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  • Get ready to experience a downpour of God’s manifested blessings in your life. If you’ve been waiting on the Lord for a breakthrough, this is the year you can look forward to receiving your miracle.

In this video by Pastor Joseph Prince, you’ll see how the season of the latter rain in the Bible represents an unprecedented outpouring of God’s blessings on His people.


Joseph Prince - Release the Blessings of the Latter Rain

Joseph Prince: Release the Blessings of the Latter Rain. | Image courtesy: josephprince.com


Discover key truths that will ignite your faith to receive:

• Supernatural healing, wholeness, and renewal your youth.

• An increase of divine anointing that brings good success in every area of life.

• Family blessings and glorious days of heaven on earth.

• Restoration for all the years the enemy has stolen.

Let hope rise in your heart as you align yourself with God’s special word for this season.


Full message here: https://www.josephprince.com/sermons


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