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Simon Sinek Interview:  On this episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu, Simon discusses what he calls the “Millennial Question”—namely why millennials have a bad rap, and how leaders can create an environment in which they can thrive. On set that day, with an audience of both millennials and older generations, the environment was electric.

Millennials and Life Satisfaction

Everyone listened closely to Simon’s words—enlightened by his insights on how everything from parenting strategies and technology to the modern workplace environment have coalesced to create a problem of declining life satisfaction and increasing depression and suicide rates among millennials.

Instant Gratification

Simon’s theory is that millennials have been trained (through no fault of their own) to expect instant gratification in a world where deep meaning and satisfaction can only be derived from patience and perseverance, clearly struck a chord with the audience.

Working Hard to Develop Skills

As Simon notes in the interview, sometimes it’s as well intentioned as wanting to have impact, but not wanting to work for it. Or perhaps even worse, not realizing that they have to work for it.  In today’s hyper-social era where the acquisition of fame and perceived importance has shifted the focus away from developing world-class skills to developing world-class numbers.

On-Demand Living

And because this generation has been raised on instant gratification, on-demand everything, and always-connected social media, they don’t even realize that the primary means of getting what you wanted in the past was to get really good at something—even if that something was simply being patient.

Source: Inside Quest – Tom Bilyeu



Simon Sinek on the set of Inside Quest with host Tom Bilyeu

Simon Sinek on the set of Inside Quest with host Tom Bilyeu | Image courtesy: impacttheory.com



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