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Robert asks…

Christian books For men struggling with faith?

I am looking for a book that I can read that will encourage my walk with Christ and stepping up to fulfill my role in the family. As a believer, I grew up in a Baptist church but has struggled with faith due to some bad members of my family church being hypercritical and judgmental of me. My wife and I have currently found a great church, but I have a hard time letting go. Are their any books you would recommend to a husband and father struggling with their faith? Or books that a husband and wife and read together about having a relationship with Christ? Any advice would help. Thanks in advance!!


Cee Harmon answers:

Hi Robert,

You can check out DeeperShopping.com they have over 100,000 Christian books and their customer support is excellent, they will definitely help you choose the right book.

Also, take a look at this featured video from DeeperShopping.com:

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