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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Testimony

[Applause] Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had a revelation of the Secret Kingdom and from this understanding he developed the first Christian television network in America, a television show that has over a million viewers daily, a major university, a law school, all from the Secret Kingdom, and he says these secrets work the same for everyone. Anyone want to know these secrets? [Applause] You know, Pat, we go back a long time. Pat Robertson: We sure do. Sid: And for those that don’t recognize him, shame on you. This is Dr. Pat Robertson. And I was reminiscing a little with Pat just before we went on the air. I said, “Pat, do you remember the first time we met?” And by the way, I don’t know if anyone has done this lately, but I’m going to do it. How old are you? Pat Robertson: Oh you’re not supposed to ask women that. Sid: I’m not asking a woman. Pat Robertson: In about two weeks from now I’ll be 87. Sid: Eighty-seven. [Applause] Okay. Now we go back to the early years of 700 Club. Pat Robertson: Yes. Sid: And I was, I talked, I was a brand new Jewish believer in the Messiah and I talked to a nice Jewish reporter that did not know the Messiah, and I would tell him things, and I would say, “But this is off the record. It would really upset my family if this was in print.” Well everything I said that had to be off the record was in the article. And that’s the bad news. Oy vey, it was much worse. But this was a major newspaper in the Washington, D.C. area carried it and Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry got a hold of it, and Pat Robertson’s ministry got a hold of it. And do you remember the title? “White Collar Jesus Freaks”. Pat Robertson: “White Collar Jesus Freaks”. Sid: Forget Jesus freaks. There are a lot of things many people know about you. Many people know that you ran for President of the United States. What most people don’t know is that your dad, he was a U.S. congressman, a U.S. senator. Pat Robertson: That’s right. Sid: You are related to two U.S. presidents. You have relatives that signed the Declaration of Independence. You’re even related to Winston Churchill. Pat Robertson: Can you believe that? Sid: I mean, what a, you graduated Yale Law School, founded CBN, Regent University, 700 Club. You were tired. Pat Robertson: Yes. Sid: And you wanted to retire. Why didn’t you? Pat Robertson: When I hit 80 I had been doing a daily talk show forever. I’ve done more television telethons than anybody in history. Sid: You have my condolences. Pat Robertson: Yeah, baby. And I was running a university and I had all these responsibilities, and I was exhausted. And I was 80 years old and I said I need to pack it in. And so I told our board, I said, “I’m going off television.” I told the university where I was involved, I said, “I’m resigning. It’s been fun.” Well the president of the university resigned, the board put me in as an interim president and all of a sudden something supernatural happened, and it really was supernatural. There was an anointing of the Holy Spirit that came on me and all of a sudden I had a new life. I had a whole new, I was rejuvenated, unbelievable. And I took over this university which was kind of failing. We just crossed, two days ago, 10,000 students. [Applause] Sid: But that begs the question. Pat Robertson: What’s that? Sid: God sabotaged your retirement. Why? Pat Robertson: He did. Sid: Now why did he sabotage it? Pat Robertson: Well I think there was some more for me to do. Sid: I do, too. Pat Robertson: But I wanted out. I wanted out, but on television we have seen an explosion of anointing. We have seen the explosion of miracles, an explosion of salvations and of course this university is flourishing like you couldn’t believe. The American Center for Law and Justice, which I founded, has got a very key role to play in America. I mean, we are suing the ACLU in case after case, after case. Sid: That is wonderful. That’s music to my ears. But I want to take you back. You’re in seminary and you hear about something called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Pat Robertson: Yes. Sid: Speaking in tongues, supernatural language and you want it. So these were the days that you didn’t know it could be instant. For two years he’s seeking and seeking, and seeking, and seeking, and nothing is happening. But then he had a tragedy. His son, he had an illness. He was afraid he was going to be brain dead. It looked like a tragedy of tragedies. What happened? Pat Robertson: Well this son was, had this runaway fever. He was starting convulsions and I thought, you know, he will be permanently brain dead, which is serious. So I was on my knees. He’s on the sofa in the living room. I’ve got my hands on him and I’m crying out to God, and I said, “God, please, please, please heal my boy.” And the Lord spoke to me. He said, “I love him a thousand times more than you do and you’re such an imperfect father. Don’t you know that I love him more than you?” And I said, “Yes, God, I’m a terrible father and you are a loving father.” And Sid, I literally lifted him up in prayer. I mean, literally lifted him up into the loving arms of God. And the minute I did that the power of God came on that boy, bang, the fever broke, and the next day he was completely well. [Applause] Sid: You got a pleasant surprise, that thing you were after for two years. Pat Robertson: I wanted to begin praising God. I was so thrilled. And I began to say, “O God, you are wonderful, O God, I want to thank you.” And the next thing I know there was this African dialect coming out of my voice and I began to praise God. And my wife was in the living room and she was sitting down, and she said to me, “How long has this been going on?” Just then the angels happened. Sid: I can picture that. But I have to tell you, the thing that stuck with me like oatmeal when you eat it in the morning. Pat Robertson: Okay. Sid: Was your life story. And one day you’re reading a scripture. It’s Luke 12:33. I wish I could have observed this happening. Pat Robertson: Well we were living in Queens, New York. I was in seminary. I left law school. I was in seminary. And my wife was in her family in Ohio and I was there by myself at a time of fasting and prayer to seek God’s direction. And as I was praying, God said, “I want you to read Luke 12:33.” So I opened the Bible and it said, “Sell your possessions and give to the poor, and come follow me.” And I said, “Oh, okay, God, okay. Okay God.” Sid: Did you say “Oh” or did you say yes? Pat Robertson: I said, “Okay, God, I’ll do it.” Sid: What did your wife say about this? Pat Robertson: Well she didn’t say anything. She didn’t know. Sid: That’s what I meant. I told you, it gets better or worse. Pat Robertson: I contacted her and I said, “Dear, God is dealing with me over Luke 12:33. What do you think?” And she says, “Well honey, you do whatever the Lord shows you.” We had some old early American-type furniture. So I put an ad in the newspaper and I said, “For Sale: Early American Furniture.” So my apartment was besieged with buyers, sold out everything that was there. Well later on I moved to an interracial commune in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn and the telephone in our apartment was disconnected. My wife called and wound up in Brooklyn. She said, “What are you doing in Brooklyn?” I said, “Well I’ve sold our furniture and I’ve moved into this commune.” She said, “You’ve what?” And I said, “Well I told you the Lord was dealing with me in Luke 12:33.” She said, “Well I didn’t read that stuff.” I said, “Next time you’d better read it.” Sid: Listen to this. He’s has got $70 to his name. God tells him to move back home and buy a television station. Pat Robertson: That’s right. Sid: Seventy dollars. We’ll talk about it when we come back. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural! We now return to It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: God gives Pat a word to return to his home. Pat Robertson: The Lord gave me, the only word it was to, “Go to your home and tell what great things the Lord has done for you.” I traveled down there and when I got there a man said, “We have this little church. Would you like to come and preach for a Sunday service?” And I said, “Okay, I’ll do that.” And when I got done preaching he said, “Look, we’d like to buy time on the radio station to put you on the air for a week.” “Okay,” had never been on radio before, “I’ll do that.” And I was, the next day, Monday, I was on the way to the radio station. I stopped at the post office and here was a man that I hadn’t seen for 17 years. I had gone to grade school with him. His name was George Lauderdale. And I said, “What have you done?” He said, “I just had a dream that I should come from Norfolk 237 miles to Lexington because God said, ‘You’re not finished and there’s something I want you to do.'” And I said, “What are you doing? I’m getting ready to go to the radio station, would you like to go?” And he said, “Sure.” So he got in the car with me. He said, “Look, there’s a TV station. Would you like to claim it for the Lord?” Well I didn’t even own a TV set. Sid: So you really knew a lot about TV. Pat Robertson: Oh man, I was a pro, honestly. And I said, “George, I can’t run television.” He said, “Oh yeah you can, it’s easy. You just go ahead and turn the cameras on and put the lights on. Everything is easy.” I said, “Are you sure?” “Oh yeah, it won’t be any problem.” So I said okay. I went down to the football field where I had played a little bit football as a sophomore in high school and I was walking there, and God spoke to me, and he gave me a number on so many thousand dollars. And I got an appointment with General Sarnoff who was the head of RCA Giant Corporation and I went down to his office, and I said, “I’m a buyer.” And he said, “You don’t sound like much of a buyer to me.” So I said, “Well I want to buy this station.” He said, “How much will you give for it?” I said, “I’ll give you $37,000”, which is what the Lord told me. The good news is we went on the air on that station and we had one TV camera that had caught fire. We had an old rotten out curtain. The curtain, dry rot, I had taken a couple of pieces of cardboard and put them together to make a cross, and we had a cross on the thing up there behind me. And we put this one camera on the air and one kilowatt transmitter, and we went on the air. And we didn’t have a monitor, so in order to see if we were on the air I had to run down to the street to this convenient to look in the TV to see if we were broadcasting. Sid: Tell me, just the last calendar year, how many people received the Messiah through your television? Pat Robertson: About 85 million. Sid: Did you get that? This is last year, 85 million. Now you told me before we went on the air you have so many miracles happening there. Pat Robertson: Yes. Sid: That you can’t verify every one anymore, but you still do, a lot of them. Pat Robertson: We’ve received over 100 million prayer requests, 100 million, and of those I would say that about 1,250,000 Americans. [Applause] Sid: I see you on the air all the time having words of knowledge. Have the words of knowledge increased recently? Pat Robertson: Oh there’s been an explosion. The anointing of the Lord is so strong. It opens your mind to believe for the supernatural miracles. Sid: Can we believe, when we come back, that the words of knowledge will be activated in you and in me, and people all over the world will be healed? And I want you to tell me some of the secrets of the Secret Kingdom that he says he even operates under today, which anyone can follow and anyone get supernatural results. Be right back. [Applause] We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural! We now return to It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Sid: You know Pat, you graduated law school. Pat Robertson: Right. Sid: But I think that background had something to do with you holding on to the laws of the Secret Kingdom. How did that start? Pat Robertson: Well I was trying to find out how the world works. I mean, how does politics work? How does our government work? The Lord, “Tell me, show me.” And I prayed for five years to find out the secrets. And all of a sudden, God opened to me a revelation and the revelation was very simple, that Jesus Christ is God and if he’s God then any time he spoke without specific reference to the time or place, or recipient, he was giving a law that was equal to the law of gravity or any of the other physical laws of the universe. And so I said, if that’s the case then let me go through the Bible and see if he will show me some of the principles that govern the universe that these immutable laws that are equal to the law of gravity. He showed me, and I wrote “The Secret Kingdom” without the visible, but the invisible. But he has laws. I’ll give you the primary law of human growth and development. It’s called of use. And he gave it to us. He says, you know, he gave the Parable of the Talents, the man that had no talents, he lost it, “And he that uses what is given to him will get more.” And it’s a simple law. For example, if I’ve got this teacup here and I hold it up, I can lift that up, if I take my hand and bind it to my chest for a year I won’t be able to lift that teacup. I will lose everything I have. Sid: All the muscles will atrophy. Pat Robertson: Go. But if I work this thing, and I have done it at a gym, I’ve worked my legs to the point where I was easily leg-pressing a thousand pounds, 30 reps. Sid: My goodness, you’re embarrassing me. Pat Robertson: I mean, you live up to these things because it’s the law. It’s the same thing with money. You know, the compound interest of Rothschild said it was the eighth wonder of the world. Money will compound. Wealth will compound. Goodness will compound. Souls will compound. Whatever you’re doing, that is the law of human growth and development. So that is one. There’s another one, the law of reciprocity, “It will be given unto you.” For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It applies to everybody in every walk of life. And it’s so thrilling to think that God laid that blueprint for us. And if we follow these laws, Sid, we have success. It’s in the Bible. These secrets are in the Bible and we as Christians can change the world. That’s what’s so wonderful about it. Sid: Now you had, I agree. Now you had so much favor in your life. Did you find laws of favor? Pat Robertson: Well I asked for favor. There are three things that I asked for. I asked for the wisdom, I asked for the anointing and I asked for favor. And the favor of God is wonderful. You have that favor everywhere you go, good things happen. And when you ask for the anointing you get all kinds of miracles. Sid: Speaking of miracles, what if we were to pray right now. I see you do it on TV. I want to do it with him. Is that okay? You grab hold. Pat Robertson: Can they all join hands together? Will you all reach a hand. Sid: In the studio and at home. Pat Robertson: I’ve seen scripture in the 700 Club, is Matthew 18:19, “Where two of you agree on Earth is touching anything that I ask you to be done for me by my Father in Heaven.” So I’m agreeing with you, my brother, for people in this audience right now. Somebody has a bowel obstruction. You’re afraid of cancer. Right now that obstruction is leaving and there will be no cancer. God is cleaning up that tract, that large intestine. You are completely healed. There’s a mother who’s got a little baby who is very sick right now. Her name is Alisha and the Lord is healing that child, Alisha. You can praise God for that baby is going to be completely well. Just praise God for the answer, Sid. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. There’s a neck muscle that has been twisted. Reach out and touch your leg right at this moment. That muscle will, that’s been popped out will go out, all that terrible pain will go away even as we speak in the name of Jesus. Unceasing, oh you’re so afraid. You’re afraid of snakes. You’re afraid of falling. You’re afraid of life. We rebuke the spirit of fear. In the name of Jesus, come out of them. And may perfect love cast out fear, for fear is torment. We just ask for perfect love to fill these people’s lives. Yes. Sid: And I feel as though if you look in the camera and your gift of word of knowledge is increasing to a point beyond what I’ve seen before. I believe you could pray for that to be stirred up and imparted to everyone that is listening and watching us now. Pat Robertson: Let’s do it. Father, in Jesus’s name, we believe now for everybody in this audience, may the anointing of the Holy Spirit come upon them. Lord, bless them, sincere hearts who are seeking you, give them the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Let them have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, touch. Amen. Sid: Amen. And I wish we had time to go into the laws of miracles. Pat Robertson: Yes. Sid: But we have time to tell you this. Jesus is coming back soon. Get right with him. Make him your Lord. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and have fun. Pat Robertson: Amen. [Applause] Sid: Next week on It’s Supernatural! Steven Brooks: Hello, I’m Pastor Steven Brooks. If you want to learn practical principles for activating and manifesting the blessings of God in your life then be sure to join me right here on the next It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth

Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network) Interview:  On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Show, Pat Robertson had a revelation of the secret kingdom that birthed the first Christian television network in America, a major university and a law school.

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The 700 ClubThe 700 Club is a live television program that airs weekdays before a studio audience from The Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) broadcast facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The show presents a mix of news and commentary, interviews, feature stories, and Christian ministry. It has been in production since 1966 and it is airing in syndication throughout the United States and Canada, making it one of the longest running shows in broadcast history.

The program is hosted by Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, and Gordon Robertson, with CBN News anchor John Jessup.  Pat Robertson named it The 700 Club, after the successful series of telethons which started in 1963 to help CBN meet its monthly budget.  The program grew to attract audiences across America and in other nations.

Since 2009, they have been airing 700 Club Interactive, which utilizes internet user generated videos and comments by viewers of the show.  CBN International programs are broadcast in 39 languages to 138 countries worldwide.  Gordon Robertson serves as Executive Producer of the 700 Club and CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network.


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