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Video Transcript

she God’s looking at you and he sees an image of you he sees that you’re strong he sells sees that you’re well able to do what he’s called you to do and he’s seeing that he’s speaking it to you and you’ll read it in his word and you’ll hear it in your in your heart hear him speaking to you and this is what Gideon did when he heard it maybe some of the things we do – he says in Gideon said to him Oh sir if the Lord is with us why is all this befallen us and where are all his wondrous works of which our fathers told us saying did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt but now the Lord has forsaken us and given us to the hand of the middie of Midian the Lord turned to him and said go in this year in might for you shall save Israel from the hand of Midian have I not sent you see so God has an image of you as a conqueror God has an image of you as an overcomer and when he speaks those words to you don’t second-guess him don’t challenge him just walk in it Amen because he has a plan to not only deliver you but to deliver your whole household – maybe some of you will deliver a whole nation God has callings that he has placed in the earth and it’s our responsibility to rise up and step in that amen and then verse 15 goes on to say Gideon said to him O Lord how can I deliver Israel behold my clan is the poorest in Manasseh and I am the least in my father’s house so you know it doesn’t matter what you think your abilities are here it is Gideon didn’t think much of himself and he had looked like he had a lot of rights to think that way but he was looking at the outside and God sees the inside just like when he called the little Shepherd Bar David and Samuel had come to anoint the next king of Israel and he looked at all of Jesse’s sons and he saw oh no this one’s got this was at all this looks like a king nope it’s not him and he each one he went looked at each one and that’s not him and here came in this little shepherd boy and he said that’s the one because God looks upon the heart and David was a man that was after God’s own heart so don’t look at your exterior don’t look at your outer self look recognize that God may be seeing something you hadn’t seen yet maybe you hadn’t been looking in the right mirror maybe you haven’t been examining you things the way you really need to maybe you need to stay it step in a little deeper amen God has an image of you as a conqueror God has an image of you as an overcomer and when he speaks those words to you don’t second-guess him so the Spirit of the Lord is available to us to help us God has a great victory ahead for you and you need to be believing and trusting in the image that he has placed in your Lord power to change your life order your copy today this media is copyrighted by Jesse Duplantis ministries for the private use of our audience any other use of this media or of any pictures or accounts without Jesse Duplantis ministry’s consent is strictly prohibited

In this captivating message, Cathy Duplantis inspires you to take your place of honor and responsibility as a child of God and unveil His glorious plan designed just for you.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate His Word for your life, you will never be the same. Jesus has a great victory ahead for you—believe and trust in the image that He has placed in your heart and be changed into His glorious image!

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