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Kerry Kirkwood says everyone has suffered loss, but few understand the power of redemption. Even fewer pursue and recover their losses like David did. Kerry says that needs to change!

Redemption Means More Than Heaven Someday…
Many believers understand that Jesus redeemed them from their sins, and because of this they are right with God. But that is only the beginning!

Redemption is not just a ticket into Heaven. The redemptive work of Jesus brings restoration, healing and recovery in every area of your life that has been broken or damaged.

Kerry Kirkwood is a pastor and revelatory writer whose passion is to help believers access the secret power of their redemptive privileges in God. In his powerful new book and 4-CD set, you will learn how to:

• Define the Realms of Redemption: what areas of your everyday life does redemption impact?
• Access the Blessings of Redemption: learn how to recover everything in your life that has been stolen by the devil or lost through sin.
• Experience the Power of Redemption: receive healing, deliverance, supernatural restoration and other blessings as you appropriate Jesus’ redemptive work.

Get ready to pursue your divine inheritance, overtake your enemy and recover every promise and provision Jesus made available to you!

Kerry Kirkwood is the founding Pastor of Trinity Fellowship in Tyler, Texas. Kerry is known for a strong prophetic anointing. A pastor to pastors, Kerry is also director of Antioch Oasis Network of churches and ministries. He and his wife, Diane, have four children and six grandchildren.

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