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Richard Sigmund ‘died’ in a car crash and had an extensive journey through Heaven. Here he declares in great detail what Heaven is like. Enjoy this wondrous testimony of the afterlife and his experience with Jesus.

About Richard Sigmund

Richard Sigmund (1941-2010) was a preacher and author who was known for his experiences in heaven and hell after dying in a car accident in 1974. He and his wife, Priscilla, founded Cleft of the Rock Ministries in Iowa.

After a tragic accident, doctors pronounced Richard Sigmund legally dead. Eight hours later, God miraculously brought him back to life on the way to the morgue. During those hours, God allowed him to experience the glorious beauty, heavenly sounds, sweet aromas, and boundless joys of heaven that await every believer.  Learn more about his book here: My Time in Heaven



Richard Sigmund - Journey Through Heaven - Car Accident and Heaven

Richard Sigmund: Journey Through Heaven – Car Accident and Heaven


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