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Jerry Savelle
Southwest Believers’ Convention
August 22, 1981

What is the life of faith really like? It’s like trying to go upstream against the current. At the Southwest Believers’ Convention in 1981, Jerry Savelle preached a message called, “The Law of Progression” in which he tells the canoe story. You can fast-forward this video to 56:45 to start watching this story.

However, this entire message by Jerry Savelle about the Law of Progression is life-changing, and you won’t want to miss a minute! Jerry Savelle demonstrates that living by faith is like trying to turn your canoe against the current of the world.

Watch this video with Jerry Savelle, and you will learn how:
1. Faith sees.
2. Faith speaks.
3. Faith Acts.
4. Faith Stands.

Learn how you can go upstream against the current of this world at this year’s Southwest Believers’ Convention! It’s a FREE event, and we have something for your entire family. Go to http://www.kcm.org/southwest to register today.


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