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Video Transcript

0:01 Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. 0:02 Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. 0:06 I’m in the most supernatural land in the world, Jerusalem, 0:11 Israel, the place that Jesus came at his first appearance, 0:16 the place that Jesus is about ready to return, and the most 0:21 important thing for you to know is you can have yourself 0:26 experiential knowledge with God. 0:30 God wants you to have experiential knowledge. 0:33 And my guest is supernaturally equipped by God to help you 0:39 not just have experiential knowledge with God, 0:42 but she operates in what is known 0:45 as creative miracles, Katherine Ruonala. 0:51 I’m going to tell you something. 0:52 Get ready for your experience with the Living God. 0:58 Is there a supernatural dimension? 1:02 A world beyond the one we know? 1:07 Is there life after death? 1:12 Do angels exist? 1:15 Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? 1:21 Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? 1:27 Are healing miracles real? 1:30 Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of 1:35 the supernatural. 1:38 Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural. 1:48 You know the Wuest’s translation of the Bible says, “This is 1:52 eternal life that you might have experiential knowledge 1:57 of the Messiah.” 1:59 Katherine, I don’t know how it happened, but at 12, 2:02 your heart said, I’ve got to have more than religion. 2:08 What did you pray? 2:09 Katherine: You know, I believe you need to be, 2:11 we need to be real with God. 2:13 And I was at a youth camp. 2:14 Everyone was worshiping God, lifting their hands, 2:17 and I just got real with him. 2:19 I said, “Lord, I believe in you, but I can’t see you and I don’t 2:23 know you, and it’s really hard to worship somebody 2:25 I can’t see and I don’t know.” 2:27 And I just said, help, and you know, right there in the middle 2:31 of worship the Lord made himself real to me. 2:34 I can’t explain it any other way than I was blind but now I see. 2:38 He made himself real and from that day on I was different. 2:42 Sid: But you know, Katherine, many times people have an 2:47 experience with God, but then they get sabotaged along the 2:51 way, called life. 2:53 It’s like the devil knows something good is in your future 2:56 and he tries to sabotage you. 2:58 So the first two people that Katherine prays for that are 3:02 dying from cancer, what happened to them? 3:05 Katherine: Sid, both of them died. 3:08 And I tell you, I was so discouraged. 3:11 I actually thought, you know, Lord, I love you, but I think 3:14 I’m going to put this miracle healing thing in the too hard 3:18 basket because it didn’t seem to, it seemed to be 3:20 too risky to me. 3:22 Sid: Besides that, you know what, you can get by 3:25 without the supernatural. 3:27 Katherine: Yes. 3:28 Sid: The words she said is true. 3:29 It’s too risky and most of you don’t understand the definition 3:33 of biblical faith is spelled R-I-S-K, risk. 3:39 Katherine: That is so true. It’s so true. 3:40 But you know, as I was just putting this whole thing in 3:43 the too hard basket, suddenly I had a vision. 3:46 It was an open vision and the Lord spoke to me, and he said, 3:51 “Katherine, you must believe.” 3:54 You know, God’s ways are better than our ways and he said, 3:58 “Lay hands on the sick and you’ll see them recover. 4:00 Heal the sick.” 4:01 And this was the way Jesus did it. 4:04 He performed miracles and people then 4:07 would listen as he told them the Good News. 4:09 Sid: You know, this may be hard for you and maybe hard for you 4:13 to believe, but when I first started praying for people, 4:18 I had met Kathryn Kuhlman, I saw all these miracles, 4:21 do you know the first at least 200 people 4:24 I prayed for no one was healed, no one. 4:28 One person died on me. 4:31 The elders of the congregation said, “I don’t like the way Sid 4:35 is praying for so many people.” 4:36 But something in me would not give up. 4:39 Katherine: Well you know, I believe if you don’t change 4:40 the subject, if you don’t quit, you win. 4:43 And now we have seen so many people with cancer, 4:46 incurable diseases healed. 4:48 Sid: But this is ridiculous. 4:50 Let me explain something to you. 4:51 Jesus said, “You’ll do the same things I have done 4:53 and even greater.” 4:55 You told me that you absolutely expect God to heal at least one 5:00 deaf person when you speak. 5:03 You really have to have faith. 5:04 Katherine: Absolutely. Well you know, the Holy Spirit, 5:07 it’s the Holy Spirit who does it. 5:09 And pretty much every town I go into one of the first miracles 5:13 he does is someone with a completely deaf ear gets 5:16 their ear open. 5:17 Sid: All right, what about something really amazing 5:20 like someone with no ear drum? 5:23 How do you get someone healed with no ear drum? 5:25 Katherine: I’ve seen four. 5:26 Sid: Tell me one. Tell me about one. 5:28 Katherine: Four of those. 5:29 Just recently in South Korea we had two people, one lady was 5:33 born without an ear drum, instantly got 5:36 her hearing restored. 5:38 Another lady at the age of six had had a terrible infection 5:42 that didn’t get treated and her ear drum was completely 5:45 deformed and damaged. She had no hearing whatsoever. 5:50 The doctors had just confirmed she has perfectly 5:53 formed ear drum. She instantly heard. 5:56 God does this and then as soon as people can recognize, wow, 6:00 that person couldn’t hear, now they can, they release their 6:03 faith and amazing miracles happen without hands even 6:05 being laid on. 6:07 Sid: Now you teach that worship is the key to everything in life 6:14 to the supernatural, to miracles, to solving family 6:18 problems, to solving financial problems, just living this life 6:22 in this crazy thing called life. 6:24 Why is this worship so important to you? 6:28 Katherine: Well you know, how do you trust somebody 6:31 you don’t know? 6:32 When you know him, when you know how good he is and how much 6:36 he loves us then it’s easy to trust him. 6:39 Because I know him, because I know his love for me, 6:43 his love for people, because I know his will is to bring life 6:47 and healing then I’m not putting my trust in a concept 6:51 or an intellectual idea or even a theology. 6:54 My trust is in somebody I know, God himself. 6:59 Sid: When we come back I want to find out how you were 7:03 baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. 7:09 We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural. 9:16 We now return to It’s Supernatural. 9:21 Sid: Katherine, a word, when I think about you I think about 9:24 two things. 9:25 I think about miracles and someone that has such 9:30 intimacy with God that the miracles are natural. 9:34 To you, what does intimacy with God mean? 9:39 Katherine: You know, the Bible talks about us becoming 9:41 one with him. 9:43 Because of the cross we have the privilege of actually being one 9:47 with him and his desire, the joy that was set before him was that 9:51 we would fellowship with him. 9:53 That is we could be real with him, talk with him and hear what 9:58 he’s saying, and tell him everything that’s going on in 10:00 our hearts. 10:01 You know, I believe if we learn how to really lean on him and 10:05 not try to work out things with our own understanding, but to 10:08 lean on him, to involve him in every aspect of our lives then 10:13 he makes our path straight. 10:16 And I tell you what, Christ in us, he has big dreams. 10:19 Sid: You know something that I’m, from the people I interview 10:23 and my study of the Bible, of course, there’s something called 10:27 being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues or 10:31 supernatural languages. 10:33 But I hear so little and yet when I interview people that 10:38 move in extraordinary miracles they have had what the Bible 10:42 calls a baptism of fire. 10:45 Tell me about the time you had a baptism of fire. 10:48 Katherine: Well you know, I would read people like Maria 10:52 Woodworth-Etter and John G. Lake, 10:54 and Smith Wigglesworth, and their experiences with the 10:56 baptism of the Holy Spirit. 10:58 And I used to think to myself maybe I missed something. 11:02 I received the gift of tongues when I was about 13, 11:05 and I’d pray in tongues, and that’s powerful. 11:08 But I wasn’t doing the stuff that they were doing, 11:12 and I thought what have I missed. 11:14 And I began to think, well Lord, you said you were going to come 11:17 and baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire. 11:21 So I just began to press in and contend with God, saying, Lord, 11:25 I want a baptism of fire. 11:28 And I tell you, God just began to do such a deep work 11:32 on my life. 11:32 I was forever changed and his power now, 11:36 he manifests himself in amazing miracles. 11:39 Sid: Describe a specific moment in your history and 11:44 what happened with this baptism in fire. 11:47 Katherine: Well I used to go and rent videos, when I was mom with 11:51 little kids, of people who moved in miracles. 11:54 I’d watch Kathryn Kuhlman and different ones. 11:56 And one day the video bus man that I was renting these videos 12:00 from, he prayed for me. 12:02 And as I walked off the bus I got in the car and suddenly the 12:06 power of God came on me in such an amazing way. 12:10 I shook and I laughed, and I cried, and you know, 12:14 from that moment on things have been different. 12:18 The Lord, he comes with such power and such holy boldness, 12:22 and I believe that’s what the baptism of fire is. 12:24 Sid: Now out of curiosity, were you always as bold 12:27 as you are now? 12:28 Katherine: Sid, I was one of the most self-conscious and insecure 12:33 people that you could have met, but it’s the 12:36 perfect love of God. 12:37 It’s in intimacy with him that his love casts out fear. 12:41 You see, if we’re not receiving what we need from him we’re 12:45 going to be trying to get it from everybody else. 12:47 We’re going to be looking at them and trying to get them to 12:49 make us feel better. 12:51 We’ll be afraid to do things in case we don’t get our needs for 12:55 affirmation met. 12:56 But when you’re receiving daily from the one who speaks to you 13:01 and loves you more than you can absolutely even emotionally 13:05 handle, his desire is to fill you to overflowing so that when 13:11 you are interacting with people you’re no longer needing 13:14 something from them. 13:16 You’re overflowing with a love that empowers you and 13:19 casts out fear. 13:20 Sid: You know, I’m reminded of a worldly saying: 13:24 You’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good. 13:28 I call that a lie. 13:31 Katherine: I think it’s ridiculous. 13:32 Sid: If you become so heavenly minded that’s the only way you 13:36 can be earthly good. 13:38 Katherine: Well I think unless you are then you’re conscious 13:40 about yourself. 13:41 But if you are absolutely caught up with this one who loves you 13:46 more than life, and I pray from Ephesians 3. 13:49 There’s a prayer in there that I pray: Lord, that you would 13:53 strengthen me with might so I could understand and know the 13:57 love of God that passes knowledge. 13:59 I need supernatural strength to actually handle that amount of 14:03 love that he wants to give me. 14:05 And as I receive that, that’s what empowers me to no longer be 14:11 worried about myself and I get to see what he wants. 14:15 I get to hear his heart and I am empowered to be as he is in the 14:21 earth, which is really exciting. 14:23 Sid: You recently got back from Nicaragua. 14:26 Tell me, I mean, that is a country with needs. 14:29 What happened? 14:30 Katherine: It was a very big meeting where many, 14:33 many people came. 14:35 They gave out free tickets to the prostitutes of the city and 14:37 we saw such astounding miracles. 14:41 I mean, the first miracle we did was open a deaf ear and then 14:46 after that, suddenly the faith in the room was so high. 14:49 I began to call out words of knowledge. 14:51 There was a lady who had a tumor on her neck, another lady with a 14:55 brain tumor who walked in unable to walk properly because of the 15:00 tumor, someone with a leg significantly shorter than the 15:04 other to the point that she had to hem her pants. 15:07 I gave these words of knowledge not knowing anything about any 15:10 of them being there, and they all came up and testified that 15:13 the tumor on the neck had disappeared. 15:17 The lady who couldn’t walk because of the brain tumor ran 15:19 up the stairs to testify. 15:22 The other lady got down and showed us how her leg had grown 15:25 out and she was now able to walk properly. 15:28 Sid: And what I find is when people start saying God is 15:31 moving and God is not a respecter of persons, 15:35 that means that if he’ll do it for one person, 15:37 he’ll do it for everyone. 15:39 I’ll tell you what, when we come back I want you to pray 15:43 for two things. 15:44 I want you to pray for miracles and I want you to pray for the 15:49 most important thing. 15:52 To God it’s the most important thing that you yourself have 15:58 your own intimacy with God because it is from this intimacy 16:04 that the Messiah says all things are possible. 16:09 So don’t you tell me, “but”. 16:11 I tell you God says all things are possible. 16:15 We’ll be right back. 16:49 We now return to It’s Supernatural. 16:54 Sid: You know, Katherine Ruonala is known for having 16:58 intimacy with God. 16:59 Katherine, if there’s one thing that you can help us with to 17:05 achieve this intimacy with God, what is the key? 17:08 Katherine: You know, I believe it is fellowship with God 17:11 through worship, through a life of worship. 17:13 And worship is, I used to think of it as this strange conduct. 17:16 Why would God want us to tell him how good he was 17:18 all the time? 17:19 But actually, worship is a Divine embrace. 17:23 It’s like when I was a young mom and my little kids would see me 17:28 when I came home, they’d put their arms up and go, 17:30 “Up Mommy, up!” 17:31 And I couldn’t resist. 17:33 I’d want to scoop them up. 17:34 And you know what, that’s what worship is like for us. 17:36 We come to God and we say, “Up, Daddy! Help!” 17:40 And he runs towards us, scoops us up, and just as we love on 17:45 him, he loves on us, and he tells us we have to pray for 17:48 supernatural help to handle how much love he wants to give us. 17:52 Sid: Well is worship an event such as singing to God or is it 17:58 a lifestyle for you? 17:59 Katherine: For me, worship is an absolutely lifestyle. 18:02 It’s not just singing. 18:03 It is actually living in adoration to God. 18:07 Everything, the whole of creation is our invitation to 18:12 respond to God in worship, to have fellowship with him and 18:16 that’s where joy comes from. 18:18 You could live joyful knowing that he loves you. 18:21 Sid: You know, I believe if it didn’t release miracles, if it 18:24 didn’t release favor, if it didn’t release healing, if it 18:28 didn’t release solving family problems you would live a life 18:32 of worship anyway. 18:33 Katherine: There’s nothing, nothing more glorious. 18:36 We were created for worship. 18:38 Sid: Would you worship God just for a moment. 18:41 I want to watch you worship God. 18:43 Would you? 18:43 Katherine: You know, I believe even as we talk about him we are 18:46 worshiping him. 18:47 The Holy Spirit, he leads us in revelation knowledge of him and 18:51 then God manifests himself through us. 18:55 As we are communing with him we get to manifest him. 18:59 Sid: I feel his presence as you’re talking about him 19:02 right now. 19:04 Tell me a few miracles that have happened. 19:07 Katherine: You know, I believe that as we live this lifestyle 19:10 of intimacy with God, God wants to show himself strong. 19:13 We had a couple bring a little foster baby, 18 months old, to a 19:17 meeting, and she, they think she had been shaken as an infant. 19:21 Her eyes couldn’t focus. 19:24 She had one eye would go this way, one eye go this way, and 19:26 she had no sense of balance, had never walked as a result. 19:30 And we just commanded her eyes in the name of Jesus to come 19:34 straight, and in front of everybody, 19:36 God just straightened her eyes. 19:38 People gave their lives to the Lord on the spot. 19:41 Sid: You know what’s so amazing, here we are in Jerusalem and 19:44 they have the Muslim prayers on loud speakers right now. 19:48 I’m looking for the day that we have Christians worshiping the 19:51 God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of the one Messiah, 19:56 the whole world, the Jew, Jesus, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach 19:59 on loud speakers. 20:01 Katherine: Well you know, and when we see God do miracles 20:04 it causes people to respond to God and worship. 20:07 And I got called one night into the intensive care unit and a 20:12 man had had a terrible accident. 20:15 It was a logging accident. 20:16 He had been in a tractor, rolled down a cliff and had huge gashes 20:20 in his head. 20:21 They had operated, but they couldn’t get all the mud and the 20:25 gunk out of the deep gashes because it was just 20:29 so deep and so dangerous. 20:31 And so we worshiped God in the intensive care and just thanked 20:36 God for healing. 20:37 I felt the release of power and we just worshiped God there. 20:41 I left. 20:42 He was unconscious. 20:43 We didn’t see anything, but I knew God had done something. 20:46 Well the next day, the nurses said that they had never seen 20:51 anything like it. 20:52 Sid: What happened? 20:53 Katherine: As he was lying on his bed unconscious, suddenly 20:57 the gashes in his head started spurting out all the dust and 21:02 the mud, and the gunk all over his pillow, 21:05 and he was completely healed. 21:07 He didn’t even need an operation. 21:08 Sid: Do you know something, when you have a lifestyle of worship 21:13 of God there’s not enough that God can do for you. 21:17 He wants to do so much more for you than he’s doing right now. 21:22 But in fact, he wants to heal you right now. 21:24 I know as a fact there are people with arthritic fingers, 21:28 the pain is gone, and back and neck problems, what is God 21:32 showing your right now? 21:33 Pray for the sick. 21:34 Katherine: You know, I believe even as you’re watching 21:36 God wants to touch you. 21:38 We see so many people healed even as we pray 21:41 when people are watching. 21:42 So right now whatever you need, I believe the God who loves you 21:47 more than life, even if you don’t know him, he wants to make 21:52 himself real to you. 21:53 He loves in a way that is practical. 21:55 So right now in Jesus’ name, I’m going to pray, Holy Spirit, 21:59 Lord, whatever the miracles they need touch their bodies. 22:03 I thank you, Lord, for eyes being opened. 22:05 I thank you, Father, for a brain tumor right now disappearing in 22:09 the name of Jesus. 22:10 And Lord, I pray above all that everyone watching, everyone 22:14 hearing the sound of my voice, Lord, that they would have the 22:18 spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, the 22:21 eyes of their understanding would be enlightened, God, that 22:25 they would personally know you, that they would experience you 22:29 and find you, and feel you, Lord, that you would be so real 22:32 to them because you don’t want to be a concept to them. 22:35 You don’t want to be just a theology. 22:37 You want to be their friend. 22:39 Lord, make yourself real to them. 22:41 Open the eyes of their heart as they cry out and say “help”. 22:45 If you’re watching just say, “Help, Lord, I want to know you 22:47 and I thank you, Lord.” 22:49 You delight to him. 22:53 Sid: There is something going on right now in the 22:54 invisible world. 22:55 There is a flood of liquid love coming out to you from 23:04 Katherine’s heart of worship. 23:08 There is rivers of living water pouring out to you right now. 23:14 If you have never said with your mouth, God, forgive me of my 23:20 sins, I’m so sorry. 23:23 I believe the blood of Jesus washes them away and now 23:29 that I am clean, I ask Jesus to live inside of me. 23:32 Give me a new heart, a new spirit. Become my Lord. 23:37 Use your own words. 23:39 It doesn’t have to be my words. 23:40 Just “Jesus help” was enough to get it done for me. 23:43 But this is your moment to have experiential knowledge with the 23:49 Living God and live a life of worship. Yes. 28:00 Sid: Next week on It’s Supernatural. 28:03 My guest, some 40 years ago, God invaded his living room, 28:10 flattened him to the floor and instantly downloaded in picture 28:17 form the stories of the Bible as if he was in them. 405 00:28:23,335 –> 00:00:00,000 ♪♪

Katherine Ruonala Interview:  She is supernaturally equipped by God to help you not just have experiential knowledge with God, but she also operates in what is known as creative miracles. God wants YOU to move in miracles!

About Katherine Ruonala

Katherine Ruonala carries a strong prophetic and miracle anointing with many being instantly healed in her meetings. Reaching across denominational walls, her ministry is also used to spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Katherine and Tom Ruonala are the founders and Senior Ministers of Glory City Church Brisbane and oversee the International Glory City Church network which has a growing number of churches around the world.

Katherine hosts her own television show “Glory City TV” and is the author of the books “Living in the Miraculous: How God’s Love is Expressed Through the Supernatural”, “Wilderness to Wonders: Embracing the Power of Process” and “Life With The Holy Spirit: Enjoying Intimacy With The Spirit of God”.

Katherine Ruonala Ministries - Glory City TV

Image courtesy: Katherine Ruonala Ministries | Glory City TV


Life with the Holy Spirit (Book) | Katherin Ruonala

Katherine Ruonala - Life with the Holy Spirit Book

Image: Katherine Ruonala | Life with the Holy Spirit Book

Life With the Holy Spirit Book: Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, encounter God in deeply personal ways, and release the power of the Holy Spirit in signs, wonders, and miracles.  Learn more…



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