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Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Coffee Good Effects on Health

Image: Coffee Good Effects on Health (Getty Images).

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee: Studies show that coffee can have good effects on our health and may even combat the risk of type II diabetes and some cancers. After diving into an ocean of statistics, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki discussed how coffee may increase life expectancy. It seems that beside caffeine, there are other natural chemicals in coffee that can help with medical conditions.

Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes

Coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of type II diabetes. This comes from a meta-study (again) of 28 other studies covering over 1 million adults. People who drank three or more cups of coffee each day were 21 per cent less likely to develop type II diabetes than those who never, or only rarely, drank it.

It’s thought that there are two active ingredients driving this benefit. They are chlorogenic acid (which can improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity) and caffeic acid (which increases how quickly muscles use up the glucose in blood, but which also has both immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties).  Read full article… abc.net.au


Mayo Clinic Minute: Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  • Mayo Clinic Video: Coffee drinker’s around the world are rejoicing. A new study shows moderate intake of coffee may lower risk of premature death from certain illnesses. Mayo Clinic nutrition expert Dr. Donald Hensrud says overall, the health benefits of drinking coffee are pretty good. Vivien Williams has more in today’s Mayo Clinic Minute.


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