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Tech CEO Pays Airfare for U.S. Military Personnel to Get Home for Christmas

When Air Force veteran Ed Roshitsh decided to use a business networking site to offer up five free airline tickets to military members hoping to get home for Christmas, he had no idea how “linked in” he was.

By the time the Holidays for Heroes deadline rolled around, Roshitsh said he received 60 requests for tickets, representing each branch of the military. In a video live-streamed on YouTube, the veteran said his LinkedIn post generated 250,000 views, 3,000 comments and about 1,000 shares.

“I thought it would be a really nice way to do something for Christmas for some folks. Little did I know,” the CEO of Dude Solutions said on the video, his voice breaking.

Among those commenting were others wishing to help so, when the official drawing took place on Dec. 3, Roshitsh was able to draw 26 names, the original five he committed to and an additional 21 offered by others […]


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