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Intimacy - Revelation Journey Book by Steven Burger

Intimacy: Revelation Journey captivates audiences as a spiritual adventure of unimaginable splendor and grandness; bringing lasting, miraculous change to all life on the planet.

In Steven Burger’s new Christian book, you can discover the true meaning of intimacy and relationship with Almighty God.  We can also find out His original purpose for creating intimacy and mankind, the meaning of life on Earth, where it all leads and he mysteries of life revealed by God Himself.

The greatest love imaginable experienced through the willing surrender of its Creator’s life for you, that all of mankind may live in intimate relationship with God, from the present to eternity.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB)

Intimacy: Revelation Journey, by Steven Burger, is a creative exploration of eternity that takes readers on a supernatural journey from Heaven to Earth and back again, only to supernaturally return to Earth a very different world.

The book helps readers discover the true meaning of intimacy and relationship with the Almighty God, the meaning of life on Earth and the mysteries of life revealed by God himself.

After reading Intimacy: Revelation Journey, Burger hopes readers will experience the end from the beginning, the beginning from the end, revelation of divine design and purpose, all in preparation to accept and flourish in their never-ending, intimate love gift eternity.

I want readers to find the book as an astonishing reveal of so much past, present and future, particularly all about the supernatural of God and Heaven, says Burger. I was merely Gods instrument to bring this to the world. | Learn more…


Author Steven Burger's Website - Intimacy Revelation Journey

Steven Burger is a veteran of the Hollywood Motion Picture industry. As an author, he is bringing to life his divine supernatural experiences in order to unite the world in the spirit of God. As Gods instrument, he is bringing this incredibly important information to the world.

From a personal standpoint, he is a husband, Christian, former football player and founder/owner of Heavenly Intimacy Ministries. Burger currently lives in Newport Beach, California. | Visit him online at:  https://www.facebook.com/steve.burger.779


Divine Intimacy (Part 1) – Michelle Amirault

Divine Intimacy teaching by Michelle Amirault:  Our heavenly Father desires an intimacy with his children (all of us) that surpasses anything imaginable here on earth. The deepest forms of intimacy here are pale in comparison to Divine Intimacy.

Michelle Amirault shares some of her insights into deep relationship with God. A mature mind is required to fully understand what she reveals.


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