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we want you to hit that share button 0:02 right now and spread this message of 0:04 empowerment around the world this is 0:06 part two of our new series the DNA of 0:09 destiny and God has a word for you 0:13 tonight 0:13 I’m Amen so we are excited about what 0:18 God is doing in this ministry about 0:20 Kingdom school of ministry that is right 0:22 around the corner how would you like to 0:24 spend an entire week with dr. trimm with 0:27 her teaching you eight power-packed 0:29 courses well it’s happening and it land 0:32 to Georgia and you don’t want to miss it 0:33 register now all of the information is 0:36 right there on your screen 0:38 kingdom you dotnet kingdom with it you 0:40 dotnet understanding the kingdom the 0:43 purpose of the church praise and worship 0:45 kingdom economics and biblical finances 0:47 it’s a week of impartation to radically 0:50 transform the way that you think about 0:52 life and the way that you do life you 0:55 have to be there we encourage you to 0:57 bring a friend so that you can in 0:59 enlarge your scope in the next year to 1:03 come in the years to come 1:05 amen well tonight we want you to be 1:08 tweeting up about what God is speaking 1:10 and we want you to use the hashtag 1:13 destiny DNA at Cindy trim and when God 1:17 speaks a nugget of revelation to you let 1:20 the whole world know it using that 1:21 hashtag and connect with what we’re 1:23 doing around the world we’re not going 1:25 to waste any more time we’re gonna bring 1:27 right to the platform dr. Cindy trim 1:30 come on give her a hand 1:33 last week we began to introduce you to 1:37 the story of lot and Lot’s wife and his 1:39 children and we have yet to escalate 1:42 that entire text but I want to take a 1:44 step backwards to show you how powerful 1:47 a decision is when it comes to your 1:50 destiny you see two individuals you see 1:53 Abraham and Locke Locke goes one way and 1:56 he makes a decision that leads him into 1:58 Sodom and Gomorrah and it changed his 2:01 destiny Abraham goes another way and 2:03 after there was a separation God speaks 2:06 in the season you’ve got to be careful 2:09 who you’re connected to and it might 2:11 mean that God is separating you from 2:13 some people to bring other people into 2:15 your life he’s creating a vacuum is when 2:18 the wrong people leave your life wrong 2:20 things stop happening and the right 2:22 things started happening but in Genesis 2:25 chapter 13 the Bible said and Lord said 2:27 to Abraham after lot was separated from 2:31 him lift up now thine eyes and look from 2:33 the place where thou art if you cannot 2:37 see yourself beyond where you are 2:40 tomorrow is going to look exactly like 2:42 yesterday you’ve got to be able to look 2:44 from where you are the Bible said for 2:47 all the land which thou see is to thee 2:50 will I give it and to thy seed forever 2:52 and I will make thy seed as the dust of 2:55 the earth so that if any man can number 2:57 the dust of the earth then shall thy 2:59 seed also be numbered arise walk to the 3:02 land of the length of it and in the 3:04 breadth of it for I will give it unto 3:06 thee then Abraham removed his tent and 3:09 came and dwelt in the flame of May Mar 3:12 which is in Hebron and built there an 3:14 altar unto the Lord fantastic story as 3:17 we study for this particular series I 3:22 find myself in the book of Genesis 3:24 Genesis is the book of beginnings and we 3:28 see how God began to change Abraham’s 3:31 life and he made a series of decisions 3:34 that actually altered his destiny but 3:37 when God spoke to him he spoke to him in 3:41 specificities he was very specific 3:45 and then Abraham moved on the Word of 3:48 God and this is a season where we need 3:52 to hear the voice of God and believing 3:55 that God will attune your ear and that 3:58 he would deliver you from the spirit of 4:01 deafness that you will be able to hear 4:03 God clearly because he wants to give you 4:07 a vision for your future God instructed 4:12 him lift up now thine eyes and look from 4:15 the place where thou art one of the 4:17 things I extrapolated out of this you 4:19 cannot start from where you are not you 4:22 can only start from where you are 4:25 wishing things were different doesn’t 4:28 make them different you just got to be 4:30 able to say it is what it is it ain’t 4:33 what I think I’m gonna store it with 4:35 what I got and where I am the other 4:38 thing that I learned from this text is 4:41 that you’ve got to be able to stop 4:42 listening to your past because it has 4:46 nothing new to say to you it has nothing 4:49 new to share with you the past is past 4:52 and all that matters now 4:55 is that from this point in your life you 4:59 are moving forward you are committed to 5:01 taking your life out of neutral and 5:03 living it to its fullest potential and 5:07 so today I want to talk about the art of 5:10 putting yourself where you see yourself 5:14 lift up now thine eyes and look from the 5:18 place where thou art you see a lot of 5:21 people may see you differently than what 5:25 you see yourself and they may see your 5:28 life unfolding in a different way it’s 5:31 not about what people consider is right 5:34 for your life is what you consider it’s 5:37 not how people look at you and how they 5:39 look at your past is how you look at you 5:41 I grew up in abject poverty and at two 5:45 my mother my father abandoned my mother 5:47 so I grew up in a single-parent home now 5:51 a lot of people would feel sorry for me 5:53 but I didn’t feel sorry for me why 5:55 because you you you you you play with 5:58 hands that I dealt you and just because 6:01 your neck tivity is one way doesn’t mean 6:03 that your ending has to look like your 6:05 Nativity I felt like my life was a 6:10 blessing now other people felt sorry for 6:12 me but I’ve never felt sorry for myself 6:15 one day many people called our family 6:18 dysfunctional because we were the only 6:21 family in the community that was single 6:23 family but I never called myself 6:25 dysfunctional why because although we 6:28 did not have finances we had stability 6:31 in the home although we didn’t have a 6:33 lot of clothes we had love in the home 6:36 although we didn’t have a lot of stuff 6:38 we we at direction we had a role model 6:43 and so what people called dysfunction I 6:45 didn’t feel like it was anything 6:47 dysfunctional because although we grew 6:50 up in a single-parent home we grew up in 6:53 a stable home and there’s a lot of 6:55 people that grow up with both parents 6:57 that don’t have stability and never had 6:59 stability and so what people it was it 7:02 didn’t matter how people saw me it 7:05 mattered how I saw myself and I didn’t 7:08 feel like I was responsible for my 7:10 parents actions I felt like I was 7:12 responsible for my action lift up now 7:16 thine eyes and look from the place where 7:18 thou art when God speaks he’s gonna 7:22 speak specificity and wherever you are 7:24 today I want to let you know that you 7:27 have everything you need to succeed you 7:30 have everything you need to succeed 7:33 learn how to learn backwards and lean 7:37 forward and that’s going to be your 7:39 motto all year learn backwards but lean 7:43 forward lean into your future don’t lean 7:47 into the past 7:48 lean into the future the Bible said lift 7:51 up now thine eyes God told him to look 7:55 from the place where he was not to look 7:58 at where he was but look from where he 8:02 was never let where you are be the 8:07 deciding factor for where you can be 8:10 never let who you are today sabotage who 8:14 you have the potential to be tomorrow 8:17 most people will end up in the same 8:19 place tomorrow where they are today 8:21 because they never put thought into 8:23 where they wanted to be tomorrow your 8:26 vision is what God gives you and that’s 8:29 gonna help you to think God’s thoughts 8:31 for you the quality of your thoughts 8:34 today determine the quality of your life 8:37 tomorrow because your thoughts determine 8:40 who you are your thoughts determine what 8:44 you do your thoughts determine who you 8:47 marry your thoughts determine what you 8:50 acquire your thoughts determine where 8:53 you live your thoughts determine who you 8:56 love your thoughts determine who you 8:59 become your thoughts determine where you 9:02 work your thoughts determine what you 9:04 accomplish your thoughts determine what 9:07 you read in other words you will never 9:09 have more go further accomplish more 9:12 than your thoughts allow you to good 9:16 things be the way they are because you 9:18 are the way you are and what one thing 9:21 can you change that can change 9:22 everything you’ve got to be able to 9:25 understand that any time you get sick 9:27 and tired of doing something being 9:30 somewhere wearing something sitting on 9:33 something being with a person you are 9:35 always only one thought away from being 9:38 somewhere else 9:39 dressing somewhere else speaking 9:41 somewhere else it’s your thoughts you 9:44 will never go further you will never 9:46 have more you will never accomplish more 9:48 than your thoughts 9:50 forget about what people think about you 9:52 forget about what people are saying 9:54 about you it’s all about your thoughts 9:57 the scripture said thou shall decree a 9:59 thing and it shall be established what 10:02 you speak is the secondary conduit of 10:05 thought the primary conduit of destiny 10:08 is your thinking what you are speaking 10:11 outside cannot compare with your 10:14 internal dialogue my my fiancee asked me 10:18 this question he said you know who do 10:22 you listen to 10:23 most and I want to ask you that same 10:25 question who do you listen to the most 10:29 who write it down who do you listen to 10:32 the most and you’re gonna be surprised 10:34 what the answer is you listen to 10:37 yourself the most the the greatest 10:40 conversation that you will ever have is 10:42 with yourself it’s your internal 10:45 dialogue and one of the things you’ve 10:47 got to understand is this that if God 10:50 has greatness for you you don’t need an 10:53 IQ to get it because your background 10:56 your education or your IQ can prohibit 10:59 you from thinking and never lose the 11:02 power to think for yourself thinking is 11:04 free you do it every single day you 11:07 don’t need a degree to think everybody 11:09 thinks you don’t need you don’t need 11:12 anything other than your brain to think 11:15 and as long as you have a brain you’re 11:17 gonna have the ability to think that 11:20 means that you were literally what you 11:22 think the state of your life is in the 11:25 direct is the direct product of thought 11:29 therefore when you change the way you 11:31 think you will change your life you will 11:34 alter your destiny people that think 11:37 about their future engineer and shape it 11:41 before they get there people that do not 11:44 put thought into or think about their 11:46 future have nothing when they get there 11:49 and therefore your body is the challenge 11:52 as a general thought that exists to give 11:55 you success and prosperity but it will 11:58 give you success and prosperity the 12:00 moment you think successful thoughts and 12:02 prosperous thoughts when you walk out of 12:05 here I want you to go home and I want 12:08 you to begin to create a thinking 12:10 environment and I’m going to challenge 12:12 you I’m gonna challenge you to carve out 12:15 30 minutes a day and dedicate it to 12:18 thinking not doing not channel surfing 12:21 not surfing the net not looking at 12:25 timelines on Facebook I want you to take 12:28 30 minutes every single day to think 12:31 about your future to put some thoughts 12:33 into it and I 12:35 thing for yourself about yourself I want 12:38 you to think outside of the box because 12:40 there is power in thought as a man 12:43 thinketh in his heart in your own heart 12:45 so is he 12:46 when you think you have the power to 12:49 take your life out of black and white 12:51 and put it into Technicolor with sound 12:55 effects God said to him look from the 12:59 place where you are in other words what 13:02 you imagine will emerge what you imagine 13:06 will emerge if you would look at Genesis 13:09 chapter 11 let’s read this verse number 13:12 1 the Bible said in the whole earth was 13:14 one language and of one speech and it 13:17 came to pass as they journeyed from the 13:19 east that they found a plain in the land 13:21 of Shinar and they dwelt there and they 13:24 said one to another go to let us make 13:26 bricks and burn them thoroughly and they 13:28 had brick for stone and slime had they 13:31 for mortar and they said go to let us 13:34 build a city with a tower whose top that 13:37 may reach unto heaven and let us make us 13:39 a name lest we be scattered abroad from 13:42 the face of the whole earth and the Lord 13:44 came down to see the city and tower now 13:47 watch this it’s important the moment 13:51 they said let us make brick 13:53 there was nothing called a brick what’s 13:55 a brick this is the power of thought and 13:58 as soon as they thought it and spoke it 14:01 they were able to create it as soon as 14:04 you think it and speak it you are 14:06 shaping your own future this is the 14:09 stuff that destiny is made off but I 14:12 want you to note something this is what 14:14 they said let us go and build a city in 14:17 a tower whose top may reach to heaven 14:20 and let us make us a name watch this 14:22 lest we be scattered abroad upon the 14:25 face of the whole earth listen to me 14:27 carefully be careful what you release 14:30 out of your mouth if you don’t expect to 14:33 see it tomorrow don’t talk about it 14:35 today and I’m gonna show you something 14:37 verse number 5 the Lord came down to see 14:40 the city of the tower which the children 14:41 of man built and the Lord said Behold 14:44 the people is one and they have one 14:46 language and they they 14:48 to do and nothing now nothing will be 14:52 restrained from them which they have 14:55 imagined to do nothing is going to be 14:59 restrained from them which they imagined 15:02 to do now something else happens after 15:06 this the bible says verse number seven 15:10 go to let us go down and there confound 15:14 their language that they may not 15:16 understand one another so the Lord did 15:19 what scattered them abroad listen they 15:23 were driven by fear and fear determine 15:29 their speech and their speech created 15:33 their destiny they were scattered so God 15:36 didn’t arbitrarily scatter them they 15:40 spoke it and they gave the scattering 15:43 permission to exist in the earth realm 15:46 now how do we know the Bible said and 15:49 it’s a law whatever you bind on earth is 15:52 bound in heaven and you’ve got to 15:54 understand this 15:55 just because you say this is not what I 15:58 want it doesn’t mean that that’s not 16:01 what’s going to happen because your mind 16:04 does not register the word not I don’t 16:09 want to be hurt and guess what you end 16:12 up getting what hurt I don’t want to be 16:16 poor and guess what you end up staying 16:19 in poverty why because you have not told 16:23 your mind what you want they say we 16:26 don’t want to be scattered well what do 16:28 you want do you want unity so you’ve got 16:31 to begin to craft your words along the 16:35 line of what you want and not what you 16:37 don’t want can I get an amen you don’t 16:42 want to say Amen can I get a sure you’re 16:44 right are you getting this I don’t want 16:48 to be hurt what do you want I want to be 16:51 loved then say that you’re getting it 16:57 somebody’s getting it what do you want 17:02 when your mind is empty your future is 17:05 empty 17:06 imagination determines your possession 17:10 imagination determines your progression 17:12 imagination determines your influence 17:15 imagination determines your power a lot 17:18 of us use our mind and our brain to 17:22 memorize but I’m gonna tell you 17:24 something there is something much 17:26 stronger than memory and that is vision 17:31 see even if you can’t memorize Scripture 17:34 take your Bible with you and open it up 17:36 you can read it imagination is more 17:41 powerful than memorization and when you 17:45 were educated in a Babylonian school 17:47 system that played more emphasis on what 17:51 memorization than they did what 17:54 visualization teach me how to envision 17:58 the future the Bible said look northward 18:05 southward eastward westward watch this 18:08 for all the languages I’ll see it today 18:10 will I give it and to thy seed forever 18:13 let me ask you a question 18:15 how far into your future can you see you 18:20 see some people can only see to the end 18:22 of the week or the end of the month but 18:26 the scripture says as far as you can see 18:30 that’s what I’m gonna give you how far 18:33 can you see imagine the possibility can 18:37 you see yourself amongst the best if not 18:40 the best in the industry can you see 18:43 yourself as president CEO of your own 18:46 fortune 500 or fortune 100 company can 18:49 you see your products branded in the 18:52 industry as number one and in number one 18:54 position in the marketplace can you see 18:57 your name on the cover of New York Times 19:00 best selling list can you see all the 19:02 people’s lives you have touched and 19:04 changed and empowered and influenced 19:07 through your nonprofit organization can 19:10 you see yourself sitting on a lot yacht 19:13 sailing along the Mediterranean coast 19:14 with me for lunch having lunch with me 19:18 can you see your face in lights on the 19:21 side of a billboard can you see the name 19:24 of your business on a large corporate 19:26 building that you own I just came from a 19:29 foreign country and when I left the 19:31 airport my name was on a billboard how 19:34 did it get on a billboard cuz I saw it 19:37 before it got there can you see can you 19:41 see yourself walking across the stage 19:43 with the diploma in your hand can you 19:46 see yourself as a partner in the number 19:48 one law firm in the world can you see 19:52 yourself owning your own restaurant 19:54 winning the gold medal in an Olympic 19:56 game can you see yourself on the top of 19:59 the ladder of success or breaking the 20:02 proverbial glass ceiling can you see 20:04 yourself with the spouse of your dream 20:06 in a happy family setting celebrating 20:09 your 30th anniversary can you imagine 20:11 people singing your songs a hundred 20:14 years from now what about hosting your 20:16 own reality show can you see that can 20:20 you see yourself making the world a 20:21 better place by giving back to society 20:23 in your own unique way can you see 20:26 yourself standing in the stadium with 20:29 millions of people listening to you as 20:31 you deliver one of the most compelling 20:33 messages anyone has ever delivered 20:35 before can you see the crowds go wild as 20:38 you inspire them through dance and music 20:41 can you see can you see the sparkle in 20:45 the eyes of children as you teach them 20:47 can you see the great gratitude on the 20:50 face of a patient when you tell them 20:52 they are disease free can you see your 20:54 children growing up to be successful 20:56 adults can you see your vision of 20:59 helping coaching leading writing 21:02 building preaching teaching driving 21:05 becoming the reality imagine the 21:08 possibility if you can see it from the 21:11 eyes of your own mind then you can 21:13 achieve it you can live the life of your 21:15 dream you can 21:17 see how do you see yourself five years 21:20 from now how do you see yourself ten 21:23 years from now how do you see yourself 21:26 20 years from now as far as you can see 21:30 look not what eastward westward self 21:34 with can you see yourself give your 21:38 neighbor so I can see myself I can see 21:42 myself driving I can’t see myself giving 21:46 I can see myself living as far as you 21:51 can see you gotta be able to act your 22:01 back 22:02 activate your faith to live beyond where 22:06 you are I mean you live by faith amazing 22:10 spectacular things happen and they won’t 22:14 shock you any more and you understand 22:17 how powerful vision is you will no 22:19 longer look at tax but activate your 22:22 faith to come into agreement but the 22:25 awesome plans and the purposes that God 22:28 has for you God is about to put back 22:32 into your life look at Habakkuk 1 in 5 22:35 the Bible says behold ye among the 22:39 heathen and regard and Wonder 22:42 marvelously I will work a work in your 22:45 days which you will not believe though 22:48 it be told you that’s the word of the 22:50 Lord I’m gonna work you’re not gonna 22:53 believe in other words God is gonna put 22:56 awesome back into your life you’re gonna 22:58 have awesome children you’re gonna have 23:00 an awesome marriage you’re gonna have an 23:02 awesome career you’re gonna have awesome 23:04 friends you’re gonna wear awesome 23:05 clothes you’re gonna drive an awesome 23:07 car you’re gonna go on an awesome 23:09 vacation you’re gonna have an awesome 23:11 future you’re gonna have the awesome 23:12 experience how does God do it he’s gonna 23:17 do it by revelation as soon as lott who 23:22 is blinding you who is distracting you 23:26 who is corroding your face 23:30 rather the Latian gives you a glimpse of 23:33 God’s future plans for your life and it 23:37 provides you with the opportunity to 23:38 structure your life and garner new 23:41 strategies and write your vision 23:44 accordingly when God gives you a vision 23:47 he gives you the ability to make 23:50 decisions a vision is always preparation 23:55 for the future one of the things that 24:00 God said to Habakkuk as he was looking 24:02 around God said in have a cup – 2 – 4 24:06 write the vision make a plain upon the 24:09 tables that he may run that greeted him 24:12 but the vision is yet for an appointed 24:14 time but at the end it shall speak and 24:18 not lie though it Terry wait for it 24:20 because it would surely come it will not 24:22 tarry and then it says but the just 24:25 shall live by faith 24:27 your struggle is over your days of 24:31 struggle is over from the book of 24:36 Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 2 – for I 24:38 extrapolate Trent 20 principles that 24:43 will change your destiny write the 24:46 vision make it plain and so tonight this 24:51 is gonna be a quickie I drive-by 24:53 shooting a cliffhanger we’re going to 25:00 empower you to do something great how 25:04 far can you see and have to tune in 25:09 again for these 20 principles that’s 25:13 gonna revolutionize your life what am i 25:16 speaking about the art of putting 25:20 yourself or you see yourself I want to 25:24 welcome you once again to a brand new 25:26 series a brand new series the DNA of 25:31 destiny how from a little God it will 25:33 give you praise and honor and glory 25:34 we’re standing here sitting here we’re 25:37 in our cars in our living rooms with our 25:40 life groups listening to this message 25:43 something is being activated in us where 25:48 we can see ourselves living differently 25:50 acting differently owning something more 25:54 it’s not a figment of our imagination it 25:56 is your will you said I know the 25:58 thoughts I think towards you thoughts of 26:01 good not of evil to bring you to an 26:03 expected end thank you Father for 26:06 letting us know that you have something 26:09 great you are up to something great and 26:13 you have you me us in your mind I bless 26:19 you now but this time and this season in 26:22 Jesus name Amen amen if you were 26:27 inspired by that message continue to 26:30 make some noise we thank you for joining 26:34 us tonight from around the world 26:37 if you’re if you’re with a group of 26:39 friends right now you may be in your 26:41 life group we want you to take some time 26:42 and start talking about vision where do 26:47 you see yourself in the next five years 26:48 and what are some of the steps that 26:51 you’re going to take to see that you get 26:52 there we want to connect with you on a 26:54 deeper level we encourage you to partner 26:57 with us both financially and through 27:00 prayer and also by attending many of our 27:03 events that are throughout the year 27:05 including Kingdom school of ministry 27:07 it’s coming this July it’s eight 27:12 power-packed courses that you don’t want 27:14 to miss and then at the end of this year 27:16 we have end your year strong which is 27:18 two to three power-packed days of 27:21 impartation to give you the prophetic 27:22 momentum that you need to step into your 27:25 new year with power it’s gonna be 27:27 incredible events that you don’t want to 27:29 miss yes all the information is right 27:32 there on your screen and we’re glad that 27:33 you’ve joined us hit that give button 27:36 now and be a part of bringing hope to 27:38 the hopeless around the world hit the 27:40 share button now and spread the message 27:42 of empowerment

Putting Yourself Where You See Yourself | Dr. Cindy Trimm | The DNA of Destiny

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