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[Applause] are you glad to be in church today are you glad [Applause] for Jesus if you are given the [Applause] grace God smiling somebody around you on your way down welcome to all of our campuses we’re so glad that you’re there today worshiping God and coming in Midtown and right here in Gainesville and Gwinnett and Spartanburg in Orange County and Beaufort let’s give them all a big warm welcome all of you streaming live you know something pretty remarkable last week we broke all records in attendance that we’ve ever had the history of this church and it was just amazing but maybe even more astonishing to me was the Good Friday communion service that we had we had over 55,000 people streaming live in the six o’clock service that is remarkable 55,000 people streaming live what kind of day are we in that we can have a communion service with 55,000 people out there and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and we had even more on Sunday all over the world and that’s pretty normal on a Sunday and sometimes much much more but even it a beautiful thing what God is doing in the world today I do want to ask you to pray and remember in your prayers this week those last week while we were having church and celebrating the resurrection tragically there were over 300 of our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka who were slaughtered in their houses of worship while they were worshiping and you probably saw the headlines and then even this week last night a terrible shooting that took places Jewish synagogue and out in California and our hearts go out to those people we must speak up for religious freedom we must speak up for our right to worse and and we are we’re praying for those families and we’re praying for those churches I can only imagine what they’re going through I don’t recommend that anybody try that in Georgia because I’ll just leave it at that but just turn to somebody say are you packing I’m just wondering we we have all kinds of security around this place like you wouldn’t believe and that’s how it ought to be we trust in the Lord but we we back him up real good I promise so but the Lord is our protection do you believe that he’s got to be in times like these if you have your Bibles I’d like for you to open them to the book of Genesis chapter 21 Genesis chapter 21 and I want to talk to you today about a story in the Old Testament and I won’t take time to read it just now and we’ll come back to it at the at the end of this little message I’ll be there in just a minute but you can just open it up in Genesis 21 and leave it there but I want to talk to you today about picking up dropped dreams picking up drop dreams and I’ll show you where this is in in the scripture but I think a lot of times that we need to understand that God is a God who gives his people a dream a purpose a mission a plan for their life a dream is is a god-given projected destiny it means you see it out there or something that God shows you that he says this is this is who though I see in you and that’s called a dream it’s a designated in it’s a vision of where I shall be when God places his hand upon my life and there’s no question that God has a dream for every person but with that dream always comes with God’s dream there always comes hell’s nightmare to try to steal that dream and if you don’t learn to endure the nightmare you will never experience the dream so many people give up and quit because they have a dream planted by God in their heart but then comes the nightmare I want to show you that this is a biblical pattern I want to show you that it is impossible for God to give a person a dream and he does give people dreams for their life a desired in a dream again is a projected destiny of where you shall be where your family shall be where your marriage shall be where your life shall be and never does God plant back in your heart with that dream that the enemy doesn’t come with his nightmare and unless you can endure and unless you can endure hell’s nightmare you’ll never experience heavens dream for your life the moment that most people give up is the moment of the greatest opportunity everything you want is on the other side of not giving up and I promise you when God puts a dream in your heart the nightmare will come what is the nightmare it’s it’s the pathway to your destiny you cannot get to the dream without the nightmare and the pathway of the nightmare because it purifies you it purifies your motives the nightmare is the enemy trying to steal that dream and get you to give up the question is can God trust you with trouble because the moment that the enemy senses you have a god-given dream he will try to send the opposite and cause a nightmare and if God can put you in trouble it’s a vote of heavens confidence in you trouble and the nightmare is a vote of heavens confidence in you your trouble is your pathway to triumph your pain is your pathway to a higher praise your mess is a pathway to the miraculous things of God in your life the book of Job has assisted millions of people God gave Javed Joba dream that he would be blessed that his family would be blessed and then came the nightmare everything that he had was taken and shaken and job’s life in the book of Job has assisted millions of people has what you’ve gone through assisted anybody if God has allowed you to go through it the nightmare is because you’re supposed to assist somebody else with what you’ve gone through the closer you get to the dream the closer you get to your purpose the closer you get to the goal which God has in mind the tougher it gets it’s just like a woman who becomes pregnant a couple gets married and they have a baby and she’s carrying around the dream and they’re smiling and they’re laughing and they’re having a wonderful time but I promise you the dream will become a pain before the dream is born and all of a sudden you start hearing words like push push you start hearing words like breathe breathe because now the dream has turned into a nightmare but the nightmare is the pathway to the dream the same is true in our life when God places something inside of us that we must give birth to The Closer that you get to the dream the more pressure that you feel it will cost you something the closer you get to the fulfillment of a dream before you experience a dream you must first endure the nightmare the closer you get to the dream the more pressure you feel only the more that you feel like quitting and giving up the dream is your destiny the dream tells you where you’re going the nightmare is your pathway to it your adversity will advance you the nightmare is the pathway to the dream that you’re called to Calvary was the pathway to the dream of the church God said I have a dream I want a church jesus said I’ll build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it and Hale said I don’t think so we’ll stop you we’ll nail you to a cross but when Jesus stepped out of that tomb guess what that the nightmare became the pathway to the dream the purpose of the dream is twofold the purpose of the dream is to give you a sense of destiny that you’re not just here wandering through life that there is a sense of destiny purpose and calling that is upon your life and you don’t have to be in ministry to have a dream God has a dream for every person you’re not an accident and the dream is about a sense of Destiny on your life the second purpose of a dream is to inspire you to reach for it to stretch to get out of your comfort zone to go beyond what you think you think you’re capable of doing that’s what a dream that God plants in your heart will do for you the nightmare is threefold the nightmare when you’re going through darkness when you’re going through trial when you’re going through setback and adversity then guess what you’re gonna find out three things the nightmare is about self-discovery you’re gonna find out who you are you’re gonna find out that your security cannot be in what other people say or feel about you that at some point you have to get something inside of you that says I believe it and I don’t care what anybody says I know what God has told me and you find out who you are and not only is the nightmare about self-discovery but it’s also about God discover you’ll find more about God in the darkness in your life than you will in the sunshine days God said I dwell in thick darkness he actually said that he said I dwell in thick darkness in other words if you want to know more about God then he allows you to go through darkness it’s not God’s will for you to always be in sunshiney successful beautiful days but actually you’ll learn more about God and who he is in the dark places in the lonely places in the times when you don’t understand and you feel forgotten and you don’t know who you are anymore and you don’t know what’s happening anymore and God is strangely silent and many of you are walking through that kind of Darkness and you don’t want to be alone but God has you alone he has you cornered I promise you he’s doing a mighty mighty work in your life you’re gonna find out who you are and you’re gonna find out who God is and the nightmare thirdly is to shut the devil’s mouth when your nightmare is over like Jobe it will shut the devil’s mouth when your nightmare is over it’s going to cause the voice of hell that voice that tells you God is a liar and you are no good and you’ll never do and be anything and all of those lies that hell screams that ass you might as well give up you might as well take your life you might as well know you just don’t have it you’re a failure that nightmare is going to shut the devil’s mouth when God turns it around and I promise you he will turn it around do you realize everything that has been built has been accomplished is the direct result of a dream and persistence to that dream of someone who would not give up Jesus proved that you’ve got to go beyond the nightmare to get to the dream when he hung on the cross and he rose the third day job proved that if you will endure the nightmare you will experience the dream then God blessed him double even Joseph had a dream but then came the nightmare but the nightmare the prison was the pit the prison the false accusations it was the pathway to the dream and if you can endure the nightmare you’ll never experience and Walt in the dream the closer you get to the fulfillment of your dream the tougher that it gets this is true and you see it on the sports field in football you’ll see the tall skinny fast wide receivers run down the field they’ll pick up 20 30 40 50 60 70 yards but when they get down to the five-yard line you’ll see the defense on the other side trade out and out goes some pretty big guys but then comes in the behemoth guys they weigh about 400 pounds they’re mean their breath stinks they said they’d look right there at you like if you try to come five more yards I will rip your head off and some of you right now are facing some behemoth demons you’ve never faced anything like it and you don’t understand why and it’s just a sign that you’re closer than you’ve ever been before I still believe that some of you are so close the hill has brought out its biggest demons to get you to give up in the middle of the nightmare so that you’ll never experience the dream I’m preaching to you today I’m preaching to you today the purpose of the nightmare is to discourage you to give up on the dream if you don’t get fresh all every once in a while that’s why you can’t afford to go to some dead church every now and then you got to get fresh all or you quit and throw in the town every now and you’ve got to get the power of the Holy Spirit moving on your life again every now and then you need God to come and power and touch you afresh so that the enemy doesn’t steal the dream of a blessed family and a blessed life and a blessed career and a blessed marriage that’s God’s will for your life the nightmare is the dream stealer the nightmare says just give up you know somebody said many years ago anything worth doing is worth doing well but here’s a new one for you anything worth doing is worth failing at and that’s why you have to endure the nightmare because if you want to give yourself to something give yourself to something that’s worth failing over Christlikeness it’s worth failing over maybe maybe I’m not like Christ like I want to be but even if I’m failing my way toward being like Christ at least I’m trying I don’t let non-christian people tell me how to be a better Christian at least I’m trying at least I’m striving at least I’m reaching you’re not a failure because you fail you’re a failure because you quit the nightmare was the pathway to the dream for Joseph the nightmare was the pathway for the dream for Joe the nightmare was the pathway for the dream for Jesus don’t let anybody steal your dream you got to be like a postage stamp it only works if it gets licked you got to learn to take a lickin and keep on sticking too many of you take a lickin and get hit and get hit and get hit and you quit but the only way you’re gonna stick is if you get the lid and the more you get hit and the more you get pounded and the more licks that you take from the enemy the stronger the dream gets and there’s something about somebody who is determined that says I still believe I know my redeemer lives I know God’s gonna do it I know he’ll can’t stop it I know demons can’t stop it there’s something that happens when you keep getting hit over and over and you don’t quit the only way you’ll keep on sticking is to take a few Lincoln’s and get back up hallelujah and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger if you want a stick you can but you can’t quit I’m on my way to my dream I’m going to be mighty in God I am NOT free I am not finished I am NOT settling I am moving forward if we concede our dreams we will wonder in a wilderness of stagnation the rest of our life a nightmare is like a dream but it’s filled with hopelessness despair and no escape you can’t wake up when you’re in a nightmare you’re following have you ever had a nightmare how many of you ever had a nightmare and you say to yourself in the nightmare you need to wake up now have you ever run off a cliff or something and you say I need to wake up in this I have I have I must be weird don’t let the nightmare steal your dream Genesis 28 Jacob went to Bethel and he put his head on a stone and God opened up the heavens and gave him a dream for his life if you put your head on the rock God will give you your dream get your head in the right place and the heavens will open God’s dream for your life will come when you start putting your head in the right place if you get the dream from heaven notice that the pillow became a pillar that texia said he then made it a pillar and he poured all on it and he built the house of God beth-el the pillow became a pillar and if you get a dream from heaven you can build on it you can build your life on it what God tells you he’ll perform what are you laying your head on John laid his head on Jesus chest and that’s how he could endure the nightmare of the island of Patmos he was alone there on that island but suddenly because he knew where to put his head he knew where to lean he knew where to rest it was Jesus God gave him and took him into heaven and gave him the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation because he had a dream while he was living a nightmare I’m telling you that you can’t get one without the other I’m preaching to somebody who needs to get some determination I’m preaching to somebody who needs to get a spirit that says I will not quit I will not give up I will not let her because I know what God has promised me he’s laid his hand on you he started it he’s going to finish it he promised it he’s going to perform it my dream is my destiny and the devil has seen his nightmare to destroy it but he’ll will not win in the end the dream the Holy Ghost dream is greater than the demonic nightmare that you’re facing he that endures to the end shall be saved weeping indoors for night but joy comes in the morning I love that scripture that said he declares the end from the beginning he declares the end from the beginning you know they tell me that sometimes when they make movies they shoot the last scene first so that you know how it’s gonna end and then they go back and they start shooting scenes and they take you on this and it starts out nice and then it goes to this and then trouble comes and then the next scene is a bad trouble and just when you think it can’t get worse it gets worse but here’s the thing that you know all the way through every scene is the ending is already complete when God gives you a dream he doesn’t start over here and hope you’re going to get to it he starts and he begins with the ending and then he goes back and he says if you won’t quit if you’re if you will endure the nightmare you will experience the dream because I finish what I started the nightmare gets loud the closer you get to the dream and God at the same time often chooses to go silent that’s why so many people quit you’re trying to get to the dream the nightmare comes and just when you think you need God to really speak to you he goes silent and the nightmare gets louder and in that moment you have to walk by faith you have to go because you know God told you what he told you and I’m not gonna give up now and I’m not going to doubt it now I’m gonna believe God now don’t let anybody else’s opinion become your reality just because you’re walking through the nightmare doesn’t mean that the dream isn’t real and don’t you let other people’s opinion become your reality ten people’s opinion in the Old Testament calls three million people to live in the wilderness for forty years and wonder in the wilderness for forty years they let other ten other people’s opinion become their reality Saul had an opinion he said David you can’t defeat Goliath with that slingshot in that stone you need this armor and you need to do this and you need to do that but David said I’m not going to let your opinions all become my reality I’m going to do what God has told me to do so many times people give up and they quit right on the verge that’s why I wanted to end with this story in Genesis 21 because in this story we have Ishmael the boy and I just want to read it to you and I want you to see it and I want you to see what’s happening she’s out in the wilderness and the scripture said in verse 17 that God heard the voice of the lad the angel of God called to out of heaven and said to her what eles you Hagar fear not for God has heard the voice of the lad where he is listen to these words verse 18 arise lift up the lad hold him with your hand and I will make him a great nation and God opened her eyes and she saw the will of water what I want you to see in this story is Ishmael Hagar stream what I want you to see in this story is is she had the dream but she gets into a wilderness and in a moment of discouragement she drops the dream she puts it under a bush she hears the child crying and she has no resources she has no food no water in a hot desert and so she can’t bear to hear the baby died and suffer so she goes far enough away that she can’t hear him but there’s an amazing thing the Bible said God heard the dream or the child crying out which tells me something really powerful and if you have a god-given dream it can pray and cry even if you’ve given up on it and she had given up and she had dropped her dream and she had walked off somewhere and she was weeping because she knew her baby was dying her dream was dying but the dream was crying out the dream the dream was crying out and God didn’t hear Hagar he heard the dream and then he said to that mother go back now I just really feel like this simple message is for somebody I want you to go back to some dreams that you’ve dropped and I want you to pick them back up because I’m not through with them I know that it looked like a nightmare but I just want you to know that if you endure the nightmare you’re going to experience the dream and it’s time to pick up some drop dreams again and it’s time for you to take them in your arms again and hold them up before me again and watch me bring my power in my life and my resurrection on those dreams that you have dropped picking up drop dreams is a word in season for somebody then the Bible said God showed her where the water was he opened her eyes God showed her how to keep the dream alive I’m telling you today that it’s time to pick up the drop dreams I’m so glad that God is faithful I told them in one of the earlier services today that I as a parent as a grandparent Charisse and I we we we can’t is something about your children I thought when they got a certain age you’re on your own they’re never on their own they’re never on their own and they’re never off of my heart does anybody understand that and I was riding down the road and I had tears streaming down my face nothing bad going on it’s all good but I was thinking about one of mine and I was telling God all the things he needed to do for them you need to do this and they need that and you need to do this and I’m asking you to do that and not throw asking in there just so it wouldn’t sound bossy but but I’m really saying this that you need to do something now it’s been a long time I just know timing God and I’m getting you know me talking to God like and I’m riding I’ve got a big burden on my heart and I had a CD playing of a worshiping I’m just driving and tears started coming as I was thinking about this kid and Lord let your will be done and I’m praying then I start telling God what he needs to do what it is and it’s clear as I’ve ever heard God in my life he said two words to me it wasn’t audible but it almost was because it stunned me he said these two words trust me he brought such peace I felt like a million pounds lifted off of my shoulders suddenly I realized I had been worrying not standing in faith I had been worrying I had been fearful I had been anxious for nothing and when I heard the Lord show me the face of that child and say trust me instantly that car filled with the presence of God tears started streaming down my face and I said how stupid am I I forgot you love my family you love my children you want the very very best for them and I can trust you I can really really trust you with your daddy and it’s God’s word to somebody that it’s time to go back and pick up some drop dreams just because it wasn’t on your timetable doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen I feel like I’m just standing up your prophesy now I’m standing up here now I’m gonna tell you something else you’re looking at a preacher who has stood in this pulpit and I have preached pre-trib meaning before I got out of the storm and the nightmare with our family I had to stand here and preach someday God will some day God will some day God will Charice and I had to stand and say someday God will preach real pre-tribulation but now I stand at the age of 56 a grand Paul Charisse turned 50 today she will kill me for saying that listen to this we’re post real post means after on the other side and I can tell some of you young little couples out there when I stood up here years ago and I had a house full of teenagers Saturday night my eyes were puffy because I hadn’t slept all night and worrying about them and not knowing what in the world’s going on we found out something and this and that or a phone call or this and that and we like to lost our minds and I’d still get up and grab my black Bob on my microphone that’s for me in my house we shall be saved and I’ve got a covenant and I was preaching pre-trib but now I’m preaching post real I can tell you all of them love Jesus I can tell you all of them serve the Lord I can tell you all I believe checks this morning God can do it for you pick up those straw trees and say hail king family demons can’t have my addiction to homosexuality [Music] [Applause] somebody praising like you’re not afraid wrong people can’t have let’s get up on their feet shout like we believe that what [Applause] [Music] and I tell you post real that if you endure the nightmare I’m glad those days are over I wrote by the Gainesville Civic Center last night they were having prom out on the steps I said god bless you I’m so glad I don’t have my beautiful daughter going out with some little creepy boy I’m so good I hate it every one of those times when those boys came with that stupid flower I wanted to shove it down his throat I’ve done all my life none of them didn’t trust in you [Music] everything in me a smiling don’t know what I’m not crazy any dad’s in the house we need some – you need to have a little edge when you open the door and if you don’t know what I’m talking about phooey on you I mean if you know what I’m talking about I’m so glad those days are over but I really am sure till the grandbabies come up I guess you know what I’ve learned trust me tres say those words tres lift your hands and say God teach me to trust you if I’ll endure the nightmare I will experience the dream you got 15 seconds to lift your voice and shout unto God with the voice of triumph I want you to do it incoming I want you to do it in Buford in Gwinnett I want you to do it wherever you are Midtown lift your voice come on I will not give up I will not give up everything that you want is on the other side of not giving up you hear me single person college faith you know what he’s saying to you my clock is not your club you know what he’s saying to you trust me you know what he’s saying to you I dwelled in thickness I know what I’m doing in your life I’m preparing you and if you endure the nightmare you’re gonna experience the dream as sure as you are standing here today God is faithful trust him trust turn to somebody and say trust trust in with your trial trust in with your family trust in with your money trust them with your finances trust them with your career trust them with your business trust 50 hands one more time I feel the presence of God in this place trust me trust me don’t worry trust me just trust me with your health trust me quit worrying about it and trust me I’m your God God if we endure the nightmare of a messed up world we’re gonna experience the dream of a new world called heaven every head bowed every eye closed the miracles about to happen a miracle is about to happen at every campus and right here in this room wherever you’re hearing this if you don’t know that you’re right with God it may be that you’ve had to go through the nightmare to find the dream which is Jesus he died on that cross and went through a holy nightmare on that cross so that you could experience the dream of forgiveness and eternal life he will give you a past that is forgiven he will give you a purpose for living and he will give you a home in heaven and all you got to do is receive it this morning pastor I don’t know I’m right with God but I need my past forgiven I need a purpose for living I need a home in heaven pray for me if that’s you right where you’re standing don’t talk yourself out of it do it if that’s you raise your hand I want to see it all over this room if you know I’m preaching to you today and today you need to get right with God lift that hand high I want to see it all over this room wonderful wonderful at every campus lift it high lift it high lift it this is a miracle moment every one of you that raised your hand I want you as quick as you can to get out of your seat and walk right down here to the front of this church you know you wouldn’t do that if God wasn’t speaking to you but he’s spoken so strong to you today that you cannot stay where you are you’re moving out and this is the pathway to your destiny this is the way to the dream this is where you put your head on the rock this is where you get God’s plan God’s Way God’s vision for your life come on they’re coming and every campus the pastor’s are coming and right now let’s just linger a moment here they come here they come here they come come on come on come on come on come on this is your altar call you can know freedom you can know forgiveness you can have a pass forgiven you can have a purpose for living you can have a home in heaven it’s really remarkable it really is it really is I feel like there’s about 10 more come on I feel like there’s about 10 more get out of your seat here they come here they come here they come here they come come on come on come on come on come on come on god bless you God bless you God bless you come on somebody else you’re almost stepped down you almost did it you almost did it here’s your I’m throwing the lifeline out one more time grab it this is your overcome this is your own bless you serve anyone else this is your own recall you’re that important you’re that important let’s clap our hands this still come praise be unto Jesus to God being the golden to God be all the gold these are souls for them Jesus died thank you Jesus beautiful beautiful human hey it’s not too late I’m gonna throw it out one more time that’s why we’re here you are the dream of God [Music] we’re gonna pray this prayer when we pray this prayer on the authority of God’s Word he said if you pray this prayer in faith using faith in your heart that he would forgive you he would wash you he would cleanse you he would give you a pass forgiven a purpose for living in an eternal home in heaven it’s yours so let’s pray this prayer everybody out loud Lord Jesus I give you my life I don’t withhold anything it’s all yours the good the bad the ugly I give it all to you I’m picking up my drop dreams I know you have a plan for my life I ask you to forgive me of my sins wash me in your blood today I believe you rose from the dead and I am rising from my grave I am coming out I am being transformed in Jesus name say this my past is forgiven I have a purpose for living I have a home in heaven now just thank him just say his name Jesus thank you to say his name Jesus snake Jesus thank you for this meal of the Jesus thank you I feel like doing something how many of you how many of you have dropped some dreams and you almost didn’t want me to preach what I preach today because you had no intention of picking it back up because you’ve adjusted but just when you think you’re safe God will come along and say it’s time it’s time I feel like today that you need to pick up drop dreams and in your hands hold them up just lift your hands representing drop dreams hold them before heaven and say God here it is hey everybody say this I’m going to trust you with this dream like never before you spoke to Pastor and you told him to trust you and now he’s challenging me in my situation that I’ve been worrying about to trust you say this Jesus I trust you from this day forward I believe my dreams will live now give him praise one more time [Applause] [Music] and there one of you that prayed this prayer this morning we have something called Nick steps first of all welcome to the family of God we cherish you and love you secondly you’re not alone you’re not alone you don’t just leave here we want to help you in your new Wallace there’s something called next steps it’ll teach you over the next four weeks everything you need to know to get to that dream that I preached about because God surely has a desired purpose and end for you and it’s called the dream and we want to teach you how to find it oh it’s good news purposeful living I want to baptize you in water it’s critical it’s powerful it’s a it’s empowering when you get baptized in boy it’s a commandment of Jesus we’ll get you signed up real quick but today begins a brand new life for you and we celebrate you we’re excited about what God you can’t well I’m worried about this and we’re going to trust him he started it he’ll finish it if he could get you to walk down that aisle I promise you he can change your life that’s all all these people thousands of people and you turn them all along and you walk down that aisle you please God today you please God today and his hand is on your life you’ll never be the same now we’ll put the blessing on ya there you ready are you happy everybody happy a better glad you came to church and did a beautiful day today if where he tries to get in your car or your house open your mouth and say I trust you and trust me I trust you I trust you I trust you it’ll bring peace to you instantly instantly I’m telling you when that heard those two words trust me it’s just a who felt like a million pounds lifted off of me because I’ve been trying to figure out how I can and sometimes God says I don’t need your little minutes I’m a whole lot more connected than you are well I feel good today I’m getting blessed turn to somebody say I don’t have to worry about nothing all I got to do is trust him here’s the blessing you’re a great people you’re great people I love you so much I want to go to the bank and shake hands because I love you people I love you very much now may the Lord bless you and keep you may the Lord make his face shine on you may the Lord be gracious unto you may lift up his countenance upon you it may give you peace in Jesus mighty name we love you I’ll be at the back door have a great week everybody [Music] remind you once again not only about Mother’s Day with real talk Kim she’ll be joining us here in Gainesville but it was it will be streamed to all of our campuses including you as a part of our online campus but not only that wanted to remind you about forward student conference coming up at the end of June you can register by going to f—– reach I’m sorry going to forward conference dot o-r-g and you can also sponsor a student we have many students that may not be able to attend forward due to finances and you could step in you can be that answer to prayer and send many students to forward this year so again go to forward conference dot o-r-g register today sponsor a student and we want to thank you in advance for your faithfulness as we continue to see God move and all of these different conferences and events we love you so much thanks again for joining us here today a free chapel and we’ll see you next Sunday morning [Music] [Music]

God gives His people a dream, a purpose, and a plan for their life. A dream is a God-given projected destiny. It means God helps you see something out there that says, “This is who I see in you.” It’s a vision of where you will be when God places His hand upon your life.

A dream is a God-given projected destiny

There are many of you who have had a dream that you have either given up on or let die. But it’s time for you to pick up that dream! It’s time to pick it up, dust it off, and place it in God’s hands. It’s time!


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