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Video Transcript

0:00 [Music] 0:04 DH: Thank you, Jesus. 0:06 SR: I will tell you, 0:10 I almost don’t want to interrupt, 0:12 but I have to tell you we’ve been worshiping 0:14 in the Glory and get ready because miracles 0:21 are going to be released in the Glory next. 0:24 [Applause] 0:31 SR: Hello, Sid Roth here with my friend, 0:33 David Herzog, and I have to tell you something. 0:36 We did something different 0:38 because David has been flowing in the Glory, 0:41 the manifest presence of God for over 20 years, 0:46 and I thought, “What would happen if we started 0:52 with worshiping God in the Glory?” 0:55 And that’s what, I have to tell you, David, 0:59 I don’t remember the Glory being as high as it 1:04 was as a result of worship. 1:06 What is the tie-in between worship and Glory? 1:08 DH: Well, Heaven’s air is worship so worship 1:11 is the common denominator in Heaven 24/7. 1:14 So when we start to worship, 1:15 we actually start to sync with the Glory 1:17 that’s in Heaven. 1:19 SR: Now, out of curiosity, 1:20 as you were worshiping God- 1:22 DH: Yeah. 1:23 SR: – did you, I know what you felt, 1:25 because I felt the same thing, 1:27 but did you see anything? 1:28 What was going on inside you? 1:29 DH: I saw my spirit in Heaven. 1:31 I literally saw myself in Heaven 1:32 at the Throne, worshiping. 1:34 I saw the myriads of angels singing, 1:36 cherubims, I could hear the sounds in Heaven. 1:39 That’s why I was, I was singing what I was seeing. 1:41 SR: Now that sounds like the way it should be. 1:46 Can all of us do that? 1:49 DH: Yes. If we’re hungry for God 1:50 and desperate for God, we start to worship God, 1:52 start opening your eye gates in the Spirit 1:54 to see things in the Heavenly realm. 1:57 SR: Now, you were mentored in the Glory 2:02 by a friend of mine, 2:04 who is now in Heaven. Her name was Ruth Heflin. 2:06 DH: Yes. 2:07 SR: And she was known for the Glory. 2:10 She was known as someone 2:11 that when she would worship God, 2:13 she would be coated in gold dust. 2:16 DH: Yeah. 2:17 SR: She would go to the airport and the people 2:20 who gave you the ticket would look at her 2:23 and wonder, “You’re a little old 2:25 to have all that glitter on you,” 2:27 but it wasn’t. It was from Heaven. 2:31 Tell me how you were got into this Glory 2:35 in connection to Ruth Heflin. 2:37 DH: Yeah, I had a 6-month revival breakout in France 2:39 on Father’s Day after being in Pensacola. 2:41 And for 6 months, every night, 2:43 miracles, salvations. 2:44 It was the longest revival in 50 years, 2:46 and she heard about it and she said, 2:47 “He’s the answer to my prayers,” 2:49 when she was in France fasting for 40 days. 2:51 And then after the revival 2:53 I was just hungry for something new, 2:54 went to see her after reading her book. 2:56 She told me, “No, no, you’re speaking tonight.” 2:58 I said, “No, I don’t want to hear myself, 2:59 I have been speaking for 6 months.” 3:01 You know you’re burned out 3:02 when you don’t want to hear yourself. 3:04 I said, “I’m so hungry.” She said, 3:05 “No, I’m a prophetess, you’re speaking tonight.” 3:08 She would not let me sit down. 3:10 I reluctantly went up to the front and preached, 3:13 the Glory hit me so hard I sang my whole sermon. 3:17 The Power of God brought down, 3:18 SR: But that’s the worship. 3:19 DH: Yeah. 3:20 SR: You got into the key to get into the Glory. 3:22 DH: But I wasn’t trying to. 3:24 I was thinking to myself, 3:25 “What are you doing, you look stupid?” 3:27 I sang all of Isaiah’s 16:61. 3:28 SR: Oh. 3:30 DH: And then the Glory exploded in signs. 3:32 But it wasn’t even the signs it was, 3:33 I felt like I had gone to Heaven. 3:35 The next 7 days I was like, 3:36 “I’m living in Heaven, 3:37 I didn’t even know this room existed.” 3:40 I thought I knew the Glory, 3:41 it was more the anointing, 3:42 and when I entered this realm it was so Heavenly, 3:45 it was like someone in Heaven 3:46 doesn’t want to come back to Earth. 3:47 I said, “Lord, whatever you do, 3:48 I don’t want to leave this realm. 3:50 I can’t have tasted this and go back.” 3:52 And that was the beginning. 3:53 SR: And the thing that so excites me about 3:56 this Glory is things are instant, 3:59 they don’t take 50 years of prayer and fasting 4:02 to come to fast and most people stop 4:06 before they get to victory. 4:08 It’s instant. 4:10 Tell me a few instant miracles 4:12 that people have reported to you. 4:15 DH: I’ll tell you a really recent one that happened 4:16 just backstage just half an hour ago 4:18 right before lunch. 4:19 One of your staff was there and they said, 4:20 “Please pray for this lady, 4:22 she needs to grow taller.” 4:23 So I prayed for her, and we watched her grow. 4:25 And one leg, before I go, 4:26 “Okay, we’re going to pray.” 4:28 And the leg just started jumping before 4:29 I could say a word, 4:30 and then the next one overgrew 4:31 that one and I was like, “What is going on?” 4:33 This is just from the back here. 4:34 She grew about 2 inches 4:35 and she already looks taller, 4:36 the lady in your back in the staff here, 4:38 that was just 5 minutes ago or half an hour ago. 4:40 But we saw that in Israel, 4:42 two people grew taller like about this much, 4:44 considerably taller in the meeting, 4:45 came on stage, 4:46 SR: Now Israelis are pretty skeptical. 4:48 DH: Very, until they see. 4:50 SR: What happened? 4:51 DH: Well after I got off 4:53 the stage Israeli security said, 4:54 “We need to talk to you please.” 4:55 I thought I was in trouble, 4:57 did I say something wrong? 4:58 Did I, and they take me to a quiet place, 5:00 they’ve got machine guns and they look at me 5:01 and they said, “Could you pray for us?” 5:05 And I said, “What?” 5:06 SR: Look we have a bunch 5:08 of professional basketball players 5:10 that will be lined up for you to pray for them. 5:12 DH: Yeah you don’t see 5:13 many Jewish basketball players, do you? 5:15 Maybe we need to pray for more of them to grow. 5:18 SR: Tell me some other miracles. 5:20 DH: Sure. I was in Africa, on stage preaching, 5:22 my first time to Africa. A crusade, outdoors, 5:24 and in the meeting God says, 5:25 “Hey, there is a woman here 5:27 and her daughter is dying in the hospital. 5:29 But I want you to tell the woman, 5:31 her daughter is already dead.” 5:32 I said, “Lord, I can’t do that.” 5:33 He goes, “You have to because 5:34 I’m telling you to do it.” 5:36 I said, “But, Lord, that’s not a good way 5:37 to start a crusade, the first night.” 5:38 And he would not let me go. 5:40 I said, “Is there a woman here, 5:41 you came from the hospital, 5:42 your daughter is dying.” 5:43 She raised her hand, “That’s me.” 5:45 From among thousands of people. 5:46 I said, “I’m sorry, but the Lord told me 5:47 to tell you she’s already passed.” 5:49 SR: That had to be so hard for you to do. 5:50 DH: Terrible. 5:51 I said, “That’s not the way 5:52 to start a crusade with miracles.” 5:54 I said, “Lord, what do I do now? She’s crying.” 5:56 He says, “Raise her from the dead.” 5:58 But she’s not here, 5:59 she’s in the hospital in another city. 6:01 And he said, “But, David, you know this, 6:02 there is no distance to My Glory, 6:03 you’ve taught this.” Yeah, but, okay. 6:06 I said, “What direction is the hospital?” 6:07 I pointed to it, 6:09 I began calling her spirit back in her body, 6:11 and sure enough she went back to the body, 6:13 back to the hospital and they said, 6:15 “Ma’am, your daughter died shortly after you left. 6:17 We warned you not to leave, 6:18 that she would die. But at a certain hour, 6:20 the hour we were praying, she came back to life.” 6:23 She had a sheet covering her, pronounced dead, 6:25 and it freaked out the doctors 6:26 and she was raised from the dead from a distance. 6:30 [Applause] 6:32 SR: Everything speeds up. 6:34 Prayers speed up in the Glory, 6:36 but this is over the top. 6:39 Everyone’s heard of Kanye West, right? 6:44 Tell me about the prayer for Kanye West. 6:46 DH: Well, we were doing a crusade 6:48 in Phoenix last year, 6:49 it was Awaken 2020, the first stadium event. 6:53 The only stadium event in 2020, 6:54 I think, in America because of the shutdown. 6:56 And I had a dream 6:57 that Kanye was going to be in our event. 6:59 Now our event was already packed out, 7:01 we had all the speakers, 7:02 and I said, “Lord, please stop teasing me.” 7:04 And one thing led to another. 7:05 A week before the event his manager calls me, 7:08 “Hey, Kanye wants to come.” 7:09 I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s great, 7:11 but now we have to change the staging, 7:12 we have to raise money to get him to come.” 7:14 Not just Kanye, 100-member choir, and he was there. 7:18 It was a little more to it than that, 7:19 but it was, again, supernatural. 7:20 None of these things could have happened. 7:22 SR: You told me he was coming, 7:23 and I said, man of great faith, 7:25 “Yeah, uh-huh.” 7:27 DH: Yeah. 7:29 SR: But even beyond that, 7:32 everything speeds up, prophecy speeds up. 7:34 DH: Yes. 7:36 SR: Tell me about that. 7:37 DH: Like for instance Ruth Heflin prophesized to me, 7:40 “David, you will do big events. 7:41 Civic centers, stadiums in France, 7:43 and you will do it 7:44 every 3 months like Kathryn Kuhlman.” 7:46 I said, “Well that’s wonderful.” 7:47 I wrote it down, whatever, 7:48 it will happen when it happens. 7:49 She dies, so it’s a year and a half later, 7:51 and the Lord said, 7:52 “When are you going to walk into that prophecy?” 7:54 I said, “I’m waiting for You to do it.” 7:55 He goes, “No, it was ready for you 7:57 when it she prophesized it, 7:58 because in the Glory it’s a now realm.” 7:59 So I said, “Okay.” 8:00 So I went and found the guy 8:01 who runs the building, 8:03 I made an offer, how much does it cost? 8:05 Found out that he had heard about me. 8:07 He said, “I’ve been waiting to meet you 8:08 for a year and a half, I’m a baptist pastor 8:11 and this is my day job and I had to repent 8:13 because I missed your revival, 8:14 half my church went to that 6 month revival 8:16 and I asked, “Lord, please give me a second chance.” 8:18 So don’t worry about the money or the price, 8:20 we’ll work it out. 8:21 Do it every 3 months if you like.” 8:26 SR: You’ve spent so many years in the Glory, 8:29 and there’s a whole generation 8:31 that has never seen what is coming. 8:35 And, as a matter of fact, 8:36 you, David, haven’t seen what is coming 8:39 because you’ve never walked that path before. 8:41 You’ve walked in the Glory, 8:43 but it’s a matter of level 8:45 and it’s going deeper and deeper and deeper. 8:48 But you can fast forward us. 8:52 We want to be among the first 8:53 walking in the Glory. Give us some keys. 8:58 DH: First key is to be very hungry and desperate. 9:01 Not just open, oh I’m open. 9:02 I was desperate. 9:04 I had seen everything I could do 9:05 in my own anointing, 9:06 and what God could do at that level, 9:08 and I realized I hit a wall. 9:10 If I just keep going I’m not going to go 9:11 to the next level, 9:13 I had to pull back and seek Him in hunger, 9:15 desperateness, intimacy on a whole new level. 9:18 So there’s hunger, intimacy, 9:20 waiting on Him and just waiting until 9:22 He shows up in that new Glory. 9:24 SR: Excuse me, I hear that term all the time, 9:27 you hear it, what does that really mean? 9:30 DH: Sometimes we get in prayer 9:32 and we get rushed. We go, “Okay I’m going to 9:33 pray this, this, this, Amen, 9:35 I prayed everything I’m going to work.” 9:36 Well no. I’ll worship Him, I’ll praise Him, 9:39 I’ll pray everything and then I wait, 9:40 I just wait in the presence. 9:42 I’ll put music in the background, 9:44 and I’ll just wait on Him 9:46 and at some point the presence of God’s Glory 9:48 will start intensifying and then He comes. 9:50 And the waiting is the hardest 9:52 for the Western cultures because we’ve got 9:53 our iPhones, we’ve got our business, 9:55 we’ve got our schedule and the first hour 9:57 it’s like your flesh has to die. 9:58 The first, second hour you’re like, 10:00 “Okay, I prayed, I’ve got to go, Lord.” 10:02 And here is how you know you’ve hit the Realm. 10:03 At first you’re making excuses to the Lord 10:05 why you need to go. 10:06 “Hey, I prayed, Lord, I’ve got to go to work, 10:07 I’ve got things to do.” As you’re about to leave, 10:09 suddenly the Glory is about to become stronger, 10:11 “Oh, whoa, this is what I’ve been waiting for.” 10:13 Now you’re making excuses to stay. 10:15 Oh I can send someone else to do that, 10:17 I could do that later, I don’t have to go to 10:18 Whole Foods right now, I can go in 3 hours, 10:20 and you start to, you don’t want to leave. 10:23 That’s when you know you’ve gotten in there. 10:25 SR: You know another key to the Glory 10:28 is walking in Biblical holiness, 10:31 why is that so important? 10:33 DH: Because holiness opens up the realm. 10:35 You know, “If My people, called by My name, 10:36 humble themselves, pray, repent.” 10:38 But it’s daily you have to. 10:39 I try to take Communion every day 10:41 because when the Lord sees the blood 10:43 and the body, it opens up Heaven 10:45 and it sanctifies your body, 10:47 your mind, your spirit. 10:48 Because the world is so intense right now. 10:50 The media, the temptations, 10:52 being pulled politically, socially, emotionally, 10:55 that we have to stay under the blood. 10:57 So I’d say daily just repent of anything 10:59 you can think of, 11:00 wash yourself with the blood. 11:02 Like in the summer most people take a shower 11:04 every day, I hope. But the same in the Glory, 11:06 you want daily to be covered in the blood 11:07 and be clean because when you’re not, 11:09 what happens is like a vase. 11:10 You go to a meeting, “Oh, the Glory is great.” 11:12 You get home, 11:13 “How come I don’t feel that anymore?” 11:14 Because there’s leaks in the vase, 11:16 and that’s the holiness, and anger issues 11:18 and the other issues, we fill those holes, 11:21 now we cannot just feel the Glory, we can hold it. 11:23 We can contain it and it doesn’t leak out. 11:25 SR: But, you know, David, 11:26 because the Glory is growing so close to Earth, 11:31 I’m reminded of Moses. 11:33 He warned our Jewish people and he said, 11:36 “Don’t touch the mountain when the holiness, 11:40 when God Himself is there. 11:43 You have to prepare for 3 days, 11:45 you have to have clean clothes.” 11:47 You have to be ready to encounter the living God 11:51 because if you are in hidden sin, 11:56 not hidden to God but hidden 11:58 to other people, you can’t hide from God. 12:03 And when His Glory comes, 12:05 it will either the best day of your life, 12:08 or you will be in the worst situation 12:12 of your life 12:14 because God has so much love, David, 12:16 I believe we’re in a season now where 12:21 the conviction of sin is hitting all Christians. 12:25 DH: Yeah. 12:26 SR: And those that choose to harden 12:28 when the Glory comes, 12:30 they won’t be able to take it. 12:32 DH: God’s preparing America 12:33 and the world for His Glory, 12:35 so He’s shaking up first, 12:36 exposing, cleansing the land, 12:39 and then the Glory is coming. 12:40 So actually, when you see these things 12:41 happening it can look bad, 12:43 “Oh, my gosh, it’s so bad.” 12:44 But actually, it’s a good thing. 12:45 God is preparing the way, cleaning the land, so 12:48 He can bring the Glory. 12:49 SR: Oh, I just feel the presence. 12:51 DH: It’s strong, yeah. 12:52 SR: It’s becoming so strong. 12:53 When we come back, 12:55 I’m going to have David release the impartation 13:00 that he received from Ruth Heflin. 13:03 Be right back. 13:05 [Applause] 13:07 [Music] 13:10 >> We will be right back to “It’s Supernatural!” 13:16 >> Call now and get David Herzog’s 13:18 powerful book, “Limitless Glory,” 13:20 and his anointed two-part audio CD teaching series, 13:23 “The ABC’s of Entering and Walking In The Glory.” 13:26 Plus, you will get Psalmist Steve Swanson’s 13:28 Anointed Worship CD album, “No More Delay.” 13:31 This is an exclusive offer 13:33 for our “It’s Supernatural!” 13:34 audience, yours for a donation of $39. 13:37 Shipping and handling is included, 13:38 ask for offer number 9767. 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Call or write today. 15:51 We now return to “It’s Supernatural!” 15:54 [Applause] 15:55 SR: I’m here with David Herzog, 15:58 and David has operated in the manifest presence, 16:04 the Glory of God, for over 20 years. 16:08 And so now I would have to assume 16:10 that it’s easier for you to get into the Glory. 16:14 But let’s talk to those that this is new for them. 16:18 DH: Sure. 16:19 SR: Or they’ve never entered this Glory. 16:21 Or they heard us talk earlier, 16:23 “Can you feel the presence of God?” 16:25 And they said, “I don’t feel nothing.” 16:29 I want you to mentor them, 16:30 DH: Sure. 16:31 SR: on what to do, exactly what you did after 16:36 you were prayed for by Ruth Heflin, 16:38 and you’ll pray for them in a moment. 16:40 But tell us step-by-step what you did. 16:44 DH: Okay, sure. 16:45 So first of all if I were you 16:46 and you’ve never been in these meetings, 16:47 you don’t know what we’re talking about exactly. 16:49 Go in your room, get a good praise of worship CD 16:52 and praise and worship Him. 16:53 When I say praise, 16:54 I mean the first half do fast songs, 16:57 the victory, shouting songs, 16:58 not the slow Hallelujah right away. 17:00 Fast praise because praise will break the atmosphere 17:02 open wherever you’re at. 17:04 I do at least 30 minutes of praise. 17:06 Even when I’m speaking I tell the worship teams, 17:08 “Do just fast songs the first 30 minutes.” 17:10 And then it starts breaking open 17:12 and you don’t feel like 17:13 shouting and dancing anymore, 17:14 now you feel like being intimate, 17:16 “Oh, God, I love You. I worship You.” 17:18 That’s when you put the worship songs. 17:19 So you praise Him 17:20 until the Spirit of Worship comes, 17:22 worship Him, start doing the slower, intimate songs 17:24 and do that for a while until the Glory comes. 17:27 When the Glory begins to come, 17:28 wait on Him, then you wait on Him. 17:30 Then there’s a moment where I’ll start to speak 17:32 things, or decree things, but the waiting so key. 17:35 Once you break in the Glory, 17:37 you’re in the Glory. Wait on Him, enjoy it, 17:40 play some background music. 17:41 Just love on Him, worship Him, kind of wait, 17:44 and in that moment of waiting suddenly 17:45 you might see a vision, 17:46 you might get a thought, a scripture. 17:49 Like sometimes 17:50 He will show me a nation, I’ll decree it, 17:52 and sometimes within an hour 17:53 the nation will open up to me. 17:54 Like one time 17:56 He said to me, “I’m just enjoying the presence. 17:57 Declare it and three nations 17:59 in Southeast Asia will open up.” 18:00 I declared them and two hours later all three 18:02 were opened up to me. 18:04 But I don’t just pray to get things opened 18:05 or favor, I just want to be in 18:07 His presence, that’s the key, 18:08 and waiting on Him. You can add fasting to it, 18:10 and that will also bump it up. 18:14 SR: How long did it take you 18:15 to get to the point we’re at today 18:18 where you can literally walk into that Glory? 18:21 DH: It’s just years and years 18:23 of just being with, 22 years ago 18:24 I experienced the Glory for the first time. 18:26 So just, it’s natural to me. 18:28 I can walk into a room and I know immediately, 18:29 “Oh, it’s not open yet.” 18:30 Or they will give me the mike, 18:32 but they did the worship too early, 18:33 they ended it too early, 18:34 so I’ll get up and keep singing 18:35 until I, you just know by sensing, 18:37 “Oh, there it is, it’s there.” 18:38 Then you know when the atmosphere 18:40 is right for miracles too. 18:41 SR: You know there was an evangelist 18:43 by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman, 18:45 and she used to emphasize, 18:48 she had the best piano player, 18:50 the best singers. 18:53 DH: Yeah. 18:54 SR: Jimmy McDonald and Dino, 18:58 I remember this. 18:59 DH: Yeah, yeah. 19:00 SR: But it wasn’t just a show 19:02 before she would speak. 19:05 She needed that as much as she knew 19:09 that the whole audience did. 19:11 And the audience focuses, and they say, “Oh, God, 19:16 heal me, heal me.” And it’s the wrong focus. 19:20 Oh, God, You’re my God, You’re my King. 19:28 I’m not ashamed to tell anyone 19:30 You’re my Lord, I’ll worship 19:33 You, God. Almost, I tell you what, 19:35 there’s such a Spirit of Worship here 19:37 I almost want to start worshiping. 19:39 But before you worship God you want to make sure 19:42 there is no barrier between you and God. 19:45 So I’d like you to say this prayer with me, 19:48 out loud, and mean it to the best of your ability 19:53 because I want you to have experiential knowledge 19:58 of the God of Love. He’s not the God that 20:01 He’s been portrayed within most religion. 20:04 He’s the God of pure love. 20:07 That’s how I was introduced to Him. 20:10 I experienced pure love. I had never experienced 20:14 that level of love in my life, 20:16 no human can give you that level of love. 20:19 Only God can do it. 20:22 Repeat this prayer out loud: Dear God. 20:26 – Dear God. SR: I’m a sinner. 20:28 – I’m a sinner. SR: And I’m so sorry. 20:31 – And I’m so sorry. SR: I believe, 20:33 – I believe, 20:34 SR: the blood of Jesus, 20:35 – the blood of Jesus, SR: washes away my sins, 20:38 – washes away my sins, SR: and I am clean. 20:40 – and I am clean. 20:42 SR: And now that I am clean, 20:43 – And now that I am clean, 20:45 SR: Jesus, come and live inside of me. 20:48 – Jesus, come and live inside of me. 20:50 SR: Thank you for being my savior. 20:53 – Thank you for being my savior. 20:55 SR: Saving me from my sins. 20:57 – Saving me from my sins. 20:59 SR: Paying the price for my sins. 21:01 – Paying the price for my sins. 21:03 SR: And I boldly say, 21:04 – And I boldly say, 21:06 SR: You are now my Lord. 21:08 – You are now my Lord. 21:10 SR: Lord Jesus, I love You. 21:12 – Lord Jesus, I love You. 21:14 SR: Lord Jesus, show me how to experience You, 21:17 – Lord Jesus, show me how to experience You, 21:21 SR: and Your presence. 21:22 – and Your presence. 21:24 SR: David, I would like you to pray 21:26 for that same impartation 21:28 you received from Ruth Heflin. 21:30 And I would like you, 21:31 if you have words and knowledge, release them. 21:33 DH: So if you’re watching right now 21:35 just raise your hands and close your eyes, 21:37 and Holy Spirit come on the people watching. 21:40 Let the same impartation of Glory 21:41 that we’re feeling right now in this room, 21:44 and that I experienced 22 years ago 21:45 and has grown ever since, 21:47 that that same Glory be imparted to the people. 21:50 They would feel an atmosphere shift, 21:52 that the presence around them would shift, 21:54 their body would shift, their mind, their spirit. 21:56 In the name of Jesus put them in the realm. 21:58 Just start to praise Him and thank Him 22:00 and worship Him. And Lord I thank 22:02 You for the miracles breaking out right now 22:04 in the studio audience and on TV, Father. 22:05 I thank you for cancers dissolving now in 22:08 Jesus Name, people even growing taller now. 22:11 Bones being healed right now, 22:12 rheumatoid arthritis going, Parkinson’s 22:15 Disease goes in Jesus’ name. 22:17 Eyes are being healed, 22:18 cataracts are being healed, 22:20 deaf ears are opening, 22:21 bald heads are growing hair right now. 22:23 Skin rashes and skin disease 22:25 and psoriasis dissolving and gone in Jesus’ name. 22:28 Scoliosis, curvature of the spine 22:30 and every incurable disease 22:32 be healed in Jesus’ name. 22:33 And just touch your body and start to, 22:35 even if it’s a shoulder, 22:36 I see shoulders being healed, 22:38 I see flat feet being healed in Jesus’ name. 22:40 I see incurable diseases being healed 22:43 that the doctors can not cure. 22:44 If you’re sick, if you have a virus, 22:46 if you have a sickness, 22:47 God is healing you right now 22:49 if you’ll receive it in Jesus’ name. 22:51 Blood disorders are being healed right now, 22:53 AIDS is being healed, 22:54 every sickness and manner of disease 22:57 is going now if you’ll receive it in Jesus’ name. 23:01 Mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, 23:03 goes in Jesus’ name, 23:05 restore them to their right mind. 23:06 I thank you, Lord. 23:07 Someone had brain surgery and God 23:09 is healing your brain right now supernaturally 23:11 because the surgery didn’t fully heal it in 23:13 Jesus mighty name, Amen. 23:16 SR: And I see wrists are being healed right now. 23:20 Just do this with your wrist, 23:22 you’ll see the pain is gone. 23:24 Fingers, fingers, 23:26 the numbness it’s gone in Jesus’ name. 23:29 The stiffness, it’s gone in Jesus’ name. 23:33 Your elbows, if you have what’s called tennis elbow 23:36 or something like that, 23:37 the pain is gone in Jesus Name. 23:40 Backs are being healed. Any pain you have, 23:44 in this Glory you are being healed. 23:47 Do not miss this moment of your visitation, 23:50 just begin to worship God. 23:51 DH: Thank you, Lord. 23:53 SR: Thank you and we praise 23:54 You, oh, God. We worship you Lord, we worship you 23:57 Jesus. I praise you, Jesus. 24:01 [Applause]

God told David Herzog, “Tell the woman her daughter is already dead.” Watch what happens…
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