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0:00 (bright upbeat music) 0:05 – Hey, it’s Terri, your cheerleader of dreams. 0:08 Today, I wanna talk to you if you feel stuck in the past, 0:12 and what to do about it. 0:13 You know, whether it’s shame, guilt, 0:15 regret over your past, 0:17 unforgiveness towards the people who’ve hurt you, 0:19 I only know how to speak from experience, 0:21 and I wanna share with you how God helped me to get unstuck. 0:26 I want you to know 0:27 that if your memories are bigger than your dreams, 0:29 you’re not going anywhere. 0:32 Now, this channel is all about helping you live your dreams. 0:34 And one of the first steps I had to learn 0:36 was how to get free from my past. 0:38 So I wanna show you today. 0:40 And, hey, real quick, before I get into it, I wanted to ask, 0:42 have you subscribed to this channel yet? 0:45 If not, would you do that for me real quick? 0:48 I can’t tell you how much I appreciate 0:50 all of our subscribers and what a blessing you are to us. 0:54 So thank you so much for doing that. 0:56 Okay, so back to our topic of what to do 0:58 to leave your past behind. 1:01 I was one of those kids who was known for smiling. 1:04 I wanted so badly to please my parents and be perfect. 1:08 I never wanted them to worry about me. 1:10 I was what you would call an overachiever. 1:12 I made good grades. 1:13 I was on the National Honor Society, 1:15 high school and college. 1:17 I was homecoming queen, cheerleader, 1:19 Miss Crowley High School. 1:21 I even dated the quarterback. 1:23 Now I appeared to have it all together, 1:26 which was far from the truth. 1:29 My senior year of college at Texas Tech University, 1:32 my last semester, 1:34 I was laying in my apartment face down in the floor 1:38 in Lubbock, Texas, 1:39 scribbling in my journal I want to die. 1:44 I had just found out that I was pregnant before marriage. 1:48 Now that was a defining moment in my life. 1:51 And it felt as if my parents would finally see 1:54 that the girl who appeared so good 1:57 turned out to be the biggest disgrace of our family. 2:00 And I truly wanted to die I hated myself. 2:03 And, yes, I smiled a lot, 2:05 but I had a lot of pain behind that smile. 2:08 I had been severely hurt by people many times, 2:11 manipulated, controlled, physically abused, 2:14 painfully rejected, 2:16 lost my virginity by a complete stranger, 2:20 felt basically insignificant in my own eyes, 2:24 but the most amazing part is not what I went through, 2:27 but that I managed to hide all of it behind a big old smile. 2:31 I was very good at hiding my pain, 2:33 and just keeping it all inside. 2:35 And maybe you are, too. 2:36 I want you to keep listening. 2:38 I was extremely insecure. 2:41 I held my head down. 2:42 I had no vision for my life anymore. 2:45 Three weeks after I found out I was pregnant 2:48 I walked down the aisle getting married 2:50 borrowing my sister’s wedding dress, 2:52 and that paranoid feeling 2:53 that everybody was just staring at my stomach 2:55 to see proof that I was pregnant, 2:57 which you couldn’t even tell yet, 2:59 but it was supposed to be a little girl’s dream day. 3:01 And I literally hated every minute of it. 3:04 I felt like such a failure and humiliation 3:07 with my dad and Kenneth Copeland performing the wedding. 3:13 Three weeks after the wedding my baby died. 3:16 Four years later, fast forward, 3:20 I was at a Kenneth Copeland Believers’ Convention 3:22 in Anaheim, California, 3:23 when all of a sudden Oral Roberts was escorted in. 3:26 He was seated right in front of me next to my parents, 3:29 and my dad leaned over, and he said, 3:31 “Do you remember my daughter Terri?” 3:32 Well, Oral Roberts turned around, he hugged me. 3:35 And then he looked at me and he said, 3:38 “There’s something you’re not letting go of.” 3:40 And he said, “Lift your hands.” 3:42 So I raised both hands, 3:44 and he began hitting the bottom of my elbows and shouting, 3:48 let go, let go, let go. 3:51 Here’s the actual picture of that moment, this is it. 3:56 And I just stood there crying I was so embarrassed. 3:59 I knew people all around me could hear him 4:02 because it was Oral Roberts. 4:03 The TV cameras were pointed on us. 4:06 And because it was Oral Roberts 4:07 people wanted to know what did he say? 4:09 What was he saying? 4:10 Now keep in mind, I was already so full of shame. 4:14 Why couldn’t I hear something like 4:16 God has a special plan for your life. 4:18 Well, the reason why is because God knew exactly 4:21 what I needed to hear, 4:23 and he also knows what you need to hear. 4:25 And maybe right now he had you 4:27 turn on this particular podcast 4:28 because he wants to get your attention the way he got mine. 4:32 Maybe there’s something you’re not letting go of. 4:35 And today is the day to let it go. 4:38 If I could hit your elbows, I would, 4:41 but I remember going back to my hotel room that night. 4:44 I locked the bathroom door. 4:45 I didn’t want my husband to see me. 4:47 I just wanted to cry. 4:48 I wanted God to tell me what was Oral Roberts talking about? 4:53 I felt so embarrassed. 4:54 I thought my parents were secretly ashamed. 4:57 You know, that that happened that night. 4:59 I just felt like such a huge failure. 5:02 Well, I still didn’t get my answer that night. 5:04 I was oblivious to what I could be holding onto. 5:07 Well, it wasn’t until I flew back home to Texas, 5:09 and I was out walking one morning around this track. 5:12 I was crying out to God 5:14 to show me what I needed to let go of. 5:16 And inside, I clearly heard the Lord say, 5:19 “It’s the shame of your past. 5:22 It’s time to let it go, all of it.” 5:26 I cried and I cried and I cried, 5:28 and I didn’t realize I was still carrying all that around. 5:31 I was letting my past define me. 5:34 I was letting it reshape my character. 5:36 I was looking at myself as the girl who got pregnant, 5:39 or the girl who was raped, 5:41 or the girl who was rejected, 5:43 not the girl who was forgiven by God. 5:45 I was allowing it to change my personality. 5:48 I wasn’t as funny as I used to be. 5:50 I was going back into this insecure introverted girl. 5:54 I mean, I’m telling you it affected every part of me. 5:57 Well, I heard Pastor Mac Hammond say that 6:00 shame and guilt will keep you from your calling. 6:03 Well, now it makes sense. 6:05 Satan does not want you doing 6:07 what you were put on this earth to do. 6:08 And if he can keep you stuck in your past, 6:11 whatever that means to you, 6:12 then you will never have the confidence 6:15 to do anything significant for God, why? 6:18 Because sin makes cowards of men. 6:21 See, if Satan could keep me so full of shame 6:23 he could keep me from God and from his plan for my life. 6:27 Satan will do anything he can 6:29 to stop the plan of God for your life. 6:31 If it’s torment over the past, he’ll use it. 6:34 If it’s a past relationship 6:35 that you know God doesn’t want you in, 6:37 Satan will try to drag you back into it. 6:40 Past temptations that God delivered you from 6:43 will continue to come back over and over into your life 6:46 trying to work their way back in. 6:48 Is it coincidental? 6:50 Not one bit. 6:51 It’s part of the warfare we’re in. 6:53 See, nothing about Satan’s attack 6:54 on your life is accidental. 6:57 So what is it that you need to let go of? 7:00 What memories are still being replayed in your mind 7:03 over and over? 7:04 Which negative thoughts are you entertaining consistently? 7:08 God is saying, let go, let go, let go. 7:11 And I can’t tell you to let go without giving you a strategy 7:15 to help you put an end to it once and for all. 7:18 I want you to have your own copy of this strategy 7:21 that God gave me to get totally free. 7:24 I call it a supernatural amnesia 7:27 where you stop reliving the past, rehearsing the past, 7:30 repeating the past, and even reminding God about your past. 7:35 It’s gone, it’s never to be brought up again. 7:39 So how does that sound? 7:41 I’m gonna give you a free chapter from my book, 7:43 “Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Memories” 7:46 to walk you through this process. 7:48 I really want you to read chapter three. 7:50 So just click the link in the description, 7:52 and you can get that chapter right now. 7:55 Now this is gonna help you so much. 7:57 No more wasting time reliving the past. 8:00 You can get free now. 8:02 So you will have in your hands the tools you need 8:04 to let go and then move on, you got it? 8:08 Okay, so you have to determine 8:09 you’re not gonna waste another day of your life 8:11 where you live in the past. 8:13 You’re gonna dream new dreams and live a life of purpose. 8:16 Is it easy? 8:17 No, I’ll tell you right now that it is hard, 8:20 but you can do it with a plan. 8:22 So let me give you five steps really fast to apply right now 8:26 to get over your past. 8:27 Number one, schedule time to be alone with God. 8:30 And I mean it, think of it as seriously 8:33 as if you were scheduling time 8:34 to be with someone you greatly admire or respect. 8:37 You wouldn’t cancel on them. 8:39 You wouldn’t just not show up. 8:41 You wouldn’t forget about it. 8:42 You wouldn’t think of grocery shopping as more important. 8:44 You would be committed. 8:46 Remember, what gets scheduled gets done, 8:49 so schedule to be alone with God because it will infect, 8:52 it will affect, not infect your entire destiny. 8:56 Okay, number two, ask God to forgive you for everything. 9:00 He already knows everything anyway. 9:02 You just need to get it all out. 9:04 Ask him to cleanse you, 9:06 and give you that supernatural amnesia. 9:08 And let me tell you God forgives you the first time you ask, 9:13 the first time. 9:14 You don’t have to keep asking. 9:16 Number three, stop talking about your past. 9:19 Don’t bring it up again. 9:20 Every time you talk about it, you keep it alive. 9:23 You delay the healing process. 9:25 Let it go. 9:27 When you catch yourself starting to discuss it, stop. 9:30 Number four, start declaring God’s word over yourself. 9:34 There is nothing more powerful than speaking God’s word 9:36 out of your mouth. 9:38 For example, when I was tormented by my past, 9:41 I had a list of scriptures that I would read out loud. 9:46 And I did it over and over and over 9:48 until I memorized them like this. 9:50 I do not remember the former things, 9:52 nor consider the things of old. 9:54 Behold, God is doing a new thing in my life, 9:57 and now it shall spring forth. 9:59 See, every time memories surface in your mind, speak it out. 10:03 Oh, and by the way, I put my list of scriptures, 10:06 this personal list of scriptures 10:07 that I spoke out to get free from the past 10:10 in your free download, you’re gonna love it. 10:12 And the fifth thing is start listing 10:14 some new things you wanna do, 10:16 some goals, some dreams, some aspirations. 10:19 See, a person with no vision 10:21 will always return to their past. 10:23 You’ve gotta get your mind on where you’re headed. 10:26 Now it can be a vision to purge your closet, 10:29 and give away a bunch of clothes to get organized, 10:31 a vision to save $20 a week, that’s $1,000 a year, 10:35 a vision to go on a trip, 10:37 to lose 10 pounds, 10:38 to visit 12 new restaurants this year, something. 10:42 See, it’s time to make your dreams 10:44 bigger than your memories, 10:46 and I’m gonna help you every step of the way. 10:48 So be sure, get your free chapter from this book, 10:52 and use it to help you break free. 10:54 I love you sweet friends, and don’t forget, 10:56 I am cheering you on to live your dreams. 11:01 Hey, YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, 11:04 and to get more inspirational content 11:05 click one of these videos right here. 11:07 And, remember, I’m cheering you on to live your dreams.

Read this carefully: If your memories are bigger than your dreams, you’re not going anywhere… (ouch!)

One of the very first steps I had to learn to step into my destiny was how to get free from my past… and that’s what I want to show you today.

Hearing someone say, “Just get over it” isn’t helpful.

Let me give you a strategy to help you put an end to it once and for all.


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