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we’ve got some ready people in the house we’re prayed up you know what we’ve been 0:05 in this room even before we started tonight we’re believing God for you we’re believing God for your 0:10 breakthrough we’re believing that this message is gonna penetrate every part of your life that nothing about you is 0:17 gonna remain the same everything is being upgraded you’re being changed for the better and you too there’s a 0:23 prophetic word for you in here tonight do you believe it and there’s a prophetic word that’s being sent out now 0:29 to Africa we see you watching we’re gonna shout out to all of our Nigerian brothers and sisters all those in London 0:37 England were shouting out to you tonight to Switzerland we see you every time you 0:42 log on and you’re joining the millions of other believers around the world in this unification moment this is what the 0:49 body of Christ means unity and this is our life group here but maybe you want to start a life group right where you’re 0:55 at based on the teachings of this ministry and what dr. trim is bringing to the forefront for the body of Christ 1:02 in email us right now at info at Cindytrimmministries.com the information is 1:08 right there on your screen and we’ll get you connected and and teach you how to raise up a life group right there 1:14 amongst your friends or your colleagues let’s do life together amen well you’re 1:20 in the right place we’re in a new series you’re at the right time it’s called the DNA of destiny 1:27 yes it’s got a little bite to it a lot of fighter DNA of destiny and if 1:34 something stands out to you we want you to tweet it at Cindy trim hashtag destiny DNA we want you to engage in the 1:41 chatroom there’s intercessor standing by to pray with you in a private prayer room right 1:46 now at Cindy trim ministries org there’s so much in store for you but right now we want to bring to the platform at the 1:53 top of this new series dr. Cindy trim come on put your hands [Applause] 2:03 pumped-up it’s such a pleasure to be with you today where the Spirit of the 2:10 Lord is there is Liberty and something that has been illegally bound is getting 2:15 ready to be loosed whether it is your mind whether it is your praise whether it is your family your son your daughter 2:24 whether it’s your finances your health whatever has been illegally bound is getting ready to be loosed if you 2:30 believe that just raise your hands and accept that as a word of the Lord for 2:36 you for your family and for this year this is the day that the Lord has made 2:42 and we are rejoicing and we are glad in it we’re excited to be with my life 2:48 group and there are millions around the world that are meeting right now with their life group and we speak blessings 2:56 into your spirit blessing into your home wherever you are meeting whether it’s in the workplace the lunchroom whether it’s 3:03 in your car whether it’s in your church whether it’s in your garage or bedroom wherever you were meeting right now the 3:10 Spirit of the Lord is present and he is present and he is going to move on your 3:16 behalf something good is about to happen to you I sense it I feel it I believe it 3:24 i decree it I declare it and it is so and nothing about you is going to remain 3:30 the same everything about you is going to change for the best and I decree and 3:36 declare every day in every way your life is getting better and better not only is 3:43 your life getting better and better your children are getting better your husband is getting better your community is 3:50 getting better your neighborhood is getting better your state is getting better your government is gonna get 3:57 better your nation is getting better your business is getting better your industry is getting better your 4:03 profession is getting better your boss is getting better even your demon-possessed supervisor is getting 4:10 better everybody attached to you is getting better your health is going to 4:16 come back everything that you’re lost last season is going to be restored this 4:22 season I’m just gonna decree that over your life and it’s not only gonna happen for you it’s gonna happen for your 4:30 business it’s gonna happen for your ministry it’s gonna happen for your marriage it’s gonna happen it’s gonna 4:37 happen in you it’s gonna happen with you it’s gonna happen for you it’s gonna 4:42 happen around you it’s gonna happen above you it’s gonna happen beneath you 4:48 it’s gonna happen on your lap it’s gonna happen on your right when you wake up in the morning when you go to bed at night 4:54 when you’re driving to work when you’re driving from work I am degreeing you are gonna have a 5:00 head-on collision with God you were gonna have a head-on collision with could collision with success and 5:09 prosperity nothing about your life is going to remain the same I challenge you 5:17 to put a praise on it just take the next few minutes and put a brace on it in 5:25 Jesus name Amen you may take your seat 5:30 we’re so excited about what God is doing and what he’s gonna do with you today 5:37 we’re starting a new series entitled the DNA of destiny it’s something that the Lord gave me as may I begin to pray in 5:45 preparation for what the Lord wanted to share we wanted to encourage each one of 5:51 you concerning your own destiny and this is a mystery for many people people hear 5:56 the word very few people understand what destiny is and how they can positively 6:03 affect their destiny from day to day so let’s look at the book of Genesis 6:09 chapter 19 verse 15 to 30 most of us know this particular text we’ve heard it 6:16 we probably heard it preached several times within our Christian experience 6:22 I want to go there and if you would turn there with me please and we want to make sure that you have your Bibles out and 6:28 you take copious notes because I believe that this series is going to revolutionize your life the Bible said 6:35 and when the morning arose then the angel hastened locked saying arise take 6:42 thy wife and thy two daughters which are here lest thou be consumed in the 6:50 iniquity of the city and while he lingered the man laid hold upon his hand 6:56 and upon the hand of his wife and upon the hand of his two daughters and the Lord being merciful unto Him thank God 7:04 every morning we awaken new mercies we see I decree and declare you will not 7:10 awaken one morning from today onward and not experience the mercy of God not just 7:16 know that the mercy of God is available for you but to access the mercy of God 7:22 you’re going to be aware every single day that you are not starting a day 7:28 without God super imposing and breathing into the womb of your day his mercy 7:35 you’re going to be aware of it you’re going to sense it you’re going to feel it no matter how you went to sleep or go 7:43 to sleep at night the next morning you’re gonna wake up you’re gonna decree and declare this is the day that the 7:49 Lord has made I’m gonna rejoice and be glad in it because I know that he’s providing new mercies for me this 7:56 morning the Bible said the Lord being merciful unto Him they bored him forth 8:02 and set him without the sitting and it came to pass when they had bought them 8:08 forth abroad that he said escape for thy life look not behind thee you don’t have 8:15 anything to look back for you have nothing to go back to nothing to look 8:21 look back for it is time for you to understand that God has a great future 8:27 for you and there are so many people that are locked in 8:32 a old season that had been a long time ago God pronounced a benediction on that 8:39 season but they refused to pronounce the benediction on that season so many 8:45 people are moving on but they’re not moving forward and there are some people 8:51 that are moving forward but they’re not moving on and today we are decrying and 8:57 declaring you’re gonna make it through this season of transition you are not 9:03 exactly where you want to be but you’re not where you’re going to be and but 9:08 you’re not where you came from and it’s this transition that messes up so many 9:14 people and we want you to be able to move through this period of transition 9:19 and move into your next season the Bible said escape for thy life look not behind 9:26 thee neither stay thou in all the plains escape to the mountain lest thou be 9:33 consumed and lot said unto them o not so my lord behold now thy servant has found 9:40 grace in thy sight thou has magnified thy mercy which has which thou has shown 9:46 unto me in the saving of my life I cannot escape to the mountain lest some evil take me and I die I want you to 9:54 look at his words I want you to see to lay it juxtaposed to what God was 10:00 telling him God said I want you to go to the mountain a mountain represents Authority a mountain represents Dominion 10:09 and God wanted to move him to a place of Dominion in a place of authority a 10:15 mountain represents possession it represents prosperity and that 10:20 represents someone who is able to make wantem leaps into new levels of 10:26 greatness God has greatness for you here’s greatness for all of us but listen to 10:33 the negotiation he’s listen III I cannot do this I God is 10:40 saying I want you to do it he says I cannot do it lest some evil take me and 10:46 I die behold now this city is near to flee unto and it is a little one oh let 10:53 me escape dither it is not a litte a little one in other words this is something that I believe I 11:01 can do in other words God was showing him that he had potential for greatness 11:08 but he was settled and satisfied with mediocrity and I’m going to pronounce 11:14 over your life this is the last day that you’re going to accept living in the 11:20 realm of mediocrity God has greatness for you he has a great ministry for you 11:27 he has a great profession for you he has a great future for you and I decree and 11:33 declare that you only have an appetite for greatness you are losing your 11:39 appetite for mediocre to mediocrity you are losing your appetite for good enough 11:45 you are losing your appetite for obscurity I decree and declare you serve 11:51 a great god and I decree and declare that you are not going to be satisfied 11:56 with the living amongst the clutter of the common folk who are saying this is 12:02 as good as it gets no darling it’s going to get better God has bigger for you God has greater 12:10 for you God has more for you and I decree and declare that you were 12:16 pressing out of the old and you were pressing into the new and you are not 12:21 gonna allow who you are today to sabotage who you are going to be 12:27 tomorrow you are not going to allow who you are today to sabotage the potential 12:35 of being greater tomorrow the Bible said Oh let me escape bitter 12:40 thither is it not a little one and my soul shall live and he said unto Him 12:47 I have accepted the concerning this thing also and I will not overthrow the 12:52 city for the which thou has spoken hastened the escape dinner for I cannot 12:59 do anything till thou become thither therefore the name of the city was called Zora the Sun was risen upon the 13:07 earth when lot enter into ZOA in other words it was a new day you see when God ships 13:14 a season there comes a point where a benediction has to be pronounced on the 13:21 old and that means that when you go into the new you should refuse to take an old 13:29 mindset with you you should refuse to take old strategies with you you should 13:36 refuse to take old habits with you new means new it means the old has passed 13:42 away and everything becomes new it means that whenever God begins to promote you 13:48 whenever God begins to anoint you for something new you have to let go of the 13:54 old the old will continue if you continue with the old the old habits the 14:01 old prayers the old worship that means you’re going to get what you had in an 14:07 old season but the season has shifted for you and I’m gonna make this 14:12 declaration that this year will look nothing like last year this is going to 14:20 be your best year and so the Bible says that the Sun was rising it was an 14:26 announcement that was a new day and luck entered into Zora verse number 24 the 14:32 Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of 14:37 heaven and he overthrew those cities and all the plain and all the inhabitants of 14:42 the city and that which grew upon the earth but his wife looked back from 14:47 behind him and she became a pillar of salt I want you to make that notation she 14:53 became a pillar of salt she became a pillar of salt and Abraham got up 15:00 early in the morning to the place where he stood before the Lord in other words God was moving in their life because 15:07 someone was praying on their behalf and a lot of times we don’t understand that 15:12 God has individuals interceding for you and this is why most believers make a 15:19 mistake when they believe that if they don’t pray then then somehow God is not 15:25 not either going to bring them to a point of breakthrough or that the enemy 15:32 has deceived people into believing that God blessed them and they didn’t pray 15:38 but you might not have prayed but somebody prayed in other words you have an intercessor and that intercessor may 15:45 not know your name there are people from around the world that are assigned to pray for you and I believe that with all 15:53 of my heart I have prayed for thousands and thousands of people that did not 15:58 know that I was calling their name out before the Lord and I was interceding on 16:03 their behalf and just like I was interceding for people that did not realize that there was someone assigned 16:11 to stand in the gap for them I want you to know that even though you may not 16:16 know it someone is standing in the gap for you someone is moving heaven on your 16:22 behalf and even in your weakest moment when you have been tempted to give up 16:27 the reason why you were still here is because God assigned an intercessor to 16:33 you you are never alone people may walk out on your life but God will never 16:40 leave you as an orphan you are not a spiritual often there is some spiritual 16:46 father some spiritual mother that is birthing you in the realm of the Spirit through prayer you are not going to be 16:53 locked into a place where you have no options God is always going to give you 16:59 an option and I realize that there are so many people that have lost their faith but the Bible said if there’s any 17:06 sick among you let him call for the elders and the faith will heal the sick and the Lord 17:12 will raise him up in the absence of you believing God has elders that believe in 17:18 the absence of you having faith God has spiritual mothers and fathers and elders 17:25 that will have that will generate faith on your behalf I believe God I believe God for you I 17:33 believe that God is gonna heal you I believe that God is gonna deliver you I 17:39 believe I am I am releasing my faith with you tonight that whatever you felt 17:45 was impossible I am releasing my faith and releasing this word that with God 17:51 nothing is impossible it doesn’t matter what the doctor said it doesn’t matter 17:58 what the lawyers saying it doesn’t matter what the judge say I believe the 18:03 Lord whose report will you believe and even if you have faith as a grain of 18:09 mustard seed I am standing in faith with you that that which you have believe 18:14 been believing God for that which you have been praying for that which you have been fasting for in fact I decree 18:22 and declare a season of supernatural encounters you don’t know how God is 18:29 gonna do it but I decree God is gonna heal you supernaturally God is gonna 18:34 deliver you supernaturally your bills are gonna be paid supernaturally your 18:41 mortgage will be paid supernaturally your car Note will be paid 18:47 supernaturally your husband’s gonna be delivered from drugs supernaturally your 18:53 loved ones gonna be delivered from drugs supernaturally God’s gonna turn around 18:58 the economy in your country supernaturally you were gonna go from 19:04 unemployment to employment supernaturally you were gonna get a raise on your job because God is gonna 19:12 speak to your boss and gone it’s gonna download dreams God is gonna prompt them God is gonna 19:19 download your name into you there’s your their spirit they’re gonna show up at work and that 19:25 overdue promotion is going to be given to you super naturally in fact I decree 19:33 and declare we have come into a season of the supernatural the first church 19:39 understood the supernatural they grew supernaturally they multiplied 19:46 supernaturally God supplied older needs supernatural I decree and declare since 19:52 you serve a God that is supernatural I decree and declare you will not only 19:58 live the blessed life you are going to live a supernatural life God is stirring 20:03 real stirring up your faith you are gonna believe God in spite of it every 20:09 day when the Sun rises the mercies of God is going to be manifested in your 20:15 life and you’re gonna be able to stay stand with a new anointing and a new 20:21 conviction and you’re going to be able to say I believe God I believe God that 20:27 he’s gonna heal me I believe God that he’s gonna deliver me I believe God that 20:34 he’s gonna make a way I decreed that God is making away he’s making a way for 20:41 your children to go to university he’s making a way for you to satisfy your 20:48 debt he’s making a way for you even to go on that long deserved vacation he’s 20:55 making a way for you to own that car my god is making a win he’s making away for 21:02 your ministry he’s making a way for your business he’s making a way for your 21:07 project he’s making a way for the sell of your home he’s making a way for the 21:13 mortgage for your new home he is making a way if you believe the Lord is making 21:18 away clap your hands and shout I believe God I believe in giving your neighbor 21:25 high-five and say come into agreement with me I believe God there ain’t nothing to look 21:40 back for nothing to look back for you don’t have to look back and regret you 21:47 don’t have to look back with wishful thinking because your better days your best days lie ahead of you and God is 21:56 gonna cause all things to work together for good Abraham got up early in the morning to the place where he stood 22:02 before God morning is not just the time on a clock but morning is also before 22:10 stuff happens let me tell you something someone is interceding on your behalf we 22:17 have we praise God for what we know about but what about the accident that 22:22 never happened what about the cancer you never got are you hearing me we need to praise God for 22:31 all things and in all situations I decree that a new day is dawning for you 22:38 one that is going to be filled with unlimited possibilities and potential 22:43 somebody shout because someone is getting a breakthrough right now I can sense it I could feel it yes the Bible 22:52 said verse number 28 and he looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah towards all the land of the plain and behold lo the 23:00 smoke of the country went up as the smoke of furnace the Bible said this is 1st Peter 1 and 7 the Bible said that 23:08 the trial of your faith being much more precious than gold that perishes though 23:13 it be tried with fire his faith was 23:20 being tried by fire the question is was it going to reduce his faith was he 23:29 gonna increase his faith was he gonna trust God for more was he gonna trust 23:35 God in the situation was he gonna trust God in the trend 23:41 and it came to pass when God destroyed the cities of the plain that God 23:46 remembered Abraham and sent lot out in the midst of the overthrow when he 23:52 overthrew the cities in which lot 12 and lent lot went up of ZOA and dwelt in the 23:58 mountains and his two daughters with him for he feared to dwell in ZOA 24:05 and he dwelt in a cave he and his two daughters so God was giving him 24:11 something large and he began to negotiate and say god I’m afraid I don’t know what’s gonna happen so so give me 24:18 something that I can handle give me Zoar ZOA represents mediocrity 24:25 and the Bible says that he went from greatness to living in a place of 24:32 mediocrity but if that wasn’t enough he was driven by fear to live in a cave 24:39 with no lights no revelation no insight with restriction just just limited 24:48 possibilities God was taking him into a realm of unlimited possibilities and he 24:54 placed a lid on himself because he didn’t know how he was gonna handle he 25:00 didn’t know what would befall him and then he went one step further and he 25:06 decided that this is overwhelming so in the midst of transition this is where he 25:15 decided to live as a nun entity life is too much I know what Sodom and Gomorrah 25:23 was like but I don’t know what this root new realm this new place this new 25:30 opportunity I don’t know if I’m good enough I don’t know if I have enough 25:35 education I don’t know because it means that everything I built my life one was 25:42 going up in smoke why did God have to 25:48 burn the city down it wasn’t in just for him to deliver a lot and his 25:57 wife and his children it’s interesting because as I was writing this the Lord 26:06 began to speak to me and gave me just this one paragraph the road of life is 26:13 long and you are only as strong as your faith your courage your conviction and 26:20 drive to make the next move and to take the next step in spite of the bumps and 26:28 the turns and the collisions and no matter how challenging the situation and 26:33 how dark the days or dismal the hour you can always make life better the moment 26:40 you recognize that God is that work in the wreckage I want to speak to you on a 26:48 very simple topic as we begin to introduce you to this amazing teaching 26:54 on the DNA of destiny I want to introduce you to this particular series 27:01 with a simple message let the city burn 27:07 let the city burn let it burn don’t 27:13 matter whether you fly or whether you run or you walk or you creep or you 27:18 crawl just as long as when an end of a season has come you keep moving you’ve 27:27 got to be able to place one foot in front of another and trust God in the process trust God in the transitional 27:36 period because eventually you’re gonna collide with your best days which lies 27:41 just beyond the comfort zone and pain many people know about pain very people 27:50 a lot of people have suffered through pain people know about good times but 27:55 I’ve discovered something as I look back on life and as I studied the great movers and shakers and the molders of 28:04 history that there were moments where 28:10 they suffered great loss and some of the losses were so great that the average 28:16 person would have been wiped out for life they probably would not have bounced back these individuals had a 28:25 never never give up attitude they had something that the average person did 28:31 not have they had life strategies number two that had crises management 28:37 strategies but beyond the life strategies and crisis and management strategies they had something else that 28:45 a tool in their toolbox that all of us can benefit from they had transitional 28:51 strategies it was during that transition when they lost or they were betrayed or 29:01 they were undermine or sabotage they could have looked back and wish things 29:07 hadn’t happened but in the transitional period they refused to look back at what 29:14 was wishing that things had changed or people hadn’t changed the Hat vision 29:21 that vision determined what they were looking at determined their focus there 29:28 are so many people that are frozen in fear and they’re paralyzed and 29:34 immobilized because of something they have lost or who they had lost and they 29:40 become like Lot’s wife they turn into pillars of salt and turning into a 29:46 pillar of soul means that they are stopped they all left the city that 29:53 means that they were moving ahead but 29:58 they could not move on they were moving forward but they could not move on and 30:08 when you turn into a pillar of salt it means that life is happening but you can 30:15 past the pain what does it take to liberate a soul so that person can shake 30:24 themselves and say it is what it is in ank what it ain’t but I’m not gonna stay 30:30 here God has something better what does it take for a person to deal with and 30:38 face and overcome the points of pain and and and the the need to to panic and to 30:46 move into a realm of avoidance and what does it take to overcome loss and grief 30:53 what does it take one of the scriptures say in the Book of Isaiah 60:1 and I 31:00 love it it says the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has 31:05 anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek he has sent me to bind up the 31:11 brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to the captives and the opening of the 31:16 prisoners prison to them that are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of our 31:22 Lord the day of vengeance of a God to comfort all that mourn to appoint unto 31:28 them that mourn in Zion to give them beauty for Ashes it lets me know several 31:34 things this particular tax it lets me know that we are going to have seasons 31:41 and moments our broken heartedness someone is going to break our heart it 31:47 means that we’re gonna have moments where we are held captives we’re either captive how captive by a 31:54 drug or how captive by a relationship that we should have pronounced of 32:00 benediction on a long time ago but we were too afraid we would rather stay 32:06 with the abuse than to spend of two moments or a few months or a few years 32:11 by ourselves we would rather stay on a job that no longer brings us joy because 32:17 at least we could pay the bill we would rather stay in ministries that no longer 32:24 had the presence of God we would robbed keep what we have because at least we 32:30 know what we have we don’t know what we don’t have and most people are afraid to 32:36 move beyond something that is no longer working move the on a stage or a season in their 32:43 life when they know gone has pronounced a benediction upon it but they are 32:49 afraid to pronounce the benediction they’re afraid because other people 32:54 question their ability so they start questioning their own ability they look 33:00 around for individuals within their immediate sphere of influence for 33:05 someone that has been through and made it through and when they find that there is no one that that has made it through 33:12 they question whether or not God was going to bring them through they become 33:17 products of their environment they become subject to the hypnotic effect of 33:23 cultures and environments that undermine potential cultures an environment that 33:29 set you up to live lives of limitation to live with a lid on you to live with 33:37 living limitations and then some of those limitations are self-imposed they’re self-imposed even though they’re 33:45 not able to access and pinpoint the exact time when we lost our comforted 33:51 but someone stripped you of your confidence somebody in your family 33:56 somebody on the play feel someone talked about you someone laughed at you and 34:02 it’s there as as unresolved matters in the in the soul and in your heart and 34:09 it’s too painful for you to admit that you’ve outgrown it it’s too painful for 34:14 you to take an assessment of your life to ask yourself a very hard question and 34:22 that is do I like how I’m living do I like where I’m living do I like what I’m 34:28 feeling and and many of us don’t realize this that we have given our personal 34:34 power away to people and to situations and to circumstances but it’s time 34:40 for you to take your power back you don’t have to be held captive you don’t 34:46 have to be imprisoned God has sent the anointing to liberate 34:51 you for whom the Sun sets free is free indeed you are free emotionally you are free 34:59 psychologically you are free financially you are free relationally you are free 35:05 spiritually you are free emotionally and all the leads that you can put in this 35:11 conversation and sentence whom the Sun sets free is free indeed it’s time for 35:19 you to exercise your freedom your freedom to make a decision could things 35:24 be the way they are because you are the way you are and what one thing can you 35:30 change that can change everything the moment you understand that God has 35:35 something better and greater you can change your mind nothing about your life 35:40 has to remain the same the Bible said he has sent the anointing to proclaim the 35:47 acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all 35:53 that mourn why do people mourn people mourn because they have lost something 35:59 they’ve either lost a pet they’ve lost an opportunity they lost a job and the 36:05 Bible said to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty 36:11 for Ashes ashes is what remains after something has burned down here in our 36:18 tax we are introduced to the story of lot and Lot’s wife and this story is 36:25 layered when we think about Lot’s wife the Bible said that she was turned into 36:31 a pillar of salt in other words she could not move on life offered her an 36:37 opportunity hallelujah to change her life but because she kept looking back 36:43 her heart was in what she lost she would rather die in the ashes and not see God 36:51 at work in the wreckage God is at work in the wreckage of your life he is not only 36:58 gonna work in the daytime but God works the night shift to when things are at 37:05 his darkest and when you are at your worst God is working all things out 37:10 according to the counsel of his will when we look at this story Lot’s wife is 37:17 not the leading actor she’s a supporting actress but the small role that she plays is a significant 37:25 role because there is a lot wife in all of us for she Depak picked the contrast 37:32 between Abraham and a lot which represents life’s continuum on one 37:38 extreme you got Abraham an individual who is fully maximizing his potential on 37:45 the other end of like continuum you have lots of wife who represents people who 37:51 never maximizes their potential and right in the middle you have lot lot who 37:58 is settled and satisfied with living the life am idiocracy and talking about 38:04 living the life of mediocrity this is the type of world we live in and it’s 38:10 being translated to the body of Christ and the reason why so many people 38:16 complain is because they’re not accustomed to being in an environment 38:21 that demands excellence but I decree and declare that not only will you be 38:27 introduced into an environment that demands excellent you will demand 38:32 excellence of yourself this is the last season of mediocrity this is the last 38:39 season of living a life where anything goes que sera sera if it’s a mistake or 38:46 nobody’s gonna know this nobody may not notice but you should take notice of it 38:52 you wired for greatness you were not wired to live a life of mediocrity you were 38:59 wired to live a life of excellence you are gonna excel you are gonna excel 39:05 in ministry you were gonna excel in your calling you are gonna excel in your 39:10 workplace in fact let me prophesy over your life I decree and declare within 39:17 the next four years you are going to be amongst the best if not the best in of 39:22 your industry I decree today you are getting delivered of the spirit of MIDI 39:29 aquitine I decree you are raising the bar on your own performance I decree 39:35 that you are saying that if you then be risen with Christ you are seeking those 39:41 things which are above where you are living and how your performance will never ever get you to a place where you 39:49 are maximizing your potential potential is unrealized and unexpressed gifts and 39:58 talents and ability you know you could do better but the people around you are 40:04 satisfied with many aquitine and because they are satisfied with mediocrity 40:10 you will lowered your standard and the reason why you are lowering your standard is because you are pitching 40:17 with the wrong tribe you are with the tribe of individuals that don’t have 40:22 your DNA if they had your DNA they would say girl man you could do better 40:29 but because there is no one around you that is looking at you and speaking to 40:35 your potential and telling you you could do better you could live better you have accepted what the clutter of the common 40:43 folk have accepted but I decree it will not be said of you agree you are raising 40:50 the part you are gonna preach 41:04 you is being upgraded today it is not 41:12 your destiny to live like you’re living scratching where you don’t itch rubbing 41:19 Peter to pay Paul it is not your destiny 41:24 Lot’s wife depicts the people who don’t 41:31 want anything out of life and don’t expect anything out of life and they 41:38 don’t have anyone around them to help them to see that they could do better 41:44 and live better so they sit and they become pillars of salt you don’t want to 41:52 be like lot what you want to do is to gain a mental of Abraham you want to be 42:00 able to maximize your potential lot represents people who live mediocre 42:08 lives in the middle today you gotta 42:13 choose which part of the continuum and am I gonna live on the continuum of 42:20 those that are maximizing their potential or those that don’t care 42:28 they’re indifferent they never move on ten years from now they’re still talking 42:34 about and you know you have fake news they’re still talking about fake Church 42:40 hurt because they refuse to take responsibility for forming those 42:46 relationships in the beginning nobody wants to say oh that was my fault 42:54 I chose this relationship we always are looking for a reason why do we go out 43:01 from the responsibility of discharging our duties so we want to blame we want 43:09 to blame the pastor we want to blame the deacon we want to blame the sister in the second row we just we 43:17 learn to be escape artists we become like lot escaping from the 43:24 responsibility of climbing the mountain God was giving him the mountain but he 43:32 would have to expand the energy and there are so many people that have 43:37 opportunities that are given them but they don’t want to expand the energy it 43:44 might mean that you have to go back to school it might mean that you have to pray when other people are playing it 43:52 might mean that you have to fast when other people are feasting it might mean 43:59 that you have to walk alone it might mean that you have to give more it might 44:05 mean that you might not be able to show up at family reunion this year because 44:10 you’re expending your energy to write your vision and then bring that vision 44:15 to pass when catastrophe struck their lives 44:21 it took them into crises and we all know about crisis because we’ve all had 44:28 crises moments but crisis is not there to destroy you a crises provides the 44:35 impetus and the motivation for innovation it is a call to change the 44:41 way you do life and the most important challenge within the crisis will not be 44:49 for you to change the environment or change people but for you to change yourself and to reinvent yourself in the 44:57 process if you do this during a crisis moment see the crisis is an opportunity 45:05 to gain the motivation for reinvention or reinventing yourself your future self 45:14 is going to thank you when catastrophe strikes and life throws a curve ball 45:20 that rocks your world it instantly changes how you live and you could sit 45:27 there wishing things were different a wishing things were the same but you got to get rid of 45:34 your wishful thinking and your wishful thinking and you’ve got to engage you’ve 45:39 got to engage the treasure that is on the inside of you the treasure that’s on the inside of you 45:46 is the potential it’s the hidden seed of potential and potential is attached to 45:53 your destiny because it gives you an opportunity to recalibrate your paradigm 46:00 whenever there’s a crises it is a divine announcement that God is getting ready 46:06 to promote you God is getting ready to prosper you and should you accept the 46:12 challenge of looking within finding that place in prayer in and finding that 46:19 place where you are sitting quietly before the Lord there is a a place in 46:25 prayer a strategy in prayer kolchak wat Chuck what and that strategy of Jacques 46:33 wat the scripture says in quietness and confidence shall be your strength that 46:40 word shaq wat has the connotation of you sitting actively it is not you sitting 46:47 passively but it’s sitting actively where your spirit is alive and your mind 46:53 is open for God to give you a new strategy for the new season he is 46:59 bringing you in if God is taking you out of an old season I’m coming out of an 47:04 old season and if God is taking me out of an old season it means that I cannot 47:11 use the same strategy I used when I was coming out of an old season of the 47:16 previous season I’ve got to ask God what is the strategy for the new so God gave 47:23 me a strategy for this new season and it’s different from the last strategy which was different from the last 47:29 strategy God wants to upgrade you he wants to upgrade your prayer strategy we know we 47:36 know a wolf here we know decree and declaring but did you not know that 47:41 there is a dimension in prayer that is so empowering that that you don’t need 47:48 words but God begins to download his thoughts into your spirit until it 47:54 becomes your thoughts and it’s called shaquan it means to be quiet but 48:00 actively engaged in listening to be quiet but actively engage in listening 48:08 that were to quiet quiet comes from this word which has the connotation of a vine wrapping itself 48:17 around another source to extract life life from that source in other words 48:26 when you wrap yourself around the presence of God your source becomes God 48:36 it means that you no longer have to use your strength you’re relying on his 48:41 strength you don’t have to enter no longer rely on your wisdom you you have 48:46 his wisdom you no longer rely on your education you’ve got the mind of God and 48:52 this is what God said I know the thought I think towards you thoughts of good not 48:57 of evil to bring you to your expected end many for many many many lives people 49:04 when they’re in the midst of transition and they’re in the midst of catastrophe or crises many people begin to feel as 49:11 if their life is spiraling out of control but when your life spirals out of control it means that it’s out of 49:18 your control and now God is in control this is when most people’s faith and 49:24 courage begins to crumble we can never always be prepared though for crises we can never 49:31 always be prepared emotionally and spiritually we could never ever always 49:37 have the energy it needs to put our lives back together but it takes a supernatural empowerment it takes 49:44 supernatural enlightenment not only to trust God that all things will work 49:49 together for good but also it requires an extra dose of confidence that will remind you to 49:56 decree every single day I’m built to last I can do this I have what it takes 50:02 and he lives on the inside of me for greater is He that is in me than he that 50:08 is in the world my god sir shall supply all of the my needs according to his 50:13 riches in glory I have already overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony 50:18 one of the things the Philippians said it says being confident of this very 50:23 thing that he which has begun a good work will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ it means that the God that 50:31 you serve is more powerful than the condition that you in you are in whether 50:37 use senses and or not whether you feel his presence or not God is always at 50:43 work he is the Supreme God which with control over the entire universe and 50:49 everything in the universe God said the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness the earth and the world and 50:56 they that dwell therein God is absolute he has absolute universal supremacy and 51:04 it is revealed in Scripture in first chronicles 29 11 to 12 it says the I 51:10 know Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the 51:15 majesty for all in heaven and all in earth is dine dine is the kingdom of 51:21 Lord for Thou are exalted as head above all and thou reign is over all in other 51:28 words it didn’t matter what is going on you serve a god that is supreme over 51:34 every condition over every continent over every situation 2nd chronicles 20 51:41 and 6 says O Lord God of our fathers are not thou gone in heaven and rule it not 51:49 bow over all the kingdoms of the heathen and in thy hand is there not power and 51:55 might so that none not even the devil himself is able to withstand deemed that 52:01 means before him every president every Prime Minister every 52:07 poke every King every empower every Empire is less than a grasshopper you 52:14 serve a subrin god you serve an all-powerful God job 52:21 23 and 13 says but he is in one mind and who can turn him and what his sole 52:28 desire even that he doeth God is supreme he is the king of kings he is the lord 52:37 of Lord he is the own powerful God the scripture says this about God hallelujah 52:44 that he created the heavens and the earth and without him nothing in this world could exist in 52:51 other words he’s no make-believe monarch he is not a mere figment of your 52:57 imagination he’s gonna work in the midst of the rubble no matter what you have lost no 53:04 matter what is burning down no matter what you have suffered from you are 53:09 coming out that means that you can trust God even when you cannot trace God the 53:15 Bible said this that this would job said in job 42 verse 3 I know that those can 53:23 do everything and that no thorn of time can be hindered or in under translation 53:29 no purpose of yours can be frustrated in other words all that he designed he 53:35 created all that he decrees he delivers all that he promises he performs all 53:41 that he purposes he provides he said I will never leave you and I will never 53:46 forsake you you won’t really wear your emotions on your sleeves you will feel 53:52 it but your feelings and emotions will not control your decision-making process 53:58 I decree that his plans in your life can never be frustrated his power in your 54:06 life can never be stopped his blessings in your life can never be hindered his 54:12 miracles can never be prevented his favor can never be obstructed 54:18 I am degreeing and declaring no matter where you are no matter what you were 54:23 going through I decreed that the plans of God are gonna come to pass the power 54:28 of God is going to be demonstrated in the situation his blessings will not be 54:35 hindered his miracles will not be prevented you are coming out and as you 54:40 come out I decree and declare you will not be like Lot’s wife I decree you are 54:47 getting your passion back I decree you are getting your prayer back you are 54:52 getting your worship back you are getting your mojo back you are getting 54:58 up you are picking yourself up you are no longer gonna allow the devil to make 55:03 you feel like you’re a victim you can do it you’re gonna make it through you are coming out you are gonna go through God 55:10 has something better for you let bygones be bygones I know what it feels like to 55:17 be in the middle of a crisis I know what it feels like to feel as if I’m the only one there but in the midst of it I began 55:26 to decree and declare ain’t nobody like my Jehovah there’s no other God like 55:32 Jehovah God God you will make a way I began to decree and declare I’m coming 55:40 out I am The Queen and declaring you are coming out you are coming out of depression you are coming out of 55:47 disillusionment you are coming out of feeling sorry for yourself you are coming out of vengeance you are 55:54 coming out of heard you are coming out of pain you are going to feel like yourself again oh why because in the 56:01 midst of the wreckage God is working he’s working he’s working it out those 56:08 of you that had been divorce or going through a divorce those of you that have lost your job those of you that have 56:15 been sick those of you that have been penniless those of you that have been friendless those of you that have been 56:21 abused those of you that have been missing use those of you that have been abandoned I decree that this is 56:28 transition time and you are not gonna be like the children of Israel roaming 56:34 around in the wilderness for 40 years when God could have bought you out in a 56:40 fortnight you serve a great cause somebody is praying for you you’ve got to understand 56:47 how good god is at the pleasure of God the Red Sea was divided the earth opened 56:55 up his mouth do we see how God ordered the Raven to feed a prophet we see how 57:02 God caused the iron to swim on waters we see how God caused the Lions to be tamed 57:10 when Daniel was cast into the Lions Den we see how God quench the fire when the 57:16 three Hebrew boys were flung in the flame let the Lions come because when 57:22 God brings you out you’re gonna come out leading the pack when you come through 57:28 this fire when you come through this test when you come out you are not going 57:33 to look like what you’ve been through i decree and declare you are rising up and 57:39 you are coming out and you are not going to be stuck in this season any longer 57:45 shout I’m coming out let me wind this up 57:55 and bring this to a conclusion when people suffer loss when people are 58:03 discouraged when stuff happens and you don’t understand why 58:11 why did God have to burn down the city 58:16 he burned down the city to make sure that they had nothing to go back to 58:29 sometimes we’re tempted to go back to something a season that God delivered us 58:36 from so God will allow our crises it 58:41 would allow it so that when you look back you have nothing to go back to in 58:49 the midst of crisis there are three types of responses number one denial number two despair number three 58:58 paralysis people that deny they refuse to acknowledge the catastrophe so they 59:05 shut their eyes wishing things were gonna remain the same and then if they 59:11 could just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow they’ll find out it was just a nightmare 59:17 so denial takes refuge and distractions and wishful thinking’s and fantasies 59:23 you’re at about the three monkey theories monkey see no evil hear no evil 59:28 speak no evil that means evil is gone but you can’t cover your eyes cover your 59:34 ears and not talk about it that’s the denial crew number two there’s the 59:42 despair crew this is a despair those that become hopeless and helpless and 59:48 they sit in a depressed state and allow 59:53 depression to reign as king this is what happened to the psalmist when he writes 1:00:03 about vanity all is vanity and then there’s the despair crew that causes 1:00:11 emotional mental spiritual paralysis that’s Lot’s wife because she was 1:00:17 paralyzed she was immobilized she was shell-shocked she was like is this really happening 1:00:25 she began to focus on the past a lot of 1:00:30 times we have life-altering circumstances and events usually during that time it turns the average man and 1:00:38 woman into philosophers and theologians this is an act of God what kind of God 1:00:44 would let the innocent suffer God doesn’t love me why is God judging me but when you’re at 1:00:52 a point of hopelessness when you’re at a point of stagnation immobilisation when 1:01:00 you grow up around as if you’re lost in life and despair shot your inner ear and 1:01:09 make you jet death to the gentle wings of faith when despair turned you into a 1:01:15 weakling when despair turned you into a victim when it arrests your spirit you 1:01:21 got to remember but right there right in 1:01:26 that moment God is with you and though 1:01:32 you may not see the wisdom of God he’s gonna bring you through he will deliver 1:01:38 you when you’re frozen in fear when you’re stuck in pain when you’re 1:01:45 mentally emotionally and spiritually immobilized because when crises strike and the 1:01:54 winter season of your soul clouds your faith when it happens because of an 1:02:03 unexpected death or national catastrophe or social disruption or personal laws 1:02:12 like the loss of your child a lost of help or loss of a job a loss of marriage 1:02:17 a loss of reputation when you hit by a sickness or disease when there’s 1:02:24 devastation like the floods we experienced this year or the fires were 1:02:30 experiencing or funerals when you get get the wind knocked out of you 1:02:37 when everything that you built your life on goes up in smoke in the midst of it 1:02:48 God is going to be there transition is not the easiest thing when 1:02:56 a season comes to an end there are some seasons we want to end and there are 1:03:03 some seasons we want to hang on to I like a lot in his family why did you 1:03:10 have to burn our house and all that we had why but God had something greater 1:03:20 and God took on the responsibility to make a decision for him sometimes it 1:03:28 takes us waiting for a while until God reveals his plan to us but right in the 1:03:39 wreckage God is working you are not 1:03:44 alone when you feel everything is going up in smoke it is not time for you to 1:03:53 give up it’s time for you to transition into your next I father a god I thank 1:04:03 you for our next you ever selected something great more powerful and 1:04:10 everything must come to an end but sometimes it ends abruptly and 1:04:17 unexpectedly sometimes it knots to win out of us sometimes we don’t want it 1:04:24 pray we can’t pray we don’t know what to pray sometimes the people that once 1:04:30 loved us no longer loves us the people that we once relied on we can’t rely on 1:04:36 them any longer sometimes father we walk away believing 1:04:43 that this was you leading us only to find out that it was our flesh 1:04:49 some of us are here even now under the auspices of my voice that can sit here 1:04:58 with many regrets wishing that they had done something differently because if 1:05:05 they knew what they know now they could have done better it doesn’t help in the issue it doesn’t 1:05:11 help in the matter and so father I pray that your anointing will flood our souls 1:05:19 and it will wash our minds in our spirit every emotional attachment that we have 1:05:28 to something that is old that you have pronounced a benediction upon every 1:05:34 psychological attachment we separate in 1:05:39 the name of Jesus father that you will heal our memories that you would 1:05:45 download a vision for our lives so that we can face forward and move on you can 1:05:53 move on to something that is greater and move on with life in living we pronounce 1:05:59 a benediction on an old season and we welcome the new now unto Him is able to 1:06:06 do the exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think it’s according to the 1:06:12 power that works in us right now in Jesus name Amen amen 1:06:21 what an incredible start to this series are you excited to be here you’re a 1:06:27 first fruit and we’re excited that you’ve joined us from around the world you know as I listen to that message I 1:06:33 begin to think about my associations and who I’m connected to and and I believe 1:06:38 by way of the spirit that I’m seeing that many of you are going to be shifting associations God is moving some 1:06:45 people out of your life he’s making room for the right ones because who you’re connected with whoever has your ear 1:06:52 whoever you invest your time and that’s where your future lies that I begin to think of myself 1:06:58 my wife and we’re expecting our second child very soon and I begin to think 1:07:06 about DNA because that’s what this series is about the DNA of destiny where 1:07:12 where your seed goes your future goes we’re gonna have a little boy super 1:07:17 excited he has my DNA because he has my seed 1:07:22 where your investment is there is your future who you’re connected to there is 1:07:28 your future the creative power to frame your world is in in your seed and when 1:07:35 you connect when you partner with Cindy trim ministries the relationship through your financial offerings through 1:07:41 connecting to our initiatives like kingdoms school of ministry you begin to connect yourself with a DNA of this 1:07:48 ministry of this woman of God and I want to challenge you to connect to this 1:07:53 ministry on all levels and I believe that God will will radically transform 1:07:58 your life hit that give button now and connect partner with this ministry financially and see your seed go before 1:08:06 you and create a radical difference in your future we also want to encourage you to attend Kingdom school of ministry 1:08:14 I connected to to my DNA when I first attended Kingdom school of ministry over 1:08:19 10 years ago when I was 17 years old I knew that there was something different on the inside of me something that I 1:08:26 couldn’t explain and it wasn’t until I said under the teaching of dr. trim for over a week that that I finally was able 1:08:33 to articulate that gnawing feeling on the inside of you and I believe that there’s some people sitting at home and 1:08:40 you feel connected to this ministry and we want to invite you to register now for Kingdom school of ministry all the 1:08:47 information is there on your screen and we’ll be we’ll be glad to to help you and connect you to the to the the 1:08:54 next season of your life share this with all of your friends on social media and we’ll see you next time god bless 1:09:02 [Music]

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