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0:00 hey man let’s welcome pastor bill Winston [Applause] 0:06 praise the Lord [Applause] 0:14 thanks brother 0:20 whoa whoa keep standing keep standing praise God you need exercise anyway lift 0:28 lift your hands to the Lord father we thank you so much for the Word of God tonight thank you for the anointing 0:34 that’s on this meeting on this house and on this this leadership of this great 0:39 great ministry father we thank you for the anointing on me and these lips of clay that I speak this word with 0:46 excellence accuracy and boldness asking you to think to my mind speak to my lips and this word will come forth unhindered 0:52 unchecked by any outside force now Lord we thank you for it we call it all done 0:58 and we expect signs wonders and miracles in Jesus name can somebody shout a man 1:04 biggis a sweet glory to God hallelujah 1:10 Flo oh okay now whoever said that it was a lady she 1:15 said that come on come on up here praise God whoever said that 1:21 amen amen if he hears I’m gonna peel off a hundred 1:27 point how about that hey see if you 1:34 broke you can’t do that thank God you’ve got a rich father 1:40 amen well we started some things today 1:48 that I want to continue with and then kind of share with you some other things 1:54 that God placed on my heart so if you’re just looking for three points in a poem 1:59 you’re not gonna get it tonight and I want to give you some things that 2:06 I think one are going to help you in this especially this new year and well 2:13 let me sit with clock one man says one of the best ways to not be invited back 2:19 is to preach too long and police felt now hey all right okay 2:29 all right we’re all set to go the one of 2:38 the things that is important for us as 2:44 believers is that we’ve got to make sure 2:50 that we continue to grow continue to 2:55 grow part of that’s your job in my job we’ve got to make sure that we 3:01 we don’t get stagnant we that if God 3:07 gives us you know a new challenge gives us new goals for the beginning of the 3:15 year good probably fast two or three days and that first month and just see 3:22 what God is saying to you and so forth and and what he wants to do with you 3:27 this year because you we really can’t afford to waste any time 3:33 yeah we can’t afford to waste any time we got to be about our father’s business 3:39 amen all right let’s let’s go to first 3:47 Isaiah when Isaiah chapter 9 4:03 in Isaiah chapter 9 and looking here at 4:09 starting at verse 6 and he says foreign 4:14 to us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be 4:21 called wonderful counsellor the mighty God the everlasting father the Prince of 4:26 Peace and of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end upon the throne of David and upon 4:36 the kingdom upon his kingdom to order it they order it and to establish it with 4:44 judgment and with justice say justice from henceforth even for ever the zeal 4:51 of the Lord of hosts will perform this so today I really started out talking 4:58 about the kingdom of God and that the kingdom of God is a rule of God it’s a 5:06 realm of God it’s Dominion of God’s the authority of God is the anointing of God 5:11 and this kingdom the Bible says over in Psalm 103 it rules over everything made 5:20 rules over everything and that you and I have been born from above that’s what 5:27 the scriptures say in John chapter 3 and we have been delivered Colossians 1 from 5:32 the authority of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son so we are in the kingdom say I’m in the kingdom now this 5:42 kingdom right now as you see it is an invisible Kingdom now it will be visible 5:49 and it can be visible now based upon our faith that we can manifest this kingdom 5:57 our theme for this year is in our churches the days of heaven upon the 6:03 earth we actually want to make earth like heaven because that is basically 6:12 what Jesus talked about let’s go over to Matthew’s Gospel Matthew’s Gospel chapter 6 and 6:21 Jesus here just gives us this they call it the Lord’s Prayer but we won’t go 6:28 into that but in Matthew chapter 6 he 6:35 says and I started today and verse 8 and be not therefore like unto them for your 6:41 heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things what things you have 6:48 need of before you ask him and after this manner therefore pray our Father 6:53 which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on 6:59 earth as it is in heaven so basically 7:04 the church is taking up where Adam left 7:10 off we’re taking up where Adam left off and that God wants some things in the 7:19 earth let’s go to the Isaiah chapter 51 please Isaiah chapter 51 I don’t go 7:27 anywhere without the Word of God because I know this is what saved me this is what’s gonna keep me and if I’m moving 7:34 forward mm-hmm this ensures my victory he says here in Isaiah chapter 51 I’ll 7:42 start reading at verse 1 hearken to me II that follow after righteousness and 7:48 either seek the Lord look into the rock which you are hewed and the whole of the pit which you are date looking to 7:54 Abraham your father and Sarah that bear you for I called him alone say alone and 8:00 I blessed him and increased him for the Lord shall comfort Zion he will comfort 8:06 all her waste places and he will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert like the Garden of the Lord joy and 8:13 gladness shall be found therein Thanksgiving in the voice of melody come 8:19 down to verse 16 I have put my words in thy mouth and I have covered the in the 8:25 shadow of and that I may plant the heavens say plant the heavens and lay the foundation 8:33 of the earth and say to Zion thou art my people all right I had several places 8:41 imma go here tonight and then we’re trying to do it quickly 8:48 today we talked about mainly about 8:55 provision we talked from Matthew’s Gospel chapter 6 and Jesus said 9:03 something to amaze he said he said no 9:09 man can serve two masters that’s verse 24 well he’ll hate either hate one and love 9:16 the other or else who hold to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon so as I look at that 9:27 scripture it says that either you’ll be either serving God or serving men and 9:35 this idea about serving two masters is 9:41 that Jesus is now come to restore us and 9:47 restore back to us what Adam lost as 9:53 somebody says okay what did he lose I put some things down here one he lost 10:00 the power called the blessing he lost it 10:05 that power the blessing is powerful enough to fix anything and make any 10:10 difference it’s the same power God used to create the universe he bestowed it on 10:16 a man what else did he lose he lost his position Genesis chapter 3 and 9 after 10:25 Adam at sin God asked Adam where art thou he wasn’t talking about his 10:30 location he’s talking about his position because he had lost it and that’s why in 10:37 Psalm chapter 8 the Bible begins to talk about what is man that thou art mindful it was the son of man that thou visitest 10:43 him I was made him a little lower than the Angels crowned him with glory and 10:48 honor and that put him over all the works of thy hands so everything in the 10:56 earth was designed to serve mankind everything even when God put them out of 11:06 the garden so mankind lost his assignment and when he put him out of the garden notice Adam had made a fig 11:14 leaf suit do y’all ever seen a fig leaf suit before and God took that off of him 11:20 and made him a suit out of animal skin so a few that problems with fur coats 11:26 see God and but he lost that assignment 11:32 and you know one of the probably one of the most popular books of this hour is 11:39 something called The Purpose Driven Life why people are looking for their purpose 11:45 why because Adam lost it by the way we have tapes and books in the back I 11:50 brought some of the things some of the things I’m talking about here today and tonight or are written in those things 11:56 and it takes her back there we have some of our people that can help you if you want to partake of them now and I can’t 12:06 recommend what to get because all my stuff was good paid that phrase that 12:11 Mabel oh okay that well it’s good because it’s from God that mean if it’s 12:17 me God is good so he lost the power he lost his position he lost his assignment 12:24 but here’s one of the things that he lost we talked about the day he lost the ability for God to provide for him today 12:32 loss he lost it and so what Jesus came to do is bring 12:39 that back and that’s why Jesus said in John chapter Matthew chapter 6 and verse 12:44 25 and he talked about you know why take he thought for your life what you 12:50 shall eat what you shall drink why because you were never designed to bear 12:55 the weight of your own provision one more time you were never designed to bear the weight of your own provision 13:02 you didn’t get it you know were never designed to bear the weight of your own 13:08 provision now you got it never design so 13:14 you’re not designed that way so one of the things that God had to do he had to 13:21 get man to stop trying to look after himself you remember over in Genesis chapter 11 13:29 they were building a tower called the Tower of Babel now these weren’t full 13:34 gospel businessmen they was these were devil worshipers and he said let us make 13:39 a name for ourselves but notice what God did when he called Abraham he said 13:45 Abraham come out from your kindred from your kind from your father’s house into a land that I’m gonna show you and I’ll 13:50 make of you a great nation I will bless you I will make your name day see you don’t have to make your name great all 13:58 you got to do is follow God take him into that and so here Adam now is 14:09 outside the garden and Adam is busy just 14:14 trying to feed himself the Bible says starting at Genesis chapter 3 and verse 17 he says enter to 14:22 Adam he said because you have hearkened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree which I commanded thee 14:27 saying thou shalt not eat of it cursed is the ground for your sake and sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your 14:34 life you look at that in the amplified it says in sorrow and toil sorrow and 14:43 toil show you eat of it all the days of your life now you’re starting to put 14:49 something together here is Jesus approaching a man named Peter and he 14:55 approached him in Peters boat was at the harbour his Jesus preaching on the shoreline and then he asked Peter could he use his 15:02 boat could he get into his boat so he gets into his boat and then he asked him to push out just a little from the shore 15:09 that’s typical of God when he deals with us he just takes us a little bit of the time just a little 15:16 and so here’s Peter he’s now sitting down listening to teachings of Jesus and 15:22 then when Jesus finishes he said now Peter launch out into the deep and let 15:29 down your nets for a draught draught a great increase and Peter said something 15:37 to him I’ll start reading here and now pick up at verse five and Simon Peter answered and said to him master we have 15:43 toiled all night and taken nothing nevertheless of thy word we’ll lunch 15:50 shall we let down the net now this is interesting because toiling is under the 15:56 curse however when Jesus comes into your life all your toil is over and I’m 16:04 saying to you tonight the days of your toiling are over 16:12 see until you get knowledge of where you should go that’s why we talked about visionary leadership until you get 16:18 knowledge of it you can’t partake of it we can’t take of it because the knowledge is gonna bring the faith 16:24 that’s gonna access it and so here Peter said nevertheless at thy word and if 16:31 you’ll look at that word right there and then look at the first verse in that particular chapter and look at how Jesus 16:38 taught the word you will see that those words are two different Greek words once 16:44 a Lego Legos and the other one is locust and the other one is Rhema and so you’ll 16:51 see that unless you get the Rhema you can’t depart from where you are and I’m 16:56 saying that in these meetings the word is going to be saturating you to the 17:02 point that you’re gonna find that things that were hanging on you are going to fall off and they’re gonna fall off 17:08 because the Rhema is gonna come say amen to that so here is Peter he then lets down the 17:16 net and pulls in a boat sinking net breaking load of fish no there’s a lot 17:26 in here folks but and I’m just gonna stay on the surface because I’ve got to go somewhere 17:32 tonight but Peter now with Jesus he 17:43 pulls in these fish and he use a net 17:49 that broke now if you look at the partners that he 17:56 called for the Scriptures don’t say that their nets broke and the thinking is 18:03 that Peter used an old net that he didn’t have to wash anymore he got done 18:09 because he may not have been fully convinced that this is gonna work once 18:17 in the kingdom all increase comes not by 18:23 time but by truth and a lot of times 18:30 what we do is we base our operation on 18:36 the old system that we’ve been delivered from we’ve changed kingdoms but not 18:41 systems yet and so what happened God said to me he gave me a scripture when I 18:48 was in seminary at oru he said gave me 18:53 isaiah 40:8 17 he said as he spoke to me 18:59 about this he said meditate this I began to meditate it it says I am THE LORD thy 19:04 God the Holy One of Israel that teaches me the Prophet leads me by the way that thou should go so that’s the first time 19:11 I saw that God was not nonprofit 19:16 it’s all they taught in church and so I 19:21 then took that script and meditated out of it came to Joseph’s business school 19:27 it’s an anointed school that we have in five continents running successfully and 19:34 the idea about it is to produce people who are producing at least a million 19:39 dollars within three years why to 19:45 finance the kingdom one of the biggest things that needs that the preachers 19:51 have is provision say Amen preacher all right now I’m just saying that God is 19:56 going to put together to call kings and priests and he’s gonna put those p2 20:02 together that that that prophet you’ll see in the Bible constantly you’ll see that same combination of people and it’s 20:09 an unbeatable team but I want to let you know that he said start so what happened 20:15 and went started my ministry and now there are two people one of them came to me they’re couple they’re married couple 20:22 one of them has a MBA from University Chicago the other one has MBA from Harvard and okay they say I said listen 20:29 God is telling me to put together Business School I’d like you to go away tell me how long it could take you know 20:36 to put that up maybe some of the things that we need to do come back to me and give me that knowledge and give me that 20:43 information they said yes pastor they went away and came back it’s a fast 20:49 it’ll we would estimate it’ll take about two years to put it up and so forth and 20:55 so on so I said well okay thank you very much let me go pray about it say pray about it and once I prayed about it God said 21:03 it’ll take two months put it up mm-hmm once you come into the kingdom faith is 21:11 a higher law than time and it will do 21:16 things for you that you never we had that school up that school that you’re saying now that fully accredited that’s 21:22 pre printing out business entrepreneurs all over the world that school got put 21:27 up in too much fully accredited by one of the biggest 21:33 accrediting organizations in this country now I’m just saying wait a minute this is what God can do for us if 21:39 we will just come and submit to God submit to the Word of God and let God work with us and so forth and so on I’m 21:46 just saying a lot of times what we do is we cross over into the kingdom but still 21:52 operating like the world that’s got to stop this is a whole new deal we’re 22:00 operating with now folks and it’s good say Amen all right so we talked about 22:07 Jesus now and he’s basically recovering things by the way here’s Peter he pulls 22:13 in a fish his partners pull in the fish and then he comes and throws himself down at Jesus knees saying away from me 22:19 I’m a sinful man Oh Lord before he was astonished and all that were with him at the draught of fishes that they had taken then Jesus told 22:27 Peter that Peter I wanted it I want you 22:32 to follow me and I know what to do anymore catch fish but now you’re gonna 22:39 catch men you’re gonna be a Fisher of men isn’t that interesting how he’s moving 22:45 Peter from one assignment into another and I’m saying that everyone that’s 22:51 sitting here looking at me now you are gifted to do something there is genius 22:56 in you right now say amen to that the problem is is sometimes we try to be a 23:03 jack of all trades and a master of none the busy trying to do what we see 23:09 somebody else doing instead of doing what we see God tell us to do save min well after this conference things are 23:16 gonna be different in your life all right let me keep going all right so we 23:25 showed you where revelation is most important for you to go where God wants you to go in Genesis chapter 13 and 23:32 verse 14 he said to Abraham I want you 23:37 to look on to this place where you are and lift up your eyes and look at the 23:44 field which you are and look North which South would each one in westward for all 23:50 the land that thou see it to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever charge 23:57 and a look and see what you can see now don’t think we’re looking with natural eyes because you can only only see these 24:03 walls but look with your spiritual eyes look with your imagination and just look 24:09 and how far can you see and you know I always I always had an imagination I 24:19 don’t know about you but when I was a kid I used to I used to think I was 24:27 Superman now this is how bad that has had me I have a picture of my wall in my 24:33 office of the basketball team in my elementary school everybody had on 24:42 uniforms what do you think I had on Superman shirt 24:49 it had obsessed me so much see I would 24:56 finish school we didn’t have a television at first child would finish school and the neighbor had a TV so I’d 25:02 knock on her door but I mean after school 3:30 in afternoon and I said 25:07 could I come and watch Superman again she said yes William come come on come 25:13 on ehe I’d sit in and I’d sit right in front of the TV you know I ever write 25:18 then yeah I want to miss anything I’m looking at that TV and sometimes there’s 25:25 a lot of snow on it you know and didn’t have cable you know you had to go 25:31 outside turn the antenna and hope you get something on the TV but even if I 25:39 couldn’t see it I’d hear him saying faster than a speeding bullet able to 25:44 jump tall buildings at a single bound well powerful than a locomotive boy I’m 25:49 telling it’s getting good now over in 25:55 second Corinthians in chapter 3 and verse 18 he talks about looking into a 26:03 mirror and as you look at it you’re changed into that same image and if you 26:12 look in the mirror of the Bible long enough you’ll start being changed into 26:18 that same image and so this thing affected me so Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 26:28 frosty flakes came out with a some kind of a promotion that if you send in a box 26:35 top with 50 cents they’ll send you a Superman shirt send it in put that shirt 26:43 on I felt different it felt like hey Whitman something just 26:50 happened here felt so good til I ordered six more then 26:57 it took me over even more got mama sheet and she caught me running around the house energy said bored give me that 27:04 sheet get out of here with all of that it got so good too one day this is when 27:10 I woke up I got up on the garage 27:16 I said I’m fixing to fly down the windows house I know I can make it where 27:23 do you think I went hurt myself so forth time 27:28 now look in here long enough and you can 27:36 tell what people are not looking in there because there’s no change at the 27:42 same place today as they were ten years ago and that is not God’s plan for your 27:49 life so as we look at this I started 27:56 talking about the fact that you were never meant to bear the weight of your 28:01 own provision and that God has a plan to meet your needs providing for you and 28:08 one of the things that God does for you is he meets your need through your seed 28:14 because he doesn’t have to have the economy to do well to bless you the only 28:22 thing he has is to have you to have revelation and by faith so that seeds so 28:27 that he can meet your needs say amen to that so as we talked about that we talked 28:33 about this is what Jesus did and he began to teach this and what Peter did 28:39 in this incident is Peter did sow a seed the boat was his seed and the only 28:44 reason I’m telling you that because you will find that as you get in ministry or used to doing what you ever you do or as 28:50 you just trying to you know fulfill God’s plan for your life one of the 28:57 biggest things that happen is a provision shortage you know you know what how can i well kids got to go to 29:04 school and and the pastor you know he’s planning on building a new so-and-so mm-hmm I had the people I said listen 29:11 here’s what I want you to do I said now we’re gonna pay off something here cause few million dollars and I said this is 29:18 what I want you to do I want you to take an envelope and this is an envelope and I want you to just take it and I’d like 29:24 you to take that envelope and I want you to believe by faith 29:30 prayer that God filled that envelope up and what happened they took that 29:35 envelope and I’ma tell you ask him all to believe for a thousand dollars I’m telling we had more thought pretty 29:42 soon boom paid the thing off now what am I saying here God has provision already laid up for 29:54 every one of us for everything you would need say amen to that he’s got the provision already laid up I 30:02 can give you some more illustrations but I’m not gonna do it I want to keep going so here’s a word I heard Fred Price used 30:09 this word dr. Fred price and that word really stuck with me he said when you sow a seed nothing can abrogate your 30:17 harvest I had to look up a brigade y’all looking at me like a care for the new 30:23 gate but I had to look up a brigade it means to abolish or nullify that’s why 30:31 it’s so good and nothing can stop it the view in the stock market something can 30:37 stop that if you’re in so forth and so on but if you saw a seed nothing that stopped that harvest it is that powerful 30:43 and a seed will meet any need I said a seed will meet any need and somebody 30:52 said well I don’t really have anything to so I got you you always have seen watch this here’s a 31:02 woman named Hannah she couldn’t have kids so what did God do put something in 31:08 her heart the next thing you know the Bible says Hannah vowed a vow do you 31:16 know you can use a vow as a seed she 31:22 found a vow she said you give me a man channel and I’ll give him back to you 31:28 she vowed that vow next thing you know the word came to her said God has heard 31:34 your prayer the Bible says she went out with joy next thing you know she had a child what was the child’s name anybody 31:40 remember all right and she had that child and then after that had some more kids my 31:46 point to you is you always have seen I remember there was a guy we were at a 31:51 meeting I had just gotten say you know I’ve been I’ve been hungry for more of God every all of my life I mean I just 31:57 you know give me some more Jesus and so this guy and I were in Minneapolis and 32:05 we were in the back and God said to me that they would they were taking up the 32:11 offering and so you know I put my money in the offering and this guy was there 32:17 and he was standing beside me and he 32:23 just gotta pull his shoes off he came up put his shoes on the platform went back 32:29 with his stocking feet so I I kind of gave him some space and and they took up 32:42 the offering and then they said this whole shoes of these I don’t nobody do 32:48 that today could this those shoes of these whole shoes of these as a man they 32:56 talking to you mine come up here and get these shoes by the time he got up there 33:03 dad took it taking money out of the offering buckets by the handfuls and stuff tissues 33:10 you always have seen don’t ever let 33:16 anybody tell you you don’t have seeds then I wouldn’t be surprised if 33:21 somebody’s desperate enough just take their weave off and put it in the front okay but anyway all right now as we we 33:31 go through down here let’s go to the next place let’s go to third John to 33:39 third John to now nobody get insulted okay because it angle help you my 33:46 airplane is warming up I said please alright third John – alright and 33:56 third John – you’ve you’ve you’ve heard the script you many times but let’s put 34:01 a little bit of meat and bones on this thing beloved I wish above all things 34:08 that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth 34:19 that’s God’s way to prosper his people 34:25 to prosper your soul over in the Book of 34:32 Psalms and Psalms chapter 23 I know you know it well in Psalms chapter 23 David 34:41 is saying now excuse me 34:47 he says the Lord might the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he maketh me 34:52 to lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside the still waters he restoreth 34:58 my what he restoreth my soul 35:04 no I’m gonna refer to my notes a little bit here because I don’t want to miss 35:10 any piece of this that I want to teach you your body is made to renew itself 35:28 this way was originally made I mean you can see this even if you take a shower 35:35 or bath and you look at the water that’s there and put it under microscope with 35:41 whatever scientific things you could do you’ll see there dead cells quiet 35:47 because they got renewed now if you look at Psalm 139 he says 36:04 here starting at verse 14 I will praise 36:15 thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully 36:20 made now once in the kingdom I’m not 36:28 going to the world to find out how a me 36:34 cuz they don’t know now understand 36:42 scientific knowledge about the body and so forth and so on but what whoa whoa that’s only coming up to a certain point 36:49 I’ve not only got information I’ve got 36:55 revelation now I’m about to find out the truth how I am made and I am made 37:05 fearfully and wonderfully now those are not just flower words those words are 37:13 profound God made you in His image and 37:18 after his likeness now with this your 37:26 body was made to super naturally repair 37:35 itself for it 37:53 I gotta go on we have looked at our 38:00 bodies scientifically and that’s what we would been taught but if you go in these 38:09 colleges and most of the schools and so forth true enough that biology and so forth but I call this secular education 38:18 why because they know God in it excuse my English there’s no God in it Satan 38:26 wants God out of every mountain of influence every from politics to arts 38:35 and entertainment to the government to your family he wants God out and our job 38:47 is to put him back in 38:55 No we gonna go to the Word of God to see 39:04 how will me and we’re saying here that wait a second 39:12 this body is theirs rigidly designed to 39:18 repair itself see I you’ve got a sore and and scratch it repairs itself you 39:26 have whatever it starts to repair itself people give you medication medication in 39:33 itself is not healing it sets up an environment so that the healing can take place well if you can repair a scratch 39:44 why can’t you repair an organ now come 39:50 on now I mean come on that’s that’s let’s get real about this let’s let’s stop thinking like the world that 39:58 everything that might be wrong with you can be repaired lord have mercy 40:08 what’s the key the key is a prosperous 40:14 soul this is assuming a person is born 40:19 again because once you get born again the kingdom of God comes within you the 40:25 very power of God that is a healing power that’s used to heal anything is 40:32 him right inside you well the God didn’t 40:48 put us in this world that’s got disease 40:54 plagues and everything and say now just make it the best way you can know he 41:04 said what in Luke 10:19 I’m giving you power to what tread on 41:09 serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the devil and what nothing 41:16 shall by any mean he Jesus touched that 41:22 leper and immediately leprosy departed 41:27 Jesus didn’t catch it he said in John 41:33 chapter 14 verse 10 the things the verse 14 verse well the things that I do show 41:41 you do also and what greater works show 41:46 you do why because I’m going to the Father now what is the problem if the 41:57 power is in me why is it not being 42:03 manifested in my body when something goes wrong just just just listen to me Saints I’m not gonna be 42:09 with you long I’m on I’m out of here in a few minutes the problem is that my 42:16 soul is persecuted it is not prosperous 42:23 jesus said if thou can believe now help me with this so now you know this one 42:29 all things are possible come on to him that what believes that belief is fully 42:39 persuaded that belief is whole it makes it says it when one definition says to 42:45 be wholly committed Jesus was 42:51 functioning as a man he said that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna give my life he preached about it in John chapter 12 and 42:56 verse 24 he said verily that’s unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it dwells alone but if it does die it’ll 43:05 bring forth much fruit he said I’m going and I got to die and in three days I’m 43:11 coming back up and all them people looked at him to learn this is a strange 43:17 man but his soul was prospering his soul 43:28 when people’s souls are not prospering the power can be in their spirit but it 43:35 won’t get to their flesh when the soul is not prospering you will see that 43:43 somehow the book is saying certain things about them but none of that is manifesting in their lives well it can’t 43:52 pass through it it can’t pass through 44:01 the soul mine will emotions intellect 44:11 imagination that soul if it’s not prospering it won’t get through them it 44:21 won’t get through that if it get if your will won’t allow the power of God to 44:27 come through then you won’t see the result of the power God if you’re 44:36 sitting there right now jealous of me your soul is not prospering you got an 44:46 issue you got an esteem that says this unless 44:53 I can see myself bigger than bill Winston I’m not happy I’m gonna talk 45:02 about you I’m gonna stand right here and talk about you 45:07 souls are not prospering you just wonder sometimes I’ve been 45:12 feeding these people the word for I don’t know how long and then life still it’s like it is a man’s spirit will will 45:23 it hit his because that soul is damaged 45:33 nothing can get through it and manifest itself and that’s God’s Way in the 45:40 kingdom his kingdom is to prosper you as your what soul prospereth so he’s ready 45:48 to prosper you right now listen let’s let’s read on down here this is Psalm 139 let’s look at this watch this watch 45:56 this I’m gonna get off of it I know you want me to get off of it I’m gonna get off of it in a minute but I’m gonna talk 46:02 to you see I’m I’m not gonna talk to you like somebody that’s scared of you 46:13 I’ve been to Vietnam Aang is together no man I’m telling you this because God 46:23 some of you should be much further along than you are right now and you busy 46:30 trying to act a certain way so you’ll cuz and would like you your cousin ain’t going to church I know I’m preaching oh 46:44 that’s why you bought me here when when 46:54 when when sickness or something comes and so forth and fear jumps and you 46:59 didn’t give we got to watch it because that soul you better prosper that soul 47:04 look what he says here look at verse 15 my substance was not 47:10 hid from thee which when I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the 47:18 lowest parts of the earth watch this thine eyes did seem eyes my substance 47:25 yet being imperfect and in thy book all my members were written what says which 47:33 in continuance were fashioned when as yet there were none of them the was he 47:42 saying every part of your body was 47:53 written in God’s book you are fearfully and wonderfully made 48:04 God knew when you got saved he knew that somebody would have smoked too many 48:12 cigarettes and their lungs were barely functioning so he laid up some new lungs 48:22 folks there is a warehouse with all your 48:27 parts come on you gotta say Amen 48:34 not only your parts but parts for those 48:39 who he calls you to minister to or when 48:45 Charles and Francis honey were reigning in this earth I remember I feel just 48:50 safe you know I’m going to their mean stuff telling you I saw Francis hunter and Charles hunter and she’d moved she 48:57 said now what’s wrong with you he said well I my heart is bad my lungs 49:03 and my kidneys she said you just need overhaul she lay hands on him be healed 49:09 in Jesus name that same person three or four days later would come back with a 49:15 doctor’s report that they got a heart of a 14 year old thirteen year old 49:21 God can transfer parts into your life 49:27 say Amen he knows the problems that you’re gonna 49:34 have before you ever have them and he’s laid up every solution whether it be 49:41 wisdom whether it be whatever it is he’s got it laid up say amen to that 49:46 and this is your year there’s going to come see I don’t have mercy I’m getting 49:52 in my next part of my message one part of the the the the former rain is for 49:59 gathering in but the latter rain is for beautifying see he’s coming into a place 50:04 now that he’s about to beautify the church folks I’ve heard of big people 50:12 getting up in meetings get up and their pants fall off and the man pants fell 50:17 off because while the preacher was preaching under such and anointing the man lost fifty or sixty or seventy 50:25 pounds sitting right there in that chair I’m saying the glory of God is gonna 50:33 manifest in the church 50:39 think supernaturally nothing natural 50:45 about your life anymore you are a kingdom representative now God is gonna 50:53 use you to plant the heavens Lord is a 51:02 tough Bunch alright next part I go one 51:07 minute in twenty twenty seconds can I 51:12 get five more minutes out of this this 51:26 next part turn to Hebrews chapter 10 we 51:37 see a couple of words before we say something about this 51:57 God is ready to take you to another level this is a church in general but to 52:05 go to another level you must eat on another level 52:17 no more pig feet not just guys just 52:23 throw that in ever sack folks let me 52:28 tell you something when you really get a revelation of this y’all know what that 52:36 is shunned ah I’m coming sweetheart 52:45 okay okay excuse me the when you really 52:54 see yourself as God sees you which is royalty you will no longer see yourself 53:02 with a pig’s foot stuck in your mouth all right that’s all I’m gonna say about 53:08 that okay now all right now let’s just think about this any any rooves 53:22 hebrews chapter 10 you with me I’m gonna read a scripture for we know 53:33 him pardon me verse 33 zero okay for we 53:38 know him that hath said vengeance belongeth unto me and I will recompense 53:48 saith the Lord and again the Lord shall judge his people alright in the essence 53:57 of time let me skip through a couple of things 54:03 this whole idea of vengeance 54:12 the idea of vengeance it’s okay 54:19 yes hold on just a minute I had some things I want to just wait a second Wow 54:36 well I know it from memory I just wanted to oh wait a minute that can’t be just a 54:42 minute let me give you some things 55:04 that is really crazy 55:10 this is really this is some serious stuff here you know how you can’t find 55:16 something get back to your room and sit there it is right there so double get out of here right now and Jesus man 55:25 okay no the idea about vengeance is it 55:31 has nothing to do with revenge it has nothing to do with hatred but it’s God’s 55:41 response to a certain situation because 55:47 of his love for justice vengeance now 55:57 what about the word recompense and recompense has to do with having a 56:10 [Applause] damages paid for things done against 56:20 your life it’s almost like you would take somebody to court and you’d file 56:28 suit against them recompense except you 56:35 don’t have to do it God does it 56:42 are you with me now in this Jesus open the book let’s go 56:56 to Isaiah chapter 61 I’m gonna pick up my face here Isaiah chapter 61 and 57:04 here’s what he said verse 1 and the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me this is Jesus reading from Isaiah 61 but lets 57:11 us read Isaiah 61 because the Lord has anointed me to preach the good tidings 57:17 to the meek he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to 57:22 the captives and the opening of prison to them that are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord now if you 57:30 look at Luke’s Gospel and Luke chapter 4 it says basically the same thing and I’m 57:38 starting reading at verse 18 the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the 57:45 poor he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted preach deliverance to the captives recovering of sight to the 57:51 blind and the setted liberty them that are bruised and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord but look at the next 57:57 verse and he closed the book and he gave it again to the minister and sat down 58:04 and the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him and 58:10 he began to say this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears 58:20 this day is description that’s just like me reading you a certain scripture and 58:25 then closing the book why because God said don’t go any further than that but 58:35 there’s more to that chapter and what happened is that part that Jesus did was 58:43 his part but now the book is opened again and with the book being opened 58:51 again now it’s time for the second part let’s read that together in Isaiah 58:57 chapter 61 glory to God and look at verse 2 I’ll start there to proclaim the 59:04 acceptable year of the Lord the day and look at the next part the day to hurt me 59:10 the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn to appoint unto 59:18 them that mourn in Zion – given to them beauty for Ashes oil of joy for mourning 59:24 the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they might be called 59:29 trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord that is they that he might be 59:35 glorified watch this and they shall build the old waste and they shall raise 59:41 up the former desolations and they shall glory to God and they shall repair the 59:47 waste cities and desolate city desolations of many generations and the 59:52 strangers shall stand and feed your flock now he goes on down and what he is 59:58 saying that went was second the the vengeance part was not Jesus’s part the 1:00:05 vengeance part took up after Jesus left now this vengeance God says is mine 1:00:14 he didn’t say revenge he said vengeance is mine and I will recompense now what 1:00:21 is he saying now he’s saying now we’re gonna have to see some justice come in 1:00:27 the earth now we’re not just talking about some things that are happening between the police and some of the 1:00:32 people on the street we’re not talking about that we’re talking about an unjust system that has been pervasive in the 1:00:40 earth one of the signs of the coming of the kingdom is justice things are that 1:00:47 are out of line with the justice system of heaven are gonna be brought into line 1:00:52 amen to that now what am I saying this latter rain 1:00:58 anointing it’s gonna beautify the church you’re gonna see miracles that you’ve 1:01:03 never seen before or never even imagined that could take place in the church and 1:01:08 notice what he said he said to build the old waste cities Jesus didn’t build one 1:01:14 synagogue he didn’t build one school for care Cheney called that was not his 1:01:19 mission that is your mission there is a time God’s gonna send you and you go 1:01:26 rebuild the place you’re gonna feed that hungry you’re gonna take care of the sick I’m saying this is a time that God 1:01:34 is now gonna fold up this thing this thing has been going on and what has 1:01:40 happened now the church has not been in my opinion the church has not been grown 1:01:46 up enough to receive this message because when you receive this message you’re gonna see something that the 1:01:53 number one job of the Holy Spirit is going to be to execute vengeance upon 1:02:00 all the adversaries of God’s people in other words who whatever has been coming 1:02:07 against your destiny what Evers been coming against God’s plan or resisting 1:02:13 your progress that God wants in your life the Holy Ghost it’s going to deal 1:02:18 with it and folks it will be everything and everybody that will be coming out gets 1:02:26 you this is nothing is going to be resisting him nothing can resist him 1:02:32 nothing will go unpunished and I’m telling you everything that humiliated 1:02:38 you it’s even going to have to pay penalty for doing that now 1:02:44 if you look down here in Genesis in chapter 20 you will see that here is 1:02:51 Abraham and Abraham went and a man named king named Abimelech took Abraham into 1:02:58 his house into his palace permeate Abraham’s wife he took her into a palace 1:03:04 and next thing you know the Lord came to Abimelech in a dream at night and here’s 1:03:11 what he said he said thou art but a dead man he said and behold you are but a 1:03:19 dead man for you for the woman that you have is another man’s wife then 1:03:25 Abimelech begins to plead his cause and say wait a minute he told me that was 1:03:30 his sister you see what I’m saying is whoever’s holding your relatives whoever’s holding your family members 1:03:37 God is that listen you gotta hear me God is about to deal with them I’m your 1:03:43 prophet right now and I’m telling you what’s gonna happen in the days to come this year and not only that verse 7 now 1:03:52 therefore restore the man his wife for he is a prophet and he shall pray for you and thou shalt 1:04:00 live you see if you look over here in glory to God can y’all hear me okay 1:04:06 Aprilia can you look over here in Exodus uh pardon me Ezekiel and look over here 1:04:13 in Ezekiel coridan God come on paper work well look over here any Zeki I’ll 1:04:19 find it myself I have my notes down here see I’m rushing now look over here in 1:04:24 Ezekiel and chapter 30 33 if you will in ezekiel chapter 33 and verse 11 1:04:32 now this is a Phet fantasy Amin’s a wonderful verse he says saying to them 1:04:37 as I live saith the Lord I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but 1:04:43 that the wicked turn glory to God from 1:04:48 his way and live you see god it’s not out killing folk but Pharaoh let my 1:04:58 people go no vengeance 1:05:04 this is justice now boom next thing you know the waters turn to blood Pharaoh 1:05:10 let my people go No boom here comes frogs all over 1:05:15 everywhere I’m only telling you God is warning them why cuz you’re gonna finish 1:05:22 the work that he’s called the church to do the men of the glories of God 1:05:28 pretty soon Pharaoh after all these things came which were executing 1:05:35 judgment then Pharaoh let him go but what mistake did Pharaoh do after he let 1:05:43 him go what did he do he made a mistake and went after them now judgment falls 1:05:51 on Pharaoh wiped out God didn’t want to kill him but if they don’t let you go 1:05:59 I’m telling you folks I’m only go preach this Bible here the reason why a lot of 1:06:05 this has not been preached because the church has not been grown-up enough to receive it you see here’s what Jesus 1:06:12 said the foxes have hosts the birds of hare have nests but the Son of man has 1:06:18 no place to lay his head they thinkin he talkin about laying down that’s not the 1:06:23 revelation the revelation is in that Jesus the head of the church won’t 1:06:29 succumb back into place but the church has not grown up enough to receive him 1:06:41 how about I’m now gonna go there how about except 213 lord have mercy 1:06:46 please let me just go there I’m almost done give me one minute except 213 over in Acts chapter 13 this 1:06:53 is when a man is trying to block the door to the government official being born again and verse 9 it says this and 1:07:01 Saul who was called Paul filled with the Holy Ghost set his eyes on him and said 1:07:08 Oh full of all subtlety and all mischief thou shall of the devil the enemy of all 1:07:14 righteousness will you not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord and now behold the hand of the Lord is upon 1:07:23 you and you shall be blind not seeing the Sun for a season and immediately 1:07:30 there fell on this man a mist and a darkness and he went about seeking 1:07:35 someone to lead him by the head you didn’t see that happening with Jesus cuz 1:07:41 even it wasn’t his ministry but after Jesus left you’ve got the latter rain 1:07:46 you’ve got the time that the Holy Ghost is taking over now in this earth and 1:07:52 nothing is gonna be able to stand against him because this man was blocking the gospel from going out you 1:07:59 see there’s a timetable you are under and God is gonna have this timetable to 1:08:06 be met when it was a time for Israel to come out of Egypt it was a set time and 1:08:12 what did the devil do he tried to get Pharaoh to keep him you ain’t gonna make 1:08:17 a liar out of God when God says a time you coming out you are coming out right 1:08:23 on time and if anybody stands in your way he’s 1:08:28 gonna deal with them if they don’t move out of the way he won’t take them from the earth now I’m telling you folks if 1:08:36 you look at this a general pattern I know you heard of him before General 1:08:42 Patton in his time that he was advancing his army he couldn’t get past because 1:08:47 the inclement weather it was rain every day the clouds were low-hanging the 1:08:53 airplanes couldn’t get in so he could get his men and advance his men he told 1:08:58 his chaplain come here he said I want you to give me a prayer so I can make it 1:09:04 forward and that’s happened since now general I’m not sure about a prayer so we can kill our fellow man he said you 1:09:11 write the prayer I’m on good terms with the man upstairs and I’ll take care of it here is the prayer he wrote it 1:09:21 General Patton got it took his helmet off put it over his heart because he 1:09:27 feared God he said this almighty and most merciful Father we humbly beseech 1:09:33 thee of thy great goodness to restrain this in moderate weather with which we 1:09:41 have had to contend grant us fair weather for battle graciously hearken 1:09:49 unto us as soldiers who call upon thee that armed with power we may advance 1:09:58 from victory to victory and crushed the oppression and wickedness of our enemies 1:10:07 and establish digesters among men and among nations 1:10:13 he prayed that prayer that night he had had inclement weather for almost two 1:10:18 months he prayed that prayer that night the next day it was the brightest cloud 1:10:24 brightest overcast I mean there was no overcast it was the brightest weather what am I telling you 1:10:30 I’m telling you this I came to announce to you that days of your struggling over that 1:10:40 whatever will not let you go not let God’s plan come to pass in your life 1:10:46 shall be stopped today and whatever is resisting your progress is going to be 1:10:54 put down today that this is your season of ministry and this is your time that 1:11:02 whatever whatever is coming against you is gonna have to stop so I’m saying to 1:11:09 you now and this has been difficult to get this out because I’m not sure whether you’re receiving what I’m saying 1:11:15 but I’m telling you now that this has been a time that I have spent with you 1:11:21 that I have taken you a place where very few people have gone and I’ve done it 1:11:27 because God told me to do it 1:11:33 so I’m saying to you right now that things that have been erasing you will 1:11:39 erase you no longer things that have been kept from you will not be kept from you any longer you will reach your 1:11:45 destiny you will make that whatever God’s plan for your life it will come to 1:11:51 pass and you start thinking supernaturally because the supernatural 1:11:56 it’s coming into your life starting right now 1:12:04 you

Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar 2017 : Session 4 – Dr. Bill Winston

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