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welcome to everlasting love my name is Patricia king I’m so excited about today’s program because we’re going to talk about heaven and we have a guest who’s actually been there you know it is the promise of the Father that he has given the blood of Christ so that we would have access into this heavenly abode called heaven katt kerr it’s wonderful to have you with us a friend of mine actually told me about you and about your numerous trips into heaven with with vivid encounters and I thought oh this is going to be amazing to meet you and it has been so thank you so much for coming in and for revealing what the father has shown you now you have authored two books on revealing heaven yes book 1 and book 2 and I’ve been reading through those books and it’s fascinating about the revelations that you’ve received and the encounters that you have had in that realm of his glory with him but I was wondering if you could share with our viewers how this all began for you because you have numerous I mean every single day of your raptures into that realm so but how did it start it actually kind of starts with the generations before me my grandmother was had a seer anointing she gave her life in the jungles of Panama as a missionary she had a real intimate relationship with Jesus had seen him many times had divine encounters my father the same thing he really loved people loved God and angels would appear in his car give him assignments from God he was a very simple person but he always obeyed God and love people and I chose to walk on the same foundation you can choose that and so my encounter started very early in my life how old when you have your first think of the very first one well when I was even real a young girl I knew when people were lying I knew things were lost I would see where they were in the spirit and then find them for people so this was like I really can’t number I’ve known the Lord from the age of four Wow and so that’s been my whole life and so I was raised in in the reality of a supernatural realm since how I’m all free it was normal for anything else and I would only sleep four hours a night so I had a lot of free time to spend time with him and I did and when I was 14 I had my first divine encounter I was helping to raise twelve of my siblings which was not an easy job so didn’t always have time for fun and I remember one time I was walking with the Lord just talking to him with my life never be different from this will I ever be able do anything else and he gave me an open vision of myself grown and it had the world on my shoulders Wow and I remember him laughing out loud and I went am I gonna have to take care of the whole world and he said you will impact the whole world and then it was gone and then from that time on I had a lot of divine encounters with angelic beings I knew the operations and that in the realm of darkness also and would share it with some people but I was kind of quiet back then and then when I was 29 I was in a foreign country with my father on a mountaintop just there to be with God and the heavens opened for the first time I saw stairways come down from heaven angelic beings going back and forth for the first time heard the music in heaven God literally took his finger do a round rainbow that the one that was like around his throne in the sky and this portal opened and the Lord came down and had communion with us so it was really significant I mean it wasn’t just a few simple questions about that because I know that our viewers might have similar questions because we have you know different types of revelation and encounter but you know sometimes it’s a vision in the mind sometimes it’s an open vision sometimes there’s audible sounds or sometimes it’s like what I would call real like a reality encounter yes it’s like it’s just as real 3d 4d whatever so when the heavens open what was it like was it a vision when you heard the Lord’s voice and heard sounds was an audible was an inner Auto for how did it was real because my father also saw it right father was with me he’s just like all the rainbow my mother’s like we are right now just like we are right here and actually that’s the way all my experiences are every single one every single one of them I always been that way I’ve had very few that way I’ve had many like as far as revelations into you know impressions that the Holy Spirit opens up realms to show you through impressions but I have had a couple of those where it’s just real and vivid it’s awesome yeah you can’t ever forget it yeah you know you just never forget any experiences with him like that but I did spend a lot of my time given a lot of my time in my life to him I’m sure that helped to generate right his experiences with him and you’re a worshipper and I am a worshipper you’ve committed yourself to righteousness i yes out of I have I really have kept a lot of things out of my life by by my choice now chose to have more of him in me so that when people heard me speak they hear him I know that the Bible teaches that we have access to the heavenlies through the blood of Christ and through sincere faith we can access we can experience we can encounter it’s part of our you know just our covenant in Christ but it is possible to engage in the supernatural and the prophetic and the revelatory realms and still have a lifestyle that is not holy so we can never look at a person who has had lots of experiences in the Lord and just assume that they’ve kept their life clean you’re right you know because lots of people have had encounters but are not wholly in the heart of course God knows that doesn’t he he knows every life and he does know every life and you’re absolutely right and the word actually says don’t know people do not know people by their gifts right know them by their fruit right and one of those is righteousness are you living a holy life come on are you loving people are you speaking words that bring life and not death yeah you know are you aware of what’s going on around you in your life what kind of image are you portraying are you pertaining the image of God are you becoming the face of heaven so that people see in here heaven it does make a big difference because the enemy if you don’t have an intimate life with the Lord the enemy totally can fool people and decide people and the other thing is none of those divine encounters will make up for not having the Word of God in you Pegg said you have to have a foundation of the Word of God inside of you right that’s awesome now I know that is something that our viewers are going to notice right away is that you have pink in your hair yes and of course that is more than a fashion statement yes it does because it came from a word of the Father it came from an encounter you have can you share with us what that encounter was and why do you have pink hair well it certainly wasn’t my choice I was a business person actually for years worked with CEOs and loved it it was very professional person and the Lord took me out of that atmosphere and took me home to spend hours even more hours a day with him actually for three years spent eight to ten hours and he said I’m getting you ready for your next assignment and I was excited and at the end of the three years he walked in my home and said the father and I are going to start taking you on tours of heaven Wow and honestly I didn’t say no and neither would you and I wasn’t just shown in a vision they literally caught me at by my spirit I was in heaven walking on the ground have walked in mansions been in the throne room countless times I’m going to look salute tons of detail good those things and so he would kattch me up I would hear people talk about the family members I never talked to anyone heaven although I’m not saying that’s not not impossible God does allow that sometimes and then at the end of many years of doing that with me walked back in my home in 2005 and said the father and I want you to write a book about everything we’ve shown you illustrate it and we want you to have pink highlights in your hair for the book Wow now that kind of surprised me and I thought in my mind why I didn’t ask him out love and he looked at me goes it’s necessary because when the world knows that you know us and they see that you have got pink highlights in your hair they’re going to know we want them we don’t care what color their hair is their skin is what where they’ve been in their life that yes we love them and want and it really does work my little marketing plan it is the Holy Ghost marketing plan because no matter where I go people notice it they don’t ever forget me and they always ask me questions about having a lot of young people giving the heart to God so it’s free just because of my hair and they want to know why I have pink hair they assume a lot of different things but I just say well I’m an author I’m going to heaven for over ten years and God wanted me to share it with you and they totally opened their heart up because of the pink hair is amazing but that was the plan of the Father the wisdom of God sometimes seems like foolishness to me but he isn’t all wise yeah we can trust him yeah I want to share a scripture out of Revelation chapter 4 because it was John the Beloved was having an encounter with the Lord and it says behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I had heard like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me sad come up here and I will show you what must take place after these things and then of course all throughout revelation 4 and 5 we read of some of the revelation that he had of the of the glory of the throne and of the majesty of our King and and and you’ve been in the throne room and I was wondering if you could explain that to us and and give some details on that probably one listen to me awesome profound things that happens to me I’ve been many many places in heaven but my favorite of course has got to be the throne room being in the presence of unspeakable glory walking up the steps towards the father who has face shines like the Sun every step you walk on if you look down you see creation taking place somewhere somewhere in the universe creation has always taken place because it flows from him life flows from him being with Jesus is so powerful the waves of love that come from the Lord but you know what the most exciting thing he wants you to do is to be with the father and when I’m with him he talks about the father all the time and the word says there’s only one way to the Father and that through Jesus Christ so his whole life’s goal is to take us back to the Father and so when I’m in heaven from when Jesus he always wants to take me to the throne room and the the living creatures around the throne they awestruck every time I see them I have such a father relationship with the father I literally run up the steps to see him I feel like I’m eight years old there’s no fear in me because there’s nothing of the enemy and right there’s no darkness in me so I can run into his glorious light and I love spending time with him but the living creatures are so powerfully made their eyes are always on the throne they’re huge beings and they have eyes all on their feathers and in their bodies they don’t walk on all fours like even though one has a head of a lion when as a heaven eagle one has a head of an ox and one has a head of a man there are amazing beings they have these gossamer gowns and you can see them and see all these eyes every one of them moving individually they’re actually been bleached white by being in the presence of the holiness of God and there are the 24 elders sometimes they’re on their Thrones sometimes they’re out in heaven wanting to serve you because they live by that rule that to be the greatest of all you be the servant of all and they are not the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel they are not the disciples these are created ancient beings that have always been with the Father really the Seraphim come down of the glory cloud over the throne they have fire coming out of their head always just declaring the glory and holiness of God and just the people worshiping around the throne the Thrones in the center of the throne room which really blessed me it’s not on the back wall so his kids can be all the way around him and run up the steps to see him anytime they want to but the love I tell people he looks like a love you know his glorious hair just feel with the lighting of the glory he has beautiful blue eyes that burn with passion for us the father does and he’ll hold you in his arms when you come home to have him for the first time everyone in their parts like the Red Sea Jesus comes and get you and walks you back up to the father it is an amazing place people begin to worship and they’re literally caught up off the floor in the throne room and worship in the air this I remember one has a brand-new Christian I was only saved for just a few days and because I’d come out of some dark things I was having night terrors and I could even feel like here audibly the enemy like banging in my closet and stuff like that and this one night I was I was fearful and I fell asleep and the father gave me a dream at least I think it was a dream I believe it was an actual encounter but it came in though in the form of a dream and and I saw him exactly as you described him I saw him without white glistening hair it glistened like light yes and his face was full of love it’s the best way to describe his face it was glistening with radiant love and his face was bright his eyes were blue I also saw the blue eyes but they were they were love they were love eyes and he through that encounter picked me up I was just a little girl in this encounter about four or five years of age and he taught me through that encounter not to be afraid you just say you stay near to me and you’ll never be afraid and I could feel the love the protection the provision of a loving father who I knew I never wanted to be out of his presence he’s so amazing you know maybe you’re watching today and you think I would love to meet that father and if you never have known the Father’s love I believe that that love is going to be revealed to you by the Spirit of God right now the Father’s love is coming in to wherever you are right now he’s going to increase the revelation of his love inside of your life he cares about you that deeply it means so much to him that you would have a revelation of his glorious love and so just drink it in right now will you we’re going to take a break and we’ll be right back to talk more about this glorious throne and maybe we’ll even talk a little bit about the mansions because there’s one waiting for you do you want to know what heaven is really like how we will live with each other and God author Kat kerrr has experienced heaven firsthand numerous times and writes all about it in her book revealing heaven order and also receive her DVD the ancient paths stones of fire get ready for an adventure call eight six six nine eight zero five four six four and order television offer number 165 or visit our online store at XP Mediacom to order the heaven combo for a limited time offer of only $20 order now there’s never been a greater hour in mankind’s history than now for women one of the greatest xp events of the year is women on the front lines extreme God is calling women forth in this hour to proclaim the advancement of the kingdom of God you’ll enjoy speakerrs such as Stacey Campbell James golf 18 grazetti and many others women on the front lines extreme sign up today at XP Mediacom and so lord I release your glory on my new friend I love the visions that you’ve had her the encounters that you’ve had in the throne room and I was just looking at Ephesians chapter 1 and it says that Christ when he was raised from the dead he was seated with a father in at his right hand in the heavenly places far above all rule and authority and power and Dominion and every name that is named not only in this age but also in the one to come so Jesus has this exalted position in heaven and then in Ephesians 2 it says we are actually seated there in Christ with him that is an amazing insight that we visited in the scripture now tell me a little bit more about the throne room and during our break we you you mentioned to me that there are numerous throne rooms in heaven is right there’s a central throne room but there’s other throne rooms talk about that yes there is the central throne room which is in an amazing building it looks like white alabaster it’s just huge I don’t even try to give you the dimensions on it when you enter in the detail the detailing just walking down this hallway into the main throne room we did not come up with crown molding on this earth or any of that all of that came from heaven as a matter of fact most of the stuff on the earth the ideas of that came from heaven the beauty and wonder just going through these massive doors that go into the throne room and actually the throne itself is alive and the more people come in it literally will expand so there’s there’s no limit to how many people out and all the people in heaven can fit in there if God wants them to but off of the throne the main throne room there’s huge hallways and there’s other throne rooms there’s in a commissioning throne room where when God Commission’s a believer for a purpose or a certain assignment on the earth there is a representation of you in the spirit standing before this throne as he’s given you this commission sometimes people hear him in their spirit telling them I’m going to Commission you with the new season of your life and therefore you’re going to receive a new mantle and and they actually feel his presence real strong in the spirit you’re literally standing in the commissioning throne room the Holy Spirit will put that mantle on you himself Wow and then there is a courtroom in heaven it says a day in his court is worth a thousand elsewhere is not talking about the worship courtroom they’re literally they’re talking about a courtroom in heaven where God sits on that throne is Judge and Jesus is our lawyer or heavy advokatte and the thing is when demons come against you and have no right in your life sometimes God calls him up before him in the throne room and sent and cancels that assignment against your life and then there’s also a boardroom in heaven a huge one and there’s a huge throne in that boardroom there’s also an intercessory room in heaven that has a throne room in it so people sometimes are caught up in different throne rooms and they don’t realize that there’s more than one even in the atmosphere of the celestial realm around the atmosphere of heaven there’s platforms with provided on them I’ve been in the courtroom of it was invited by the spirit to go as an intercessor and stand in the gap and to bring a case before the throne that would be established and settled yes it was amazing and you can demand retribution it’s right there from the enemy and it actually connects from the Justice of God in the heavens and brings it into the earth and right now as we’re contending for the Justice of God which is actually – when you kattch a thief in the act he must restore Sevenfold about what she took and then you plunder his house that’s the Justice of God yes so right now with working with children that have been taken as as human slaves for the sex trade we are contending for their freedom and for the Justice of God and I know that that’s a place where we have invitation to go right oh it’s very exciting now what about the mansions you mentioned the mansions in your book I’ve been caught up many times Inchon mansions as a little girl I always pictured a mansion looking like the White House would be columns you know I’m from the south so a southern mansion would look like that and so is a little girl I pictured everybody had the same kind of mansion and and I hear the Holy Spirit laughing every time I would think about those things but they showed me many different types of mansions because we’re all different right we’re all unique and we all like different things and God really does prepare the most amazing personalized mansion for you I have seen some fantastic mansions that are built along the crystal see what really lights shoot out of that glorious sea it’s beautiful to live near there I’ve seen mansions built on islands in the middle of the crystal sea I’ve seen some in this place they call the valley the Falls I’ve seen this that you ascend the mountain of spices it talks about in the song a song and they really exist in heaven and when you get there you look down this huge beautiful valley and these mansions look like huge gemstones and the perched all along the cliffs because you can’t get hurt in heaven and you have your own personal waterfall cascading near the mansion and the thing about them is as you walk to the back of your mansion for something it rotates this huge whole mansion rotates so no matter where you stop you always have a view of the falls some of the most fun ones I’ve seen they call them sky mansions and they’re on columns 80 to 100 200 feet high up into the skies of heaven and you step into the column in an opening doorway you say what floor you want it literally kattches you up to that floor you can see all over heaven for miles and you’ve got your own big deck you’ve got a landing pad with a little star cruiser that runs on light and you have a picture of that yes I do in your life sketched one and I thought they were fantastic looking I I never really imagined or understood we can’t understand the creativity of God it is so fancy term ins what what like dimensions are all different but what determines how would I know what my mansion would look like probably whatever you desire in your inward being you can imagine a certain architecture that you would like or maybe even decor in your home and it will be similar to that but far beyond even what you could possibly imagine what do we do in our mansions oh you live a literal life you entertain people you fellowship with people even though it’s your own personal mansion you’re never alone trust me you probably hope for times to be alone even the disciples will come by to visit you and have dinner with you sometimes you have big events in your mansion a lot of people come to enjoy maybe someone who’s a famous beautiful amazing concert pianist for God you’ve invited them to your mansion to play for all of your friends or God may give you a light show even though it’s never dark outside your mansion you everybody know we’re gonna have a big light show God’s given us a fun time tonight and you don’t need a cellphone you literally just say out loud I’m having this amazing event that God’s going to let us have here please come and enjoy it and everyone hears you that you want to come and they come I love it it’s wonderful so you know Jesus said in John 14 in my father’s house that means the father’s heaven the place where the father lives in my father’s house are many dwelling places the King James many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go and prepare a place for you you might be watching this program today and maybe you’ve never ever received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior the Bible says that there is no name no other name under heaven by which men can be saved man can’t make up his own rules Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by me today right now you can make Jesus Christ your savior and Lord by simply believing that he died on the cross for you and came to forgive you of all your sin you can invite them in right now just say Jesus come into my heart right now forgive me my sin and become my god become my Savior and he will why don’t you do that if you’ve never done it before a new life will enter you old things have passed away all things have become new and that love will never leave you that life will never leave you because he loves you with an everlasting love he really really does we’ll see you next time do you want to know what heaven is really like how we will live with each other and God author Kat kerrr has experienced heaven firsthand numerous times and writes all about it in her book revealing heaven order and also receive her DVD the ancient paths stones a fire get ready for an adventure call eight six six nine eight zero five four six four and order television offer number 165 or visit our online store at XP Mediacom to order the heaven combo for a limited time offer of only $20 order now there’s never been a greater hour in mankind’s history than now for women one of the greatest xp events of the year is women on the front lines extreme God is calling women forth in this hour to proclaim the advancement of the kingdom of God you’ll enjoy speakerrs such as Stacey Campbell James golf 18 grazetti and many others women on the front lines extreme sign up today at XP Mediacom become a breakerr team partner today go online to XP Mediacom

  • Katt Kerr interview with Patricia King: The Lord has repeatedly taken Kat Kerr up into heaven and you will hear her share her vivid encounters with Jesus.

About Katt Kerr

Katt Kerr says that a lot of people don’t believe there is a Heaven.  She has been taken by the Spirit of God on tours of Heaven for many years and has been commissioned to reveal what she was shown.  While visiting Heaven, she was shown visions of many things that are about to take place on earth.  Kat Kerr has been an ordained minister since 1981.

Throughout this time she has served in children’s church, vacation bible school and headed up the hospitality team.  She has served in many positions at various ministry conferences.  Prior to her experiences in Heaven, Mrs. Kerr worked for 24 years in key positions in the business world.

About One Quest International Corp.

She is currently the President of One Quest International Corp., which was founded for the purpose of revealing Heaven to the earth. The Father has had us design One Quest Int’l Corp as a for- profit corporation for two main reasons, to create Heaven on earth and at the same time produce finances for the Kingdom.

One Quest, will not necessarily attempt to change this worldly culture but make an impact by introducing Heaven culture as a new way of life.


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