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Set Free From Fear and Anxiety – January 2019 – Andrew Wommack Video Newsletter #20

Video Transcript

Andrews ministry is expanding with his new headquarters building reaching out further with a gospel message but what about the people who work at his ministry people like Yeahmah Logan our Director of Human Resources who grew up in Liberia during a violent civil war leaving her separated from her family a year later she was found and eventually moved to the United States but as a McGrew into adulthood the enemy plagued her life with paralyzing fear and anxiety got to a place like this random day happened when I flew into a panic attack and I had never had that before and I scared me to death literally I was sitting down on my couch one day watching TV and this guy sitting down said on TV and he had been in peace the four years because at that time I had to believe for peace for the very next second because fear was about ruining and running my life I pulled up Andrew and everything was on there for free and I benched on Andrew and the first teaching I listened to was that the war was over and it was like oh god I’m mad at me and I could actually hear him and God began to speak to me during that time just believing what Andrew was saying that he did love me and that there was grace and he had a really great plans for me and so I said you know what I’m going to go to Bible College and so when I would come here and listen and Holy Spirit told me write things down I would take it home and so in that process the lies were broken off off of me i I mean I dropped so many fake identities and things and got to know the authentic me today Yama has been working for the ministry for six years where she helps equip andrew staff to send forth the same message that set her free and none of this would be possible without the support from our friends and partners to help one girl once paralyzed with fear to find the truth of God’s unconditional love and grace click on the link below and become a partner with us today

Get a look at how Andrew’s Director of HR was set free from years of tormenting fear and anxiety.

Become a partner HERE: https://www.awmi.net/give/

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