into him and prayed and he laid his hands on him and healed him so when this was done the rest of those on the island who had diseases also came and were healed yeah he goes from being a shipwreck soaking wet by a fire bitten by snake that could have killed him and in 72 hours he’s in a man’s house laying hands on the leader of the southern island and the man’s getting healed all of a sudden after 72 hours of great healing crusade breaks out on the entire island now Paul is getting ready months later to depart they get a ship watch how things changed after that one 72 hour interval in Acts chapter 28 and verse 10 they also the people of the island also honored us in many ways and when we departed they provided such things as were necessary let’s read another verse in Acts chapter 28 they showed us every respect and presented many gifts to us honoring us with many honors and when we sail they provide it and put on board the ship everything that we needed now it says this it was after three months stay on the island we set sail in a ship which had wintered in the island an Alexandrian ship with the twin brothers castor and pollux as its figurehead amplified version Acts chapter 28 and verse 11 now we’ve got to stop right here and make an explanation he loses everything in the shipwreck he has only the clothes on his back he gets bit by snake can’t get worse but in 72 hours he goes and heals a man the one miracle brought the gospel to an island get ready that would have never heard it otherwise your shipwreck might be about the harvest because God couldn’t have got Paul there any other way they would have never stopped by him say let me preach at this place so God let me just say it this way God will take advantage of the enemy’s mess-up in your life because there was a mess up and there was a shipwreck but God said I’m not gonna waste a good shipwreck you better hear what I’m not gonna waste a shipwreck if they’re gonna shipwreck I’m not gonna put them on an island with a bunch of beasts and animals and dogs and cats Maryland where they can’t I will take that ship in the middle of the darkness and move it over way off course over here where there’s a whole lot of people and sick people who have never heard the gospel so the devil’s not gonna take an island to hell because I’m about to shipwreck a prophet who’s going to end up on the island it gets better if you read the text so first of all three months goes by and then everybody that’s been healed they just say you know man of god you’re gonna be in Rome you don’t have some needs can I can I go ahead and give you some clothes well you know I’m not gonna take anything no no we’re we’re blessing you you you’re gonna have needs you know and all of a sudden wherever Paul’s staying he gets this big pile of stuff gifts he says it’s gifts boom there comes – oh there’s some nice china that’s pretty yeah what is that clothes but yeah Oh three pair of shoes where’d you get Oh you had a mate Wow okay no no don’t miss this then he says this there was a ship that wintered there see point is while his ship is reckon there’s already another ship there waiting to take him it says it wintered there this ship with wait this is not a normal ship this is an Alexander ship with castor and pollux as the figurehead that means nothing to you till you study everybody ready the best ships made in the world were Alexandria in Egypt ships and the Cadillac of all ships which was the cruise ship Cadillac ship of all ships were the ships with castor and pollux which of the two figure heads up in the heavens and the constellations on them in other words Paul didn’t get on a slave boat darling here in me no Paul didn’t give on us again he didn’t get on a slave boat when he got on the island they are loading him up in a private room I’m proved to you he had a private room he had one guard that stayed with him privately got in a private room with all his stuff headed to Rome in a Cadillac ship he wasn’t down there rowing like a bunch of slight you better listen to this preacher he went through hell man who wants to be bitten by snake who wants to be the shipwreck who wants to be a slave in the bottom of a boat who wants to go look ya’ll get motion sickness can I tell you the worst motion sickness in the world my wife can’t drive in a car through curbs without taking Dramamine she can’t fly on our plane without Remini am i right Robin Tammy payment we’re my grandma I gotta get madhurima name my little girl on the other hand when we hit bumps she says whoa do it again Finch a snowman you pray pray do it again so do it again but the worst ship the worst the worst feeling is on a ship to get seasick 14 days brother on a ship doing like this is horrible shoot me give me something and knocked me out where I don’t wait for 14 days I’m telling you it’s horrible I had to happen one time how bad can it get wait a minute don’t talk about how bad can it get talk about how good can it get when the bad is over okay you ready I got I’ve got to show you this this is faster so then he’s loaded up in the best ship available and don’t forget now it’s the 72-hour reversal of healing the man that started this whole process Oh hallelujah that’s twenty eight sixteen through seventeen when we arrived at Rome the Centurion delivered the prisoners to the capital of the park but to the part but Paul was permitted to live by himself with the soldier who guarded him three days after our arrival hey they called together the leading local Jews he’s a slave man he’s going to appear before Caesar he’s supposed to be in chase nothing on a they can put all the other guys in the bottom of the boat give Paul the Presidential Suite y’all better hear me about tell you something now let me talk to you about this thorn part Paul had a thorn in the flesh semester’s Satan asked three times to the Lord to let it depart and I always said now I said I always said this to myself I said it’s not fair now I’m just being honest you know you’ll know the Perry stones honest I tell you what I think well that’s good or bad and sometimes that should keep a mouth shut but I’ll tell you this I said to the Lord I don’t understand a great man of God who has to suffer that much for the gospel I said honestly I’m just Lord I’m just being honest with you why didn’t you at least relieve the thorn and I was at my desk one day and God said go to Acts and let me show you some he said did you notice the book of Acts doesn’t end it has a conclusion of a story but it has no Amen to it it has no so be it grace be unto you acts is the one book of the New Testament that has no ending do you know why because it continues to our time it’s not the Acts of the Apostles it’s the acts of the Holy Spirit we’re living in acts 29 the end the end of the book we hey let me say it this way lord help me Jesus we are finishing the book of Acts in our generation somebody’s gonna get that revelation and drive home and hoop and holler watch out don’t have a wreck when the Holy Ghost hit you going out of the church okay it’s a revelation this is so great so I go to the end of Acts and I read this from this translation and I said oh my father in heaven forgive me for complaining about Paul having a thorn you’re ready God took it from him the last part of his ministry there was no thorn ready the thorn was a hindering spirit I told you everything he went through he he had no freedom he’s being arrested they did house arrest on him he got beat up look at this I just got shot – y’all act like you don’t believe me acts 28 33 31 after he gets to Rome after this Paul lived for two entire years at his own expense in his own rented lodging and welcomed all who came to him preaching to them the kingdom of God and teaching them about the Lord Jesus Christ with boldness quite openly without being molested or hindered you ought to say that’s where the shout goes right that’s where the clap and the praise goes right God gave them in two years with no devil harassing him two years with no Jew arresting him two years his own apartment his own house his own money having meals made for him and the only reason Paul died beheaded in Rome is Nero burnt the city of Sirte he burnt Circus Maximus down blamed it on the Christians Paul was in Rome and they had to have a scapegoat so Nero wouldn’t get blamed and they said Paul instigate it to bring about Bible prophecy of the destruction of Rome and that’s the only reason the man was beheaded because they lied on him at the end of his life but I’m telling you God relieved him for two whole years now this is what I want to say to you I believe we’re gonna pray here I believe very strong I’ve used message a few times and every time it’s ever been preached every time within 72 hours people would get the most incredible reversals there was a woman who worked tried six months to get a job and they said forget it’s not going to happen in 72 hours from Cartersville Georgia she called me and said the job I wanted I just got it and they told me it would never happen 72 hours other people financial breakthroughs they’d be praying somebody had a lawsuit it was legitimate they weren’t trying to make money and they said to tying it up it’s not gonna have 72 hours it came through other people had praying for their family their kids or somebody in their family and they got ahold of this revelation God you can turn this around in three days you can resurrect my my my children to the point of spiritually and somehow some way it happened now this is very important I don’t want you to stand just because you want a blessing in three days I don’t want you to stand just because you say well I’m gonna stand and see what’s gonna happen I’m gonna say to you that if you need God to reverse something of any kind I’m not gonna name what you know what’s in your heart and you heard this word and while I was preaching there was a faith that kind of stirred in your spirit and it’s like you said this could happen to me man this could happen in this situation and you got a quickening if you got a quickening while I was preaching for you and a situation get up to your feet right now get up to your feet because that means God can do something

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He is an Evangelist who directs one of America’s fastest growing ministries – Voice of Evangelism.  Perry Stone Ministries, headquartered in Cleveland, TN, reaches the world with the Gospel of Christ. Best known as a teacher of end-times Bible prophecy, his biggest pleasure is poring over the Scriptures.

Perry Stone Ministries

With 40 years in ministry, Perry Stone has authored over forty books and booklets; and hundreds of audio and video teaching series.  He still travels extensively to conduct both domestic and international crusades that reaches thousands of people each year.

Stone has also produced videos and DVDs, hundreds of audio teaching series, and films a weekly television program, Manna-Fest, that’s seen nationally and internationally via cable and satellite on TBN, Daystar, INSP, LeSea and other networks.

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The Voice of Evangelism (VOE) was founded for bringing a fresh Word from God to the Body of Christ and winning souls for the Kingdom of God. From its 70,000-square foot, International Ministry Center located in Cleveland, TN, Voice of Evangelism is striving to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ through revivals, television, audio/video media, printed material, missionary sponsorship, and outreach ministries.

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Omega Church International (OCI) is the gathering place for the church of Perry Stone Ministries. OCI also hosts events such as Warrior-Fest and Prophetic Summit for adults and youth alike.


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