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l am so glad you’re liking today i want to talk to you about five ways successful people set goals there’s a way to set goals the right way and the wrong way i believe this is your year to push past your previous limitations make this your year that you achieve your goals beyond the apostle paul actually said he said there’s one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching for those things which our head he said have pressed toward the mark for the prize of the high calling or what was the mark the mark is the goal with the bullseye you have to have goals and bold eyes and targets that you’re reaching towards this year we know we can have all kinds of limitations and things that stop us and I was reading one time where Napoleon Hill he talked about regions that dream still unfulfilled such as number one is lack of a well-defined goal well you’ve heard the faith if you aim it nothing you’ll hit it every time you have to have a well-designed goal number two is lack of ambition to to aim above mediocrity I remember one time I heard this phrase that average is as close to the bottom as it is to talk we don’t want to be average number three is insufficient education the Bible actually says that people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge well when we stop learning we stop growing when you stop growing you start dying so insufficient education can stop you from reaching your goals number four is indifference that’s just a willingness to just tolerate whatever happens just whatever happens I just accept it now what you tolerate you’ll never change number five is indecision that means just a habit of letting other people make the decisions for your life while I remember here in TD Jakes a long time there’s nothing more powerful than I made up mine that’s where you make a decision this is going to be my year I am pushing past those previous limitations start to a decision number six is worry always afraid of what could happen if you step out and you take a risk just letting fear doubt and worry stop you from achieving your goal number seven he said procrastination that’s where you have that mindset of always thinking tomorrow can where I’m going to get serious about my dreams tomorrow’s a day I’m going to develop discipline well Jimmy Lyons said tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man that’s pretty serious isn’t it I’ll start tomorrow and finally number seven is a lack of persistence you know my favorite preacher Jerry Savelle because if the devil knocks you down seven times get up eight that means you’re willing to do whatever it takes to see that dream achieved well those are just some of the reasons that dreams and goals go unfulfilled well I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard of the SMART goals technique now in my book on dream up in a trivet I break apart the smart technique that’s just an acronym used for setting goals the SMA RT now obviously the ads is specific that you’ve got to bring clarity to what you want to accomplish now these are the way successful people set goals to be specific that means instead of just saying I will save money this year which I can guarantee most people who set new year’s goals resolutions one of them was save money but they weren’t specific the right way to set that goal is to say I will save six thousand dollars by December 31st that means I’m going to save five hundred dollars a month so you could break it apart be very specific number two is measurable this is where you can truly measure whether or not you hit a goal so you know one of the top ten new year’s goals are lose weight well that’s not very measurable because you need to be specific by saying I will weigh 120 pounds on May 15 now that’s something you can measure let’s say you weigh 130 you can measure whether or not you’ve reached that goal number three is action-oriented now it’s helpful when you use action verbs behind your goals instead you’re saying you know I will lose weight I will work out you actually add some specifics to that and make it action-oriented by saying things like I will want for 20 minutes five days a week that just gives you more clarity about what you’re going to tackle to achieve your goal I will walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes five days a week remember the fifth or the fourth one is to be realistic now if your goals are too big then it’s going to set you set yourself up for failure you know if every goal that you set it’s so big that it’s like you know maybe you haven’t saved money in years and all of a sudden you’re saying I’m going to save twenty thousand bucks well you need to be more realistic and once you have a pretty good salary you need to be more realistic in fact most success coaches say that you need to set your goals with a 50% chance of probability that means you know let’s just say that you instead of saying I’m going to say $50,000 and maybe your salary 70,000 that’s a little unrealistic you would say I’m going to save 10% of my current salary if it’s 70,000 then you would say $7,000 so make sure your goals are realistic and the last one is a time line deadlines are motivating you’ve got to put a timeline behind your goals you know they say when you set goals you should always answer two questions how much and by win want to lose weight how much fun win you want to save some money how much by win so could a deadline to your goal by saying things like you know I will save six thousand dollars by December 31st and make sure not all of them are a deadline of December 31st because that just increases procrastination and it makes you put everything off to that last quarter and maybe by then you’re not even motivated so just make for sure they do have a deadline now I want to give you two more hints that I think are vitally important are you achieving your goal this year number one I see your goals consistently you need to put them somewhere inside don’t put them in a dresser drawer don’t put them in the back of a notebook that you never refer to you I challenge people to make vision boards get vision books put it on your screensaver put it somewhere in sight put it on your mirror put the vision board somewhere you’re going to see it every single day because it is – out of sight out of mind the second thing is speak to your dreams every day you know the most successful people in the world they speak to their dreams they realize some of them don’t even know it comes from God’s Word God’s the one he said we call things that be not as though they already are well when you speak to your dreams you’re given life to them you’re releasing your faith for God your beauty impossible so see your dreams consistently and speak to your dreams every day just make it a part of your routine and let me close out with this quote Robert Schuller said goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us they are essential to really keep us alive that goes hand in hand with proverbs where there is no vision the people perish so I believe this is your year to set goals the right way push past all previous limitations and live your dreams if you’re enjoying this share it with a friend please subscribe to the podcast so every week you’re getting consistent encouragement all of us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter so I can keep you motivated to achieve your dreams thanks for watching I’ll see you next week I believe that what you do at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year that’s why I’m excited to invite you to the next conference that’s our success conference here in Plano Texas January 20th and 21st you know this is going to provide all the tools you need to help you succeed in life and ministry or business my special guest is here include Esther fetter challenge she is one of the best literary agents publishing experts my other guest is Billy Everhart now he is an amazing success teacher he teaches at Andrew wall max Business School and he’s going to help you learn how to build wealth now you have to register quickly Ivory’s we’re going to sell out again this year faces limited tickets are going to sell out fast so be sure and register for the next conference [Music]

  • Terri Savelle Foy Ministries – How Successful People Set Goals: It doesn’t take a genius to set goals but when you learn the S. M. A. R. T. method it will make them much more attainable. In this video, she will share with you effective strategies that she, and other top goal-achievers, utilize that will take your dreams from thoughts to plans, to becoming your reality.

About Terri Savelle Foy

Terri Savelle Foy shares from personal experience the biblical concepts of using the gift of the imagination to reach full potential in Jesus Christ. From stay-at-home moms to business executives, Terri consistently inspires others to go after their dreams.

With step-by-step instruction and the inspiration to follow through, people are fueled with the passion to complete their life assignments down to the last detail (see John 17:4). For years, Terri’s life was average. She had no dreams to pursue.

Each passing day was just a repeat of the day before. Finally, with a marriage in trouble and her life falling apart, Terri made a change. She began to pursue God like never before, develop a new routine and discovered the power of having a dream and purpose.

Terri and her husband, Rodney Foy, are the parents of a beautiful redheaded daughter, Kassidi Cherie. They live near Dallas, Texas.

About Terri Savelle Ministries

Today, she is the CEO of an international Christian ministry. She is an author, a conference speaker, and a success coach to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Her best-selling books Make Your Dreams Bigger than Your Memories and Imagine Big have helped people discover how to overcome the hurts of the past and see the possibilities of a limitless future.

Her weekly podcast is a lifeline of hope and inspiration to people around the world.  Terri Savelle Foy Ministries is committed to reaching the next generation, especially young women. There is a battle raging against our youth and too many are suffering from the effects of poor choices and hurtful events.

Terri has experienced first-hand God’s ability to transform her life of guilt and shame into one of purpose and vision. That’s why we invest faith-building resources in the lives of teen girls.


Terri Savelle Foy Ministries

Terri Savelle Foy: “Any dream you have will require faith to achieve it. The bigger the dream, the bigger the faith that’s needed.” | Image: terri.com



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Terri Savelle Foy teaches on setting goals and self-discipline

Terri Savelle Foy teaches on setting goals and self-discipline. | Image courtesy: terri.com



Jerry Savelle and Terri Savelle Foy minister on living the life of faith

Jerry Savelle and Terri Savelle Foy minister on living the life of faith. | Image courtesy: jerrysavelle.org



Terri Savelle Foy ministering at KingsWord Ministries International in Chicago Illinois

Terri Savelle Foy ministering at KingsWord Ministries International in Chicago, Illinois. | Image courtesy: kingsword.org



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Terri Savelle Foy is the host of the Live Your Dreams television broadcast, an author, a conference speaker, and a success coach to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world…
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Terri Savelle Foy – Christian Book | Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Memories.

According to Terri Savelle Foy, we all have a past. We have all made mistakes and done things we wish we had not done. We all wish we could just push a delete button on some of the choices we made yesterday and some of the things we have experienced years ago. Terri shows how we can let go of our past, change our self-image and confidently move into a future with hope. | Learn more…


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