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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Success Motivation - 4 Things That Can Help You Find Your Purpose in Life

There are many small changes you can make that will help you feel more complete, valued, and as though you have a purpose. | Image credit: Twenty20.com

Finding Your Purpose in Life:  Your heart is your strongest indicator of your true purpose and passion. So ask yourself what it is that you’re really interested in and love doing. Landing a job in something that you’re passionate about and that excites you will mean you are naturally more joyful and motivated to perform to your full potential. If you’re unsure exactly what your calling is, a great place to start is to ask people close to you for their opinion.

It can be difficult and overwhelming to pinpoint our skills and qualities when we look at ourselves, but others can easily pick up on things that they notice. Be careful not to go in a specific direction purely down to what others think of you, but take note of what your friends and family believe that you’re good at, and use that as a starting point.

Finding Your Purpose – Do You

Many people live to work, when really we should all work to live. So it’s important that we don’t forget to do the living! Set time aside so that you’re able to do things for yourself, rather than focusing all of your efforts on your job. Get up early on your days off, so you can get out there and do you.

Ask yourself, what are the things that you really need to experience or accomplish before you die? Is there anything that you would hugely regret not doing before you die? If these questions do provoke answers, then gather them all together into a ‘bucket list’ or a to-do list, and make sure you do them.

Preparing Your Bucket List

It may be that you want to travel a part of the world you’ve always dreamed of going, see your favorite artist in concert, climb a mountain, or run a marathon.  You may want to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill, go scuba diving or skiing, or face your fears by going bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rock climbing or skydiving. You might want to go stargazing high up in the mountains, see the northern lights, trek through the amazon rain forest, or raft the Grand Canyon.  Read the full story…. addicted2success.com

Author Bio: Alice Porter is a writer who works with Lorimer to raise awareness for mental illness.



TEDx Talks: How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig

Adam Leipzig: “On the last evening of my 25th college reunion, there was a party in a tent with dancing, and music, and noise. So much noise that a lot of us started to drift out of the tent so we could hear each other talk and catch up with classmates that we had not seen in more than decades. As I talked with my friends I made an astounding discovery, 80% of them were unhappy with their lives”

“‘I feel as though I’ve wasted my life, and I’m half way through it,’ they said. ‘I don’t know what my life is all about.’ I was privileged to go to Yale, and we were standing on a summer evening in the middle of Yale’s old campus, and the people that I was speaking with were privileged, and highly educated, and financially well off, and in positions of power.”

“And they had the first house, and the second house, and they had the first spouse, and the second spouse. And  80% of them were unhappy with their lives.  Who was happy, the 20%?  Well, we had studied literature and Renaissance rhetoric, and we were the theater people, and the history geeks. We had studied classes for the joy of learning, not because we thought they were going to put direct us to a specific job.”

“We still got jobs, we were living our lives expansively, with life’s ups and downs, and we did not feel that we had wasted a single minute.  And as I spoke with the 20%, the happier 20%, I discovered that each of them knew something about their life purpose because they knew five things: Who they were, what they did, who they did it for, what those people wanted or needed, and what they got out of it, how they changed as a result.”

“Does that sound hard? It’s not, it’s actually really simple. In fact it’s so simple, that you can learn your life purpose now. You’re going to know your life purpose now, in the next five minutes. Would you like to know your life purpose in the next five minutes?”

About Adam Leipzig

Founder and CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, which provides informed guidance, dealmaking intelligence and relevant connections to corporations, non-profits, government entities and filmmakers. Working with “Top 10” worldwide brands such as National Geographic and Disney, his projects have generated over $2 billion in revenue on $300 million production spending, and twice he has been responsible for the ‘most profitable picture of the year.’  Visit Adam Leizig’s website…


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