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Sid Roth It’s Supernatural Network (ISN) Channel | Messianic Vision Radio Program – Charlotte, North Carolina

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Sid Roth It’s Supernatural TV Show: Sid’s three guests – David Herzog, Kathie Walters and Julie Meyer—have all walked in the Glory for many years and are forerunners of the next move of God’s Spirit. When you are covered with the Glory, the Fullness of God’s Presence comes. No weapon formed against you (sickness, lack or family problems) can prosper!

About Sid Roth

Sid’s goal was to be a millionaire by age 30.  By 29, he had graduated college, was married, was the father of one daughter, and was an account executive for Merrill Lynch. Although he had a wonderful life and career, he felt like a failure because he was not a millionaire yet.

He eventually left his family and went searching for happiness.  He was introduced to Jesus as his savior by a Christian businessman.  Jesus Christ delivered Sid from his fear and desperation.

Messianic Vision Radio Program

In 1977 Sid Roth started a ministry and nationally syndicated radio broadcast called “Messianic Vision”.  In 1996 Sid began airing a television program named, It’s Supernatural! Each week on this television program, Sid investigates and reports on people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God.

At the end of each program, he tells viewers how they can achieve this intimacy with the living God.  Sid’s ministry continues to conduct Jewish evangelistic outreaches throughout the world, including the former Soviet Union and Israel.  Their It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) is now available free on every smartphone, tablet and computer in HD throughout the world.


Sid Roth - Its Supernatural

Sid Roth, a Jewish believer in Jesus, hosts It’s Supernatural! TV. He has spent years investigating the supernatural of God. | Image courtesy: sidroth.org

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Sid Roth It’s Supernatural Network (ISN) Channel



Photo Gallery

Sid Roth on the Set of It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth on the Set of It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



Sid Roth Interviews Richard Roberts - It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth Interviews Richard Roberts – It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



Sid Roth Interviews LaDonna Taylor - Sid Roth It's Supernatural TV Show

Sid Roth Interviews LaDonna Taylor – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image: sidroth.org



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Sid Roth’s Testimony | Interviewed by Isik Abla on ISN

Video Transcript

are you hungry [Music] maybe you are sitting here today and you’re saying I need the transformation because I don’t wanna be stuck in this place now this is a biggest harvest time [Music] hello dear friends welcome to embracing new life I am a shoe cobbler and I am so excited to be with you today there are people watching right now this broadcast from Afghanistan from Lebanon from Yemen all people are welcome this is also dream church dream church is God’s dream all colors all nations all denominations you guys are welcome here and I just love you it love God and today I have a very very special guest I feel like a kid in a candy store and I just want to tell you that today is a special day for you and if this is the first time first time you are watching this program it is not an accident there are no Exodus is God’s book there are divine appointments and this is an appointment for you because God wants to change your life and he wants to show his supernatural power in your life thank you so much for poetry today oh it’s my pleasure and then I’ll tell you what you’re gonna get me excited because I just want you to know you impacted my life you impacted my belief system because I didn’t know Supernature until I started really watching your problems and my luncheons so I want to thank you for that well I’ll tell you what if you know what and you do know my story my whole life I was interested in the supernatural but I didn’t realize that the supernatural is based on power and some supernatural is from God and some supernatural is from the devil most people don’t even believe in supernatural period but then many people don’t know the difference but I am so excited like you and oh does this this happened over 40 years ago this encounter that I had I’m I’m Jewish my parents are Jewish in fact I did a DNA and they traced me all the way back to the tribe of Judah Wow and they actually had DNA from a woman that was that was buried and they from the tribe of Judah and the last thing in the world I mean I relate to Muslims and the reason I do is Muslims and Jews have a lot in common we both believe in Jesus but not it’s the Son of God that’s right and so therefore and I understand totally how a Muslim thinks because see I I think there is such a closeness between Muslims and Jews I was telling you before we got on the air I met a man that is the top DNA expert in the world and he started taking DNA’s of Palestinians and this is what he said he has never taken a DNA of a Palestinian unless they were born in Egypt that was the only exception that was not originally Jewish Wow so it’s not so it’s like it’s Jews versus Jews but you know what it’s not Jewish it’s not Muslim it’s knowing God and I found something interesting and it’s changed my thinking in the original language of the New Testament it was written in Greek and what I found is Jesus said something different than in the translations he said this is eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge of me and how many Muslims how many Jews how many Christians have experience how many pastors and Imams and rabbis how many have experiential knowledge of God and I found out something else many things and Muslims and Jews they’re literally afraid of God and they’ve never ever experienced the love of God and but I want I wanted to take you back a wall in my family of the story on both sides they’re Jewish have much to the upset of the rabbi’s it’s out both your parents Jewish yeah this DNA wanted so badly to prove I wasn’t Jewish and he said so I said okay what did it show I mean I knew what it would show he wanted to show that because he’s Jewish oh and he doesn’t like the fact that I believe that Jesus is the Messiah see I believe and I think anyone watching will agree with me right now I believe that there’s only one God for the whole world and I I don’t believe there’s a god for the Muslims of God for the Christians of God for the Jews I don’t believe in three guys I believe in one God and there’s one God who is the same for the Muslims and for the Jews and for the Christians but just as there’s only one God I believe there isn’t a messiah for the Muslims a messiah for the Christians and a messiah the one God one Messiah and you know what think about if there’s more than one God or more than one Messiah how will we ever have peace and we do know a day is coming which one I peace anyway I remember as a young kid my parents were athletes there their sport you might have heard of it poker yes out every night playing poker this was their sport huh that was their spoken so I was home alone one night and I remember like a little kid maybe seven eight years old six seven and I figure if I say something long enough my parents will come back so I would say I wish they’d come back I wish they’d come back this I was lonely and and they were out playing at their sport and poker and a question popped in my head I I don’t even know where it came from I do today sure but the question was what happens when you die and I thought in my mind because we didn’t talk about dad Judaism’s lehayim to life well you know kids don’t talk about death so what happened so what does a kid in your imagination so I figured well if I die I cease to exist so then in my imagination I tried to figure out what life would be like if I cease to exist and I tried to as a kid try to imagine and it was so objectionable I did the only intelligent thing I could do I blocked it out from my mind for many many years so I like to say I blink my eyes a few times and I graduated college I blink my eyes a few times I was married with a child I blink my eyes a few times I had I was a stock broker for the largest stock brokerage firm in the world I blinked my eyes a few times and I was 29 years of age unhappily married unhappy with job just miserable and my goal in life was to become a millionaire before I was 30 and here I’m 29 so I did something I’m not proud of I left my wife I left my daughter I left my job just looking for happiness and you know what it’s a big world out there a famous rabbi said if a blind man follows another blind man won’t they both fall in a ditch I tried I got married young so I thought well maybe the singles bars yes you know the loneliest people on earth go to those bars yes the loneliest people are a little sparse right yeah and and so I I said well maybe if I go into business for myself I won’t be a millionaire by thirty but so I started my own company and one of my salesmen came in one day and said said I have a friend that just took an Eastern meditation course and he knows things so I thought wow if I could know things knowing what I know about the stock market I then could become a millionaire and then I’d be happy well you know what money doesn’t buy happiness how much if you have a billion dollars in the bank and your wife has run off with your best friend what good is money if you have a billion dollars in the bank and your children are out on the streets selling their bodies what good is money if you have a billion dollars in the bank and you’re addicted to drugs what good is that money you no fool and his money is quickly separated so the most important things in life you know you know you have a billion dollars and the doctor says you have a tumor in the brain that’s malignant and they can’t operate what good is money so the most important things in life money can’t buy but I didn’t know it at the time I was dumb and and so I took this this course that this friend told me about and I invited they called it a counselor inside of me to answer my questions so spirit the Bible calls it a familiar spirit so I started knowing things and I was happy initially some good things started happening to me a man came into my office and said sit if you ever want to start your own company I will give you a free office free secretary free telephone because we’ve observed you and we like you I thought boy this power I have it’s growing it’s wonderful yes but I didn’t realize this guy had a power of his own he was what was called a born-again christian hali God spoke to him and said you see that that Jewish guy that pathetic guy that doesn’t know his left hand from his right hand I want you to offer him that free office so he’ll come in a sanctified place and they were praying for me round the clock and I remember one day they got so upset with me one one of the one of the owners of the company that offered me the free space said Sid do you know you’re involved in spiritual adultery I said what yes what are you talking about he said yeah in your own Bible in Deuteronomy the 18th chapter it says those are involved in communicating with spirits with with the dead psychics witchcraft fortune-telling is an abomination to God now I’d messed up my marriage I wasn’t divorced I’ve separated I’d messed up my relationship with my wife with my child with my job and now I’m messing up my relationship with my god that’s right and I’ve got everything so I’ve decided I’ll just stop using these psychic powers because the Bible says it’s an abomination and maybe I’ll read the Bible a little bit so I started doing that and I got a hold of a book it was called it was perfect for me that you the Bible and the supernatural I’m Jewish I’m starting to read the Bible and I’m into the supernatural but I thought it was a new age book but it wasn’t a Christian wrote it and he listed thing of famous Jewish people I’d heard of them that dabbled in the New Age just dabbled in it and they lost their lives and the point this author made was it’s an abomination for anyone to be involved in the new age and I wasn’t looking for God I wanted out yes just I had opened the door and I wanted to close and I’ll tell you what I was fearful I was afraid but who does that you go to if I went to Rabbi he’d send me to a psychiatrist that’s right doctor I’m hearing voices I don’t wanted to even imagine what he would do and then because of this asked of projection I was afraid I would leave my body and not make it back in time and just awful thoughts and I was I felt I was loosing my mind I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore and I don’t know if you can relate to this but I was a positive thinker but I had too much I couldn’t handle it I reached my point and I feel like right now we are speaking to so many people because I know that a lot of people they say they believe in God okay God is somewhere on a shelf maybe in your Bible maybe something else that you are reading but also you are doing other stuff witchcraft you know all this superstition in your life palm reading you know medium spirits I have done I have tried so many of these things listen there’s super nature and there’s super nature supernatural means doesn’t mean that it is always it is from God and it is the true Holy Spirit of God so today I just want you to pay very close attention because I know that there will be people repenting through this program and asking Jesus Christ to watch them it is blood and born-again I keep those Devils the most out of yourself and renounce renounce what we have done in the past so please tell us how did you get delivered hi I had I had nowhere to go except my friends had told me there is a greater power in the name of the Messiah Jesus then there is in this thing that was evil I knew it was evil and was inside of me I just wanted out now I had seen Dracula movies and in Dracula movies you take a big cross you hold it up to Dracula and he runs away or the devil well I’m Jew I’m not gonna hold the cross up so I went out and I got a mezuzah which is Scripture and a little tube and it was silver and I had it and I put it around my neck I figured that would protect me I then took a Bible I put it under my pillow so you’re doing everything both ways everything and and I have nothing you know what if you are sinking in the ocean you don’t care who throws your rope I’ll grab I’ll grab anyone you just throw it throw me a rope I’m dying and I was dying and so on the worst night of my life it was too hard and I prayed a two-word prayer but it was sincere I mean I was desperate and this is not a prayer a Jew would pray yes and my prayer was to worked Jesus help and I went to bed and I really hoped I didn’t wake up life was too difficult but I did wake up and when I woke up the whole room was charged with a presence and I I couldn’t put my finger on it and then all of a sudden I realized that was so fearful I didn’t want to live but all the fear was gone way to go it’s no fear nothing I just felt loved and that was that was what see most people don’t know this but God is love if you know there’s a healthy respect for God by God is pure love and he came into my bedroom and I had a knowing I knew that Jesus was the one Messiah for the whole world for Jews and Muslims everyone and I also knew I for the first time in my life I heard the voice of God and you know you know what God said he said I hate divorce return to your wife and daughter and do you know that my marriage was restored I got my daughter back I didn’t I’ve been married now only God could have restored that marriage but God said I hate to vote I didn’t know that was in the Prophet Malachi he’s gay and God used those words and you know she was surprised that you were changed well she was raised Christian Baptist did not know Jesus she just was taken to church you know and so she was a she said I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist just in case there’s a god I’m an agnostic I’m just not sure and she was so dedicated to making the marriage work that she put up with me and after a few years she started reading the predictions in the Bible and you see a lot of people say well I don’t know if the Bible’s from God only people that say that are the ones that haven’t read it because there are so many predictions in the Bible that have come true I’ll just tell you one the Prophet Zechariah says the Messiah would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver yes and it would be throwing to the Potter did you know that Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and the money was used to bury him in the potter’s field I mean and this was written hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth I read to my author Orthodox Jewish father a chapter from the Bible it’s the 53rd chapter of the prophet Isaiah and when I finished reading it my father said stop your reading about Jesus that was the last thing my father wanted to believe Isaiah 53 Isaiah 50 it was written 800 years before Jesus came to earth and it describes him to the point that an Orthodox Jew when read it would say you’re talking about Jesus and this I can tell you I can assure you that if what happened to me some 40-plus years ago it was a one-time experience today I would deny my faith but I have what the Bible says is possible for everyone I have experiential knowledge of God minute by minute it’s not something that happened 40 years ago it’s every man I have seen every miracle that Jesus did and I also know that we’re at a time of God’s mercy on planet Earth and many many Muslims many Muslims are having dreams in which Jesus is coming to them and revealing himself and I would ask you that are watching to do two things the first thing is this you can do this you should do I want you to say a prayer and ask God to give you a dream about the truth now that has to be an honest prayer the most honest prayer you could pray so repeat after me dear God show me the truth about Jesus show it to me in a dream and I can tell you if you’re like me going down in that ocean I’m sent throwing a rope to you right now and I can promise you this if you take the first step God will run and put his arm around you and you say but said you don’t know the awful things I’ve done in my life I’ll match you I’ve done just as bad maybe worse but I can tell you this the reason God sent his Messiah Jesus was to die for your mistakes I mean most people won’t die for someone they love but you didn’t even know him and he came and he died in your place and by his blood your sins are washed away so I want you to say if you really want to know God I mean no games you really want to know God repeat this prayer after me out loud dear God I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’m so sorry I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my mistakes and unclean and just as the Bible says that our heart is so deceitful and lies to us I need a new heart give me a new heart of love give me experiential knowledge of you I need your love I need your help I make Jesus my Lord live inside of me amen thank you so much you heard a wonderful powerful testimony and right now I just want to ask you maybe you are being tormented maybe you are living your life in misery miserable because you have no God living inside of you you need to call Messiah into your heart you need to call a savior into your heart and his name is Jesus Christ and I just want to invite you today likes it said just ask him show yourself to me I want to know you and maybe you are drowning today and you need the Savior you need that cure in your life to heal you and show his supernatural power in your life today and we are inviting it together ex-muslim to enjoy that who receive Yeshua HaMashiach sees Lord and Savior we are telling you today this Paul in the name of Jesus thank you so much for being with me today somewhere in Turkey God found a Muslim woman who would one day help him change the world we had everything you can imagine but peace joy love and I turned more to Islam I wanted to learn about my god because I told that if I found God he could answer my prayers he could change my circumstances I went to a Korean course when I was 12 years old and that Quran course planted a lot of evil seeds in my heart is a 12 year old girl I was sold out in my heart to jihad I wanted to kill and die in the name of Allah and then I met this guy he was a fanatical Muslim we got married when I was a teenager another type of misery started he put a knife on my throat and I was prostrate on the floor begging him for my life that was the time that I decided to leave him so I was dreaming freedom and I said I am going to go to America and soon after I went into another relationship with a drug abuser and it led to another torment in my life I was 28 years old divorced twice single mother in depression there was a voice in my head life is not worth living and I went to work and I started planning my suicides I went to the restroom I started having a disclosure with God and I said to him why have you forsaken me why have you abandoned me and then I clean my face and I went back to my seat then my boss called me to his office and he said I have never done this before my Lord Jesus spoke to me he wants me to tell you you are not forsaken nor about he wants me to ask you right now would you want to accept him as your Lord and Savior and I fell on my face to the floor and I started weeping yes Jesus yes and that was it one yes brought me into the kingdom of God one yes change my life this program is made possible by friends and partners of isik abla ministries if you’d like to support our ministry please go to our website at isikabla.com [Music]


Sid Roth Message: “There Must Be Something More | Gateway Church TV

Video Transcript

I’m gonna tell you a secret you can sit down and stand up you can stand on your head or whatever you want to do now where the Spirit is Lord there’s Liberty that’s where my Bible says where the Spirit is Lord there is Liberty there’s freedom another translation for the same word I don’t know if you can feel what I can feel but there’s something special going on tonight something very special why I’m here I’m just looking for my clock how does that work okay okay I’m just I’m just passing on trade secrets I don’t have any secret – oh you haven’t said it yet now I see that the fall I mean I really want to do the right thing you know I do Holy Spirit please let me look up no I just got back from Odesa Ukraine and tonight reminds me a little bit of odesa and let me tell you why several reasons just before we had a Jewish evangelistic lecture on the supernatural hob it started pouring torrential rain then after the rain came the hail sounds like a Bible story to me if the rain came the hail now this was a normal hail this was golf ball-sized hail I mean stacking up Joel was with me and he said it was literally dangerous here to Doug Fir dump recover now this happened just before the evangelistic meeting that we had scheduled so we didn’t know how many people would show up but you know something there is a hot potater among people that were chosen by God to fulfill their destiny by preaching the good news to the Gentiles a lot of people don’t know this you know what the call of the Gentile is many of you think oh I wish Syd would talk to my Jewish friends not my call so I do it because you’re not doing your call but that’s another story you know what your call is Romans 11:11 salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy that your call now start doing your call I’ll do mine no my call is I’m not been called to the Gentiles that’s my call it’s in writing it’s in Scripture your call is to reach Jew my call a bigger market my corrilesa strength allows such a deal so anyway I had things happen on this trip to adesso I’d never seen before never experienced before Odessa as far as I’m concerned has an open heaven and this is what I know I know when I first became a Jewish believe in the Messiah there was an open heaven it was the charismatic movement and then and we started a messianic congregation I hadn’t even read the New Testament the way we had services every week but here’s what happened I knew nothing except Yeshua was real that’s all I knew but you know what that’s all you have to know you don’t have to know a whole lot you just have to know that he’s real and every week Jewish people would come to know the Messiah then we got educated and it slowed down but I’m not making this up Jill it’s too good to make up so I’m minding my own business in my hotel room the night before the event and I look up and there’s a woman in my bedroom my wife’s not here so I can tell you this story well if she was there I couldn’t tell the story they’d understand but it wasn’t a person it was the spirit and it was a witch now I know these things happen but I just never looked up before it’s always in my bedroom I mean I could recognize her I could know who she was and she was spying on me so we had this hailstorm out of the blue we had a witch in my bedroom how could it get worse it did the person hosting us 61 years old weightlifter athlete perfect health a few days before the event kills over and goes to heaven and moat and he was an apostle and most of the people that were the leaders of all the congregations he had in Ukraine we’re devastated so I mean everything was sabotage but you know what with the hail and the torrents of rain we had a thousand people in the auditorium of which I believe it was all but 60 who were 60 from the group all but 60 we’re mostly you know by the way the reason I can say they’re mostly Jewish people that don’t know the Messiah so des is a very unusual area every other person Odessa has Jewish ancestry so we know at least fifty percent Jewish but aa ten weeks before the event we passed out flyers you see a lot of ministries operate in the supernatural and by the way I might as well make this announcement now can I figure your clock yes I could okay I might as well make this announcement now some point I can’t tell you when there’s going to be a move of God’s Spirit here tonight oh and when this happens whatever you want is yours something I mean there was so much resistance on this meeting I usually operate in what is known as words of knowledge from God at the start of a service to grab the attention of those that don’t know the Messiah so that they would be receptive to the message that I share but I didn’t get any words till near the end but boy when they came they came we got reports from a few people because we follow up on these people we have a number of congregations that follow up on those that make professions of faith one person can was in an auto accident as I just found out the first three that they check check what they were healed this person was in an auto accident their eyesight was getting worse all the time every day worse worse they could only see a little bit in front of them they were mostly blind just a tiny bit if you’re right in their face would you believe she walked out of that auditorium it’s so perfect now these are Jewish people they don’t know the Messiah remember and usually I operate in words of knowledge before I even share about the Messiah because otherwise they won’t listen to my sharing about the Messiah that’s what the words of knowledge were designed for as God’s advertisement I also know this have you ever read about the spiritual scales on the eyes of my Jewish people and I am Jewish by the way for those who don’t know me have you ever read about the spiritual scales on the eyes of Jewish people partial blindness has happened to Israel at spiritual scales until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in I know how to get rid of spiritual scales and I’m going to share this secret with everyone everywhere one miracle removes the spiritual scales that’s simple it’s that simple now you have the miracles in Ukraine somehow or in Israel or any of the places I do this around the world sometimes as high as 70 percent of these Jewish people that don’t know the Messiah get physically healed not through a healing line where I put my hands and pray for them but just sovereignly by God in your seat and that’s what’s going to happen here tonight another person that this in this and by the way Oh once they say professions of faith I say okay now your hands are holy you know what King David told us to do lift holy hands to God but there was a woman there who couldn’t raise her hands because there was something wrong with her body she wasn’t able to raise her hands when I said lift your holy hands to God her hands went up another person couldn’t speak they had something on their tongue and guess why when that Roman for the Spirit of God hid her tongue guys loosed and she could speak clearly you know I am more amazed than anyone else when this happens I’ve got nothing to do with it all I do is that I’m a good Jewish reporter I report on what the Holy Spirit tells me he’s doing as a matter of fact some people are being healed right now and this is I saw this earlier in the melt and gums whatever you need some of you may I know this is kind of upset your theology but maybe it needs to be upset see what normal is normal is the Bible if it’s in the Bible I don’t care if I’ve ever experienced it it doesn’t matter flat doesn’t matter every word of God is true every promise of God is for me and for you everything in that you say I don’t I don’t hear prophecies why do you have to hear properties you’ve got a whole book of prophecies everything in there you know what the Messiah said you’ll do the same works I have done and even greater now the blind could see the death could hear the lame could walk the dead were raised what is this greater business there’s a profit that I knew that’s now in heaven his name’s Bob Jones and Bob had the glory of God on him and when he would walk into a restaurant people would fall out of their chairs he didn’t have a microphone he didn’t hype anything he just walked five and they fall out of his chair people would come running up to him and say what must I do to have my sins its own for they’d run up to him what was the last time someone ran up to you and asked you that question he had a secret the glory of God it was the manifest presence of God was so strong on Bob that all these things would happen and one day the glory sought it wasn’t on him anymore and he said lord I don’t want to live I mean I know what it is the hard way and I know what it is the easy way I like the easy way walking in the glory of God do you realize when that glory of God is there there’s no sickness no demon they can live in your presence no worry no barrier nothing when that glory is there and then it lifted just as it had come suddenly it lifted you said I don’t want to I don’t want to even live well God solved it to heaven live but God told him that they were glory of the degree that was on him had lifted from the earth but it was coming back you know what year it was coming back he’s not here now but I know what year this year this year this year he said a billion souls were gonna become to know the Messiah when the glory of God returns why I’m wondering if your feeling would hum feel there is such other you know it must be Pentecost must be shoveled well so I saw teeth being healed gums being healed backs being healed next thing he’ll ears the opening of pain of all kind leaving of carpal tunnel pain and your wrist pain in your fingers pain in your shoulder now my Bible makes it real clear faith without a corresponding action is dead but the truth of the matter is you don’t even need faith on the word of knowledge that’s a freebie you don’t even need is how many want to receive the healing right now the others you need to show your arms paid for so you can raise them what’s the matter with you Swiss cheese what are you I mean I know it’s like okay here’s what you do I’m going to count I stand up if you want to be healed right now you don’t want to be healed sit down put your hands like this and I’ll give you a lemon no I’m going to counter now by the way shovel we go but we go back to Moses in the Ten Commandments Mount Sinai God comes as a fire you know what happened on Pentecost according to Acts chapter 2 God came as a fire same deal would it be great if God comes as a fire tonight now there was a sound at shovel when Moses that mud son I got the tank Commandments you know was it sounded like a continuous shofar was you know what Pentecost it was a sound it was a wind and everyone could hear that wind there’s something about sound that releases the presence of God it’s a supernatural phenomena it happened it’s evolved it happened at Pentecost it’s a sound from heaven what would happen if you just walked through the Red Sea as if it was dry land what kind of sound would come out of your mouth how grateful would you be how happy would you be how how ecstatic would you be if you had just left slavery walk through the water the redead sea is if it was dry land and all your enemies so that’s what I would do I think I would do that I mean come on thank you lord thank you thank you Messiah thank you thank you thank you oh thank you lord thank you Father Oh now here’s what I want you to do I want you to you weren’t that loud you were almost that loud for me and hey I might give you another chance God’s a God of mercy I only have how many minutes left No okay you know what what if God were to tell you right now every bad thing you’ve ever done in your entire life he has no remembrance up forward thank you thank you Father thank you for that new forgetting that new beginning lord thank you Father thank you what if God were to say bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits I’ve forgiven all of your sins and I have hailed all of your things oh good now here’s what I want you guys to do some of you have conditions that you’re not going to know like high blood pressure heart trouble diabetes things like that until it’s tested but some of you have conditions that you will know because it’s a pain involved and the pain is gone here’s what I want you to do I’m going to count to three I want you to worship God one more time with the Scheldt with the Scheldt that’s what you’re doing you’re worshiping God with the shell and I want you to shout and then jump I doesn’t have to be high just have to jump I mean III do have mercy it’s hard to tell but I do okay one I no no no that such a suck-up cuz you have to follow instructions I say I was going to count to three at least I think I did I may still be on a desperate time high now remember three no one to marry hearts good medicine you’re really going to get healed okay one and what you’re going to do when I say that number I don’t want to say that because you’re liable to you know you know what I mean but when I say that the second one and then the next number you know what that is but when I say that I want you to have a shout of victory I want the walls of the things that are pushing you down that are stopping you from accomplishing your destiny that are stopping your loved ones from knowing the Messiah I want you to shout the walls down and then and jump and then one last thing test your body if it’s possible here’s what I mean you have a neck ache that’s testing you have a back ache that’s testing you have a bad hip you have a leg that’s a little stick still running ten like your Pentecostal tonight one what comes in tow are you ready happiness three [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh Oh Oh Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] test test your body now test your body see if yo if any pain that you had it’s going test statistic what for okay now if you tested your body and by the way I didn’t tell you they estimated 60% were healed and Odessa Jewish people that don’t know the Messiah and until the end of the meeting and then the same thing happened in Odessa that happened with the Holocaust survivors when I was with you they all need professions of faith then it wasn’t Pentecost but they got filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in Supernatural languages and raised holy hands to God what more can you ask for now are you testing yourself and by the way don’t give up some people when they walk out the building the healing manifest you know what I mean but I’m going to tell you something now if you had something wrong like a pain or something you know not if I big thing but because it’s manifested test it in tested again by the way you know will happen if you test it again no but maybe you’ll be hit at that time I mean it doesn’t cost to test try it you’ll like it okay if you had something wrong in your body and you know it’s better because the symptom is gone raise your hand and keep it up for a minute hi hi hi hi hi you’re looking around looking around what’s going on hi come on you can do it higher now please be seated oh isn’t that good they removed the clock no I’m looking to wrong watch oh [Applause] you want me to get in trouble with God I promise okay so here’s what happened to me when I was a young kid a thought coming from a traditional Jewish home I thought popped in my head and the thought was it’s really a five six year old kid should not have popped in my head I don’t know how these things pop in my head I went pop no the thought was this what happens when you die now Judaism lehayim to life not to death we don’t talk about that especially a young kid I don’t know where the thought came from and I did the only intelligent thing I could do because I thought you just cease to exist but I didn’t know Judaism says different the prophet daniel says those that are bare even the dust no reincarnation sorry folks and there’s some go to everlasting life and some to everlasting condemnation either or there’s no in-between everlasting sounds like a long time to me so if your names in the book of life anyway I didn’t know any of this stuff so I did the only intelligent thing a six-year-old can do I blocks it from my mind for many years there’s whatever was in me that was life I didn’t want it snuffed out I mean what would this wou be like without me I was a joke it’s okay so this I didn’t think about death till many years later I put my eyes a few times I graduated college I blink my eyes a few times I wrote a songwriter I’ll tell you my favorite song that I wrote there must be something more the words went like this there must be something more because I eat sleep there must be something more there’s got to be a work eat sleep work eat sleep working sleep there’s got to be something more to life than all of this see people don’t know this but someone’s that’s an artist or songwriter musician or even a speaker they speak a lot of what’s going on inside of themselves and create what’s going on inside of themselves then my heart was reaching out now I was taught by a one-eyed monster who discipled me and what life was really like called television and this one-eyed monster taught me if I became very wealthy a millionaire by thirty I would so I think buys a few more times I’m married I blink my eyes a few more times I have a wonderful job with life what life the time largest stock brokerage firm in the world I blink my eyes a few more times and I’m 29 and I’m kind of practical and pragmatic I’m not going to be a mega millionaire by 30 and this one-eyed monster told me if I had money I could be happy I’d lied to me what good is money if you have a tumor in the brain and you have weeks to live what good is all the money in the world or what good is all the money in the world if your kids are out on the streets selling their bodies as prostitutes for drugs what good is all the money in the world if your wife or your husband runs off with your best friend no the most important things in life and money cannot purchase it can the most important thing see this gray hair I know the most important things in life money cannot purchase so I did something I’m not proud of I left my wife and daughter and I went searching for happiness but it’s a big world out there if you don’t know what you’re looking for famous rabbi said if a blind man leads another blind man they’ll both fall into a ditch and so I found a ditch wasn’t difficult and the ditch I found it was something called new age or a cult and I took a meditation course I waited they said a counselor the Bible says demon into myself and started telling me things that I didn’t know in my natural mind and I got very excited I said huh see here’s my logic I now know things about the future I can invest in the market and I can become a millionaire and the one-eyed monster was correct I can be happy while I lie this power started growing I didn’t realize it was controlling me I thought I was controlling it and I reached the end of my rope whole series of circumstances occurred in my life one after another and I knew the thing inside of Musa evil I didn’t want God I just wanted out but I didn’t know what to do I mean what’s a Jewish person that’s here hearing voices that go to my rabbi he’ll send me to psych itis you know the number one profession for suicides in America no that’s another story anyway I had nowhere to go I go to my parents they give their life for me they couldn’t help me there’s no way I could go I bumped into some Christian friends and he said there’s a greater power in the name of Jesus and what’s happening to you and so I didn’t want to die remember the little boy that uh what happens when you die I didn’t want to die but life was too hard I don’t know if any of you can relate to that life was too difficult I think some of you can so I I didn’t have a cross around my neck because I’m Jewish I had a mezuzah around my neck of silver mezuzah I’d seen the Dracula movie sometimes silver cross or silver mezuzah I don’t know I had that head I had a Bible I put it under my pillow and I prayed a two-word prayer wasn’t a Billy Graham special but it was special the two-word prayer was Jesus help and I went to bed and I didn’t care whether I lived or died this is true story and then I experienced the glory of God when I woke up my whole room was filled with liquid love I’d never experienced that my whole life if you had paid me a million dollars to be fearful I would not have taken your money but before I went to bed that night I was so fearful I didn’t want to live then I heard the voice of God he said returned he said I didn’t even know this was in the scriptures Malachi I hate divorce return to your wife and daughter joy and others have I celebrated 50 years three years of marriage but this is I wonder what that means zero zeros it does office you know I’m gonna wrap up evangelists are allowed to wrap up with okay good I’m glad you understand the banjos even if you’re a teacher know so I found out God said the Jewish prophet Jeremiah says behold the days come in which I so make a new covenant with the house of Israel in the house of Jacob not according to the Covenant I made with their forefathers which they violated anyway but this is the Covenant I shall make with you I’ll do three things that I never did under the Mosaic Covenant number one I’ll be in number two I God will remember your sins no more under Mosaic Covenant our sins recovered and then every Yom Kippur we had to have our sins covered and covered and covered covered but not forgotten not by us not by God just covered under this new covenant God says I’ll remember them no more you could be the worst prostitute in Dallas but if you have told God your side that’s called repentance and believe that the Passover blood of the Lamb washed away your sins Lamb of God Messiah Yeshua God says I will remember your sins no more and the third thing I mean it just keeps getting better the third thing of this Brit hadashah this new covenant God says you will know me most Christians don’t know this most Christians think all I have to do is believe in them now the whole purpose of life for Jews and Christians for all humanity is having spirit that this was says in the original language and agree yeshua jesus said this is eternal life that you might have experience of knowledge of me experiential knowledge not intellectual knowledge experiential knowledge why don’t you have it you Swiss cheese what’s the matter with you you have not because you ask have you ever asked to have your own experience your knowledge with God I’ve got good news for you when this glory hits planet Earth those that are hungry and thirsting for righteousness right now if you’re hungry and thirsting for righteousness right now you will be filled it’s a promise it’s a promise I want to say a prayer some of you your friends brought you some of you your enemies brought you I don’t know I want to say a prayer with you right now I want everyone that wants to have experiential knowledge of God know that their sins are remembered no more and that the Messiah of Israel lives inside of you first part is he’s already made this move he’s waiting on you when every woman say this corporate shovel prayer over you right now stand up hmm you see how many people were healed here pretty cool I think it’s cool I think it’s me but here’s what’s the neatest of all I has not seen and ear has not heard of what God has in store for you this year but God’s doing something about really special in the mouth area right now started started with that I think I’m going to end with it I want you to say this prayer you don’t have to muster up a lot of faith to get from God he’s giving it to you everyone has a measure of this thing called faith so say this and mean it to the best of your ability if you’ve never said this prayer before I tell you the same thing that happened to me will happen with you if what occurred over 45 years ago to me happened 45 years ago I begin to doubt I’m telling you the truth I begin to doubt it but I walk with God every day it’s the most exciting light in the world you’re created to do that so stop looking back stop thinking stinking thinking start thinking new creation thinking you have the creator of the universe some of you already and some will in a minute living inside so I want you to look at me now I’m looking at you so I want you to look at me now and I want you to say this prayer and mean it held very important a loud sound sound is very important so heavenly sound all of heaven is going to have your attention when you say this out there dear God I’ve committed many sins [Music] most I don’t even know about but those that I know about I’m sorry for I believe the blood of Messiah Yeshua has washed away all of my sins and unclean it’s so good to be clean and now I ask you Messiah Yeshua to be lord over my life to live inside of me and fill me with your spirit lift totally hands to God you might get your healing now live totally hands to God their holy by the way look at your hands they’re holy the holy holy your hands are holy your hands your hands your hands are holy because Messiah of Israel lives inside it and I want you to tell them how much you love him you just ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit you might have missed it but you did so you have a supernatural language if you’ve spoken in the super language natural language before speak it now if you’ve never spoken it speak it out it’s not coming from your intellect it’s coming from your spirit which Yeshua said out of your innermost belly that’s where your spirit is will flow rivers of living water if I’m a hobo ha ha ha ha oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what’s the President of speaking in tongues 2,000 years ago Pentecost ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha oh ha ha ha ha give you a trade secret when I start laughing in the spirit same thing that Jesus said I say it is finished paid in full [Music] [Applause]


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