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0:01 CS: Do you feel your life is too normal 0:03 for the miraculous? Don’t despise small beginnings. 0:07 My guest today is going to teach us 0:09 how to go from mundane to miraculous. 0:14 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward 0:16 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:21 Today is your day to change your life 0:24 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:27 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:37 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny, 0:39 and I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman, 0:40 and I’m excited today because we want to teach you 0:43 how to take the mundane to the miraculous. 0:46 Yes, I know you’re sitting on your couch 0:48 thinking I live such a normal life. 0:50 When is a miraculous going to come in and change everything? 0:53 Well, today I’m excited because my guest 0:56 is going to share some personal stories 0:58 and ways that God has ministered to her. 1:00 She has a new book that’s coming out 1:03 actually called “Lipstick and Prayer; 1:07 Turning the Mundane into the Miraculous.” 1:09 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! 1:11 So, we’re going to basically- you’re going to get the concept, 1:13 because as we talk today, you’re going to understand 1:15 that God enters the mundane. 1:17 We have mundane in our life. We have normal in our life. 1:20 But meeting God in that place of the mundane 1:23 is simply what He wants us to do. 1:25 He wants us to open our hearts to Him 1:27 and He will meet us in that place. 1:29 And that is what He has done with my guest today, Lisa Perna. 1:32 She has her own television show, “Touched by Prayer.” 1:34 She interviews a lot of amazing guests 1:37 and she has a healing miracle ministry. 1:40 And so she’s here to share with us 1:42 how we can get into that miraculous place. 1:44 Welcome, Lisa. 1:45 LP: Thank you so much for having me. 1:47 Oh, this is so exciting. 1:48 I am just over the top of what God is doing right now. 1:51 CS: Well, I’m glad that you’re here with me, 1:53 because this is a concept that we all need to grab a hold of, 1:57 because any time we learn to walk with God, 1:59 He first meets us where we’re at. 2:02 And we have small beginnings in our lives. 2:04 And that’s how we need Jesus, right. 2:06 We open up our hearts in that moment. 2:08 We say, “Lord, come and be a part of our life.” 2:10 And that is a very small moment 2:12 and it’s a very difficult moment. 2:14 That’s a place where we realize He is bigger, He is more, 2:17 and we are less then and He comes 2:19 and He meets us in that place and he turns around 2:21 and then we begin to grow and get big in Him. 2:25 And now you have an amazing testimony 2:26 because you used to work 2:28 at a makeup counter- LP: Yep! 2:30 CS: -where you were doing the mundane and God 2:32 came in to do the miraculous. 2:34 LP: Absolutely! 2:37 CS: Please share your story with us. 2:38 LP: It was really funny because when I got baptized 2:39 with the Holy Spirit, I started this relationship full 2:42 on where I was praying in the Spirit all the time. 2:45 So, I was called back to work. 2:48 It was just something that I typically did. 2:50 So I went to work and I was just taking my typical ways 2:55 of spending time with the Lord and doing the mundane at work, 2:58 restocking shelves or cleaning, 3:01 cleaning up stuff and doing inventory, 3:03 whatever it was that I needed to do that was considered mundane. 3:07 But what happened is, as I was praying, 3:09 I was starting to see that God was preparing this place. 3:14 So I started to to feel His presence more. 3:17 I started to understand things. And then the miraculous came. 3:22 Somebody came to my counter that I got to minister to. 3:26 And it wasn’t like a typical ministry where I was like, 3:29 “Oh, God loves you,” that kind of thing. 3:31 This was a woman who came with cancer. 3:34 So, you know, you start to say, “Well, okay, she has cancer.” 3:40 So, I’m going to talk to her because I could feel 3:43 that she was very apprehensive about sharing or discussing this 3:46 and she didn’t want sympathy, which was really interesting. 3:49 And so I spoke to her as a doctor. I spoke to her. 3:53 This is going to fit your needs. It’s going to help you 3:55 get through what you’re about to go through. 3:58 But what happened is God started to speak to me about her. 4:02 And so I’m hearing these things, 4:05 but I still don’t understand what God is doing. 4:08 And so so I decide, well, “If I put some makeup on you, 4:13 I can show you ways to make it look healthier.” 4:16 And she said, “That would be wonderful.” 4:18 So I sat down, we started to to do makeup 4:21 and I was trying to be sneaky. 4:23 Candice, I put my finger on her head to balance. 4:27 like I guess I was putting my eyeshadow on. 4:29 So, I was using my finger to, like, balance myself. 4:31 But I started to pray in the Spirit over her. 4:34 And the Lord said, “You can’t do that.” 4:36 I was like, wait, that can’t be God. 4:39 But He said, “You can’t pray over her.” 4:42 So I thought, wait, I think that is God. 4:44 And the third time He says, 4:46 “You can’t pray over somebody without asking permission.” 4:49 So I had to step out of their comfort zone and say, 4:52 “Would it be okay if I prayed over you?” 4:54 And so she, she said, “That would be, that would be fine.” 4:58 And when I prayed over her, she almost fell backwards. 5:01 And after we finished, she looked at me and she said, 5:03 “Where did you come from? What ministry are you?” 5:07 And I said, “I’m just a vessel that God uses.” 5:10 I said, “And He can use you too.” And she said these words 5:14 to me. She says, “I do Reiki. In fact, I’m a Reiki master.” 5:19 And she says, “And I’ve never felt power like that before. 5:22 So I’d like to teach you Reiki.” 5:24 And not understanding what Reiki was. 5:26 I said to her, “Well, it’s okay. It’s not me. It’s Jesus’s power. 5:30 And He doesn’t need to know Reiki, but thank you. 5:34 Thank you very much. But he’s good. He’s got this.” 5:37 But that’s when I started to see. 5:39 Wait a second, but after that, 5:41 it just opened up that people were coming to the counter 5:45 and I was prophesying over them. People were getting healed. 5:49 There was a woman who had a hump on her back 5:51 and it completely disappeared. 5:52 I had a woman who had Plantar Fasciitis, 5:55 which I didn’t even understand what Plantar Fasciitis was, 5:58 but she got healed. 6:00 So, I started to see that God was using a makeup counter 6:05 to do amazing things. 6:08 CS: He can use anything, anywhere, any time. 6:11 I want you to share with the viewers what Reiki is, 6:13 because, you know, they may not understand 6:15 that particular thing. So please share. 6:17 LP: Well, just like the the enemy likes to counterfeit 6:22 things. What he does is we have the ability to lay hands on 6:27 people and when we lay hands on people, 6:29 the Holy Spirit guides us into the places 6:32 and we have the authority 6:33 through the blood of Jesus Christ 6:35 to heal people with the laying on of hands. 6:37 It says so in scripture. 6:39 But what the enemy does is, he tries to counterfeit it. 6:42 And so what they do is people who have been misled, 6:46 they, they actually put their energy. 6:48 They could feel the energy, 6:51 what they have to do in order to cleanse themself. 6:53 Candice, they have to look at a bright light. 6:57 That’s what they have to do to cleanse themselves. 6:59 But what happens 7:00 is that sometimes they don’t get cleansed. 7:03 And so the things that they pull off of somebody they get. 7:07 And so what the Lord told me is that this poor woman, 7:10 she prayed over somebody who had cancer. 7:12 And because she did Reiki, she didn’t pray, excuse me, 7:15 she did Reiki over a person. 7:17 CS: Right. LP: That cancer left that 7:19 person, which gives an illusion of them being healed 7:22 but actually was transferred into her. 7:24 Who now carries the sickness. 7:27 CS: Wow. Wow. 7:28 Let’s just camp out right there. LP: Sure, okay. 7:31 CS: Because I want the viewer to understand 7:33 that when we have impure things that we’re working with, 7:37 that we can open ourselves up to having demonic forces 7:40 come and take strongholds in our life. 7:42 And so when Lisa went and asked her permission to pray for her, 7:47 basically that lady was saying, “I want what you have here.” 7:50 It was a form of confession that she was saying, 7:52 “I’ve not been living my life right and I need what you have.” 7:55 And of course, the sickness that manifested, 7:57 the cancer that manifested, manifested 8:00 as a result of her participating in a cult activity 8:03 and witchcraft and things that are not of God. 8:06 And the enemy gets a stronghold in our life 8:08 when we willingly partake of those things 8:11 that are not of God. 8:12 And so the Lord used you in a very miraculous way 8:16 to be able to be the vessel that created an environment 8:20 where she could at least confess and say, “I want what you have.” 8:24 Maybe that was the best confession she she could give, 8:26 but God will heal you right where you’re at, no matter what. 8:30 And so He healed her right where she was at of the cancer. 8:33 And that’s what we have to remember, right where you’re at. 8:36 No matter what you’ve been in, it doesn’t matter. 8:38 God loves you and He wants to meet you 8:40 where you’re at. All you have to do is confess, 8:43 just simply say, “Lord, 8:44 I’m feeling that I was involved in activities 8:47 that I shouldn’t be. I have an ailment in my body. 8:50 I have some way that I’ve opened myself up to something 8:53 that is not wholly pure and righteous. 8:55 And I want to be cleansed.” And the Holy Spirit will come 8:59 in and He will cleanse you. 9:00 He wants to do that. I am so excited 9:02 because we’re going to talk more about taking the mundane 9:05 and moving to the miraculous when we come back with my guest, 9:09 [Music] Lisa Perna. Stay tuned. 9:16 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is 9:18 an international prophetic voice, 9:20 healing minister, author and pastor 9:22 who travels the world sharing how to access 9:25 the heavenly realms and live the resurrected life. 9:28 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:31 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:33 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:37 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:39 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 9:42 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 9:45 and see miraculous healings. 9:47 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 9:50 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 9:53 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 9:56 where you, too, can learn to release heaven, 9:58 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:01 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:03 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:05 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:10 Check out her Website 10:11 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:13 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:22 CS: I’m so glad that you stayed with us 10:24 because we are talking with Lisa Perna about her new-book 10:28 and about going from mundane to miraculous, 10:31 we all have mundane, 10:32 consistent things that are in our life 10:35 where we don’t necessarily experience the miraculous, 10:38 but we want to open ourselves up 10:39 to these kinds of God encounters. 10:42 And so Lisa’s been sharing the different encounters 10:45 that she’s had with God while she’s at the counter, 10:47 the makeup counter, and she’s ministering to people. 10:50 Now, you have a testimony that you want to share with us 10:52 as well of another woman that came to your town. 10:54 LP: Well, it’s interesting because I didn’t understand 10:57 anything about prophetic or about healing 11:00 because I was raised in a Catholic environment. 11:03 So that was just not discussed. 11:05 But yet when I gave myself to the Lord 11:08 and I really committed myself and I started to change 11:10 and started to pray in the Spirit 11:12 and got filled with the Holy Spirit, 11:14 that was a game changer. 11:15 What happened is I was praying in tongues 11:18 and I started to get revelation 11:20 because the more that I would pray, 11:22 the more the Holy Spirit could become bigger 11:25 because my spirit was small. We all have a small spirit. 11:28 And so the more that we pray in the Holy Spirit, 11:31 we start to exercise or build up. 11:32 Now, there were so many things that I started to do. 11:35 I started to read books 11:36 and, and I started to watch “It’s Supernatural!” 11:38 with Sid Roth. 11:39 And I was listening to these incredible, incredible stories. 11:43 And I was like, we can do that. 11:45 Oh, yes, I want to do that. And so it got me fired up 11:48 and it started to make me understand. 11:50 But I still didn’t understand the prophetic 11:52 until one day that this woman who came from another country, 11:56 she came from from Ireland, of all places. 11:59 And it was funny because I I said to her, 12:02 oh, what part of Ireland are you from? 12:04 But before she could answer, 12:05 I heard it in my head and I said, “Oh.” 12:09 And I said, “Oh, I was just going to say that!” 12:11 Now I didn’t know many places. So, I’m like Dublin. 12:14 Everybody knows about Dublin. That’s not like a big thing. 12:17 But then the Lord started to talk to me and He said, 12:20 “Tell her that she tried to commit suicide 12:24 on several occasions.” 12:26 Now you’re at the cosmetic counter 12:28 and you’re trying to sell cosmetics, 12:31 so you don’t need somebody getting upset 12:33 with you, walking away. 12:35 But I, so I said, “No, that must be the devil.” 12:40 Because I didn’t understand the scripture 12:43 where it says, “My sheep hear My voice 12:45 and no other do they follow.” 12:47 So the second time the Lord said, “Tell her 12:51 that she tried to commit suicide on several occasions.” 12:54 And I thought, I think this is God, 12:56 but Lord, I can’t do this. 12:59 And He said, “Tell her that she’s tried to commit suicide 13:02 on several occasions.” 13:05 So with a deep breath, I had to look at this woman 13:08 and I said, “I need to ask you a question.” 13:10 And I said, “Please, please, don’t get hurt by it 13:14 but it’s what I’m hearing God telling me.” 13:16 And I said, “The Lord is saying you’ve tried to commit suicide 13:19 on several occasions.” 13:20 And she burst into tears, which is not good for cosmetics 13:24 because everything’s now running. 13:26 But as soon as that came out of my mouth, what came out next? 13:31 I said, “Tt’s because you were abused as a child, 13:34 but it wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault.” 13:37 And again, she’s crying and she says, she goes, 13:40 “Nobody knows this. Nobody knows this about me. 13:44 Nobody.” She said, “How are you knowing this?” 13:47 And then I said something else. And I, I said to her, I said, 13:51 “There are days that you think that you are beautiful. 13:55 But then you walk by a mirror and you see your reflection 13:59 and you become saddened by what you see.” 14:02 And I said, “But the Lord is saying 14:04 that, that’s not you, who’s seeing yourself, 14:06 but that’s how He sees you. He sees you as beautiful.” 14:12 And again, the tears, she said, “It’s like you’re in my head.” 14:17 And that entire transaction, 14:20 this short time that I spent with this woman, 14:22 it changed her life because she said, 14:25 “I know that God knows me because there’s no other way. 14:28 Nobody ever knew this about me.” And it comes to that scripture 14:32 where the woman at the well says, 14:34 “Come and meet a man who knew everything about me.” 14:38 And there was stuff in the woman 14:40 at the well story that was terrible. 14:42 It was, it was heartbreaking for her, 14:44 but she was excited and she was elated 14:46 because somebody knew the deep secrets. 14:50 CS: Now, that was a powerful story. 14:52 And I know that there are people watching today 14:54 and they feel like they’re not beautiful. 14:57 They feel like they’re not loved. 14:59 They feel like, “Will God walk right by them 15:03 and miss them and miss their issue?” 15:04 And I really just feel that in the Spirit right now 15:07 that we need to pray for those of you who are watching this 15:09 and you’re saying, “Lord, when are you going to notice me? 15:13 I’m in this mundane. I’m in this difficulty. 15:16 I don’t feel beautiful about myself. 15:18 I, I don’t have joy. I don’t have peace. 15:21 I don’t have these things.” 15:22 And I can actually see in the spirit people that are crying. 15:26 lP: I can feel it too. 15:28 Yeah, I do. I feel it too. I feel it very much so. 15:31 CS: And so I want you to minister to them 15:34 about what what would God say to them 15:37 to pull them out of their pit 15:40 and let them know that they can live in a palace with Him? 15:44 LP: Well, the first thing is that you have to understand 15:47 that you were never a mistake, that you were called, 15:51 that He actually chose you and He put 15:54 you into your mother’s womb with His little hands. 15:58 He put His hands and He connected you into your mother. 16:02 So everything that you have and before you even came, 16:05 there was a plan and a purpose. 16:07 It says in Jeremiah 29:11, 16:08 “I know the plans I have for you.” He has good plans for 16:13 you and He loves you with an everlasting love. 16:15 He doesn’t leave us or forsake us. 16:18 But the thing that I love the most 16:20 is how the Father sees His daughters. 16:23 And especially because I was called to women. 16:26 He loves His daughters so very much 16:28 and He calls them He calls you by name. 16:31 He knows everything about you. There’s no secret. 16:34 There’s nothing that you can do that can ever, 16:37 ever stop the love that God has for you. 16:39 Nothing, nothing. 16:40 And so when you look at yourself, 16:42 sometimes you have to say, “Lord, give me the eyes that 16:47 You see me with and help me to see myself how You see me. 16:50 And sometimes it’s actually for you to forgive yourself, 16:55 because sometimes we’ll go to God 16:57 and we’ll ask God to forgive us. But we’ll hold on to this stuff 17:00 thinking that we’re not worth it. 17:02 So I just want you to to go find that quiet place 17:06 and go get a mirror, go get a compact mirror, 17:08 go stand in your bathroom and look in the mirror and say, 17:11 “Lord, please forgive me for these, for these wrong ideas 17:15 and how I didn’t see myself, because everything you make 17:18 is beautifully and wonderfully made. 17:20 And so I also forgive myself 17:23 because I know that God has forgiven me.” 17:27 And you ask Him to take off those those false eyelashes, 17:31 those false,those false identities 17:33 that you’ve tried to wrap yourself up in, 17:35 trying to become something or someone else that you’re not. 17:38 And just start to be joyous in who you are 17:43 because you are unique, you are special, 17:46 and you are His. 17:47 CS: Whew, hallelujah! 17:49 Do you feel yourself coming out of that hole there? 17:52 And so that’s the Word of God speaking, 17:55 you know, in Psalm Chapter 139, verse sixteen, 17:59 King David learned this. 18:01 He said, “Your eyes saw my unformed body. 18:04 All the days ordained for me were written in your book 18:07 before one of them came to be.” 18:10 And so even the mundane in your life, 18:13 the difficulties in your life, 18:14 even feeling like you’re not loved in this moment, 18:18 are all ways that God calls us to Him. 18:22 You know, we have to know and understand 18:24 that God loves us in those moments. 18:27 We’ve all been His children that were abandoned, 18:32 forsaken, coerced out of the garden. 18:35 But He calls us back to Him through the death 18:39 and resurrection of Jesus. 18:41 So not one of us has walked the earth 18:43 without a void or a hole in our heart saying, 18:47 “Does He really love me or does somebody really love me?” 18:51 The best part is to know that He loves us. 18:54 And so I just feel 18:56 that you’re coming out of that hole right now, 18:58 taking that prayer that you prayed, Lisa, 19:00 and just begin to rest in His peace and His love right now. 19:05 We’re going to come back in a few minutes. 19:06 We’re going to continue our conversation 19:08 because God meets us in these small places. 19:11 That’s how He reveals His greatest love to us 19:14 in moments that we don’t expect Him 19:17 To show up! [Music] 19:19 He comes and He surprises us. 19:20 So stay tuned 19:22 and we’ll be right back. 19:29 [Music>> Log on today and get Candice Smithyman’s 19:32 powerful book, “Releasing Heaven.” 19:35 CS: There are vats in Heaven where there is oil, 19:37 grain and wine. 19:38 I teach you about how you can access those vats for yourself 19:41 or for a friend or a family member that’s in need. 19:44 I also teach you about how to increase your faith 19:47 for healing and miracles, how to have the faith of God 19:50 that sees amazing things come to pass in your life. 19:54 >> Through “Releasing Heaven,” 19:55 you will discover your identity in Jesus 19:58 and cultivate a heavenly mind set. 20:02 CS: Your soul is going to change and transform, 20:03 and you’re going to be positioned to be one 20:06 that releases Heaven into your environment. 20:08 The heavenly encounters are for us today, 20:12 and therefore you simply go to my website 20:14 at CandiceSmithyman.com and click the “Shop” button. 20:18 It will take you to the shopping cart 20:19 and you can purchase the book there. 20:21 You will love this book. Order your copy today. 20:25 >> You will love this book. [Music] 20:34 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us 20:36 because we have been taking you 20:37 on quite the journey from mundane to miraculous, 20:41 and at this point you should be knowing 20:43 and understanding God’s deep 20:46 and abiding love for you. How He chose you. 20:48 He called you, He anointed you, pointed you, set you apart. 20:53 You are now adopted and a part of his family. 20:56 And so I want Lisa to just share a little bit more about process. 20:59 Now, once we become a part of God’s family, 21:03 what kind of spiritual disciplines, 21:05 what kind of things do we do to actually get 21:07 to the next level of being authentic in Christ? 21:10 LP: Well, the one thing that the Lord really talks to me 21:12 is He said to me, He said, 21:14 “Lisa, my daughters don’t know how to be daughters, 21:16 and so you will teach them.” And so He started me 21:19 on this course of doing these conferences. 21:22 And they’re right now, they’re women’s conferences, 21:24 but they’re called, “Daddy’s Girl.” 21:26 And it really is how to understand our authority. 21:29 And when you know who you are, there is such a game changer. 21:33 In fact, what He said to me, He goes, 21:35 when you do these conferences, 21:37 I want you to put crowns on top of their heads. 21:40 So I put crowns on top of every single woman 21:43 who comes to my conferences. 21:44 And when I do that, we prophesy over them, 21:47 because if you don’t have a prophecy, 21:49 you don’t know where to get to. 21:51 But the thing about prophecy is that a prophecy 21:54 takes you into a place of the possibilities 21:57 of what God has for you. 21:58 But there also is a partnership that you have to give with God. 22:03 What does that look like? 22:04 Well, if we’re supposed to be friends of God, 22:07 that’s what we’re supposed to be. 22:08 We’re supposed to be sons and daughters of God. 22:11 Well, if we were good children, we’d like to talk to our parent. 22:15 And so there is communication that we need to set up 22:19 with on a daily basis. 22:20 If you don’t talk to your parent on a daily basis, 22:23 you’re missing something 22:25 because there are bonds that are actually brought together 22:28 when you spend that time in communication. 22:30 So we have that. 22:32 There’s also learning the history of your parents. 22:35 So, that would be the Bible going into the Bible, 22:38 looking into the history, finding out who is my Dad. 22:42 If we go into the Book of Psalms, 22:44 we can see God in one way. 22:45 But if we go into the New Testament, we can see Jesus. 22:49 We can see how His relationship with the Father was so 22:54 different than anybody else’s. 22:55 In fact, it says in Romans Eight, 22:57 it says that the Holy Spirit calls us to call 23:00 God a Father or a Daddy. 23:04 And so with this “Daddy’s Girl,” it’s about, wait a second, 23:08 I have a crown. I’m regal. I have authority. 23:12 I am beautifully and wonderfully made. 23:14 When you get those things 23:16 and they start to ignite and excite you, 23:19 well, then don’t you want to go and spend time 23:22 with who is now your very best friend? 23:24 The Holy Spirit is our very best friend. 23:26 That’s what Kathryn Kuhlman said. 23:28 And that was one of the most beautiful things 23:30 about her ministry, is that she was more concerned 23:33 about her relationship with Holy Spirit 23:36 who is that mothering side of God, that comforter. 23:39 That’s why they call Holy Spirit the comforter. 23:42 But what does a mother do? 23:43 A mother helps to groom their child. 23:45 So if we spend time in the world, 23:48 if we spend time in relationship, 23:50 and if we spend time in communion with Holy Spirit, 23:54 we are getting a full picture of who God, the Father, 23:56 God, the Son, and God, the Spirit are. 24:00 And we can become His child and we can be just like our Daddy. 24:07 CS: I love that. I love that. 24:08 I know you all are enjoying this right now for sure. 24:11 So these are just some basic things 24:13 you can begin to do prayer reading, 24:16 the Word of God being in silence and solitude with the Lord, 24:20 sitting with Him, 24:21 learning the communication skills and disciplines 24:24 that He’s given us so we can learn to hear His voice. 24:27 “My sheep know My voice,” when we come to know Him. 24:30 These are kind of the stepping stones 24:33 to develop that deep and abiding relationship. 24:36 I can remember that when the Lord began 24:39 to move me out in ministry, 24:40 one of the things He worked mostly with me on 24:43 was learning to be authentic, being authentic, 24:47 because so often we feel like we can’t really present who we are 24:51 because maybe it won’t be acceptable. 24:53 Maybe you won’t even look right to people, 24:55 even from the aspect of who we are in Christ. 24:57 Maybe that wouldn’t look right. 24:58 You know, I mean, we have all of these different thoughts. 25:00 We want models. We want people that can show us how to do it. 25:05 And I can remember I was in a small Bible study group 25:08 and the Lord had been prophetically 25:10 speaking to each one of these women in the group. 25:12 And He had asked me to come and be a part of it. 25:14 And at the end of the twelve weeks of the training 25:18 that we all did, together with our teacher, 25:20 the teacher said, well, when is it 25:21 that each one of you have learned about yourself? 25:25 And so each one of the women share different things 25:28 about their spiritual gifts, or this is how much I’ve grown. 25:31 I stood up in this group. 25:34 And I said, what I’ve learned in this group 25:37 is that I need to stop trying to be somebody 25:43 in order to receive something, 25:45 I need to stop trying to do a spiritual gift 25:48 and except instead accept the fact that I’m just loved by God 25:52 and that I’m okay with Him right where I’m at. 25:55 Absolute. Well, when I said that, 25:57 everyone in the group started crying because they said, 26:01 “Oh, my gosh, you, you,” they would tell me, 26:04 “Well, you have a great encouraging gift 26:05 you know, you have you know-” 26:06 they were saying these things to me early on in my walk 26:08 before I actually moved into the office of a prophet. 26:11 But one of the things about it was they finally said to me, 26:14 “You know what Candice? You finally encouraged us.” 26:19 Because the movement of how God wants to use us 26:22 comes from the place of being authentic, 26:26 and it’s so difficult to learn how to be authentic. 26:29 We come from a world of, you know, 26:31 having everybody tell us how it’s supposed to be. 26:33 And so this is great. 26:34 When we come to know the Lord, one 26:36 of the things that I really love is 26:39 I can see us as two different people. 26:42 We can be like a Martha who’s always trying to do 26:45 and do and do and do and do. 26:46 Or we can be like a Mary who sits at the feet of 26:50 her Savior, who listens, who just wants to be intimate, 26:53 who just wants to be close, 26:55 who wants to build a relationship. 26:56 Because if for some reason ministries went away 27:01 and if for some reason social media 27:02 went away or books went away, what would you have left? 27:06 You would have your relationship with God. That’s it. 27:10 And so depending on how much effort 27:12 you have put into your ministry, 27:15 it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the road, 27:18 it’s going to be the relationship 27:20 that you have with God. And there’s one of the things 27:22 that somebody once said to me about being authentic. 27:27 You know, God makes lots of ice cream 27:30 so we don’t have just one flavor. 27:32 We’re just not a vanilla kind of world. 27:35 We have so many different flavors 27:37 and people are making them up. 27:38 So why try to be a vanilla when you could be a coffee? 27:43 CS: I love it. I love that. 27:46 Listen, I think I choose to be a coffee- 27:49 LP: Hello, that’s for sure. 27:50 CS: Okay, so how can they get in touch with you 27:53 so that they can order a copy of your book? 27:55 LP: You can go to my website which is Touched- which is 27:57 T-o-u-c-h-e-d ByPrayer.com 28:01 CS: TouchedByPrayer.com 28:03 We want to hear your testimonies. 28:05 We want to know how this show really blessed you. 28:08 How it encouraged you to reach out to us. 28:09 Reach out to Lisa, 28:11 reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:13 because we want to send you 28:14 some free resources [Music] 28:15 and encourage you in your walk from the mundane 28:18 to the miraculous! 28:20 And remember, take Messiah’s hand and walk 28:23 the path of destiny with Him. [Music to End]

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Lisa Perna say it’s time to replace the mundane with the miraculous!

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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