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Pope Francis’ Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Efforts: The funds were raised in large part as the result of Pope Francis’ decision to take up an April 24 collection in all the Catholic parishes of Europe to promote humanitarian support for all those suffering or displaced due to the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

After the collection, the Pope in June entrusted the Vatican’s charity council Cor Unum, with the task of forming a committee, which was given a year-long mandate, to decipher the most urgent needs and to get the help to where it’s most required.

According to the communique, from the moment the committee began their work in July members have “chosen and evaluated the aid projects” presented to them by both Christian charity organizations and by international agencies.  Via catholicnewsagency.com

Pope Francis Establishes Aid Committee for Ukraine

The Catholic TV Network: Vatican releases Pope Francis’ World Youth Day schedule.  Pope Francis establishes a committee to distribute aid in Ukraine. Archdiocese for Military Services hosts a pilgrimage to honor victims of the Holocaust.



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