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I believe in miracles you [Music] I don’t have to tell you I don’t even have to recite you know that I believe in miracles and I feel sorry to the human being today who does not believe in a supernatural power of Almighty God we forget sometimes that God is still God Almighty and there is no such thing as failure with you oh good adequate is time today when I tell you that the name my guest is Sid Roth that’s surely in itself and so excited about it because this Roth is one of those wonderful young businessmen from Washington DC who has had this growth experience of knowing the Messiah in the forgiveness pieces Sid Roth first of all I want you to know how wonderful it is to have you as my guest today I’m privileged to have be leave me and to know that we’re related now there’ll be thousands of books who understand that somebody with a name like Kathryn Kuhlman and a man with a name like Sid Roth and they went around the world we could be related we belong the same family heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ Jesus that in itself is a miracle you know it well said the Washington Daily News classes you with the other very prominent young men in business in our nation’s capital as white-collar Jesus freaks I think the greatest compliment that they could pay you that was really how in the world did you ever get involved with Jesus Christ considering that I come from an Orthodox Jewish background I saw take more than a couple of seconds to give you an answer I know and you’re a very successful stockbroker in Washington DC you’ve been in this business for how many years well I’m 31 years old and I’ve been in a stock business about eight years and I’ve been in the business of Jesus Christ about one year when you’re old now and you’re a great success boat as a Christian and as a stock broker a very successful Christian and a very successful stockbroker well tell me all right get about your early trainee as an Orthodox Jew well coming from a family where my father is a deep believer in God he gave me the traditional background of training I went to skulk later Hebrew school I was Bar Mitzvah at 13 that’s when a Jewish boy becomes a man and my family was steeped and deep in the ritual and tradition of Judaism and I feel actually today I feel more Jewish than I’ve ever felt in my life because right now that’s all said please I feel the same way about a do coming and accepting net price of true Messiah you are a better deal than you have in your life abort right I believe that now I’m truly an Orthodox Jew I’ll hold you right weightless so do I so being brought up in an orthodox as an Orthodox Jew and how did you ever get involved well you know to me the Jewish religion as proud as I am of it it’s not today the way it started it’s not God centered it’s more man centered and I never felt for thirty years of my life a need or closeness or reality of God and today I do fortunately for me God knew my heart and he put me in a position you see up being a Salesman successful in sales I’ve read every book I’m positive thinking and I began to believe that the man the individual can do anything and so what God did is he backed me into a corner stripped me of everything he got me involved in the psychic world and I didn’t realize I was tying in with the devil when I was involved in astrology and in mind-control I got involved with that I was looking for power I found a power there I found that astrology isn’t fake it works the brilliant mind you have a mind that works very quickly it is you’d like to explore the unknown I was looking for power and I found it let me tell you about some of the things that I was able to do and I’m not saying that I’m bragging I’m trying to explain it to you I was able to open up a dictionary and ask myself a specific question and just turn at random and point to a word and I’d have an exact answer to my question I was able to close my eyes and you someone would give me the name of someone I’d never heard of before and I could describe them and tell you what was wrong with them physically and I thought that this power was really tremendous I began to be able to impose my will on people then all of a sudden within me a feeling said where is the power coming from and I went to the instructor that taught me the course and I said where’s the power coming from and he didn’t know so he sent me to the instructor for the Oval eastcoast for this particular course and I asked him the same question and he wasn’t able to answer my question and I remember at the time I had met a lot of born-again Christians and they started tell me about Deuteronomy 18 in which the Lord Jesus Christ forbids having anything to do with this sort of activity and I asked him about it at the time and he said to me said the only evil is in your mind that’s the only hang-up there’s no such thing as the devil and I walked away from that man not being completely satisfied because the loi told me what it wasn’t he didn’t tell me what it was he didn’t tell me who I was tied into and then he was like nah Jesus Christ he’s you know he knew how cuz it was being a Jew to get to me and I praise him for what he did time after time little things like I go to my car and find a tract about Jesus just happened to be laying nearby there I quit I quit my job in this search for power and I decided to hang up my own shingle to go into the investment business for myself and because I had this great ability why should I work for someone else and the first fellow I bumped into says said I’ve got an extra office a secretary a desk I’ll let you have it at no charge until you get on your feet telephone would you like it sure you know this this was my mind I felt it was God turns out this fellow though he was in the computer business was a born-again Christian had prayer meetings their morning noon and night more born-again Christians were walking in and out of those doors holding prayer meetings for me fasting for me you know it I didn’t know it and I and the thing is this is how beautiful that God works I had nothing to do with this this was God laying it on their heart to brave for me and then God had a few other things happen within the occult to me for instance I remember one day I was in a seance type meeting and I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden I saw something come out of my body and it was me and I told the lady next to me and she says oh that’s terrific that’s your astral soul that has just come out of your body but be very careful because sometimes when you knew at this your astral soul won’t find its way back into your body and this scared the heck out of me and then the next day next day I talked to someone and they said by the way said and you know this is a completely different person they say if this astral soul of yours comes out of your body while your it was explained to me that while you’re sleeping your astral soul goes out of your body and you don’t even know this and so now here my soul is going out of my body I don’t know it I may wake up and my soul won’t be back in and I’m really worried at this point and then I get a hold of a book which the Lord gave to me I went into a bookstore to get some books on psychic phenomena and I saw one book called the Bible the Jew and the supernatural didn’t know a thing about it but you know I was interested in I was Jewish on in Supernatural so I started reading this book and it talks about Brian Epstein by the Beatles and a number of other prominent Jews that have lost their lives the reason being they fooled with the occult because it’s a sin for anyone to fool what the occult but it’s a greater sin for a Jew to fool with it and you know we’re so prone to do this being Jews looking for power and not having had it for 2,000 years because we we didn’t realize that Jesus Christ was our Messiah but anyway these things kept happening I read this book and it described it was sort of like God when you break into the occult there’s a manhole cover and you can take one step over that manhole cover and get into the supernatural world but the only way back is straight down into hell and I remember all of these things happening to man I came home at night I had a mezuzah that’s a Jewish thing with the Torah in it around my neck I had a Bible which I’d gotten by that point I put that under my pillow I said to my wife who was born Baptist and converted to Judaism I knew she knew more about God knighted say a prayer for me so so I had the Jewish guide I had her saying a prayer to Jesus I had the Bible until I was afraid to close my eyes because of the fear of this thing about my soul leaving that God did this now looking back it’s you know I can laugh and joke at it but it was a very serious thing and I all though I didn’t say it with my mouth with my heart I say God you’re the only one I can turn to and you know something he was there he was there and praise God so many beautiful things have been happening since I’ve invited them into my heart what was your experience that moment that new birthday experience it was the most real thing in the world do you Jesus Christ is as real to me as you are sitting right opposite me and you know the thing I want to emphasize is I had because I guess I was Jewish and he just kind of hit me over the head over and over and over and I’d like to tell my story because he did I want to emphasize the point that the Bible says the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which is a tiny tiny little seed and you take Jesus Christ which is this tiny little seed and you put them into your heart and you feed them with the word and he’ll grow just like that acorn isn’t an oak tree instantaneously Jesus Christ doesn’t grow instantaneously he grows on faith and I know for my own personal experience from the experience of many of my friends that if you’ll invite him into your heart he’s on the outside it’s sort of like you driving an automobile you know and he has a difficult time driving your car from the outside but he can do it because he’s got look what he did to my life but you know when you invite them inside that automobile you know what happens it’s a heck of a lot easier for him and that’s where he wants to go and why I’m just so grateful to him and I feel like I can’t do him enough justice for what he’s done for me do you know that this is a very successful stockbroker who’s talking this is a businessman from our nation’s capital a successful book but sit it’s real it’s now it has been something the past if Jesus now this wonderful relationship now that this is what’s so exciting in other words like I’m telling you what happened a year ago but you know if I can’t tell you what happened yesterday or the day before two days ago I’m in serious trouble with God because he’s so real every single day he influences my life just a couple days ago I was giving a talk at a junior college for mutual funds this was an adult education class and the professor was a client of mine he said said I know where you stand with God don’t don’t give anything about God during this time because it’s a school you know and I said okay these are the ground rules fine but I wore a little pin that said PTL and the very last question from the from the students was what is PTL stand for it phrase God you know he planted that question and I said well the professor has said I cannot comment on this until after class however anyone that’s interested in staying I’m going to tell you about the most important thing in my life and ten students stayed and I talked for about an hour about PTL which is praise the Lord and two people accepted Jesus Christ one was Jewish and I it’s just this is Jesus Christ now you see I I had nothing whatsoever to do it there’s a matter of fact that particular Monday night I was asked to talk at a church for a bunch of Christians that most of them were not born again and not going through this experience that I’m talking about and I really wanted to go to that church more than talking about investments and I was trying to figure out some way in my mind to get out of that talk but you see how beautiful God is instead of me doing my will God block me I could get out of that talk for anything I had to give that talk into Souls came to Jesus Christ your mother’s attitude about all this well either an understanding a mother is a mother yes there’s an understanding but when it comes to Judaism there’s something ingrained they saw it’s a shame that so many people think of Christianity in the light of what it really isn’t in other words when you read the Bible and find out what a Christian is you know most of the things that have gone on for the last hundred years in the name of Christianity really aren’t I’ve got a cousin that was was in Germany when Hitler was there and she had twin children and she the Gestapo took one of the children and threw him out the window and died and in her mind this is Christianity this is the Christians did it they don’t understand a lot of people take the title Christian but they’re none unless you’re born again and know Jesus Christ it doesn’t matter where you’re born doesn’t matter what you’re born in a Jewish home or a Christian home it’s a new birth it’s a brand new experience and if you haven’t had it you haven’t you haven’t had life you have you haven’t experienced anything as the businessmen in that article they’re all very very successful and money just can’t buy what I’m talking about and most people can I can’t put it in words you have to experience Jesus Christ tell them to come into your heart and take over your life the scripture says flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my father which is in heaven it’s a spiritual revelation it’s not the intellect yeah you you depended on the intellect for so long videos that’s right you’re a brilliant young man just from very short time that I have had an association with you Sid Roth your ability demand you’ve always known that you had its ability when it would come to the mind and you suck everything through the mind but you don’t get this experience to the mind gotta approach the kingdom of heaven like a child it’s a heart is it changed you completely well my wife says you’re not the man that I’m married I’m a completely new person and I praised by the way because I didn’t care for the he look Sid Roth and your new the old Sid Rowse better than anyone else that’s it every prisoner has delivered himself and kick you and I would be amazed but a mask most folk covering the real prisoner there that’s what’s so beautiful about Jesus you don’t have to cover up you don’t even have to direct because he becomes your Lord he just takes this hunk of dust which he created and he tells us what to do he’s my boss and he’s boy he’s doing such a beautiful job and run in my life I wouldn’t want to take it over again for anything he’s look at this here’s a Jewish boy that knew nothing about Jesus Christ you know the only thing I knew about Jesus Christ i read a ripley’s believe it or not book and it said Jesus Christ was a Jew and I remember going to my parents with that and saying is that true and I got so mad Jews today don’t know about Jesus Christ they don’t know about the scriptures in the Old Testament the Bible says the scriptures say the Jews will have spiritual scales over their eyes and it’s unfortunate now you see I had an excuse although I had an Orthodox training I never read the scriptures I never searched them I knew the Bible stories and things of that nature but I never searched them now I’m searching them I’m reading the Old Testament and page after page is nothing more than prophecy about Jesus Christ it’s all God’s Word the Old Testament the New Testament and if a Jew if a Christian if anyone will just search the Scriptures its life what does they say in John in the beginning was the word and he was with God and he was God and the word became flesh well this is God this is God and if someone will just read it they’ll experience that new birth it’s a very personal type thing it’s it’s between you and God it’s not between you Sid Roth or you Kathryn Kuhlman and God you can go directly to God by reading his word and the last few people that have come to know Jesus Christ that I had a chance to testify to came to Christ from only one way I gave them enough and seeing what the changes occurred to me to want to read the word and when they read the word they met Jesus Christ and Sid Roth good day you’re a better dude than you have ever been in your life I like to use the term completed – yes you and I are members of the same family same Heavenly Father the same Messiah the same wonderful Holy Spirit how better can we tell you I sit here so deeply moved by the words Sid Roth his book he has told you better than I have the ability to tell and yet neither one of us can tell it as the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you whether you’re Jew or Gentile jesus said you must be born he must be there’s no other way Jesus is all these dentists he was a very similar God the cruel Messiah won’t you judge now whether you’re kneeling whether you’re seated just look up just a little child come to you miss did rod came to him and just look up and say dear Jesus I want to know you and that one is experiences I want peace of mind and peace of soul please come into my simple so simple your tape of skills from of your high you’ll know him in we have attained necklace is an example but the very person of the son of God you Messiah when you know you’re like that then you yes [Music] you

Classic Sid Roth interview when he appeared on Kathryn Kuhlman’s television program, “I Believe in Miracles” in 1972.  At the time, he was a prominent young businessman in Washington D.C.  A newspaper in D.C. classified him and others as white-collar “Jesus Freaks”.

Kathryn Kuhlman called him a great success both as a Christian and a stockbroker. Roth came from an Orthodox Jewish background. After a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ, he accepted Jesus as the true Jewish Messiah.

About Sid Roth

Sid Roth, a former stockbroker for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home.  After receiving Jesus Christ as his savior, Roth launched a ministry called “Messianic Vision” and a nationally syndicated radio broadcast in 1977.

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural is a Christian television show hosted by Sid Roth that began airing in 1996. In 2013, Roth launched ISN (It’s Supernatural! Network), a 24/7 online network that streams episodes of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! and other content produced by the ministry and its partners for free in high-definition.


Sid Roth on the Set of It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth on the Set of It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org


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Sid Roth - Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations Book

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