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0:00 [Music] 0:08 you know just because God is speaking doesn’t mean that you know it and just 0:13 because you know it doesn’t mean that you understand it you know God is speaking amazing things today and it is 0:20 so important for those of us who love God to know how to hear God and know how to understand God hello everybody I’m 0:27 Troy brewer and I’m a senior pastor at open door church in Burleson Texas and today I have an amazing program for you 0:35 that’s going to help you hear God that’s going to help you know god that’s going to help you discover God and 0:40 specifically to know exactly what God is speaking in this due season right now 0:46 for you I bet that you know that God is saying something I bet that you know 0:51 that this is a different season can’t you feel it can’t you feel that this is completely different season it’s a whole new era 0:57 and what used to work might not work right now and what used to not work and might very well work right now but you 1:04 know what we have to have we have to have language we have to have clear direction we have to have we have to be 1:10 able to say okay I know that that’s God so on this very stage I’m about to 1:15 introduce to you three of my very good friends that I have their prophets their prophetic they know the voice of the 1:22 Lord and all four of us are going to be unpacking the language we’re going to be unpacking the direction and we’re going 1:28 to be unpacking the words of the Lord for this due season you know friends you’re not going to miss what God is 1:34 going to do for you this year and a lot of that begins right now so let’s go to open door Church in Burleson 1:41 Texas get ready to take notes and get ready to have your life changed here we go 1:47 [Music] 1:58 [Music] 2:06 welcome my friends welcome my friends all over the world everybody that’s watching everybody that’s sitting here 2:11 right now I call you guys blessed to the mighty name of King Jesus welcome to a new era welcome to a new time not a new 2:18 season but a new time there’s a big difference between times and seasons this is not a new season it is a new 2:25 time and it is our desire here tonight to give you what God Almighty is speaking to us concerning the year 2020 2:33 and concerning the decade that is titled the roaring 20s amen the roaring 20s 2:40 this is incredible year for you and I believe with all my heart that you’re gonna leave here tonight blessed and set 2:47 free for everybody that’s watching right now we believe with all of our hearts friends that God has a word for you 2:52 church do you guys believe that yeah so I’d like to introduce I’d like to introduce everybody here to our guest 2:58 speakers guys this is Jamie Galloway from Nashville Tennessee everybody say hello Jamie 3:06 amazing Cindy McGill of Burleson Texas yeah parts unknown amen and we also have 3:15 the incredible brother Larry Randolph is in the house here with us today god bless you sir I’m gonna hop right to 3:24 this as we get off into this prophetic word here and I got a couple of notes and I’m gonna make this thing happen 3:29 here bear with me let’s see well problem is is it upside down and I don’t have my glasses so I’m gonna scrap my notes no I 3:37 I’m good friends this is indeed a whole new era this is 3:42 not a new season and it’s very important and it’s a sobering reality and something that we have to take 3:48 incredibly serious that this this is new and this is a new thing and as a matter 3:54 of fact the prophet Isaiah says behold I do a new thing and they says is shall you not know it there’s been a whole lot 4:01 better preachers than me that had preached on that but I will say this one of the translations I’d like to give to 4:06 Xiao you not know it is this can you wrap your head around it you know can 4:11 you perceive it are you willing to are you willing to be committed to the new thing as opposed to the old thing 4:18 so whenever there is a new wine I know that we have to have a new wineskin and I want to start off with you brother 4:25 Jamie what do you say that if if we’re supposed to change our wine skins in this new year and in this new decade 4:32 what what exactly are those wine skins in order for us to receive the new wine 4:37 yeah well that’s a great that’s a great place to start because jesus said you 4:43 don’t pour new wine into an old wine skin and Jesus is smart because he 4:48 doesn’t want to pour out something that’s going to be ultimately ruined and it’s a blessing that’s going to be 4:54 contained and we’ve got to find the right container for it and with with what I believe God is doing is he’s 5:00 building and he’s bringing new values a culture that can sustain a move of God 5:06 and it’s going to be for freedom it’s not going to be for enslavement it’s not 5:11 gonna be for for lording over people but it’s gonna be for serving and bringing up what well we would consider the 5:17 lowest in our society you know it’s the people that are the down-and-out the outcasts and they’re going to rise to 5:24 the top and that’s the kind of culture the wineskin that God is building right now is going to have the ability the 5:31 capacity to bring people out of the darkest places into the highest places of freedom possible so when I think of 5:39 changing a wineskin I think of things like it’s time to change our priorities okay so whatever priorities that we had 5:47 in the last place most likely will not be your priorities in this new place and 5:52 when it comes to church when it comes to church government that actually has to be with church government’s it has to do 5:57 with structures and systems and things like that but it also very much has to do with this is how I’ve always done 6:04 things and this is what’s always worked well guys in a new season you can cooperate with the last season but in a 6:09 new era you do not cooperate with the last era it’s a new era the 80s are different from the 70s and the 20s are 6:16 different from the teens and then the Hebrew calendar friends we are moving from we are moving from the 70s into the 6:22 80s right on and then on the Gregorian calendar we are moving from the teens 6:28 into the 20s those two calendars both the Sun calendar and a moon calendar converge in several 6:35 different ways one is that we are moving into different decades at the same exact time another one is this in the Hebrew 6:41 year five seven eight oh right if you add five plus seven plus 6:47 eight plus o equals twenty and this is the year 2020 on the Gregorian calendar right so these things go exactly like 6:54 this I will tell you this that if you if you decide I’m going to fight for the 7:00 way that things used to be you will fight for things that no longer matter and it is so important that when we 7:09 learn how to fight for things that matter brother Larry ran off how are you 7:14 my friend I am good so so so what do you got what do you got when it comes to new watch like to I’d like to piggyback off 7:20 what you were seeing there you know wineskin has to do with the eschatological or eschatology how we do 7:25 things our our mental state our kind of our ecosystem of spirituality the way it used to be that’s all changing there’s a 7:32 super shift coming a soul shift the spirit shift a gift shift an anointing shift the church well we’re in the 7:38 middle of a major shift in there and I just want to say blood things I’m a hard won’t say this and we’ll get back and I 7:44 get back some other things there’s a couple voices we can’t listen to anymore to make this shift and there’s a couple 7:49 of voices in the Bible that we gotta listen to to make this transition and two of the voices of this one is we’ve 7:57 got to stop listening to job’s wife the voice of jobless life has permeated this 8:02 nation and in 2019 most of people I know are saying to themselves this wineskin 8:08 that they’ve been in this list this this impatience as this unjust thing has happened to us I can’t see a Hope 8:15 deferred has made a heartsick and the voice jobs wife has been screaming at the church tell God often just die 8:20 you’re not going to make it but the scripture was very clear that job said even though you slay me I’ll trust him 8:26 and he restored Sevenfold everything he had taken this is a this is a Sevenfold year 2020 that’s one one more one more 8:34 voice not to listen to him later I’ll tell you two voices listen to perhaps I don’t want to take all the time here but 8:40 the other one is Jesus was asked in the Gospels what about the last stage and there you know you think Jesus being 8:46 this teacher would give this escalated eschatological you know eschatology overview of the end time and he said 8:53 something really perplexing to me that didn’t make sense in that day didn’t make sense to me 40 years ago 50 years 8:58 made sense to me last four or five years and this is only said he said three words that completely will redefine our 9:04 wineskin and redefined us moving out the old into the new he said remember Lot’s 9:09 wife one she was visitation challenged 9:14 she didn’t know how to host the divine hosted change when the Angels yes so as 9:20 you said again number one is why she has visitation challenged visits the divine 9:25 she doesn’t know when God’s about to do something different and so when the angel came she didn’t even entertain or 9:32 even know it was angel or her husband had to watch the Angels feed and cook for him and the church in a sense has 9:37 been and out to able to host the divine because we’re so stuck and we’ve always done it that way we’re used to this is 9:44 our new city whether it be solving them or you know God sent us here we’re good the whole bit but we don’t know we had 9:49 to learn secondly Jesus said remember Lot’s wife because she was transitioned challenged and the Church of transistors 9:56 challenging God is I know they said well you know we’re not you know God says he never changes well God’s not change he’s 10:02 he’s four you know God is ultimately who he is but we’re supposed to change right 10:08 because because God is linear in the sense light is linear in the sense the scripture says that we are transformed 10:14 we’re changing this image from glory to glory to glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord so there’s a linear 10:19 shift that is happening that Paul talked about we don’t have a god moment in a god counter when we catch up with him 10:24 that was and is and is yet to come we live in one space who lives in three spaces were linear trying to catch up 10:30 with eternity of three spaces of is was and yet to come and when we transition like that like Jesus was I believe 10:38 encouraging us to do it will no be the Lot’s wife thing will be gone because she was called to be a part of the next 10:44 of God she became a monument to the last move of God a pillar of salt she lost her forward motion when she 10:51 looked back you cannot drive the next move of God looked in the rearview mirror of the last revival or the last 10:56 move of God we have to lay hold why me I’ll be a Newton Newton so the first one 11:06 the first one was not Lot’s wife the first one was job’s wife Rachel was jobs well yeah her Scott and I’d just give up 11:13 and let’s let’s be done with it’s no we’re not gonna listen to her and we’re also not gonna listen to Lot’s wife 11:19 that’s wife who doesn’t want to make the transition to the mountain of God that he’s taking where because of the judgment that’s coming he was trying to 11:25 elevate her above the judgment that’s coming but she couldn’t change change is your friend change easier friend change 11:32 is our friend so what’s the third one all the third third what I don’t know oh 11:39 she called to be a part of the next move of God she became a pillar of salt a monument to the last she was called you 11:46 know to be listen I don’t know how to say to some because we’re stuck we’re 11:52 stuck because we’re stuck we’re called that the Church of God should be alive it should be flush we’re become more a 11:59 museum that’s right a museum that’s right a graveyard of a memorial to what used to be then what God is going to do 12:06 because what God is doing dude God’s more like a nursery yep you know full of babies they were screaming and diapers 12:11 and it stinks in a nursery but that’s still God’s Peck yeah but we want to build a museum where we have wax figurines yeah things that 12:17 used to live that’s going to church and gold wasn’t that great back in the zoo the street wasn’t that whoo and it’s all 12:23 nothing but wax figurines of what used to live although we honor the past we have got to go with God because God’s 12:29 moving God is like light travels 186,000 miles per second you say you’re waiting 12:34 on God Wow are you kidding me God’s waiting on us 12:41 you know because he’s he’s not waiting on him to change we’re not waiting on God to come to us he’s not coming back light is linear at 186,000 miles per 12:49 second when God says let there be light the universe sprang into existence at 186,000 miles per second and to this day 12:55 they sealable at outskirts of the universe are still speeding away from us right one that said let there be light 13:02 and that’s right or how the tenacity to think that we’re just waiting on the Lord he is definitely waiting on Lot’s 13:09 wife to shake it off get that salt off of you get out of Sodom and Gomorrah come to the mountain of God and do 13:15 something and be a part of something new God praise the name of Jesus like I know what you’re saying I don’t feel it I 13:20 think that man I just don’t feel it fill the lid it seems seat of your pants sitting on the chair and the Pew that’s 13:26 the lid that works yeah that isn’t ly yes we don’t know don’t need to be Mike one of my great friends for a long time 13:32 it was John Wimber he used to say he said what do you mean you don’t know what to do you don’t feel led you’ve not read the love letter that was sent to 13:38 you 2,000 years ago obviously you’ve not read your mail we got mail and the mail says suddenly I’m gonna do a new thing 13:44 I’m almost spring cold so let’s agree right here right now we will not become 13:51 a monument of the things of the past right now we will not become a monument 13:57 of the things of the past we will not know listen we’re gonna press into the new thing Cindy McGill what do you think 14:03 of whenever you think of new wineskins and what is the Lord saying about that to you well I think the whole I think 14:09 everything we’ve been doing everything we thought every way that we perceived God to work and the Holy Spirit to act 14:16 is going to be challenged challenged and changed in our writing our focus we’re gonna begin to move with him and I have 14:23 been so blown away in the places I’ve gone to see what God does I mean it 14:29 never even entered into my mind it didn’t enter into my heart what God was gonna do when we got in there and you’re 14:35 right it’s like God’s waiting for us he’s shopping for the eyes of the Lord 14:40 go to and fro throughout the earth looking for someone he can show himself strong and it’s just it’s matter of 14:46 getting over yourself getting over your fear becoming bold get out of your comfort zone there’s no fun in that it’s like 14:53 let’s just go do it and see what happens and and it’s it’s awesome I mean I I 14:59 could tell you story after story of of what the Holy Spirit has done in places where we’ve given him freedom to move 15:06 well the creativity flows people become alive the the the team comes alive we 15:11 start to understand more about ourselves more about God in us the hope of glory everything begins to flow out of us we 15:18 just we’re running in and enjoying every moment of what God’s doing in places 15:23 that are out there in the darkness in the treasures of darkness that he said he would give us and the riches and we 15:30 are going out getting them bringing them in their seekers they’re looking they’re his friends and we just get to connect 15:37 them we get to plug them into the to the one who loves them so much that he 15:42 chased after them to go get him you know I think it I think it surprises a lot of church people how much God actually 15:48 loves people and so well we don’t love him very much and we know that God’s 15:54 lined up with our hearts no God loves people amen he really in surely does so I think that 15:59 one of the wineskins is also changing in this whole new era is you know God’s one 16:05 of the things we like to say around here all the time is the church has left the building right on listen it’s important for us to 16:12 be together as a congregation it’s important for us to gather together this is our tribe right on this is the holy 16:17 huddle amen but the game is not in here it’s out there we’re talking about in 16:25 the year 2020 and in the year five seven eight oh that in the five seven eight oh 16:32 we are moving into a new decade in the 2020 we’re moving into a new decade we 16:38 know that every single year every single number is represented by a letter in the 16:46 Hebrew alphabet on the Hebrew calendar you guys are tracking with me on write that right and every single Hebrew 16:52 letter has three different understandings it has a phonic sound it 16:57 has a numerical value and it also has a prophetic picture so the 17:02 letter that represents the number 80 is also a prophetic picture of a mouth 17:09 friends on the 20/20 calendar we are also moving into what is known as the 17:14 roaring 20s how many guys recognize that there is 17:20 indeed a sound for this decade that is incredibly different than the sound of 17:25 the last decade right on yeah all right so who’s got one on that the lion will 17:30 roar in the year 2020 right on all right so I’m saying that this is the year of 17:37 turning to see the voice yeah yeah I think so what the Lord showed me is that 17:43 we’re turning to see the voice and it’s the voice speaking with us in Revelation 17:49 112 tells us this that that John turned to see the voice and when he turned he 17:54 he was not just hearing the voice speaking at him or speaking to him but it was the voice speaking with him and 18:00 this is a time where what we’re going to have to learn how to speak with God we’re gonna partner our voice with his 18:07 voice and so some of us have been seeing the voice but now it’s time to speak with the voice learning how to 18:14 communicate what it is that’s on the heart of God and it’s at that time that 18:20 we’re going to begin to see the open door we’re gonna begin to see the doors opening up that had been previously shut 18:26 to us because it’s not we’re just not gonna window shop anymore we’re not gonna wander around go and I saw this 18:32 vision or I had this you know I have this amazing thing that God wants to do now it’s time to begin to declare what 18:40 it is that he’s speaking to us in our spirit but we’re gonna have to declare with such an understanding that when 18:46 people hear us they can believe us there’s something believable about somebody who’s been there and I’m 18:53 reminded of Joshua and Caleb you know Joshua was able to bring God’s people in the promised land Moses was not able to 19:00 bring God’s people in the promised land because Moses had not yet been in the promised land Joshua had been there and 19:07 some of us are going to lead God’s going to instruct us of how to lead people into places that we’ve previously been 19:14 before and so now it’s time to take people all the way in and I believe God’s gonna 19:20 give you the language of what that looks like and be able to share and speak on his behalf 19:25 one of the things that we’re talking about today is that it is a season of Joseph but it is an era of Joshua okay 19:34 it’s a season of Joseph but it is an era of Joshua okay so on the Hebrew calendar 19:39 we move from the 70s into the 80s and the letter that represents the 70s as ein or eyes and now we’re moving from 19:46 the seeing in the Hebrew to the speaking of the pay right what is that 19:52 Moses saw the promised land but Joshua tasted the fruit this is that time of 19:58 entering in and tasting a tea and seeing 20:03 20/20 that the Lord is good did you hear what I just said say that 20:10 again that was so good so the pay of the Hebrew means tasting or the mouth right 20:15 five seven eight oh and then twenty twenty means perfect vision so this is the year that you taste and see that the 20:23 Lord is good yeah man we’re talking about the Lord speaking and I was just 20:29 reminded just when you were saying that about the Moses and how God spoke to him about his destiny and Gobles to speak to 20:36 us about her destiny and God’s talking and God have said we have great things for some greater things will you do that I have done but we have to partner with 20:42 that you know the the destiny of gondor life is not arbitrary it doesn’t come to pass cus on the prophesied it comes to 20:48 pass because we pop we partner with the will of God so it’s not that the prophecy failed that we fail to partner 20:53 with the prophecy so Moses was called to be delivered and this is what I want to 20:58 say too there’s there’s a there’s a voice calling out of the burning bush like I did to Moses for your destiny but it will not happen and you will not find 21:05 it to your curiosity overcomes her comfort Moses was more curious about 21:11 that that he was comprehend Comfort let him around this beaten path and it says and God looked to see if he would turn 21:17 aside it’s like God was watching God’s watching in 2:22 give you a word he’s going to speak to you and what he’s 21:23 going to hear you say I am that I am you shut up and going but that’s all you need to know that I 21:28 am but he’s not going to give you the I am voice and revelation to pay you’re talking about this year until you leave 21:36 the beaten path of familiarity on the backside of a desert taking sheep around the same way all the time until that 21:43 curiosity in you that divine inquisitiveness in you that says that paul said all that i may know him and be 21:49 made conformable into his death abba father there is a cry that God is calling for in the heart of the church 21:55 that cries out daddy that cries out oh that I’m ain’t open and Paul was casting out Devils and he was the golden apostle 22:01 the New Testament church he was writing writing doctrine and history thought but he still said I want a relationship with 22:07 God that goes beyond just mere religion and once you become a friend of God you can never return to the ritual of mere 22:13 religion again once you become God’s partner and God’s looking for partners 22:18 in 2020 to bring to pass his kingdom on this earth all we need to do is not be 22:24 so comfortable with all that we’re too distracted were too busy and we could be the church that John wrote about this 22:31 lukewarm and this lost her way so I just want to say and turn it back to you we need to recalibrate the Lord their 22:37 return to your first love as they really an a microscope or our telescope word 22:42 instrument word we and the only image me recalibrate means return to its original settings and so God was return us to the 22:51 Renaissance of first love and to us falling in love with him and when he does when you fall in love with someone 22:57 they’ll tell you everything they never stopped you know stop talking they never stopped talking they don’t shut up 23:04 they’ll tell you every secret you want to know what God do you will be prophetic become a friend of God friends tell friends secret come on 23:12 so so are you gonna go after God in a 23:18 ridiculous way in the year 2020 because he can be found in the year 2020 in a way he couldn’t in the year 2019 as a 23:25 matter of fact because I want to tell you this how many y’all know the phrase hindsight is 20/20 you know the phrase 23:31 hindsight is 20/20 that’s not Lot’s wife turning around and looking it is Moses saying show me your 23:37 glory and God saying you shall see my backside hindsight is 20/20 it’s when 23:43 you see the glory of God and do you know where you see the glory of God inside the temple what’s that place inside the 23:48 temple called the Holy of Holies do you know what the dimensions of the Holy of Holies are twenty cubits much 20 cubits 23:56 it’s the year 2020 where you find the presence of God and you see the glory of 24:03 God and you have the audacity to go after him if you seek Him you will find him in the year 2020 Alleluia right on 24:11 right on okay so while ago I mentioned we have we have this whole thing about I 24:19 said in the book of Revelation John is on the island of Patmos and I I have 24:25 been to the island of Patmos oh no what Patmos is all about and I know what a terrible place it is and it’s a terrible 24:31 place where they literally where the Roman legions put you on this rock 24:38 there’s no trees on it whatsoever and there’s no fences there’s no gates the 24:44 reason we’re like well how come nobody just gets a boat and gets you out of that prison is because of this they pull your eyes out when they drop you off the 24:50 boat now unless John was the exception to that rule everything he saw 24:58 in the book of Revelation he saw without eyes in his head okay so I think that 25:05 that’s why and you didn’t understand that it’s a community for the blind that’s what it is so so it starts off he says well dude I 25:13 was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day and I heard a voice behind me and he says 25:18 and I turned you see the voice I turned to 2020 the 25:27 5780 I changed my wine skin to 20/20 my 25:39 5780 [Music] 25:47 so how is the Lord asking you to turn 25:52 how is it that you turn this year turn has to do with repentance turn has to do 25:59 with I was going a certain way I’ve always got even a good way I want to tell you something a good way that is not Jesus is just as bad as bad amen 26:08 so this is a year where the Lord tells us I want you to turn to not just hear 26:14 the voice but to actually see the thing I’ve always been telling you what are 26:20 the things men and God’s always been telling you what are those things one of the things man that you’ve had deep in 26:26 your heart and deep within your spirit that in this time and in this new era 26:32 you open up your mouth and there is a house of creation in the midst of your 26:38 pay or your mouth I’m gonna show everybody this looking on the screens on television right now this is what the 26:45 Hebrew letter pay actually looks like and remember pay represents 80 and this is fifty seven eighty and I want you to 26:52 look at the hollow place inside the hollow place inside that letter is actually the letter bet and which is our 27:00 B in the English language and bet literally means house of creation the 27:07 letter pay or the spoken word is pregnant with the beat with the ability 27:13 to create so this is the year that you 27:19 say it and see it this is the year that you 5780 it and you 2020 it what do you 27:29 got guys well I want to speak into that because and God is getting ready to 27:35 redeem or rebirth again people who left the church who were creative who didn’t 27:41 have a place to express what they were getting and there just was no structure there was no place there was no safe 27:48 spot there wasn’t a healthy wonderful place for them to be able to create and so they’re getting ready to come back 27:53 and when they do they’re gonna bring they’re gonna connect with the Creator they’re designed to create they’re 27:58 designed to bring life to they’re designed to bring a new sound if you’re gonna have a new sound you have to have a new mouth and you have to have 28:05 a new voice right I mean it’s like he’s getting ready to bring the people back and I’m finding them of course I keep 28:12 bringing it back out into the world but I find them everywhere I go people that used to be pastors they used to be 28:18 worship leaders they used to be well now God is saying I want them back they were never meant to go I’m gonna 28:24 begin to shift and change my church to be a creative space for people to create 28:30 and to bring in I mean I go out to places and I think my goodness what are we doing in church you know we’re 28:36 connected to the Creator and we’re the least creative people on the planet it’s like what are we doing let’s get busy 28:43 and let’s begin to allow God to create through us that will birth the new sound that will birth the new atmosphere 28:50 change it will cause things to begin to align with heaven where the it’s almost 28:55 like a portal will open up and things will start to happen and we’re watching God just tell us hey don’t sell me short 29:02 I’m Way bigger than this and I can do this anywhere and I fully expect him to 29:09 do this anywhere okay so sending McGill 29:14 is she awesome okay so so we only have 29:20 about 20 minutes left okay and I want to just I want to say this and cuz this you 29:27 know I had to throw a 20 in there is that okay with you guys so guys we know that 20 is a number that 29:33 represents expectancy okay expectancy is not the same as expectation expectation 29:40 will typically have a rule of law that is attached to accusation with it 29:47 it’s how they it’s how the religious holds you accountable the religious holds you accountable by saying if you 29:54 mess up I’m gonna call you on it okay that’s what that’s what expectation is 30:00 what expectancy is is I know you’re better than that and I’m gonna see better than that it’s 30:07 a difference that’s a difference okay one is religion and the other one is relationship one is the kingdom right on 30:14 which expectancy is a kingdom and Friends expectancy in God is very much 30:19 the currency of prophetic people yes and it’s where you rely upon the character 30:24 of God like you’re not demanding God to jump through your hoops but you’re like I’m expecting God to be God yeah I’m 30:31 expecting him to be good I’m expecting him to be way better than I am I don’t know exactly what he’s gonna do our 30:37 height is going to watch watch this it’s gonna be great okay well the number that represents 30:43 expectancy all the way through the Word of God just like all the numbers represent something and they’re symbolic 30:49 in the kingdom the number that represents expectancy is for is to the number 20 and all the way through the 30:55 Bible friends there is this amazing pattern where people wait 20 years and they have great expectancy in the 31:02 character of God and then it happens in the 20th year okay well friends that’s 31:07 gonna happen all through the decade of the 20s but 2020 is the double whammy of that okay it’s a double whammy so I want 31:15 to ask you guys and you can just give you give you all a chance to just talk about what you’re expecting the Lord is 31:21 doing this year and in the decade to come and just give you a little bit of leeway just to talk about the things 31:26 that you want to talk about who wants to go first let’s do this there’s some 31:38 voices we should listen to I told you two voices we shouldn’t listen to but I’m gonna take it down to one voice and 31:43 I’m gonna do it very short when we extrapolated that this morning session is you should listen to the voice of Jesus Jesus said this about this 31:50 generation or as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of son of man eschatology takes that in a 31:57 negative context and judgment but what I take that is in Genesis that it had never rained ever in the day of Noah and 32:04 I’m come here to tell you guys I’m I’m I’m a postmodern Noah I’m about to tell you something 32:10 you have never seen it rained Norah’s generation have never seen it rain like it was allocated rained in that day and 32:16 God said I want you to build an ark now what you build it big enough to house every creature on the earth ever animal 32:22 to come in this arc because I’m gonna do something unprecedented I’m gonna shake Evans will shake the earth and it’s gonna rain a flood only do went up in 32:28 the morning and do at night they had no context for what it was we have no context the Lord stood at my bed years 32:34 ago and said to me in your lifetime I want to bring a flood of my presence upon the earth is going to surpass every 32:40 revival in recorded history and I’m going to open the heavens and the end and in the count of the deep and shake 32:46 it and I’ll say this and stop it I said so what do we do now we’re preparing the 32:52 depth of the next move of God will be in direct proportion to the preparation of your Ark how big is your Ark it’s not 32:57 how much wearing is coming it’s how big have you built the container to catch that we can’t get our cup full we got to 33:03 have our cup running over we got to have more than enough and so I believe this 33:08 is a 2020 year a double outpouring there’s a flood coming animals are coming to the ark from four corners of 33:14 the earth it’s going to rain it’s going to rain it’s going to rain it’s going to rain it’s going to rain just on the rain 33:19 just on the rain it’s going to rain it’s not going to stop raining until a mighty flood of the Spirit of God covers the 33:26 earth like the waters cover the sea and let me end with this and the Lord said I said Lord give me a word for for twenty 33:32 twenty said I’ll give you a couple thousand of them I said you’re kidding he said look up every English word that 33:37 starts with a letter re read the prefix e there are nearly 3,000 English words for the resale fee and I’m not about to 33:44 give you all three sounds but I just picked out a few of them and they’re all policy but he said tell my people to go to the English language that I kept 33:50 craft for them and look at every word with a prefix tree it’s 90% positive God 33:56 is going to reform he’s going to reshape he’s going to recreate he’s gonna recalibrate he’s gonna redirect I think 34:03 I’m wrapping he’s gonna readjust he’s gonna rearrange he’s gonna realign he’s gonna reassign he’s gonna reprogram he’s 34:09 gonna repair he’s gonna agree restate he’s gonna reinforce he’s gonna reform he’s going to retouch he’s gonna refresh 34:16 he’s gonna revitalize and kind of replenish he’s gonna research he’s gonna real waken he’s gonna restore it on to 34:21 regenerate he’s gonna rejuvenate its gonna reimburse it’s gonna recover recharge restart reboot 34:26 per renewed release revival and resurrection Renaissance is the equation 34:33 a repo we’re on a reboot a reboot 34:41 look um there are nearly 3,000 reword that God wants to give you you want a word you’ll have to go to conference 34:46 just get the Webster’s dictionary out you got it but go to the conference after the dictionary Jamie yeah Jamie 34:56 will you follow that place I want to see you Sydney City just totally threw you 35:02 under the bus this is yeah get it get it Jamie my wrapping skills are as bad as good as 35:10 yours okay every frame yourself 35:19 all right so so what are you expecting since 20 is the number that represents 35:24 expectancy what are you expecting God to do in this next coming year and within 35:30 this next decade what what the Lord showed me about this next decade this era that we’re in is that God is going 35:37 to look at you he’s going to turn his gaze and actually set his eyes on you 35:44 and there’s something about God looking at you know we talked about 20/20 and we talked about vision and often what we’re 35:51 talking about in vision 20/20 is how we see things but there’s another set of eyes that we 35:57 need on the situations that were in is God said of us and so he’s speaking to us right now 36:03 that I’m about to look at you and I was drawn to First Samuel 1:11 where she 36:08 Hannah prays about her affliction and she says God would you look upon me and 36:15 look upon my affliction and this word look it’s a very interesting word I talked to you about this a little bit 36:21 Troy and I said I looked up the number of times the word look was mentioned in 36:26 Scripture that word that actual root were raaaah which is a Hebrew word is mentioned thirteen hundred and thirteen 36:33 times so thirteen thirteen and there’s a thirteen as a number of a curse and 36:39 thirteen thirteen is the fullness of a curse it’s the double affliction and so God is about to look at you and he’s not 36:46 gonna look at you in the middle of your your brightness in the middle of your beauty but he’s gonna look upon you in 36:51 your affliction that you’re fliction could be lifted off of you that the 36:57 curse is lifting because God is about to set his gaze on you so here’s what I’m expecting try I’m expecting God to look 37:04 at me and I’m everywhere I go I begin a prophesy this that now in 2020 37:09 everywhere I go I go god you’re gonna look at me just look at me say would you just look at me just look look at me 37:16 would you look just look at me I want you to begin to prophesy this over your 37:22 kids over your over your family over over every situation your business God would you look at it would you just set 37:27 your gaze on this would your eyes this scripture tells us that the eyes will run to and fro because he wants to show 37:33 himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is completely his God’s eyes are going to land upon you in this time and 37:40 he’s going to show himself strong on your behalf you know whenever we look there’s 37:46 there’s this amazing principle all the way through the word and when when we look at something what we look at and 37:53 what we get when what we gaze at transforms us right so we tend to guys 37:59 this biblical principle of looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher right of our faith looking under Jesus or 38:06 whenever Jesus said look at me right there actually where he says look at me what is that when you look at him it’s 38:12 so that you take on what he has for you right on and you receive that by 38:18 actually looking at him now here’s the deal if God is looking at you and if he sees 38:24 your affliction he takes away or takes on your affliction right on 38:31 are you with me on that and so the 13:13 the double whammy of the curse or or rebellion right on it’s actually the 38:39 results or the collateral of something rebellious that has happened something that wasn’t Kingdom something that 38:44 wasn’t God something that wasn’t God’s heart when God looks at you and at 13-13 38:50 when he looks at you and he sees that what’s real is he’s literally taking on 38:55 your affliction how many you guys want to see God Almighty take on your affliction in the year 2020 but I want 39:01 to see that I want to see that Thank You Jamie Sydney McGill my good friend what what 39:09 are you expecting to see God do I’m expecting Joel 2:28 that in the last 39:16 days God said I’m going to pour out my spirit on all flesh your sons and daughters are gonna prophesy your old 39:21 men and women are gonna dream dreams and I believe that while we’re we’re asking God to look at us I believe God’s going 39:28 hey right here look at me it’s our action to him look he’s almost like snapping going 39:34 look at me look at me don’t look around don’t be anxious you’re in a weird spot you’re in a weird place you’re not 39:40 familiar with this look at me I’ve already seen this I already know what’s going on look at me and I will counsel you with my eye I 39:48 will give you what it is and I was thinking about the voice I was thinking about turn to hear the voice and I think 39:53 about all the dreams that I hear on the street where people are saying I’m trying to scream out and I can’t get it 39:58 out something isn’t somebody’s holding me down or something it’s usually at the point of your breakthrough it’s because 40:04 you have something to say that’s why you’re being hindered that’s why you’re being trapped at that point and so I 40:10 believe that that there’s a it’s a two-fold thing it’s a dance it’s like gods we’re asking God to look 40:15 at us but he’s also going hey look at me look at me if you look around you’ll sink you know it’s like it’s like Peter 40:22 getting out of the boat hey keep your eyes fixed then you can do this right so 40:29 [Music] yeah so so Cindy this is you know and 40:35 and you not have discussed this that in the Bible there are twenty examples of dreams and twenty examples of visions 40:42 20/20 right okay out of every dream in every biblical dream in every single 40:49 biblical vision that you know of every single one of those stories it falls into two categories of 20 well given 40:55 what yours is guys yeah this is a year of dreams and visions yeah this is a year of dreaming I listen you you know a 41:03 lot about dreaming and the Lord uses you in an incredible way and you as you’re out there and as your prophets onto 41:08 people in doing dream interpretation and all of us we all do that and we know that that’s an important part of the key 41:15 because what’s real is you actually gain authority when you can deter pizza 41:24 slices gonna have the response 41:37 Nebuchadnezzar where he prostrating himself before Daniel and said surely your God is the God of gods 41:42 no one could reveal this to you you know and we’re getting to where now you know 41:47 God when you think about he’s going to pour out his spirit on all flesh that means people that do and don’t know him 41:54 that’s right they’re getting God dreams but they have nowhere to oh they don’t know where to even plug 41:59 that in and so I believe that we’re gonna begin to see God increase our 42:05 ability to understand once again I believe it’s like look here look here I’m gonna show you I’ll tell you I’ll 42:11 give you the dream there’s times now honestly where I can walk up to someone clearly on the street don’t know them at 42:17 all and I can hear their dream that they’re thinking before I even get it out of their mouth and sometimes I can 42:23 finish their dream that’s weird but I love it it’s so fun to me because it’s 42:29 so God to me and I’m like oh my goodness yes you got this little treasure I’m like this wide-eyed kid I’m just going 42:35 oh this is fun where’s the next one you know and and I’m even on a radio shows now that are 42:42 not Christian I’m on beyond reality which is a ghost hunter come on it’s like um and they like me they want me 42:49 back like they’re like we don’t know what you are you’re weird you’re like a grandmother you go to poor you go to Burning Man you know we don’t know that 42:55 but uh we like you and um so I interpret their dreams and they tell me that an 43:01 hour and a half after I’m off there their radio show that their lines are still lit up for an hour to an hour and 43:08 a half because people are so desperate and they’ll tell them over and over again don’t hang up don’t get off the line wait you know your turns coming but 43:16 we just don’t have that much show left so I believe that we’re gonna see more I think we should open up some dream lines 43:22 for I do I think you know we should be able to give them an answer for what 43:27 they’re hearing and the message that they’re getting yeah so I want to ask 43:33 you brother what do you what do you have to say concerning dreams and visions what you had to say about that about dreams of vision yes sir nothing 43:39 no but I didn’t think you had any content can I say that no no can I say 43:45 can I can I put something in yes sir I think last year the Lord said in this 43:50 twenty to me he told me Peter and John are coming back to church and what I mean by that it was at the temple where 43:56 nothing was happening lame man was sitting at the gate of the church the church could even Hill the lame Herod’s 44:01 temple was deplete of any anointing Peter represents the power of God John was a silent partner love 44:07 as a silent partner never said a word but he came with Peter to our prayer and he said to the blind man look on us 44:13 because they had just looked on Christ at Calvary in a divine exchange of who Christ was as they looked on became his 44:19 and they use the same principle with a lame man and said look on a silver and gold have on numbers such as I have I just saw it 44:26 I now you looking at see it to me and the Lord said to me that love and power Peter and John love and faith are coming 44:34 back to church we’ve had Peter the power of God and sometimes the love of God but we’ve never seen a revival that come the 44:39 power of God comes from above flowing love of God Jesus was moved with compassion the chon anointing and he’ll 44:45 the multitude the Peter haunting whose shadow healed people we’re about to see a double impact the team of Peter and 44:51 John coming to the church at the our prayer in the temple in the blind and the lame and those that are distraught 44:57 and those that need help are going to look on us because we have looked on him and Jesus said as they lifted up the 45:03 snake in the wilderness so shall I be lifted up and they looked upon him and they were healed of a snake box we’re 45:09 gonna crawl above the top of the snake line and the mountain of God no more snakes Peter and John are waiting 45:15 there’s going to be a healing there’s going to be anointing he’s going to come through the gauge and looking unto Jesus 45:20 the author and the finisher of our faith get ready not just for the gifts of spirit but for the fruit of the Spirit God is about the 45:26 compliment the power of God with a character of God we’ve had power and not character that’s why we had had bigger 45:32 revival God couldn’t trust us because power will always betray character but if you have character and it becomes the 45:38 basis in the launching pad for power you’re unstoppable we’re going to be a Peter and John we’re going to be the 45:44 love of God the silent partner and the power of God the expression of the word of God 45:49 get ready Peter and John are about to bust the doors of Herod’s temple down 45:56 so how many others say yes to that in Jesus name that man me too 46:02 listen I want to tell you this we are not quite through yet because we are about to activate something by lining up 46:08 our mouth with the mouth of God Almighty and we’re about to make our 2020 Declaration and Proclamation that’s 46:16 going to have the house of creation in the midst of it the bet is in the midst of the pay how many you guys are ready 46:22 to verbally activate this saying you guys want to do that I want to tell everybody that’s watching at home all 46:28 over the world friends listen you King Jesus loves you wherever you’re at he 46:35 loves you so much and this is a time for you to line up your mouth and to line up 46:40 your heart with God Almighty and I’m about to give you an opportunity to do this it’s simply going to be we are all 46:46 going to make this Proclamation now friends nothing happens in the kingdom without without a proclamation first 46:52 nothing does there was no lights until God Almighty said let there be light 46:57 amen so it’s the power of proclamation or the pay or the Hebrew year five seven 47:03 eight oh if you want to see it 20/20 perfect vision you have to line up your 47:09 mouth with that this year and I’m about to give everybody here an opportunity to do this I’d like to ask everybody stand 47:14 up if you would please can you just stand up hallelujah now friends I’m 47:24 going to say this and you’re going to say this after me everybody that is here 47:31 that is inside the house I want you guys to say this with me and everybody that 47:37 is watching on television friends this declaration belongs to you as well this declaration belongs to you so we 47:46 are going to believe that heaven is invading Earth as we line up our mouth 47:51 in this prophetic moment are y’all ready 47:57 to do this yeah I want to tell you this is a this is a prophetic act and if you understand the power of prophetic act 48:04 you you understand you you don’t halfway do prophetic acts 48:09 you do it all the way and you demonstrate it all the way so whether 48:16 you’re at home or whether you’re right here with me I want you to say this with all of your heart and all of your might 48:23 here we go I declare in Jesus name this 48:32 is a new era for me a decade to declare 48:38 I will see what I say in the year 2020 48:47 this is the year I have perfect vision 48:53 this is the year God shows me his glory 48:59 there is a new wine being poured a new 49:06 beginning being offered and I will not miss it I will taste and 49:14 see that the Lord is good my dreams have no limitations 49:23 my vision is clear my assignment is 49:29 certain when I seek God I find him when 49:35 I ask God he answers and when I knocked the doors open done to me the lion will 49:46 roar in the roaring 20s and I will see 49:52 the glory of God in Jesus name let it be now let’s give 50:01 Jesus a mighty roar [Applause] 50:14 I love you Jesus I praise you King Jesus 50:19 bridge listen for everybody that’s watching all over the world we an open door church we love you we bless you we 50:27 declare the awesomeness of God upon you we also want to see this – this whole 50:33 proclamation you can have by going to Troy Brewer com just go there you can 50:38 find it you can print it up we have it there for you and until then friends we call you the head and not the tail above 50:45 and not beneath and highly favored to the Lord blessings and peace on you in this amazing new era bye-bye everybody 50:53 hallelujah [Applause] [Music] 50:58 [Applause] well so there you have it I told you at the very beginning of this that this was going to be life-changing and I really 51:05 hope that it has been I hope that you’ve gone over your notes I hope that you took notes maybe for like oh no I didn’t take notes listen I’ve got great news 51:12 for you I can give you all the notes absolutely free but simply going to Troy Brewer 51:17 calm it’s a valuable resource that we have given to you because guys we are serious about you being able to run with 51:24 the Word of God you guys know that the Word of God says take the vision and write it down so that the one who hears it can run with it right that you can 51:31 actually run with it this is a year of you running this is a year of you going forward this is a great great great year 51:37 for you this is not last year this is new year it’s a brand new season and in 51:43 fact a whole new era and it’s beginning right now friends I want to encourage you in the mighty name of King Jesus 51:49 that you have faith that you have hope that you have joy that you take the Word of God in history will prove if you 51:56 believed the Word of God or not it’s going to prove it well friends that’s all the time that I have for today don’t 52:01 forget about your free notes of this entire program at Troy brewer calm and I call you the head and not the tail above 52:08 and not beneath and highly favored of the Lord god bless you my friends 52:16 [Music] 52:28 you

Prophetic Words with Troy Brewer, Jamie Galloway, Larry Randolph, and Cindy McGill.

Troy Brewer is the founding and senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas. Troy is a one-of-a-kind Christ-follower – a true extension of the arms of Jesus. He is a servant whose greatest desire is to bring the authenticity of Jesus and the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven into the lives of people around the world.

Larry and Laura Randolph are currently serving as Senior Pastors at Peytonsville Baptist Church in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee. Over the last forty-five years, Larry’s diverse experience as a pastor, teacher, and prophetic voice has taken him around the world — crossing many cultural and religious lines.

Cindy McGill is a wife, mother, grandmother, dream interpreter, spiritual coach, and friend. Her passion is to help people find their lives’ purpose, receive healing from life’s trauma and live their lives to the fullest, addressing the destructive issues people face today.


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