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Elevate Christian Network | Ministry Outreach TV

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV Show: Sid’s three guests – David Herzog, Kathie Walters, and Julie Meyer—have all walked in the Glory for many years and are forerunners of the next move of God’s Spirit. When you are covered with the Glory, the Fullness of God’s Presence comes. No weapon formed against you (sickness, lack or family problems) can prosper!

About Sid Roth

Sid’s goal was to be a millionaire by age 30.  By 29, he had graduated college, was married, was the father of one daughter, and was an account executive for Merrill Lynch. Although he had a wonderful life and career, he felt like a failure because he was not a millionaire yet.

He eventually left his family and went searching for happiness.  He was introduced to Jesus as his savior by a Christian businessman.  Jesus Christ delivered Sid from his fear and desperation.

Messianic Vision Radio Program

In 1977 Sid Roth started a ministry and nationally syndicated radio broadcast called “Messianic Vision”.  In 1996 Sid began airing a television program named, It’s Supernatural! Each week on this television program, Sid investigates and reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God.

At the end of each program, he tells viewers how they can achieve this intimacy with the living God.  Sid’s ministry continues to conduct Jewish evangelistic outreaches throughout the world, including the former Soviet Union and Israel.  Their It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) is now available free on every smartphone, tablet, and computer in HD throughout the world.


Sid Roth - Its Supernatural

Sid Roth, a Jewish believer in Jesus, hosts It’s Supernatural! TV. He has spent years investigating the supernatural of God. | Image courtesy: sidroth.org

  •  For the latest updates, news, and information, visit them online at:  http://sidroth.org



Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Network (ISN) Channel



Photo Gallery

Sid Roth on the Set of It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth on the Set of It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



Sid Roth Interviews Richard Roberts - It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth Interviews Richard Roberts – It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



Sid Roth Interviews LaDonna Taylor - Sid Roth It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth Interviews LaDonna Taylor – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



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It’s Supernatural! deals with subjects that most shy away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural, biblical viewpoint that the secular networks do not understand. And at the end of each program, host, Sid Roth, tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with God…

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural | Facebook

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. 772,778 likes · 77475 talking about this. Mentoring Bible believers around the world to experience the miraculous! | What is the Glory of God? It is the Presence or Goodness of God that comes UPON a believer for a specific purpose. How is it different from the anointing? The anointing usually comes from the Holy Spirit WITHIN us. In other words, it’s an “inside job.” There is cooperation between a believer and God. This is why many people are healed by the anointing when we lay on our hands and the anointing flows from WITHIN us to heal them…

Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! – Daystar Television

Watch Sid Roth online videos – live on Daystar Television. View the schedule here. | For the first time at my evangelistic meetings, after seeing an awesome display of instant miracles, 100% publicly proclaimed Jesus as their Savior and Lord! Since there were many believers also in attendance, the Glory of God moved everyone—believers and unsaved Jews alike— to want to repent of their sins…

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Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” 2021 prophecy helps you get closer to God. Inspirational stories, real-life events, and famous guests are key components of his show’s success. History of the show of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Sid Roth grew up in a traditional Jewish family but initially chose a path unrelated to religion…

Sid Roth’s Testimony | Interviewed by Isik Abla on ISN

  • Isik Abla interviews It’s Supernatural’s Sid Roth about his conversion from a Jewish believer to a Christian sold out for Jesus! As a Muslim background believer, she is uniquely positioned, knowing the culture, language, and social norms, to authentically and relationally share the good news of Jesus Christ to Muslims.


Supernatural Healing (Book) by Sid Roth & Linda Josef

Supernatural Healing Book by Sid Roth

“After over thirty-five years of investigating miracles, I do not have all the answers only God does. But of this I am sure. God is good. God is love. God wants to develop intimacy with you. God wants you to be healed more than you want your healing. God is not confined to formulas.

Yeshua (Jesus) healed people in many different ways. I believe that God will use one or more ideas in this book to build your faith for healing and that the healing anointing will splash off the pages as you read these testimonies.” –Sid Roth | Learn more…


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