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0:06 hey there what if i told you you don’t have to live beneath god’s best for you 0:11 it’s just a matter of exchanging your carnal mind with the mind of christ everything that you will ever become 0:18 ever accomplish and do starts in your mind your mind is powerful 0:24 you invent with it you create with it you set goals with it and you create your future with it your mind 0:31 is absolutely extraordinary and an extraordinary life starts with an 0:37 extraordinary mind i want to encourage you you don’t have to live as a victim of 0:43 circumstances anymore especially when it comes to your own life you have the ability to change your life 0:50 by changing your thoughts so as we explore in this first installment entitled the extraordinary mind i’m 0:57 challenging you to get your head in the game regulate your thoughts and dare to live 1:04 the life of your dreams so let’s get started 1:11 [Music] 1:16 hey everyone welcome to my new series entitled the power of intentions i’ve 1:21 been talking with a lot of people whether they were in industry specific 1:26 professions or they were entrepreneurs and businessman business women decision 1:31 makers even those that are in new businesses they are new entrepreneurs 1:37 the millennials generation z been talking to a lot of people lately 1:44 and everyone’s trying to figure out how do i navigate this new normal and i’ve been telling everyone you know 1:50 the world into which you were born no longer exists and there’s so much change that’s going 1:57 on and how do you navigate the waves of change without being swept away by those 2:03 same changes and i decided well perhaps one of the best things for me to do 2:10 is to weigh in when it comes to helping individuals to find the tools 2:16 for success the tools for prosperity the tools to overcome their greatest challenges 2:22 and as i was praying the lord began to speak to me about a particular text in the book of 2:28 luke chapter 14 verse 28 to 30. as i was reading this particular text 2:35 the word intent jumped out and the holy spirit spoke to me and said i want you to begin to teach 2:42 on the power of intention luke 14 28 30 reads for which of you 2:48 intending to build a tower sitteth not down first and counted the cost whether he had sufficient to finish 2:56 it unless happily after he had set he has laid the foundation and is not able to 3:03 finish it all that behold it began to mock him saying this man began to build 3:08 and was not able to finish we’re in inviting you into 3:15 a dialogue that i want to have with you um a series where 3:22 prayerfully you would be empowered to live a more successful life a more meaningful 3:28 life and you will at the end of a week or a 3:34 month or the end of a year you would actually end strong and it always starts 3:39 with intentions i know a lot of people have dreams but being able to put feet 3:44 to those dreams is another thing so have you ever wondered how some people seem to succeed at whatever they do and 3:52 others don’t i believe it’s because they have harnessed the faculty of their mind 3:58 called intention we know that the mind is is is different from the brain the brain is physical but the mind is 4:05 spiritual it’s a part of your soul and we are soulish beings we are not just 4:10 physical beings and spiritual beings we’re soulish beings and your soul houses your mind your will and your 4:17 emotions and so when we talk about the mind we’re talking about you operating 4:22 at a higher level a higher frequency when it comes to you either pursuing an 4:29 aspiration a dream or a goal or you engaging in relationships or you 4:37 carving out a path to your success there are so many people now 4:43 that are either jobless or individuals that are saying okay where i’m working 4:50 is not fulfilling it’s not connecting with to my purpose and my passion and 4:55 they’re trying to figure out what they should be doing in life but before we delve into the discussion 5:02 of intention i want to briefly discuss with you the power of your mind which 5:07 intentions finds his origin so let’s just do a broad stroke 5:13 and go wide before we go deep psychologically speaking when we talk 5:19 about the mind it’s really a set of cognitive faculties it enables you to 5:26 think it enables you to be aware it gives you consciousness 5:32 it gives you the ability of thinking and having perception and judgment and 5:37 memory so when we talk about the mind the mind is so very important because 5:43 it’s that characteristic that separates the whole homo sapien uh from the animal 5:50 kingdom so the difference between you and a lion or orangutan is the fact that 5:55 you have a mind that has the faculties of judgment of memory of thinking a 6:01 perception of awareness and consciousness and this awareness is not just awareness using the five physical 6:08 senses for determining and interacting and interpreting the things that are 6:14 going on around you but it’s also an awareness that you are separate from 6:20 every other thing that’s around you your mind gives you the ability to move beyond those knee-jerk responses those 6:28 emotional responses and goes beyond instinct there’s so many different animals that 6:34 do have memory they do have the ability to think they do have the ability to 6:40 project or even anticipate but what animals don’t have 6:46 is the ability to think about their thoughts and we’re not just 6:51 beings that are driven by instinct or basic drives god said that he made us 6:59 higher than animals so that means that we have to be able to raise the level of our 7:06 frequency and i don’t want you to be afraid of that word thinking that i’m talking about something that is new age 7:12 when in fact i’m really not and we’re going to bring up that topic of frequency and download 7:20 it within scripture so you can really understand how powerful your mind is 7:26 and it is a travesty if you are born again believer and if 7:31 you are in pursuit of number one pleasing god and number 7:36 two maximizing your potential it’s a travesty that you go through life only using a 7:44 small a small fraction or percentage of the capacity of your mind and live most of 7:51 your life unconscious of the fact that you are actually one of god’s greatest expressions of his 7:58 brilliance and his intelligence and not only that he gives you 8:04 as a gift to humanity and so you are here during this time during this 8:10 generation and with these inflection points because of what you are individually 8:16 carrying for pushing humanity forward and bringing solutions to world problems and 8:23 i know that’s a lot to ingest at the beginning of my message but you’ve got 8:28 to understand that you are here for such a time as this and it’s going to take the renewal of 8:35 your mind so you are no longer just thinking based on 8:41 cultural conditioning and conspiracy theories and propaganda it’s 8:47 time for you to get your mind back and once you are able to operate with a mind 8:53 that is liberated you are able to make a difference in this world we talk about 8:59 mind mastery those of you that have gone through a personal development those of 9:05 you that read any kind of self-help book one of the major themes is mindset 9:10 mastery and this is not a new age concept the bible said being renewed in 9:18 the spirit of your mind it talks to us from the book of philippians about whatsoever things are true and honest 9:25 and just and lovely and praiseworthy you want to be able to think on those things and this is all about mindset mastery 9:33 so i’ve read scriptures and i studied and i began to dig deep for 9:40 all of the pearls of revelation that i could possibly bring to this particular 9:46 series and so having read what the psychological description is of the mind 9:52 i wanted to come up with my own personal description and having read about 10:00 god having a mind and giving us a mind because we’re created in the image and 10:05 after the likeness of god i determine and this is my definition to always see the mind and perceive the 10:12 mind and encourage you to embrace this description that i have of the mind beside the psychological one 10:19 or what you will find in the dictionary so my definition of the mind is that it 10:25 is an innovative goal oriented well generating future 10:30 creating destiny altering machine but just let’s break it down your mind 10:37 is an innovative machine so the question that i want to ask you 10:43 is where does your future come from and most people probably would answer 10:49 either i don’t know it comes from god or my future is just out there 10:55 but that’s not true because even though god said i know the plans 11:01 that i have for you the plains of good not of evil to bring you to an expected and 11:07 the question is have you been conversing with god lately and have you allowed him to download his 11:14 ideas and give you sparks of inspiration or even allow the holy spirit to give 11:20 you revelation of these amazing thoughts that god has for you but to answer the question it’s easy for 11:28 me to answer because the scripture says that god has placed eternity in our heart and the world word heart 11:35 is actually translated mind so where does your future comes from it 11:41 comes from within you and you are creating your future you are creating your destiny you are innovating 11:48 your reality one thought at a time one image at a time so your future comes 11:54 from within you where you end up tomorrow the end of the 11:59 week where you end up at the end of the month the end of the year is all going 12:04 to be determined by what’s going on in your mind what’s going on in your heart 12:12 so your mind is an innovative goal oriented you’ve got to be able to put your mind to work you can’t just wake up 12:20 with dreams and visions and not create and engineer goals you’ve got to be able to wake up and set 12:27 your intentions towards doing something creating something finishing something 12:34 and so many people go through life and they suffer from 12:40 near-success syndrome because they don’t set their intention 12:46 to finish something but that’s the responsibility of your mind your mind operates his best 12:52 when you’re able to establish goals for it your mind is an innovative goal oriented 12:59 wealth generating future creating destiny altering machine 13:05 human beings are the only ones of god’s creation that has the ability to be anything they want at any given time 13:13 so that means that if you don’t like where you are today you’re merely one thought away from 13:19 being somewhere else tomorrow the question is where is that somewhere else 13:24 and this is why my book entitled hello tomorrow becomes one of the greatest books that i’ve ever written 13:31 because it deals with vision i’ve always said your feet will never take you where your mind has never 13:38 been and so many people are controlled by other people’s opinion of them controlled by the news feed controlled 13:45 by social media controlled by conspiracy theories 13:51 controlled by propaganda controlled by other people and it’s time for you to take back your 13:58 personal power and so living an extraordinary life starts with an extraordinary mind 14:05 and when we look at the mind psychologically my own personal definition 14:11 spiritually speaking your mind is actually a feature of your soul 14:16 the bible refers to the mind like i said earlier as the heart if you would turn with me to proverbs 23 14:23 and 7 it says for as he thinketh in his heart 14:29 so we see the word heart is not the physical um organ that keeps 14:35 you alive the word heart there is mind so when god created mankind he equipped 14:42 him with this extraordinary spiritually permeated mind that created 14:49 that created his future that altered the realities in his spheres of influence 14:56 and when we go to the book of genesis we discovered that adam loved god and he 15:03 loved god with his mind and he served god with his mind one of the things that 15:09 the apostle paul says in his in in his conversation in the book of romans chapter 7 verse 25 he said 15:17 thanks be to god through christ our lord so then on the one hand i myself with my mind am 15:24 serving the law of god but on the other hand with the flesh the law of sin 15:30 and so it becomes an issue of mind over men i’m sure that you’ve heard that colloquial expression 15:37 you don’t have to live beneath god’s best for you 15:42 if you replace your carnal mind with the mind of christ turn with me to the book of philippians 15:48 chapter 2 verses 5 to 11. and i want to read this because it’s brilliantly written by paul again he 15:55 said let this mind be in you which is also in christ jesus that word let 16:01 you see that word in genesis let there be light let there be light so the word let simply means that there are 16:07 prohibiting forces that has determined that you’re not going to have the mind of christ 16:14 and so the battlefield you have heard is actually in your mind 16:19 everything that you will ever become starts in your mind everything that you would ever accomplish starts in your 16:26 mind everything that you feel about yourself starts with the thought in your mind your mind is 16:33 very powerful so allow the mind of christ 16:38 to permeate your mind so that you have high level thinking 16:44 so that you can then tap into the extraordinary capacity of your mind a lot of people 16:51 think too low about themselves they question their identity they question 16:56 their ability so they have their dreams that they park to the side because they 17:01 look at extenuating circumstances to determine whether or not their dreams 17:06 are possible the bible said with god all things are possible 17:12 the word intention intention the power of intention comes from this latin word 17:19 intention it means to stretch out it means to strain or exert or it means to to have 17:28 effort or put effort into something or to pay attention to something 17:33 it has the idea of someone who is doing something and then their attention is 17:41 turned to something else that may be challenging and their mind stretches to 17:46 accommodate the challenge um so literally it means stretches to to 17:52 stretch out and to stretch out the faculty to stretch out the intellectual capacity of 18:00 the human mind i remind it i’m reminded of the scriptures that jesus said 18:05 uh foxes of whole the birds of the ear had nests but the son of man had not where to lay his head in other words he 18:12 had all of these ideas and philosophies and revelation that he wanted to share 18:18 with the general population but there was no one that could had the ability to stretch their mind to 18:25 accommodate these revelations that he was given them and i’ve just determined that so many 18:31 people live restricted lives because of the limitations that they have been that 18:37 they have placed on their own minds and it’s happening through cultural conditioning i’m thinking of pavlov’s 18:43 dog where he was trying to figure out uh whether or not a dog would be able to be 18:49 conditioned to salvate and the study started actually with how dogs salvate but then it he 18:56 went on and um he coined this phrase classical conditioning so 19:03 he rings a a bell and he gives the dog a piece of meat and the dog um eats the meat enjoys the 19:10 meat he rings the bell again gives the dog a piece of meat rings the bell and the dog begins to 19:16 salvate and it gives the dog the meat then he takes the meat away from the equation and he rings the bowel and the dog is 19:23 still salvating and this is what you call classical conditioning and this is happening all the time we 19:30 call it propaganda where it’s this pitch and pier that goes on 19:35 where social media now knows how to just ring a bell and those that are users are actually 19:42 salvating and they’re salivating for products and they’re salivating for goods and now you know to tell you the 19:48 truth social media has become good because we’re using ai now and ai is 19:54 studying your habits and then eventually while you’re reading your email all of a 20:01 sudden on the right side you have a stream of offerings to you it’s either 20:07 medications or clothes or cough medicine or whatever you have been focusing on in that week 20:15 ai picks up your habits and then it rings that bell it it basically is 20:21 watching how you span it looking at your habits and then it’s anticipating a weight this 20:29 person has been sitting on this side and perhaps we need to offer them 20:34 this so when it comes to living for god we have to understand that that we’re 20:42 talking about being renewed in the spirit of your mind and i believe that this is going to be a 20:49 season that god is going to be able to restore us to such an extent that we’re going to 20:56 live in the most powerful state that we have ever lived in in the days to come 21:01 we’re going to witness a new species of believers who will become unstoppable 21:07 and they’re going to be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the lord and this is going to happen 21:13 at the level of their thought life your mind is given to you by god and he wants 21:20 you to use your mind not only to serve him but serve 21:26 the world that we live in one of the things that jesus said in the book of matthew verse 22 to 37 21:32 he’s talking about loving god and serving god he said love the lord your god with all 21:38 your heart and art and all your soul and with all your mind love the 21:43 lord your god with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind and 21:48 so when we talk about the mind we’re not just talking about some new age or we’re not talking about 21:54 some new age phenomenon we’re talking about a biblical concept when you read 21:59 about scripture scripture is just replete with with um instances where the mind 22:06 was actually mentioned in ephesians 40 in ephesians 4 23 if you will go there 22:12 with me please it says being renewed in the spirit of your mind romans 12 and 2 22:20 says be not conformed to this world but be you transformed by the renewing of 22:25 your mind and we’re talking about you being unplugged from the matrix from 22:31 this classical conditioning from from society molding and shaping you into 22:38 living like an a ton of automaton where you’re going through life and the 22:43 proverbial balance ringing and you’re buying whatever they want you to buy dressing however you want to dress and 22:51 every time you’re losing day by day connection with your purpose and your 22:56 potential and with your ability to be an agent of change and your ability to make a 23:02 difference and it all happens at the level of your mind first corinthians 2 23:07 16 said for who has known the mind of the lord that he will instruct him but we have the mind of christ philippians 2 23:15 and 2 says make my joy complete by being of the same mind maintaining the same 23:21 love united in spirit intent on one purpose 23:26 romans 8 and 6 for the mind for the mindset on the flesh is death but the 23:31 mindset on the spirit is life and peace romans 1 28 says and just as they did 23:38 not see fit to acknowledge god any longer god gave them over to a depraved 23:44 mind to do those things which are not proper luke 24 45 says then he opened 23:51 their minds to understand scriptures and so a lot of times our minds are blocked we’re 23:57 reading we’re hearing but we don’t have understanding you have understanding at 24:02 the level of your mind most most people believe that when you become a christian 24:08 and you join a church you check your mind at the door but the gospel is 24:13 preach so that your mind is being renewed second corinthians 5 13 says for 24:20 if we are beside ourselves it is for god if we are of sound mind it is for you so 24:27 when we talk about mindset mastery is not just you serving god 24:32 or you having an awareness and an understanding in the consciousness of your significance in the world it’s for 24:39 what you do for the world what you do in the world your mind is there so that you 24:44 can look at situations and circumstances and not seeing yourself as a victim of 24:50 circumstances becoming a solution and until you understand that you are here 24:57 for what you are carrying you you can adapt a mastermind 25:04 because you’re a piece of the master and god is living in you and when he calls 25:10 himself to you and when he uses you it’s not really about you so that you 25:15 are not puffed up with pride it’s about the peace of god himself that 25:20 he places in you that he wants to find expression in this world within your community 25:27 within your family where he’s raising you up to be like uh joseph was in the 25:33 economic space to be like a deborah was in the legal space to be like esther was 25:40 in the humanitarian space and so when you look at the bible 25:46 i want you to begin to see it as not just a historical a 25:51 theological document i want you to see it as your life manual i want you to see it as your 25:59 strategic book that god has given you so that you know how to run your play in 26:05 this world romans 11 34 says for who has known the mind of the lord or who be 26:12 became his counselor romans 12 16 be of the same mind toward one another daniel 26:18 4 16 says let his mind be changed from that of a man and let a beast’s mind be 26:24 given unto him and it’s interesting when we go through scriptures we see how the mind is very important is 26:31 very relevant and today it needs to be a front and center stage because mental 26:38 health is a huge huge um problem and issue 26:45 and i believe that once we get through this pandemic 26:50 the next major issue that will become a global issue will be 26:57 mental health the mental state um of of humanity and this is why i love 27:03 scriptures is more than just a a a theological book or an ancient book it’s 27:10 a book about life and how to do life and it gives you practical 27:15 solutions and tools for you to live life not just with purpose but you to live 27:20 life successfully and prosperously isaiah 26 3 says the steadfast of mine 27:28 you will keep in perfect peace because he trusts in you the king james version says it like this thou would keep him in 27:36 perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee and so the things that we are 27:41 meditating on the things that are distracting us is actually affecting us 27:47 and whatever affects us affects our destiny affects our emotions and so 27:53 i believe that god is going to begin to speak to us at the level of our mind i 28:00 believe that we are going to have encounters during our times of devotions and when we’re meditating on scriptures 28:07 and when we have our times of prayer where god is going to begin to heal the 28:13 human mind i believe that one of the greatest panaceas for the human mind is 28:19 scriptures what you meditate on what you think about all day what you meditate on 28:25 is influencing your destiny and god spoke to man and joshua and said to 28:32 him look meditate on my word day and night therein you will make your way prosperous and you will have good 28:39 success and so one of the secrets to success is what you do with your mind and how 28:45 you manage your thought again we call it mindset mastery and um this is 28:52 what god wants for us he does not want us to become a part of the problem but 28:58 he wants us to master our mind when we look at the bible scriptures clearly 29:04 indicate the importance of the mind today we have personal development and the 29:10 whole craze is about mindset mastery and it’s all about uh maintaining an 29:16 elevated mindset but long before we had the term personal development and 29:21 mindset mastery this is what colossians chapter 3 verse 2 says set your mind on 29:27 things above not on things that are on the earth set your mind establish your mind and to set your mind means that 29:34 you’re operating from what i call a realm of intentionality this is next level thinking so i believe 29:42 that in this season we are going to experience next level thinking 29:48 this starts with the reprogramming of your mind and that’s the word repent that jesus used and john the baptist 29:54 used repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand the gospel is actually preached 30:01 so that our minds can be reprogrammed and since the fall of man in the garden 30:06 of eden humanity began to operate at a low level frequency and when adam found 30:14 he fell from a very high dimension of thinking a dimension of dominion where 30:19 he was full multiplied replenished replenish subdued had dominion he lived healthily and he was productive and when 30:27 he found he fell into low-level thinking where his frequency was very very low 30:33 the frequency of his power and his authority and he lost his full 30:40 effectiveness in the earth realm as god’s representative and so here are two 30:45 principles that are important when we begin to introduce you to the power of intention and the extraordinary power of 30:52 the mind which is this particular installment in our series 30:57 called intent or the power of intention when your frequency is low 31:03 your authority will be low it’s going to be strained or ineffective and the manifestations of your 31:10 declarations and prayers are going to be slow so when your frequency is low 31:17 even if you’re praying and you’re decreeing and you’re doing the work the actual manifestation is going to be slow 31:23 but when your frequency is high your authority is going to be strong 31:28 it’s going to be effective you’re going to be influential and the manifestations from your declarations in your prayers are going 31:36 to be immediate quick fast and in a hurry you’ll be able to decree things 31:41 today and see it manifested maybe the next minute or the next day and so when we talk about elevating your 31:49 frequency let this mind be in you which is also in christ jesus jesus was the 31:54 word of god and when you go into the book of genesis when god said let there be light the 32:02 bible said immediately there was light why because he was speaking at an elevated realm or in it 32:10 from an elevated realm of creativity where the frequency was high 32:17 now when we talk about frequency again we’re not talking about something that’s 32:22 new age we’re talking about something that is is biblical because when you think about things like faith 32:29 when you think about things like grace we’re talking about another level of power another level of manifestation 32:37 salvation allows you to operate in higher frequencies of thoughts because 32:43 grace operates on a high spiritual plane it’s a high spiritual dimension 32:50 where things that are impossible in the low level of humanity 32:55 it’s elevated to the level of god when it comes to faith so you don’t have to 33:00 live program by the world system through conspiracy theories and propaganda 33:06 god is able to download his thoughts in your mind through the person of the holy 33:12 spirit he is the revealer of the heart of god the mind of god the 33:17 will of god first corinthians chapter 2 verse 10 says for to us god revealed 33:22 them through the spirit for the spirit searches all things even the depth of 33:28 god first corinthians 2 11 for who among you knows the thoughts of man except the 33:34 spirit of man which is in him even so the thoughts of god no man knows except 33:40 the spirit of god so when we talk about revelation and when we talk about insight whether that 33:46 revelation is coming from you reading the word of god or even in prayer where god will begin to reveal things to you 33:53 where you’re operating in the spirit uh in the spirit realm where you’re praying 33:58 prophetic prayers where you have prophetic insight where you have access to the gifts of the spirit the fruit of 34:05 the spirit where you’re operating in a dimension of revelation that puts you head and shoulders 34:13 above all of your contemporaries where people are beginning to say well how do you know these things and how are you 34:20 able to do these things and how did you defy the order how did you overcome your 34:25 circumstances or how do you did you do what is impossible you’re doing it 34:30 because of the level high level of thought you are interacting with the 34:35 thoughts of god and god is speaking to you and you know how to tap into that frequency and so 34:42 instead of us being afraid of this one word frequency i’m going to say it over 34:47 and i really want to get this in your spirit because when adam fell he lost his ability to use the total 34:55 capacity of his mind to to remain connected to the mind of god 35:01 his cognitive ability went from digital to analog from satellite to fm and 35:07 eventually am where there was a lot of static a lot of interference um 35:13 a lot of misinterpretation and a lot of chatter so when you get saved god 35:18 increases your spiritual frequency and takes you from am to fm to satellite and 35:25 eventually just to use this as an example to 5g but he renews the spirit 35:32 of your mind in other words you operate at a higher level of thinking your 35:37 frequency increases and i want to really drill down when i talk about frequency 35:43 because i’m i’m talking about a spiritual form of energy that cannot be seen with the natural eye god gives you 35:50 spiritual acuity through revelation through inspiration through prophetic insight so when we talk about this 35:57 frequency we also have to talk about energy so energy all matter produces energy so 36:05 that means that your brain your body is producing energy electricity is energy 36:11 speed is energy all forms of energy causes some reaction or it causes some 36:17 result so the things that are going on in your life it’s not just happening 36:23 happenstance the you are participating in it and even 36:28 though you don’t you don’t understand it the very thoughts that you’re thinking is a form of energy and the very words 36:35 that you were speaking is a form of energy your fear is a form of energy your love is a form of energy words are 36:43 energy jesus said the words that i speak they are spirit and they are life and so 36:48 when we look at the word of god we are looking at the fact that even your words 36:53 whether it’s an internal dialogue that you are having with yourself whether it 36:59 is you reminiscing some hurt some pain or something that someone said to you over 37:05 and over again are operating on a certain level of certain frequency and you are admitting 37:12 energies that is changing everything in the world when you look at the whole idea of the 37:19 words that you were speaking the bible said in genesis chapter 1 god himself 37:25 said let there be light and there was light so words are a form of energy 37:32 whether it’s internal dialogue that you are having with yourself or whether these are words that you are speaking 37:39 out um of your mouth the scripture says that god created us in his image and 37:44 after his likeness there’s a scripture that says so to the wind weep a whirlwind in other words there’s a cause 37:51 and an effect for everything in the universe and many of us do not see 37:56 ourselves as a cause we think things are happening to us but there’s an energy 38:02 that you are emitting and we call it faith we call it unbelief but faith 38:08 operates on a frequency and unbelief operates on a lower frequency so the 38:14 question is every day when you wake up how are you showing up the scripture 38:20 says in job 22 28 thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto 38:27 you and when we begin to understand that thoughts are things and they carry a 38:32 certain frequency and the thoughts leave you thoughts are powerful enough to 38:37 attract people to you to repel people from you have you ever walked in a room 38:43 and someone was smiling at you and you felt really good about that person 38:48 or have you ever walked in a building and you saw someone and they 38:54 did they just gave off like a bad vibe it is because you were picking up a 39:00 frequency god was giving you an insight and so when we talk about thoughts thoughts are energies that troubles like 39:07 a wave and we talk about making waves when you have negative um thoughts 39:13 you’re making negative waves and some people live in a tsunami everything around them is full of confusion 39:21 and so when we talk about your mind we talk about sensing someone’s thoughts or 39:28 we use the word vibe and we want to be able not to only to pick up people’s vibes but we want to 39:35 pick up god’s vibes as well jeremiah 29 11 said i know the thoughts i think towards you thoughts of good not of evil 39:41 to bring you to an expected and those are the thoughts that’s how you want to vibe that’s how you want you you want to 39:48 be thinking you want to elevate your thinking so you can elevate your life and it all starts in your mind what have 39:55 you been thinking lately and i don’t have to cut your mind open to find out what your thoughts have been about your 40:02 life about your family about your children about your finances all i need 40:07 to do is look at the results and for every result there is a cause and very 40:13 few people will take responsibility for what is happening in their life and 40:18 unless you take responsibility for everything that’s going on in your life 40:24 you will always show up as a victim something would always be happening to you people will quote unquote and i have 40:30 these air quotation marks people are always doing something to you 40:35 but could things be the way they are because you are the way you are and what one thing can you change that you can 40:42 change everything you can change how you use your mind proverbs 4 23 says be 40:49 careful what you think because your thoughts run your life so thoughts as 40:55 well as physical words cause physical energy that directs your life and those 41:01 uh things that happen in your life in other words your words create the 41:06 reality in your world whether the words are silent silent like thoughts that no 41:12 one hears that’s internal dialogue or whether it’s audible words hosea says 41:17 this in hosea chapter 8 verse 7. it says this for they have sown the wind and 41:23 they shall we reap a whirlwind in other words when words come out of your mouth 41:30 the equal opposite will come back into your life so the words are like a win 41:36 and the results is a whirlwind again things are not just happening to you 41:42 they’re happening because of you and this is how powerful when we talk about you know the whole idea of 41:49 the powerful mind and words and frequencies and energy there was this scientist uh japanese scientist dr 41:57 mazuru imoto and he performed a series of experiments 42:03 and what he did was he exposed water to words to prayer to music 42:08 and to an environment and he then took the water and he allowed these water the 42:14 water to be frozen and he looked at the crystallized structure in water 42:20 and uh this the water that had been exposed to something that was beautiful 42:25 beautiful music and beautiful words he would use words like i love you and you’re beautiful 42:32 um he went and took pictures of the crystals that they had formed and they were formed beautifully 42:38 and the words that had hard music that had cussing and swimming in it 42:45 and an environment that was not um healthy and happy 42:50 and words that were harsh and words of hatred that was spoken over the water it 42:56 formed these ugly crystallized um structures within the water that had been frozen and he concluded that words 43:05 have power that it is affecting things around it 43:10 even if it cannot be seen by the human eye and so before we get into our topic of 43:17 of intention you’ve got to understand that you are not an innocent bystander when it comes 43:25 to your life we talk about what the devil is doing in our lives and how we have enemies and 43:31 how we have to fight goliath and beers and lions but very few of us will take 43:38 personal responsibility for the things that it’s going on around us and 43:43 and and to us and and and trace it all the way back to an attitude to a mindset to a thought to 43:52 words that have been spoken that have been negative that have been contrary to the will of god we don’t see that we’re 43:59 pitching on low level frequencies when it comes to our expectations when it 44:05 comes to our performance when it comes to even working with individuals many of us see 44:12 individuals we are already expecting individuals to hurt us to lie to us to 44:18 betray us and we don’t understand that every thought every anticipation is 44:23 actually sending these waves out and we’re pitching on a frequency and the energy is going out we hear the new ages 44:32 talking about send the energy out into the universe and then we we we call it 44:37 well this is really satanic but a portion of that is true 44:42 that we don’t understand that when you show up in this world you have the power to shift atmospheres and we see it even 44:50 in the book of joshua where joshua was instructed by god you don’t need to use 44:55 skutt missiles you don’t need patriarchs to be exploding you don’t need guns you 45:02 don’t need bombs what you’re going to do to bring this wall down you’re going to use the frequency of your voice and the 45:09 very frequency of your voice is going to change the molecular structure of the 45:14 walls and you are not going to have to use physical energy you are just going to use your voice and they marched 45:22 around the wall they shifted the atmosphere and when they shouted the bible said the walls came down and that 45:29 was because god was revealing to us in the book of joshua how powerful the human voice is 45:37 and when we talk about words when we talk about sound you cannot have a word 45:42 unless you have thoughts because words are thoughts that are audibly expressed 45:48 but words that are not audibly expressed are called our thoughts it’s called our internal dialogue one of the things that 45:56 proverbs 18 21 says is that death and life is in the power of the tongue 46:01 the power of your tongue things died things are created things come to your 46:06 life abundance opportunities when you’re able to speak it out loud and your thoughts your words 46:13 your beliefs are producing an energy around you when the disciples were 46:19 trying to cast a demon out of a young boy they couldn’t and jesus came and bam 46:25 the demon came right out and they said why couldn’t we cast this demon out and 46:31 jesus clearly said look it’s because of your unbelief it wasn’t the strength of 46:36 the demon and as you go through life it is not the strength of your enemy 46:43 whether your enemy is a lack whether your enemy is sickness whether your enemy is diseased whether your 46:49 enemy is hatred whether your enemy is unemployment it is never the strength of 46:54 your enemy it is the strength of your belief and the bible said there is going to be a performance of those things that 47:02 believe what do you believe what do you believe about god what do you believe about 47:08 yourself what do you believe about your potential what do you believe what do you believe about your significance and 47:15 there is going to be a performance at that level and your belief is admitting 47:20 this energy and i don’t want you to feel a game like we’re talking about something that new is new age you know 47:28 it you can feel it when someone loves you you can feel it when someone is lying to you even if they say no i’m not 47:34 lying i’m telling you the truth but there is something in you that can sense it because everything works at a 47:41 particular frequency even the bible says that there is a frequency to everything 47:48 in the unit universe there is a certain level of the anointing that sits on the 47:54 sun and another anointing or glory the bible talks about glory that is a part of the moon and glory that is a part of 48:01 things that are created even the glory that is on the individual and when we 48:07 think about the whole idea of us just talking about the energy 48:13 and and we we have another source of energy and that’s the energy of your emotions and 48:19 many times we are decreeing a thing and we are praying and we’re believing god for things but then our emotions are 48:27 counteracting what god wants to do for us but listen to what god said and this 48:33 is him saying it in luke 17 and 6 if you have the faith as a mustard seed you’re 48:39 going to say to this tree be pulled down but be pulled up at the roots and be planted in the sea and it will obey you 48:47 this is the power of your words your words travel on a frequency your words 48:53 are emitting it’s emitting um these sound waves your words are emitting an 48:59 energy it’s not just about your physical body it’s about your thoughts it’s about 49:05 your attitude it’s about about the words that you are speaking and so when we 49:10 talk about the whole idea of you showing up powerfully and you understanding the 49:16 power of your own mind you’ve got to understand that your physical body is 49:21 only a conduit of your thoughts and if you can change your thoughts you could change your action if you could change 49:28 your thoughts you could change what you become if you can change your thoughts you could change what you accomplished if 49:35 you couldn’t change your thoughts you could change how far you go if you could change your god thoughts you can change 49:41 uh who’s attracted to you if you could change your thoughts you could change your level of success if you could 49:47 change your thoughts you could change your pro progress and everything in the universe universe is responding it’s 49:55 responding to your thoughts responding to your words responding to your action nothing happens by chance nothing 50:03 happens by coincidence to for every result for every for every encounter for every what they 50:10 call a chance meeting there that is only a result there is a a um cause to that and what 50:19 is happening around your life you can measure it and you could measure it but 50:24 by megahertz and when i when when you begin to understand how uh we operate in 50:31 in the kingdom we operate at the level of our faith the bible says this uh mark 50:37 11 22-24 he said have faith in god this is jesus speaking to his disciples and those that 50:44 were following him for verily i say unto you that whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou remove and be thou cast 50:50 into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart but shall but shall believe those things which he saith shall come to pass 50:57 he shall have whatsoever he says therefore i say unto you what things so 51:02 ever you desire when you pray believe that you receive them and you shall have them he’s talking about you operating at 51:09 another level of faith faith is a kingdom technology faith it alters the 51:15 frequency of your thoughts it alters the frequency of your words it alters the 51:20 frequency of your prayers it alters the frequency of your declaration so that 51:25 you are able to call those things that be not as though they wear hebrews 11 and 1 says that faith is the substance 51:33 of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen faith causes you to operate in next level thinking and next 51:41 level behavior if you want to take your business to the next level if you want to take your life to the next level if 51:48 you want to take your ministry to the next level you’ve got to have next level 51:53 faith and that means that you are operating in a different level of 51:58 frequency and so let me dig this uh or excavate this a little bit more when we 52:04 talk about frequencies frequencies are measured by something called a megahertz 52:09 for instance measuring in megahertz is is found everywhere so when you look at 52:16 processed canned food processed canned food has zero megahertz in terms of 52:23 frequency it does not do your body good and anything has that has zero frequency 52:30 it means that it is dead that’s why you should set your intentions on eating 52:36 whole food light foods vegetables and fruit and that’s why my concern is for 52:41 food deserts and this is why so many people are getting ill and getting sick 52:46 is because they are constantly introducing themselves to dead food and 52:51 so if you want to increase the level of your frequency and when we talk about the level of your 52:57 frequency if the frequency goes to zero that means you’re dead and this is why 53:02 when you have a cold your the megahertz that are measured in terms of the energy that you have it’s a lower than someone 53:10 that is full of life and dynamic and eating organic food and they’re they’re very very healthy so you can measure the 53:18 the frequency or the energy in the human body and it’s determined by megahertz so 53:24 if you look at the food desert more and more people in that community is getting sick 53:30 and that is because they’re not eating live food to eat death is to die 53:36 so that means that those of you that where it’s possible you want to be able 53:42 to eat more organic food that has a higher frequency than conventional foods 53:48 that have lower frequency and for those of you that drink coffee 53:54 it is found scientifically that coffee lowers a person’s frequency by 54:01 approximately 14 megahertz so that morning coffee is 54:07 not doing you any good it’s causing you your thoughts to to be 54:13 um suppressed so where you should be sharp where you could be innovative 54:19 where you could be cutting it cutting edge in your thinking where you could be functioning at a higher level you have 54:26 lowered the frequency of your thoughts by 14 megahertz just by drinking coffee 54:33 so if i were you i wake up in the morning and i would drink hot water and squeeze some lemon lemon in it because 54:40 it will increase your your thinking ability dry herbs 15 to 22 megahertz fresh 54:46 fruits if you measure it it’s 20 to 27 megahertz so that means canned fruits 54:54 zero megahertz packaged fruits zero mega megahertz but 54:59 fresh foods 20 to 27 megahertz so rather than eating one of those health bars 55:06 which is processed and they said that it’s healthy for you but it is dead 55:13 it is not doing you any good all of the enzyme has been killed off 55:19 so that means you’re operating on sugar and i challenge you all of you that are 55:24 eating all those health cards turn it over and when you read how many carbs 55:29 and how much sugar has been added to those quote unquote healthy uh protein 55:36 bars you can begin to understand on the one hand it seems like you have energy 55:42 but what you just got is a dopamine hit from sugar in other words you are 55:47 feeding your addiction and you know what happens with addicts addicts never think 55:54 straight they’re thinking about their next hit they’re thinking about their 55:59 next injection they’re thinking about they’re not thinking straight and a lot of us we may say oh i’m not an 56:07 addict i don’t use drugs i don’t use alcohol but you love that sugar and 56:12 having a sugar high is equal to being a heroin user and so i want you to begin to set 56:21 your intention on um developing 56:26 better health strategies and a lot of things that we say is the enemy 56:32 may be us we may be doing it to ourselves and and the enemy 56:38 will simply say oh i’ll take the credit just as long as i got ear time the more you talk about me the more you’re going 56:44 to think about me and the more conscious you’re going to become with evil so what i want you to do now is to be 56:52 begin to understand that these things are in your control i love the whole idea so you got fresh herbs that’s 20 to 56:59 27 megahertz fresh fruits that are 20 to 27 megahertz but watch this when it 57:05 comes to essential oil like the olive oil and rose oil which is 57:11 the the the highest of all natural substance that operates somewhere between watch 57:17 this 52 megahertz to 320 megahertz so dr trim 57:23 what are you saying to me james chapter 5 verse 14 says this is any man sick 57:29 among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him 57:34 anointing him with oil so that means that as soon as you get 57:39 anointed with oil something physically happens to you but something spiritually what happens is it 57:48 increases the the energy it increases your energy 57:53 automatic because you’re using pure oil so wherever you put that oil it means 57:58 that parts of your body that has been sick or compromised by viruses and 58:04 compromised by disease it you introduce life to it and it 58:10 creases you it increases your energy and if you increase your energy you can increase your health that’s number one 58:16 and this is on the natural but on the spiritual end of it watch this that oil 58:22 represents the activity of the holy spirit in your life and the holy spirit 58:28 brings to you the energy that we call healing so you’ve got this spiritual 58:35 source and the holy spirit is operating on a very high frequency and then you’ve got the oil and when you 58:40 combine the two you have a miracle and what we call a miracle is simply a shift 58:47 in your energy so why am i digging so deeply and why am i talking about megahertz and how megahertz can measure 58:55 it is because you could measure the thoughts of humanity and it’s measured 59:01 by the megahertz and is measured by the frequency and so that means that you can literally 59:08 raise the the level of your thinking just through prayer and just through laying 59:15 on the hands and this is why the enemy fights it the enemy fights us using oil 59:21 we think that it’s spooky spiritual but the oil even though it represents the 59:26 person the presence and the power of the holy spirit operating in your life that you come into agreement with 59:33 at the same time that oil is increasing your energy uh 59:39 somewhere between 52 megahertz and 320 megahertz and this is the mystery of the 59:45 olive oil and so rather than you using the oils that you fry in and i don’t 59:51 want to name them that’s why i’m stumbling i don’t want to name the oils but most of those oils are dead most of 59:59 them are sour and the moment you fry in it the moment you’re using it is the moment you’re introducing death and your 1:00:05 body has to adjust itself this is why when you eat fried food you notice your 1:00:11 energy is gone have you ever noticed that when you eat fast food you don’t 1:00:16 have the energy that you would normally have like like if you ate an apple or if you ate a 1:00:22 fresh um a fresh salad when you have the ability now to really cooperate with heaven’s 1:00:31 best for you when it comes to your health i want you to be intentional 1:00:39 with what you are eating what you are introducing to your body because your body is the temple of the holy spirit 1:00:47 and a lot of us are sugar addicts and so when we come back and we talk about frequencies and we talk about 1:00:54 energies we are not just talking about this in terms of um the context of what you 1:01:02 do in the world where we’re talking about the context of how you walk in the 1:01:08 world the bible said that you should be in the world but not of this world so if you’re not of this world that means you 1:01:14 cannot think like the world and so philippians 4 and 8 says finally 1:01:20 brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatever things are just whatsoever things are 1:01:26 pure whichever things are lovely whatever things have a good report if there be any virtue if there be any 1:01:32 praise think on these things if you’re going to elevate your thinking if you’re going to see your life go to 1:01:39 the next level if you’re going to experience success and prosperity it’s 1:01:44 going to be because you begin to understand the power of your mind you 1:01:50 begin to understand what you think and believe affects everything around you it affects you it 1:01:56 affects everyone around you we are a brother’s keeper what you think about 1:02:02 another person they rise to that level of expectation would you think about your son what you think about your 1:02:08 husband what you think about government what you think about this world is actually flowing from you like ripples 1:02:15 out of you and so if you are living in a city that is is 1:02:20 filled with sickness and filled with disease do not curse that city you want 1:02:25 to begin to understand that what is going on god is going to deliver you from limiting beliefs from 1:02:33 fear from guilt from shame from helplessness from hopelessness i call it 1:02:39 from a doubt and sickness and defeat he’s going to deliver you so that you can 1:02:45 begin to live life on purpose so that you can set your intention to become 1:02:51 everything that god has wired you to become so that you could change the frequency of your communication about 1:02:57 yourself about your family about your community about your government about 1:03:02 your industry about everything in the universe so that you could speak well 1:03:08 over this world so that you can decree what you want to see and not what you don’t want to see and so that you could 1:03:15 change your life by just changing your thoughts and when you change your thoughts you’re able to change the 1:03:21 frequency you’re able to change the energy that is floating around you and you’re able to rise to another level of 1:03:29 thinking to be restored into a place where you literally have 1:03:34 the power to change not only your spiritual destiny but your financial 1:03:40 destiny so that you could take god’s word and apply it to your life to your finances to your business so that you 1:03:48 can be pitching at the level of a co-creator so that you indeed can let 1:03:54 your light so shine before man that man would see your good works and glorify 1:03:59 god which is in heaven and so my instruction to you today is this that 1:04:04 you begin to regulate your thoughts i instruct you according to joshua chapter 1:04:10 one verse eight to nine this book of the lord shall not depart out of your mouth 1:04:15 but you shall meditate therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein 1:04:22 for them thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success have not i commanded thee be 1:04:29 strong and of a good courage be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the lord 1:04:34 thy god is with you with thee wither so ever thou goes and so my second instruction to you is get 1:04:42 your head in the game and take your emotions out of it if life is a game i 1:04:47 need your head in it i need you to be thinking at another level i need you to remove the emotions from out of the 1:04:55 equations of your life from out of the the equations of your decision 1:05:00 feel feel the emotion but don’t let the emotions feel you feel it f 1:05:08 feel the emotions but don’t let the emotions feel you f-i-l-l do not become 1:05:15 an emotional individual do not knee-jerk in your situations you have control over 1:05:22 what’s going on in your life where does your future come from it comes from 1:05:28 within you it comes from your thoughts it comes from your attitude it comes from your belief and that is creating a 1:05:35 frequency that is creating waves that is flowing away from you that is coming 1:05:41 back to you and so when we talk about spiritual warfare i have to remind you 1:05:46 that spiritual warfare often goes undetected by the mind 1:05:52 because we we get too emotional with it but spiritual warfare is the highest form of 1:05:59 of the highest form of spiritual warfare is the council of the human mind by any other spirit other than the spirit of 1:06:05 the lord so when we talk about that we will begin to look in the bible how adam 1:06:10 experienced spiritual warfare and he caused him to doubt uh to doubt god um 1:06:16 god’s word over his life and through doubt um the enemy was able 1:06:22 to control his destiny and adam fell he fell from this high uh level of thinking 1:06:29 he was operating on a different kind of frequency and when he fell he lost so 1:06:35 much he lost his congruency he lost his individuality he lost the uniqueness of his identity 1:06:43 he lost his spiritual capacity he lost his divine genius he lost his spiritual 1:06:49 connectivity with god when adam fell he fell from this realm uh where he was 1:06:54 operating on a very high level of frequency and he fell from a realm of 1:07:00 dominion into a realm of deception he he fell from that that realm of authority 1:07:06 and he fell from that realm where he was a co-creator with god you are a 1:07:11 co-creator on a daily basis you are creating the realities in your life what 1:07:18 if you could take the faculties of your thought that that the natural 1:07:24 tendencies of your mind what if you can harness that power and live at another 1:07:30 level you will begin to see wealth that would be sustainable businesses that 1:07:35 will be scalable brand equities that will increase and you’ll see a global 1:07:42 national uh distinction being put upon you as an individual and the fallen man 1:07:50 caused him to operate in a different level and in this season what god is doing he’s restoring us in the spirit of 1:07:57 our mind so that we can use the full capacity of our mind and what he’s doing 1:08:03 as a christian through the word of god he’s reconditioning your mind most of 1:08:09 what we do in life is a result like i said of classical dis conditioning but i believe that in the 1:08:15 season what god is going to do he’s going to restore the incredible ability 1:08:22 that he built into humanity through our mind and i say to you that as we begin 1:08:29 our series on the whole idea of intentionality the purpose the power of 1:08:37 intention you will begin that it starts with you understanding how powerful your 1:08:43 mind is most of what is happening to us is not the devil 1:08:48 it’s happening because we don’t understand how powerful our 1:08:54 minds are and so as we end the first installment i want to pray over you 1:09:00 i want god to give you the ability to think differently and when you think 1:09:05 differently you’re going to show up differently and everything in your life is going to be able to change for the 1:09:12 best i want you to have elevated thinking for the bible says if you then 1:09:17 be risen with christ seek those things which are above and not beneath and so i want to pray for you right now in jesus 1:09:24 name our father like god we thank you that you have given us our our minds and i pray that as we introduce this topic 1:09:32 there will be a greater understanding and a greater appreciation for who we are we know that our minds are often a 1:09:39 battleground and so i decree and declare father that you would guard our hearts and our minds through jesus christ and 1:09:45 that you would make our mind your stronghold i thank you father that you’re going to clear our mind of any 1:09:51 thoughts that are contrary to you that you will rid our thoughts that run rampant um and and and then you will 1:09:59 place your thoughts in our mind i pray you would help us to focus on what is 1:10:05 important what is relevant what is attached to a better future and a brighter future for ourselves our family 1:10:11 our community i decree we will no longer be controlled by propaganda and by conspiracy theories 1:10:19 i decree and declare that your thoughts will be in the center of our lives we set our intentions today to please you 1:10:27 we set our intentions father to take care of our body that our body is the temple of god we set our intention to do 1:10:35 everything that that brings you glory we set our intentions to seek first the kingdom of 1:10:41 god and all of your righteousness and all of these things will be added to us whether it be wealth or success or 1:10:48 prosperity or healing whether it be happiness or joy or peace i decree and declare it will be surely added to us 1:10:56 and in the midst of trials and turmoil i pray father that you would give us peace in our mind and calmness in our spirit i 1:11:03 pray that you will calm our hearts right now that you will give us even when we slumber and sleep peaceful rest at night 1:11:11 and worry-free days that you will give us strength and clarity clarity of mind to find purpose to find direction to 1:11:18 find stability that you will give us direction so that we can confidently walk in the path that you had laid out before 1:11:24 us that you would give us peace in our minds and in our hearts that you would bless us every single day with your 1:11:31 tender mercy and your loving kindness father i pray that you were clear our 1:11:36 consciousness you said blessed are the pure in spirit for they shall see god and we want to see you at work in our 1:11:42 home and our family and so father whatever would hinder us whatever will contaminate our consciousness whether it 1:11:49 is guilt or whether it is hatred or whether it is revenge i pray 1:11:55 right now that the peace giver you will cleanse our minds from those things that 1:12:01 will keep us at a low level and that you would increase our frequency our frequency of thought that we would hope 1:12:08 more that we will believe more and that we would do great things within our generation because we are not distracted 1:12:15 i pray father in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit that you will bless us at the level of our mind 1:12:22 in jesus name amen well i pray that you enjoyed the beginning the first installment and 1:12:29 again our series is on the power of intention but we wanted to start out 1:12:35 with something that’s very strong to remind you how important your mind is 1:12:40 god bless you thank you so much for watching i hope that you’ve received practical 1:12:46 principles about your extraordinary mind that lays the foundation for the 1:12:51 upcoming installment on intention so don’t allow these words to fall on deaf 1:12:56 ears refer to your notes re-watch this teaching and continue to study so that you can receive the fullness of what 1:13:03 this message has to offer you 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Welcome to my series on “The Power of Intention!” In Romans 12:2 we see Paul, by the power of God, admonishing us as Christians not to be conformed to this world, but to be converted by the renewing of our minds.

What do you suppose he meant when he said that — could it be possible that he understood the potential that exists within our minds?

We will see what God sees as a result of the renewing of our minds; the extraordinariness of our minds that transforms us from victims of circumstance to channels of blessings.

In today’s lesson, I want us to learn how to think in new ways and appreciate the blessings that our wonderful minds have to offer!

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