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Take hold of life: Give your life unreservedly to what matters | John Piper
  • John Piper: Every new day presents countless ways to distract ourselves from what matters most. But Jesus has a mission for us that’s more satisfying than living for lesser things.

Don’t Live for Lesser Things

“My guess is that in this room, being the average human beings that you are at your age, most of you are not entirely happy with your looks. Guys know they could be more handsome, stronger, taller; and women wish your hips or any number of things were different. Everybody is just dissatisfied with the way they look, except for a few.”

“And that’s okay, I think. We’re just plain, ordinary human beings, and that’s good. I wouldn’t want you to be distracted with too much thinking about your own looks. But I can give you an infallible path to great beauty with biblical authority. How beautiful are the feet of those who risked their lives to tell the good news to others (Romans 10:15).”

Read the transcript and explore more resources: https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/make-your-life-count/excerpts/dont-live-for-lesser-things

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