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Complications of Insomnia

Complications of Insomnia. *Courtesy of Mikael Häggström

New Treatment for Insomnia: The study participants included 40 adults who had been dealing with insomnia for less than three months and were not taking medication to help them sleep. Researchers recorded the quality and duration of their sleep for the week before treatment, and all members completed the Insomnia Severity Index.

Researchers at Britain’s Northumbria University have reported that nearly three-quarters of patients treated with a single hour-long session of cognitive behavioral therapy recovered from acute insomnia within three months.

In fact, most participants – 60 percent of those treated –reported improvements in sleep quality within one month. Over time, acute insomnia can lead to chronic insomnia, which increases the risk of depression.  Read full article… drweilblog.com


Dr. Priyanka S. Yadav: How to Diagnose Insomnia


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http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/05/03/study-recommends-therapy-not-sleeping-pills-to-treat-insomnia.htmlStudy recommends therapy, not sleeping pills to treat insomnia – Fox News WASHINGTON – Tossing and turning night after night? Don’t automatically reach for the pill bottle. New guidelines say the first choice as treatment for insomnia should be cognitive behavioral therapy — a way to condition your body to slumber again…


http://www.sleepreviewmag.com/2016/05/non-drug-insomnia-therapies-charles-morin-phd/Dealing in Non-Drug Insomnia Therapies: Charles M. Morin, PhD – Sleep Review Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder, but it remains partially shrouded in a groggy haze of the unknown. What causes insomnia? What maintains it? Is there an “insomnia gene”? As long as there are relevant questions surrounding sleeplessness, …


http://www.psychiatryadvisor.com/sleep-wake-disorders/telephone-based-cbt-is-beneficial-for-insomnia-in-menopause/article/500238/Telephone Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Beneficial for Insomnia in Menopause – Psychiatry Advisor Telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia may help to improve sleep and reduce hot flash interference in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. The study results were published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Insomnia is a common …




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