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Can a human see inside of another human using supernatural X-ray vision? Not in the natural, but in the supernatural of God, the possibilities are limitless! Encounter God’s presence as you watch!

Elaine Hollmer grew up singing for Jesus. Then God began giving her X-ray visions. Outrageous miracles started following Elaine’s traveling ministry. Want to tag along?

The Power of God is Meant for You! Elaine Hollmer was a gospel singer from childhood who discovered she was meant to be more. The process took over 20 years and it included opposition to preaching as a woman AND raising kids as an itinerant minister!

Elaine’s new book, My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, helps you discover your own gifts and see how God’s leading works. You also learn from Elaine’s fountain of Holy Spirit wisdom gained along the way.

Elaine’s 3-CD teaching series, The Glory Is Here, mentors you on three steps to partnering with the Glory:

• The power of praying in the Spirit
• Speaking to the Mountain with the voice of authority
• Finding hunger and intimacy with God

They are your keys to activating the power of God for your personal needs and for others who need it. Then Elaine answers some of the toughest questions in Signed, Sealed and Delivered— on faith, how to keep your healing and kingdom manifestations. She says you CAN see God move! Never give up on His promises!

Special bonus! With your online purchase, you will also receive access to a downloadable digital version of CDs after checkout.

Elaine Hollmer is an anointed evangelist who operates in the gifts of the Spirit. Her ministry is well known for signs, wonders, and miracles.

▶▶Get your copy of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory by Elaine Hollmer: http://bit.ly/2m4kBru

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