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Success Mindset: NBA mental coach shares ways to thrive under pressure

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Success Mindset - NBA mental coach shares 7 ways to thrive under pressure

In addition to training athletes, Lucid Performance is currently planning for an internal trial at Google and will be running a workshop at Facebook to train employees in mental strength. | Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Success Mindset:  Have you ever wondered how a professional basketball player can stand at the free throw line with the game in his hands in front of millions of viewers and casually make a shot? How about when a surgeon is in the middle of a procedure and the patient starts to bleed profusely, or when a lawyer has to convince a jury that her innocent client isn’t guilty of murder?

How do they develop the mental strength to thrive under pressure?

Graham Betchart, the director of mental training at Lucid Performance, prepares people for these exact moments. After receiving his master’s degree in sports psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2008, he began developing professional basketball players for the Philadelphia 76ers,  the Minnesota Timberwolves and the  Orlando Magic.

But now both Graham and Lucid Performance are pivoting beyond sports. The company that found success with a mental training app — which now has 50,000 downloads on iTunes — for kids who dream of becoming pro basketball players.

Betchart has already begun working with sales teams, health professionals, universities and lawyers. “What we’ve found is this is much larger than sports,” Betchart tells CNBC. “This is about everyone in life.”

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Rules of the Mental Game by Mental Skills Coach Graham Betchart

(Graham Betchart) To get the most out of mental training, show up with an open mind, willing to get uncomfortable, and determined to act your way into the feelings. Training with Lucid will help you unlock your full potential and perform your best under pressure. Build laser focus, supreme confidence, an insatiable motivation, and competitive drive.

Mental Skills Workout

Their mental skills coaches design each workout to deliver the training you need to succeed, in only 5 minutes each day. George Mumford and Graham Betchart have trained hundreds of elite athletes and teams most notably, the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers under Phil Jackson including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant who are adamant believers in the competitive edge mental training provided them.


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