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0:00 CS: You’ve been given a path to destiny, 0:02 and I want to help you learn how to live the 0:05 victorious life, how to have a victorious mindset 0:08 so you can walk that path of destiny. 0:13 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:15 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:18 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:23 in victory and wholeness. 0:25 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice 0:30 Smithyman. 0:32 [Music Ends] 0:33 CS: I’m Candace Smithyman, your personal mentor and 0:36 life coach trainer, and you’re watching Your Path 0:40 to Destiny, and I am so excited that you’re here 0:43 with me today because I want you to be everything 0:46 that God has called you to be. 0:47 I want there to be a divine set up in your life 0:51 so you begin to walk in the path to destiny that 0:55 God has for you. 0:56 He has something special for each and every one of 0:58 us. 0:59 And so today I want to really teach you how to 1:01 walk on that path to destiny through having a 1:04 victorious mindset. 1:06 Yes, victory is something that was established for 1:10 us when we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 1:12 But it takes a long time to transform the mind so 1:17 that we actually live victoriously. 1:19 We can talk about it, but it doesn’t actually mean 1:22 we’re living like it. 1:24 And so there’s a difference between being 1:26 in the soulless realm, which is the earthly 1:28 realm, and being seated in the heavenly realms. 1:32 And when we talk about being seated in the 1:34 heavenly realms, we’re talking about actually 1:36 taking a mental position where we see ourselves 1:40 seated with Jesus in heavenly places, 1:43 seated with Messiah in a place where we and He are 1:47 having a connective relationship from the 1:50 point where we know that everything that He has 1:53 done for us is ours and we start walking in it. 1:58 All of us want to be at this place. 2:00 And it’s part of sanctification, 2:02 which actually means it’s part of the growth 2:04 process, or the transformation process 2:06 that God takes us on. 2:07 I can remember when I did not have a victorious 2:12 mindset and here I was believing in Jesus as my 2:16 Lord and Savior. 2:17 But everything about my life didn’t look like it. 2:20 And so this is a crucial point for everyone. 2:22 We all must come to that point where we say, 2:25 I want my life to look like what I believe. 2:28 And that takes some time. 2:30 It takes time to wrap your mind around the Word of 2:34 God so that you’re able to get in alignment with who 2:38 you are in Him and how He has given you everything 2:42 to live the victorious life. 2:44 I know you have struggles. 2:45 I know you have trials, circumstances, 2:47 difficulties. 2:49 But here’s the key. 2:50 When you can learn to live victoriously, 2:52 then you will release having to bring forth the 2:56 very things that you need in the moment. 2:58 Yes, that’s truth. 3:00 See, when we begin to live victoriously, 3:02 we start to see victory happen in our life. 3:06 It happens all in the mind. 3:08 First, the apostle Paul is very certain about this, 3:11 which is why he told us to renew our mind. 3:13 He said, “Do not be conformed to the pattern 3:15 of this world, but be renewed,” by the 3:18 Scripture, to be renewed by the Word of God. 3:20 Be transformed in your mind. 3:22 Renew it. 3:23 Renew what? 3:23 The mind. 3:24 The mind is the seat of the soul. 3:28 Do you know you have a brain and you have a mind 3:31 inside your brain; that mind holds your will and 3:35 your emotions. 3:36 When we talk about the soul, 3:38 we’re talking about the place that is 3:41 encapsulating or, or covering the Spirit that 3:45 is on the inside of us. 3:48 So your Spirit man is perfect. 3:51 The soul, the mind, the will and the emotions is 3:53 transforming the body or the earth to suit is 3:56 trying to get in line with all of those things being 4:00 the focal point as the Spirit of the Lord. 4:02 And so when we talk about victory, 4:04 which is very, very important to know here is, 4:06 victory starts with your mind, 4:09 knowing who you are on the inside. 4:12 First, you’ve got to know who you are in the spirit, 4:15 man. 4:16 You’ve got to be able to look in the mirror and 4:17 say, I know this looks like it’s a mess, 4:20 but this is whole and righteous and incomplete 4:26 and keep our eyes on that space. 4:28 That’s a very thing the enemy doesn’t want you to 4:29 do. 4:30 He wants you to be focused on what your soul is 4:32 doing. 4:33 Why? 4:34 Because he only has access to you in the soulless 4:35 realms. 4:36 He only has access to your mind, 4:38 will in your emotions when you’re not focused on what 4:42 Jesus has done for you and how He has positioned you 4:45 in your Spirit first as being healed whole and 4:49 delivered. 4:50 Now, I want to take you to some scripture, 4:51 because I want you to be able to stand on this 4:54 yourself. 4:55 Victorious mindset will lead you onto the path of 4:58 destiny, the way God wants. 5:00 If you want to see things change in the earth 5:03 around- they’ve got to first change here. 5:05 Then it’s got to be spoken from here. 5:07 Ephesians chapter 2, verse 4. 5:09 “But because of his great love for us, 5:12 God who is rich in mercy made us alive with Jesus 5:17 even when we were dead and transgressions.” 5:20 Whoa, wait a minute. 5:22 You’ve been made alive even when you were dead in 5:25 your your sin, your mistakes, 5:27 your transgressions. 5:28 Wow. 5:29 That’s some grace there. 5:29 And He says specifically. 5:31 “It is by grace you have been saved,” yeah. 5:34 “It is not a work,” it’s not what you do, 5:39 it’s what He did. 5:41 Now you’re saved and now you are positioned to be 5:45 able to remain in a place of being alive every day, 5:49 alive. 5:50 “And God raised us up with Jesus and seated us with 5:53 Him in heavenly realms in order that in the coming 5:57 ages He might show the incomparable riches of His 5:59 grace, expressed in His kindness to us in Jesus. 6:03 It is by grace you have been saved through faith. 6:06 And this is not from yourselves. 6:08 It is a gift of God.” 6:10 Whoa, look at this gift. 6:12 A gift of salvation. 6:13 It gift to being repositioned so you can be 6:16 seated with Jesus in heavenly places. 6:19 I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be 6:20 seated anywhere but with Him. 6:23 I don’t want to be seated in the bathroom. 6:25 So what is actually seated is seated with Him 6:28 spiritually. 6:29 He sees you spiritually first, 6:32 then He sees you in the natural. 6:33 So it’s by grace you’ve been saved through your 6:36 faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. 6:39 And this is not of yourselves. 6:41 It’s a gift of God, not by works so that no man can 6:45 boast. 6:46 “For we, (you and me both,) are God’s handiwork 6:49 created in Jesus to do good works, 6:51 which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 6:55 Yes, God saw you before you were created. 6:59 He saw your whole life and He saw the end of it. 7:01 And He has a great vision for it. 7:03 It’s part of your destiny. 7:04 And in that you will do good works; 7:07 you’ll do amazing things for God. 7:10 But first you’ve got to believe that you will do 7:13 amazing things, that God will do amazing things 7:17 through you. 7:18 It’s not what you can do on your own. 7:20 It’s what He and you can do together through. 7:24 You see, that’s the power of having a victorious 7:27 mind, is we position ourselves to understand 7:29 that everything that comes through us comes because 7:32 of the union that we have in Jesus. 7:34 He made a way to unite you. 7:37 To him, the Word says that we’ve been united with 7:40 Jesus, we’ve been united in that place, 7:43 that we should bear fruit for God. 7:45 Yes. 7:46 You want to bring forth good things into the Earth 7:48 through the key. 7:49 You have to be united to him. 7:52 You have to be. 7:53 And that deep place of connection with Him, 7:56 you have to know that your spirit and His Spirit are 8:00 communing all the time, even if your soul, 8:03 your mind, your one, your emotions don’t feel it. 8:05 There’s communion going on between the two of you. 8:08 And now all you have to do is surrender your soul has 8:11 to surrender to the Spirit moving through you to 8:14 affect your earth realms. 8:15 But listen, you want to change your atmospheres. 8:18 You have to keep yourself positioned in that 8:21 heavenly perspective. 8:22 You have been seated with Jesus in heavenly places, 8:26 so you might say, can’t happen. 8:28 I’m not really seated there like I’m seated here 8:30 in the earth. 8:30 No, you’re physically here, 8:32 but you’re spiritually seated with Him. 8:35 And He from that position is going to use you to 8:39 impact the Earth realms. 8:41 He’s going to give you His Word to speak. 8:43 He’s going to ask you to go places and do things. 8:46 You get the opportunity to commune with Him to change 8:49 the earth. 8:50 I don’t know about you, but I think that is the 8:52 best destiny any of us have been called to, 8:56 that we could change the earth realms through our 8:59 communion and our unity with Jesus. 9:02 He made this way for you. 9:04 You didn’t do it for yourself. 9:06 All you have to do is receive it. 9:08 So tell Him, tell Him how much you want to be in 9:11 union with Him so that the atmosphere around you will 9:14 change and people will come to know Him. 9:18 I want you to stay tuned because I’m going to talk 9:20 more about [Music] stepping into a victorious 9:23 mindset. 9:25 [Music] 9:29 [Music Ends] 9:31 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 9:34 international prophetic voice healing minister, 9:36 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 9:39 how to access the heavenly realms and live the 9:42 resurrected life. 9:43 Her passion is to see people healed and 9:45 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 9:47 in Christ as royal heirs seated with Him in the 9:50 heavenly realms. 9:52 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 9:55 the power of God in her meetings. 9:57 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 9:59 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 10:02 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 10:05 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:07 she offers many classes in her School of the 10:10 Supernatural, where you, too, 10:12 can learn to release Heaven, 10:13 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:15 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 10:19 “Dream Mentors International,” an 10:21 organization that teaches and trains biblical life 10:23 coaches. 10:24 Check out her Website and subscribe to her YouTube 10:27 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more 10:30 resources. 10:30 [Music Ends] 10:32 [Music] 10:37 [Music Ends] CS: I’m so excited that you stayed with 10:39 me because we’re learning about having a victorious 10:42 mindset. 10:43 Listen, this is going to change and transform your 10:46 life. 10:47 You’ve been called to live with a mind that is 10:50 consistently victorious. 10:51 No, you do not have to be thinking on things that 10:56 are depressive or, or that will produce anxiousness 10:59 in your life. 11:00 You can consistently think in that place of victory 11:04 all the time. 11:05 It’s a matter of fact. 11:06 God wants you to. 11:08 It is His great desire for you because you’ll make a 11:10 greater impact on the Earth for the Kingdom of 11:13 God if you can maintain mental thought processes 11:17 on being victorious. 11:19 So this is why I’m a life coach trainer because I 11:21 cannot have you be thinking anything that is 11:23 poverty, lack or less than is very interesting. 11:27 But even the other day I had somebody respond to 11:30 me. 11:31 They were listening to some of my teachings and 11:32 they said, how come you always talk on prosperity? 11:35 And I said,” Because my God is prosperous, 11:38 my God is alive. 11:40 My God is a God of increased multiplication. 11:43 He is a God that wants to see us advance,” because 11:47 when we advance, the Kingdom advances and He 11:50 needs His people to be thinking victoriously. 11:53 And so I actually appreciated when I got 11:56 this comment because I thought, 11:58 wow, this means that somebody is being 12:01 challenged to step into the place of victory. 12:04 They’re hearing the Word of God and they’re 12:06 thinking, if I’m questioning why she talks 12:10 on being prosperous, then I don’t believe 12:15 prosperous. 12:16 So if you don’t believe prosperous, 12:18 but all through the Word, it’s about being 12:20 prosperous because that’s who God is, 12:22 that maybe you need to change your thinking. 12:25 And this isn’t about financial prosperity and 12:28 all of that. 12:29 This is about having a prosperous mindset so that 12:32 you will flourish in the earth realms so that God 12:35 can trust you with more and you will be faithful 12:39 with it. 12:39 To really make a Kingdom impact. 12:41 We’re called to bring Kingdom of Heaven to 12:44 Earth. 12:45 Well, as far as I read in the scriptures, 12:48 the Kingdom of Heaven is a prosperous, 12:50 beautiful place with no tears. 12:53 And we have everything that we need before us. 12:57 Many years ago, the Lord took me up to Heaven. 12:59 I actually had the opportunity to go to 13:01 Heaven and not just once. 13:02 I’ve been there numerous times, 13:04 but one time is etched in my brain. 13:07 It’s the time that I was seated at the royal table 13:10 and the Lord took me there and I saw prosperity 13:13 beyond measure. 13:14 It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my 13:17 life. 13:18 A long, long, long table table. 13:20 So long I couldn’t see the end of it. 13:22 And in each table place sitting was huge gold 13:26 plate. 13:27 And when you turned it over, 13:28 your name was on the back of it. 13:31 And there was gold utensils to use and there 13:35 was gold goblets and before us was bread and 13:39 fruits. 13:40 And Jesus sat at the head of the table. 13:43 And He was laughing in the glory of the Lord, 13:45 admitted every time He spoke and there was union 13:49 among the people, all of us were in complete unity, 13:52 seated one next to another, 13:54 and the Lord would get it from the table and He 13:56 would come and He would just pull up a chair next 13:59 to various people that you just felt like He wanted 14:01 to come and talk to. 14:02 And each time at the moment, 14:05 He got near each and every person. 14:07 They began to start realizing who they were. 14:10 They they, they were connected so much with Him 14:13 that they knew that they had been created by Him 14:17 for a purpose, a destiny, a reason. 14:19 And it was a good reason. 14:20 And they just being with Him meant victory had 14:24 already taken place, that that the story said that 14:28 they would be victorious no matter what. 14:31 And so that’s our story. 14:33 You know, Jesus, as your lord and Savior, 14:35 your story is a story of victory. 14:37 You have already won whether or not you see it 14:39 taking place in your surroundings or not. 14:42 And so when I went to Heaven and I saw this, 14:45 not only did I experience an incredible amount of 14:48 love and glory from the Lord and I saw the angels 14:51 there too, the angels are there and they’re coming. 14:53 They’re bringing food. 14:54 I mean, they’re communing with us, 14:57 as in partnership, like there’s no, 14:59 they’re in relationship with us, 15:02 just like, you know, we have a tendency to see 15:04 them as being so different; 15:05 but here they were in relationship with us. 15:07 And so it was a community of believers, 15:11 community of those who knew the Lord. 15:14 And it was a very, very special place. 15:15 But in that place was total victory, 15:17 total prosperity. 15:18 So that image was etched in my mind. 15:21 And it made me know that if I’m going to be here on 15:24 the Earth and I’ve been called to make Kingdom 15:26 change, you’ve been called to make Kingdom change, 15:29 then you have to think like Heaven thinks. 15:31 And the only way to think like Heaven thinks, 15:33 is to think victorious and prosperous because there’s 15:36 nothing in Heaven that’s not. 15:38 And if He says bring Heaven to earth, 15:41 what He means is position yourself so that Heaven 15:44 and Heaven’s whole perspective will be 15:47 manifest in the earth realms. 15:49 But you need to change your thinking. 15:51 You need to realize, first off, 15:53 that you’re worth it, that you have value, 15:56 that God called you, appointed, 15:57 you, anointed you, selected, 15:59 you, drew you to Himself so that He could impart to 16:02 you victory. 16:04 Yes. 16:04 Victory has been imparted to you. 16:06 And I’m going to pray for you right now because I 16:07 believe in my heart that there’s an anointing for 16:09 you to start walking in victory. 16:11 I just want you to lift your hands right now. 16:13 As I began to speak over you. 16:16 You’re going to change supernaturally with 16:20 victory. 16:21 Father, I thank you right now. 16:22 And my friend who is watching, 16:23 I speak victory to their mind right now in the Name 16:26 of Jesus. 16:27 I thank you, Father, that you are causing the brain 16:29 cells in their mind to begin to shift every brain 16:32 tree that has been depressed, 16:34 dying, focused on death. 16:36 Right now in the Name of Jesus, 16:38 we break those bondages right now and I speak to 16:40 those brain trees, come alive, 16:42 begin to see as Heaven sees begin to think as 16:44 Heaven thinks, begin to believe all that Jesus has 16:47 done for you, that positions you to be seated 16:49 with Him, in Him in heavenly places, 16:51 that you are victory walking because He is 16:55 victory walking. 16:56 Everything that is His is yours now because you 16:58 deserve it or you earned it. 17:00 But because He says that He imparted to you and 17:03 gives it to you, you have value to Him so much that 17:06 He wants to give you His very own inheritance. 17:09 Father, I thank you that minds are beginning to 17:11 shift right now. 17:12 I know when you looked in the mirror a few minutes 17:15 ago, you saw somebody who wasn’t victorious, 17:17 but now you will see somebody who is 17:19 victorious. 17:20 Father, I think you that you’re releasing angels 17:22 right now so that people will begin to experience 17:25 your victory. 17:26 And listen, I speak victory over every trial 17:28 in your life, victory over every struggle, 17:30 victory over your finances, 17:32 victory over your marriage, 17:34 victory over your children, 17:36 victory over every thing you are sure is dead and 17:41 doesn’t exist. 17:42 The God is calling you to speak life to it, 17:45 that it will come alive. 17:46 Call what is not as though it were. 17:47 And give it that victory touch and it will begin to 17:50 rise. 17:51 It will be victorious. 17:52 You have overcoming power. 17:55 He has given it to you by the Holy Spirit that lives 17:58 on the inside of you. 17:59 If you haven’t received Jesus, 18:02 everything I’m talking about is for those who 18:04 have received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 18:06 All you got to do right now say, 18:08 “Lord, I want that victory, 18:09 Lord! 18:10 I’m looking at my life. 18:12 What is victorious about this life?” 18:14 Listen, just confess that say, 18:16 “Lord, I want the victorious life and you 18:19 are the answer to that victorious life!” 18:21 And just say His Name. 18:22 Just say the Name of Jesus. 18:24 Say “Jesus, Yeshua Messiah. 18:27 I want you to come into my life. 18:28 I want you to change my life. 18:29 I want to be victorious over everything in the 18:33 earth, everything, my whole sphere of 18:36 influence.” 18:37 And Lord, I thank you right now because as I 18:38 spoke it, it shall be done. 18:40 That’s what’s said in Romans Chapter 10, 18:42 verse 9 and 10. 18:43 He says, “Believe in your heart and confess with 18:44 your mouth that you will be saved and you will be 18:46 saved.” 18:47 And the Word tells us, and I read it to you, 18:49 that this is by grace, through faith. 18:54 So, listen, you don’t have to perform for Him. 18:57 All you have to do is open up your heart and receive 18:59 Him. 19:00 He loves you. 19:00 A victorious transformation is 19:02 happening to you right now, 19:03 and it’s starting here. 19:06 Stand firm, stand tough. 19:08 Every devil is fleeing from you. 19:10 You’re actually becoming a giant and the devil is 19:14 looking like he’s a grasshopper because you 19:18 know and understand that Jesus has given you His 19:23 very own victory. 19:24 Folks, this is very important for Your Path to 19:26 Destiny. 19:28 God wants you to live the victorious life. 19:32 So I want you to stay with me [Music] because I am 19:33 going to come back and we are going to talk more 19:35 about being victorious. 19:36 [Music] 19:42 [Music Ends] 19:43 [Music] >>Are you in need of personal counseling or 19:47 coaching or would like some direction and 19:49 encouragement? 19:50 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor who 19:52 walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 19:54 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the 19:57 Supernatural. 19:58 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 20:01 books and many other additional resources that 20:04 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 20:07 every area of your life. 20:08 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 20:11 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily 20:14 basis. 20:15 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. 20:17 Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 20:20 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 20:23 through personal issues in your life and propel you 20:26 into your purpose and destiny. 20:29 Visit her website for all of her resources and 20:31 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:34 Instagram, and YouTube. 20:36 [Music Ends] 20:42 [Music] 20:46 [Music Ends] CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me. 20:48 We are talking about having a victorious mind. 20:52 So important for Your Path to Destiny. 20:55 And I want to share with you one of the amazing 20:57 things that Jesus has done for us. 20:59 And this is in Romans. 21:00 Chapter 7, the apostle Paul begins to speak about 21:04 the relationship between a husband and wife and how 21:07 when the husband and wife are in a position of 21:14 relationship and then they are actually broken up 21:19 because of the death of one of them, 21:22 it’s then that the other one is set free. 21:25 So when I read this to you, 21:26 because this is very, very important about 21:28 understanding how to have a victory mind. 21:29 So in Romans Chapter 7, the apostle Paul uses this 21:34 understanding of being married as one in which we 21:39 can understand the relationship between the 21:41 grace of Jesus and the law that is always telling us 21:46 we’re not good enough. 21:47 And so in Romans chapter 7, 21:48 verse 2, the apostle Paul says, 21:51 “For the married woman is bound by law to her 21:54 husband while he is living. 21:55 But if her husband dies, she is released from the 21:59 law concerning the husband. 22:01 So then if while her husband is living, 22:03 she is joined to another man, 22:05 she shall be called an adulterous. 22:06 But if her husband dies, she’s free from the law so 22:09 that she’s not an adulterous, 22:11 although she is joined to another man.” 22:13 And then he tells us in verse 4, 22:16 “Therefore, my brothers, you were made to die to 22:18 the law through the body of Jesus so that you might 22:21 be joined to another to Him who was raised from 22:24 the dead in order that we might bear fruit for God.” 22:28 Now, why is this so important? 22:30 I’m going to show you something now, 22:32 if you can imagine this, that when we enter into 22:38 the world and we end up just growing and we’re 22:41 sinning or we’re making mistakes or we doing these 22:44 things that are not right. 22:46 It is the law that tells us when we do something 22:50 wrong and that point we are bound to the law is 22:53 our leader. 22:54 But when we come to know Jesus as our Lord and 22:57 Savior, what He does is He actually puts us on the, 23:00 on the cross with Him. 23:02 He buries us and then resurrects us away from 23:05 the law that tells us we’re always making a 23:08 mistake to connect us to Him in a grace 23:13 relationship. 23:14 All right. 23:14 So now we’re married to Mr. Grace. 23:18 Okay, so you were once married to Mr. Law, 23:21 who was always telling you you’re no good, 23:23 you can’t do it right. 23:25 There’s no way that you’re going to be victorious. 23:27 You’re always going to live in struggle. 23:30 You’re always going to be faced with these kinds of 23:32 issues. 23:33 And now, Jesus puts you on the cross, 23:37 you died with Him, buried and resurrected, 23:39 and now you’re married to the Grace man. 23:41 Well, what’s the grace man telling you, 23:43 He’s telling you how awesome you are. 23:45 He’s telling you how much He loves you. 23:47 He’s telling you how you can live in victory. 23:50 He’s telling you that if you stay connected to Him, 23:52 you’re going to bear fruit in the earth. 23:55 He begins to start telling you who you are now. 23:57 But what did He have to do? 23:59 He had to kill you. 24:00 A way to break that connection to the law so 24:05 that you would now be with Mr. Grace man. 24:07 Now, let me tell you what we do as people; 24:10 when we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior, 24:12 we get married now to the grace man. 24:14 But we still have a relationship with the law 24:18 man. 24:19 No, no, no. 24:20 See, law man is gone now. 24:22 Now, you and Grace man are in relationship. 24:27 Now, this means everything that Grace man says and 24:30 does becomes a part of who we are. 24:33 No more law man. 24:35 This means you don’t get to go hang out with law 24:38 man when you want to, because then that would be 24:40 called adultery. 24:41 Right? 24:42 You see how it switches. 24:43 Once you were married to the law, 24:45 but then you came to know Jesus as the Lord and 24:48 Savior. 24:48 Now you’re married to Mr. Grace. 24:50 And now Mr. Grace says, if you look at Mr. Law, 24:52 you’re committing adultery, 24:53 on Him. 24:54 Well, I don’t know about you, 24:55 but when I learned that I began to change everything 24:57 because I thought, Jesus, you and I are connected, 25:00 I’m not going to go back to the law to have them 25:02 tell me that I’m no good and then I’m never going 25:05 to be able to do enough right things to be right 25:09 when you’ve already given me that righteousness. 25:10 No, I’m going to say goodbye to Mr. Law Man, 25:13 and I’m going to stay connected to you because 25:16 Mr. Law Man will not position me to bear fruit, 25:20 only Mr. Grace Man. 25:21 Well, I hope you all are understanding what I’m 25:23 talking about here, Mr. Grace Man and being 25:26 married to Him is way more exciting. 25:29 You don’t want to go backwards after you 25:31 received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 25:33 you stay on that pathway. 25:34 And so having a victorious mind means you’re 25:37 connected to Mr. Grace, who then provides for you 25:41 everything you need. 25:43 Every need is met now to do the Kingdom work that 25:48 He wants done. 25:49 I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting free 25:52 in this place by myself because I think Grace man 25:56 is the way to go. 25:57 And I know many of you have been married to the 26:00 law man. 26:00 You’re married to a taskmaster. 26:02 You know, let’s go back to the Old Testament, 26:06 where we have the Israelites in bondage for 26:09 four hundred years. 26:10 They were in a taskmaster situation. 26:13 They needed a deliver. 26:14 The deliver came in Jesus, our Messiah. 26:16 Now He’s here. 26:18 He says, “Don’t go back. 26:19 Don’t go back to bondage. 26:21 Don’t go back to the law, stay connected to Me and 26:25 live the victorious life that I’m calling you to 26:27 live.” 26:28 See, victory is freedom. 26:30 Your Path to Destiny means you cannot spend time 26:34 finagling with Mr. Law man. 26:36 Listen, he’s- Law man’s always going to tell you 26:39 you’re not good enough. 26:40 Grace man says you’re the best thing that He married 26:43 and He wants to help you continue to stay seated 26:47 with Him in heavenly places so that you’re able 26:49 to carry out the planned purpose and destiny that 26:52 God has for you. 26:53 I’m speaking to you right now. 26:54 God is resurrecting your dreams. 26:55 He is resurrecting things that He has put in your 26:58 life. 26:59 I speak to you right now where you have buried your 27:01 dreams, where you have put yourself in that place, 27:04 where you say “There is no way that God is ever going 27:07 to give this to me.” 27:08 I speak to you right now. 27:09 He is giving it to you right now in the spirit 27:10 realms. 27:11 You are receiving it right now. 27:12 All you gotta do is believe by faith. 27:14 All you got to do is grab on my faith. 27:15 Grace man is taking you to the next dimension right 27:18 now. 27:19 I want you to put up your hands and grab a hold of 27:20 what I’m saying. 27:21 Your dreams will resurrect right now in the Name of 27:23 Jesus. 27:24 Your destiny will resurrect. 27:25 I don’t care what’s happened to you. 27:27 Whatever law man said about you, 27:28 it has been put on the cross, 27:30 crucified in the Name of Jesus. 27:32 And now you are resurrected, 27:33 married to the Grace man and heading forth in the 27:34 planned purpose and destiny that God has for 27:37 you. 27:38 Don’t turn back, don’t look any other way. 27:40 Just begin to start praising Him. 27:41 Just thank the Lord, begin to start speaking it over 27:43 your life. 27:44 “Yes, my dream is resurrected. 27:46 My destiny is resurrected. 27:47 I’m moving in the plan and purpose of God.” 27:50 Listen, I see love descending upon you right 27:52 now. 27:53 He loves you so much. 27:54 He is just sending His love upon you, 27:56 His glory upon you, because He’s positioning 27:57 you to carry this forth. 27:59 Listen, I want you to reach out to me. 28:01 Go to Candice Smithyman.com I want to 28:03 mentor you. 28:04 I want to help you get to that place of living in 28:06 victory every day. 28:08 Listen, I live in victory every day and I bear fruit 28:12 for God because I stay with Him. 28:14 So grab Messiah’s hand and go straight in to purpose 28:19 and destiny. 28:20 [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares keys to a victorious mindset. It’s time for you to win!

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