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Sid Roth with Perry Stone on It’s Supernatural!

Did you know that God has revealed the future in the shadows of the feasts of Israel? Perry Stone reveals God’s mysteries hidden in His feasts!

Unlock the Prophetic Mysteries of the Feasts of Israel
The festivals and feasts of Israel are God’s ultimate prophetic code, with Jesus the Messiah hidden in their details.

Perry Stone believes these special times serve as examples to those of us living in the Last Days. In Mysteries of the Feasts Perry reveals some of the prophetic keys hidden in their observance, especially —

• The amazing festival of the First Fruits
• The Day of Atonement

Then, in Breaking the Code of the Feasts, Perry lays out soon coming events hidden in the Fall Feasts and surprising insights from Old Testament stories including Gideon’s Tribulation Code and the Armageddon Code hidden in Esther.

Plus he shares secrets from Genesis 22 and more! Perry says we can be assured of the outcome.

More importantly, Perry says we should anticipate the coming Glory. Revealing God’s Glory is one of Perry Stone’s most powerful messages, preached under the Glory anointing with an angelic Presence!

God has told us these things long ago, and we can be assured of a glorious outcome!
Perry Stone is a fourth generation minister and director of Voice of Evangelism. He is recognized as a leading author and teacher on Bible prophecy. Perry is joined in ministry by his wife, Pam. They reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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