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hello this is pastor Ryan and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with Dr. Cindy Trimm are you excited in 0:06 the room tonight we want you to get on 0:11 your phone right now we want you to start texting all of your friends your family members about what is happening 0:18 here with this message we’re in a new series called the DNA of destiny and 0:24 tonight is gonna be a word directed specifically towards you you’re gonna be like an arrow pointed in that for in the 0:30 hands of God and you’re gonna be directed in your purpose you’re gonna discover your gifts and talents and 0:36 doctor trim has a word for you tonight so hit that share button if you need prayer you go to Cindy trim ministries 0:43 org there you can watch it and at the same time you can enter into a private 0:48 chat room with one of our intercessors and we’re gonna take care of all of your needs we’re gonna bring it to God in 0:54 prayer I also want to invite you to one of our landmark events here with the 1:00 ministry we have our school of ministry it’s every July it’s eight power-packed courses that you want to be a part of 1:07 all of the informations on your screen I want you to register right now we can set you up on a payment plan and in a 1:13 week you’re gonna graduate with a certificate of ministry are you excited about that anybody in the room one 1:19 attends dr. trim spends every waking hour with you and it’s a week that will 1:27 trance transform your entire life for the better and of course we have into 1:32 your year strong that’s every December it’s two powerpack days yes this year we 1:38 have dr. bill Winston with us we have some other powerful guest speakers along with of course dr. Cindy trim and it’s a 1:45 time where we propel you into your future into the new year with with 1:51 prophetic a strategy with business and leadership tools for success you can 1:56 also register right now for that event by clicking the link right there from our website 2:01 well dr. trim is coming now we want everybody to put your hands together come on for dr. Cindy trim as she brings 2:08 the words Wow we are excited because this is going to 2:17 be a series that is literally gonna change your life and we are being joined with people from around the world these 2:24 are thousands of other individuals outside of your life group of those of you that are viewing by way of our app 2:31 or even YouTube however you are viewing this particular one thousands of people 2:38 from around the world are viewing right now and this move did this day we’re 2:44 gonna talk to you about the DNA of destiny we’re gonna go directly into the Word of God but first allow me to pray 2:51 our Father in a God we thank you for this day this is the day that you have made and we are rejoicing and we are 2:59 glad in it we thank you now father that your will is being performed through 3:04 your children and you are raising us up to make a difference in this world there 3:10 are decisions that we have to make and we pray for your wisdom your instruction 3:15 you have given us the Holy Spirit who gives us might and knowledge and 3:21 understanding who gives us wisdom so that we can make the right decisions we 3:27 know that our destiny is altered every time a decision is made and so we pray 3:33 that you would give us insight and revelation that you would connect the dots between where we are now and where 3:40 you had originally planned for us to be before the foundation of the world let 3:45 your will be done in earth as it is in heaven we thank you father for what you 3:51 will share with us and the levels of Revelation and how our lives will change as a result of it in Jesus name Amen 4:00 let’s go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verses 8 to 10 we’ve been preaching 4:05 out of the book of Hebrews for a number of years now looking at the history makers and how people made history and 4:13 shaped history into what it is today and many of them made certain decisions that 4:19 were not in that particular time and not only to for for themselves but 4:26 for other individuals but because they did make certain decisions it altered not only their destiny but the destiny 4:33 of those that were close to them and in some instances it altered the destiny of the entire human race and this is how 4:40 powerful a decision is we’re preaching on the series the DNA of destiny and 4:46 tonight I want to talk to you about the power to take risk the power to take 4:53 risk the Bible said in the book of hebrews 11:8 2:10 by faith Abraham when 4:59 he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an 5:06 inheritance obeyed and he went out not knowing whether he went for faith for by 5:12 faith he sojourned in the land of promise as a strange in a strange country dwelling in Tabernacles with 5:20 Isaac and Jacob the ear with him of the same promise for you look for a city 5:25 which had the foundation whose builder and maker is God I wouldn’t read that one more time so that you can really 5:32 understand I’m gonna take my time this time in reading it in and again you are reading from Hebrews 8 or Hebrews 11 8 5:41 to 10 were reading from Hebrews 11 8 to 10 the Bible said by faith Abraham when 5:48 he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an 5:54 inheritance obeyed and he went out not knowing whether he went and this is it 6:02 speaks about a concept that we call risk whenever you move out by faith based on 6:09 the prompting of the Lord the word of the Lord an instruction that God gives you many times it gives you information 6:18 on a need-to-know basis I believe if some of us knew everything we would not 6:26 act or in in in obedience to what God is instructing us to do because along the 6:32 way we’re going to be tested we’re going to be tested for concerning our faith in God but not only 6:39 faith in God we’re gonna be tested in the faith whom God has made us to be and 6:44 faith in the things that God has called us to accomplish and to do and to 6:50 perform now God called him to a spiritual place a place this is a 6:55 portion or space that has been marked off usually it has a border or boundary 7:02 and we talk about a place or space like a city or a village or a district but 7:07 here this is used to describe a realm that God was calling him to move in and 7:15 it was a realm of faith when you were called out of darkness into the 7:20 marvelous light God doesn’t just have you hanging out in a limbo he actually 7:27 calls you to a place and living in that place living in that space is going to 7:32 require an exorbitant amount of faith because you’re going to be walking 7:38 contrary to the world it’s going to almost feel as if if as if you are out 7:45 of your mind and there were some of the things that God told me to do and in the 7:51 process of doing it I would ask myself and this would be an internal conversation that I would have with 7:57 myself this better be God because if not you’re 8:03 gonna look like you know you’re absolutely out of your mind and when God calls you into the kingdom 8:10 he’s calling you to a life that is going to be juxtaposed to one that you’re 8:15 accustomed to living by because he’s gonna call you to a realm of faith now 8:21 the kingdom is a literal spiritual dimension that brings you into a realm 8:28 of power it brings you to into a realm of authority around a prosperity and a 8:34 realm of influence this realm does not require facts it requires faith it 8:41 doesn’t require education it requires revelation and when you move and 8:48 the realm of Revelation own oftentimes it is only you that is getting the 8:53 revelation and if you seek to confirm everything that God tells you to do with 8:59 your friends or even with your family will not be able to can they will not be 9:06 able to confirm it because they’re not receiving the same revelation about your 9:11 life that you are receiving now God has a place for each one of us here’s a 9:18 place of influence he has a place of power he has a place of Dominion in a 9:23 place of success I’ve learned just from reading of the Bible and often learning 9:30 from my own experience and and this is a truism that success is not just for some 9:36 of us it’s for all of us prosperity is not just for some of us it’s for all of 9:43 us the problem comes when we truck with when we start comparing our level of 9:49 success with someone else’s level of success or or comparing our level of 9:54 prosperity with someone else’s prosperity when we talk about prospering prospering is the divine enablement to 10:02 overcome obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling purpose and so each one of us 10:07 have a purpose but it’s unique to us many of us may be called to preach but 10:13 how we preach is unique to us it is based on our personality it is based on 10:19 our assignment and it’s based on our maturity is a basis based on our temperament our skills our ability and 10:26 therefore none of us should compare ourselves with one another when it comes 10:32 to the assignment that God has for us God has prepared a place for each one of 10:40 us in the realm of Dominion in the realm of his kingdom in the realm of influence 10:45 and it’s a prepared place because we are influencers we are carriers of God’s 10:51 glory and when we show up we show up as light in darkness light is there to show 10:59 the way light when it shows is there to give wisdom and insight and 11:04 revelation and instruction and each one of us are called to influence the world 11:10 in a positive way we may not always all be called to preach the gospel but all 11:16 of us are called nonetheless and some of us are called in different industries so 11:22 that our light would shine that we through our industry will help to solve 11:28 the problems of the world and we don’t realize how powerful we are and 11:34 therefore many of us end up just living amongst the clutter of the common folk 11:40 that that just accept the status quo and accept things as they are but God is in 11:47 the business of changing even nature teaches us Nietzsche if you look at nature every 11:54 three months nature is changing you should be on a journey that costs you to 12:00 be transformed at least every three months there should be very little about 12:06 you that remains the same except your love for God but you should be growing 12:11 you should be growing intellectually you should be growing spiritually you should 12:17 be growing emotionally your faith should be growing the disciples said Lord increase our faith your prayer life 12:25 should be going growing you’re giving should be growing you’re leading should be growing everything about you should 12:33 be changing and there should be signs that of your growth every three months 12:38 at least you should be doing something different between now and the next three 12:45 months what is going to be different about you how are you going to be different or 12:50 living different how are you going to be thinking different how are you gonna be worshiping different what is going to be 12:57 different in your ministry what is going to be different in your business what is gonna be different in your finances what 13:04 is gonna be different in your relationship God is a God of 13:09 transformation we are going to be changed from glory to glory we are going 13:15 to go from faith to faith there should be nothing in your life that is stagnated 13:22 at all when God called Abraham he called him to go on a journey and on that 13:29 journey he would discover who he really was he would discover how powerful he 13:36 was and in our attacks we are introduced to a great history maker by the name of 13:41 Abraham he was the firstborn of tira he was heir to the best part of his 13:49 father’s bequeathed inheritance but he was challenged by God to walk away from 13:57 that which was guaranteeing him security this is the thing about faith you can 14:04 either stay in the realm of security or you can go on an amazing journey with 14:10 God Abraham’s natural inclination would have been to love his family and then to take 14:17 care of his father during his old age of golden years and to perpetuate the 14:23 family heritage so that means that when he obeyed God and he began to move by 14:29 faith he was actually taking a leap of faith so that for him to move into a 14:37 realm that God would test his faith and also test his trust in God when we talk 14:45 about destiny we are talking about your actions that directly or indirectly 14:51 determine where you end up in life not just where you end up at the end of a 14:57 year but will you end up in the end of your life and destiny is one of those 15:03 concepts that cause so many people confusion let’s start with Abraham for a 15:09 moment here Abraham was a man of integrity and God gave him a test that 15:15 went against his nature that went against his culture that went against 15:22 his traditions that went against his religion and whenever God begins to test 15:27 you in the area of your faith in him the instructions may not always jive with your paradigm 15:36 it may not always jive with the people that are around you it may not always 15:41 make people feel comfortable in fact when God elevates you and moves 15:46 you into a position of influence there were going to be some people that are 15:51 going to be inconvenience but they may be temporarily inconvenienced today but 15:57 only to be blessed permanently tomorrow your obedience to God will often 16:04 inconvenience you as well and I realize that when we talk about faith and 16:09 whenever God gives you an instruction oftentimes that inconvenience will cause 16:15 most people to remain the same people don’t like to be inconvenienced today 16:21 they want everything comfortable they want their ministry to be comfortable 16:28 they want their a job to be comfortable but whenever God moves you into greater 16:34 realms of power and influence it’s not going to come during times of convenience 16:41 Abraham Abraham was a man of integrity but he were also a man that lived 16:48 authentically true to what God was telling him – doomed like I said the 16:54 test that God gave him was the test of his faith not just faith in God but 17:01 faith in who God had made him to be and faith in God and what he had created him 17:08 to do whenever God moves you into realms of faith you’ve got to understand that 17:14 faith in God is one thing but faith in who you are is another and we don’t talk 17:21 about that we usually talk about having faith in God but what about a having faith in who God called you to be and 17:27 faith in what you’re wired to do and faith and where God is calling you to go 17:33 and faith in what God is calling you to accomplish and faith in what God is 17:39 calling you to achieve or to contribute or to eight or to build or to perform or to 17:45 sing or to write or to dance or to accomplish if you would turn with me to 17:52 the book of Romans chapter 14 verse 22 it says these words has thou faith have 17:59 it in thy self before God this is Romans 14:20 tomb have thou 18:06 faith have it to thyself before God you’ve got to be able to trust that God 18:13 knows exactly why he built you the way he built you you’ve got to have faith in 18:19 yourself knowing that there is nothing inherently wrong with you because God 18:24 didn’t make your nature to be flawed he made it to be fabulous when he created 18:31 you he called you a human being he said let us make man in our image and after 18:37 our likeness in other words when God created you he did not use a orangutan 18:44 as a model he did not use an ape as a model he did not use a monkey as a model 18:51 he looked at himself to create you and I that means the more you know about God 18:57 the more you know about yourself this is why studying God and studying 19:03 his nature becomes important because you would be able to discover how amazing 19:10 you are as a human being you would no longer listen to the lies of the devil 19:15 hallelujah to make you feel as if your human nature is an errantly flawed 19:21 that’s alive from the pit many times we talked about well I’m only human 19:27 when we are actually referring to our fallen nature and not our human nature 19:34 in other words when the Angels looked at us and cannot figure out why we don’t 19:40 understand how powerful we are they said what is man that thou art mindful of him 19:46 in the son of man that thou should visit him you made him a little lower than angels 19:52 he didn’t make you a little higher than animals he made you a little lower than angels that 19:59 means that you need to elevate your expectations of the outcome of your life 20:06 that means you can stand today and see a brighter future tomorrow that means that 20:12 you can decree and declare tonight before you go to bed but this is the 20:17 weakest I would ever be this is the poorest I will ever be this is a lagoon 20:23 – hallelujah be a year of faith and your faith is gonna move you into new realms 20:29 of power if you believe it shall I believe you the Bible says if you have 20:36 faith you’ve gotta have faith in thyself before God Abraham Abraham was moved 20:43 into a destiny that was in perfect alignment with God’s plan for him and 20:51 for his a life and he moved into that place by faith and I decree and declare 20:57 that God is moving you into a place where your life will be in perfect 21:04 alignment with his will the scripture said that gone himself said I know the 21:10 thoughts I think towards you thoughts of good and not of evil to bring you to a 21:17 perfect and to bring you to and expect it n listen anything that starts with 21:24 God has to end good that means that anything in between should not shake 21:31 your faith in God life happens stuff happens hallelujah but I’ve learned that 21:38 in the midst of things happening and stuff happening all things work together for good everything in your life is 21:46 about to come into divine alignment I speak over your finances and I commend 21:54 it to come into divine alignment with God’s original plan and purpose I speak 22:00 to your relationship I speak to your mind I speak to your help I speak to 22:06 every attached to you whether it is your husband or your wife 22:12 whether it is your son or your daughter whether it is an employer or an employee 22:18 whoever is attached to you has to come into divine alignment if they’re gonna 22:24 walk with you if they’re going to work with you if they’re going to worship with you if they’re gonna pray with you 22:30 if they’re gonna praise with you I decree and declare everything that is misaligned 22:36 is coming into alignment and I decree it by faith and I’m standing in faith with 22:42 everyone that is praying because there are things that are misaligned in their 22:47 life I am standing by faith to decree things are coming back into alignment 22:53 things that feels like that is falling apart I decree and declare that they’re 22:59 coming together I decree a proper alignment to every area of your life if 23:06 you believe it shout I believe you they create decree it over your life 23:11 Empress ping is coming into divine alignment i decree it i declare it i 23:17 prophesy it i quickening i call it to life by the word by the blood by the 23:23 spirit you are not going to feel as it parts of your life off kilter i decree 23:30 you are getting your balance back and you were being centered in the will of 23:35 god in the name of jesus faith faith moves you into the alignment with the 23:42 will of God and this alignment is not always convenient it often comes at an 23:49 inconvenient time I’ve learned from looking back on my life anything great 23:55 that God accomplished through me came at an inconvenient time but I decree and 24:02 declare you will still trust God and you would still believe God and you will 24:08 still obey God no matter how inconvenient being obedient to him is 24:14 faith faith is a supernatural highway that connects 24:20 you to the realm of greatness hallelujah the greatness of God and this will 24:25 position you to do great things to do unbelievable incredible things within 24:32 your lifetime I decree that God is increasing your faith and within your lifetime you will 24:39 perform great things you would do great things you would do unbelievable things 24:45 incredible things and it’s going to happen within your lifetime faith faith 24:51 it takes you into the realm of risk in other words faith is risky business 24:58 faith never maintains the status quo faith does not always guarantee you that 25:05 you’re gonna succeed at everything in every area of your life but you will 25:10 learn that failure is the tuition that you pay for success life is a journey 25:17 and one of the things that T Elyot said only those who will risk going too far 25:24 can possibly find out how far one can go how far this God want to take you it 25:32 means that you’re gonna have to leave the familiar and leave the comfortable and Gaunt instructed him hallelujah 25:40 Abraham in the book of Genesis chapter 11 he said or Genesis chapter 12 he said 25:49 to him I want you to leave your mother’s house your father’s house I want you to 25:55 leave your family I want you to leave that which is convenient and familiar to 26:01 you and I’m going to take you to a place that I’m going to show you what you mean 26:07 you’re not gonna show me no because I’m going to test your faith all the way and 26:12 there’s a lot of times Gaunt will give you instructions and you’re not gonna know how things are gonna pan out and 26:20 this is a way that you can know that you are moving by faith in other words you 26:26 cannot live an extraordinary life by living amongst ordinary and order 26:32 Neri life is boring an ordinary life lacks luster an ordinary life is dull an 26:39 ordinary life is flat an ordinary life is uninspiring but it takes faith mix 26:47 with courage and grit in order to break from the cultural molds that defined us 26:53 in our past gone is getting ready to redefine you he’s getting ready to 26:59 reposition you gone is getting ready to rebrand you gone is gonna move you from 27:06 the national mores and social and political limitations and from family 27:13 expectations there are many people that live with families that don’t expect 27:19 much from them and some of you are listening to me right now gone is gonna 27:25 deliver you from the expectations of men there are many of you that are living 27:31 with these false expectations that people put on you but David said my 27:37 expectations are of God and what you are expecting it is because God has 27:43 downloaded it into your spirit and you cannot always articulate it you cannot 27:49 always justify it because many things that we expect God is revealing it to us 27:56 and we have to have faith in God knowing that if it’s revelation it’s only a 28:02 matter of time before it’s gonna be a manifestation those of us that has 28:08 revelation of what God is gonna do for us in our future never allow the time 28:14 between the word that you were receiving by revelation and the actual 28:19 manifestation calls you hallelujah not to believe God for it living in the 28:26 realm of risk is where God wants to take you because faith takes you into the 28:33 realm of the risk and risk is where great achievers begin to inhale the 28:39 sweet air of success I decree your days of living hallelujah 28:46 realm that lacks luster is over gone is getting ready to bring the dynamic back 28:52 into your life God is getting ready to bring the excitement back into your life 28:59 gone is getting ready to take your life into the realm of some great hallelujah 29:06 exploits this is a season that God is going to allow you to be anointed for 29:12 you to do great exploits but you’ve got to be careful of the seduction of the 29:18 enemy that he uses and you’ve got to be careful that you don’t allow fear to 29:23 beat failure fear of failing causes us to have the tendency to maintain the 29:31 status quo by playing it safe rather than going out on a limb or even deering 29:37 the limb to break hallelujah God told Abraham go and I will show you 29:44 in other words act and then the revelation will come and many of us are 29:49 waiting for the full revelation of something when gone is telling us you’ve 29:54 got to act on it many of us have have shut down our future financial success 30:01 during a time when God is instructing us to plant a specific seed and we get so 30:07 worried about how I’m gonna play pay bills in the future not knowing that 30:13 that one act is activating the manifestation that we’ve been waiting 30:18 for there are things that God will show you as you go staying where you are is 30:25 predictable do the same get the same do different get different don’t let fear 30:32 of failure calls you to become a prisoner of your past you’ve got to be 30:38 able to get up and you’ve got to be able to be obedient to what God is instructing you to do faith pushes us 30:46 into the realm of what gifts and risk-taking the word risk-taking is 30:52 often seen in personal development it’s seen you read books about success and when 31:00 you read about business and entrepreneurial endeavors when you see scientific publications you usually see 31:08 the word risk but throughout the Bible everyone that lived in the realm of 31:13 faith were risk takers the American Heritage Dictionary of the English 31:19 language defined risk as the possibilities of suffering harm or loss 31:25 or danger and then the Wikipedia describes wisker as the potential of 31:32 losing something of value such as your physical health or your social status or 31:39 your finances or your emotional well-being or your influence or your 31:44 wealth resulting from a given action or in inaction foreseen or unforeseen any 31:51 of which can be enhanced gain loss when you take risk risk can also be defined 31:58 as the intentional interaction with uncertainty and when you look at these 32:05 definition halleluyah in your natural mind halleluyah I wouldn’t take risk if I 32:12 stayed with that definition but I want to dig a little deeper one of the 32:18 definition is the intentional interaction with uncertainty in other 32:24 words risk considers the consequence of an action and the uncertainty of the 32:30 outcome but in spite of that uncertainty executes an action or accomplishes a 32:37 task in order to realize a dream a vision or goal or fulfillment of an 32:44 assignment or mission or strategy that is given to them by God I want to dig a 32:51 little deeper hallelujah and take this one step further by defining what 32:57 uncertainty is uncertainty is defined as the potential of unpredictable 33:05 uncontrollable variety of outcomes that are immeasurable and without limits it means that the 33:12 potentiality and the fallout from a specific course of action driven by 33:18 faith will be immeasurable and without limitation so let me challenge you with 33:26 a what if what if you believe God what if you trusted God what if you obeyed 33:34 God it means that it will take you into a realm of risk what if you take a 33:40 calculated risk based on the prompting of the Lord based on the direction of 33:46 the Lord and the outcome is success and the outcome is prosperity and the 33:53 outcome is promotion and the outcome is happiness what you take the risk then 34:00 what if the action brings watch this something that is unpredictable 34:07 uncontrollable but what if the success was unpredictable and uncontrollable 34:13 what if your prosperity was unpredictable and uncontrollable what if 34:21 your happiness was on steroids and it was uncontrollable immeasurable and 34:28 without limits would you obey God then this is what faith is all about when you 34:36 obey God it takes you into the realm of risk and risk takes you into the realm 34:42 of uncertainty and uncertainty means that it’s unpredictable uncontrollable 34:49 but what if their success is unpredictable what if your action brings 34:56 unpredictable uncontrollable success prosperity happiness that are 35:01 immeasurable and without limits would you take the risk then would you obey 35:08 God Anna hallelujah remember if there is no risk there is no reward this is in a nutshell 35:17 the story of Abraham it is a star of Wrath paid which pushed him into the 35:25 realm of risk faith is inextricably connected to risk faith is acting upon 35:32 an instruction from God and trusting him for the outcome it is he who makes all things work 35:39 together for good risk is the tuition that you pay for success risk takers a 35:47 man and women of pain who are not afraid to go out on the proverbial limb for 35:54 their Lord it is like Peter invited by Jesus to get out of the boat and to begin to walk on 36:03 water he had never walked on water until he walked on water debin David never fought 36:11 a giant until he fought Goliath after never delivered a nation until she 36:17 delivered her nation from ethnic cleansing Moses never wrote laws and 36:23 statues and legislation until he wrote laws statues and legislation he never 36:29 opened a bunny of water with a rod until he opened the Red Sea with his rod when 36:36 God gives you an instruction please don’t say gone I’ve never done it 36:42 before I’ve never wrote it before I’ve never preached before I’ve never danced before 36:48 don’t give God all your excuse in fact I’m decrying and declaring that 36:55 this is a year of no more excuses you cannot give gone any more excuses 37:02 you can say I’m not qualified you can say I don’t have the education you can 37:09 say I don’t have the experience if God gives you hallelujah and instruction it 37:16 means that God is going to empower you to do it he’s gonna empower you to write 37:23 it he’s gonna empower you and with that empowerment it’s guaranteed success it was during 37:30 the death of Moses when Joshua set in depression 37:35 and God said Joshua I’m calming you into leadership and he says to Joshua in 37:41 Joshua chapter 1 verse number 8 to 9 this book of the law shall not depart 37:48 out of your mouth but thou shalt meditate therein day and night that thou 37:55 may’st observe to do according and that all that is written but then thou shalt 38:02 make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success did you hear 38:07 what I said God said meditate on my word day and 38:12 night I meditate on everything that I’ve written every instruction every Monday 38:19 and be obedient to death and he said you are going to make your way prosperous 38:25 and you are gonna have good success God 38:31 said to him have not i commended thee be strong and of a good courage and be not 38:38 afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with you 38:44 whithersoever you go and I want to prophesy over you as you choose to obey 38:50 God God is with you he will never leave you or forsake you i decree gon is 38:58 strengthening you and gon is giving you courage I decree and declare you will 39:04 not move by anxiety or move by fear you will not be stagnated because of fear 39:11 because God has not given you the spirit of fear but a power of love and 39:17 soundness of mind I decree and declare today God is delivering you from 39:24 anxieties gone is bit delivering you from self-doubt I decree that whatever 39:31 he has instructed you to do whatever vision whatever dream he has given you 39:36 you are going to do it there are so many people that are stuck and they are saying I’m praying about it and I’m 39:43 waiting on God but you are not waiting on God God is waiting on you gone is raising up 39:51 risk takers that will begin to walk on water I decree and declare a year of 39:58 walking on your proverbial water you are no longer gonna stay in the realm of 40:04 convenience and the realm of comforter and the realm of safety you are going to 40:10 go out on a limb for the Lord you’re going to leave the shore of comfort 40:16 you’re going to leave the realm of the familiar and you are going to begin to 40:21 navigate the vast ocean of unlimited possibility you are going to begin to 40:28 cast your net on the other side you are going to begin to see God do the 40:34 impossible in your life you’ve got to understand that the world that we are 40:40 living in is a world that were built by people who took risks they were pioneers 40:46 that were not afraid of the wilderness they were scientists that were not 40:52 afraid of being ridiculed they were thought leaders who were not afraid of 40:57 progress they were politicians who were not afraid to challenge the status quo they 41:04 were slaves that were not afraid of dying they were youth who were not afraid of 41:09 asking why oh why not they were dreamers who were not afraid to take action I decree in this season 41:17 you are going to go out on a limb and you are not going to be afraid of being 41:24 done ridiculed you are not going to be afraid of progressing be under status 41:30 quo you are not going to be afraid of dying you are going to be able to say 41:36 don’t they slay me yet will I trust in him but I decree and declare whatever 41:42 dreams gone has downloaded in your spirit this is a year you’re gonna 41:47 realize your dreams there is a difference between dole’s who take risk 41:53 and dole’s that play it safe those who play it safe operate from sight but 41:59 those who take risk but rate from vision hallelujah one of the things that Helen Keller said that 42:06 the greatest tragedy in life is to have eyes but no vision I decree and declare 42:12 that gone is gonna give you the ability to be a visionary and you are going to 42:19 write your vision and you’re gonna make it plain and then God is gonna give you our strategy and then from that strategy 42:26 you’re gonna extract your late goals and from those goals you’re gonna be able to measure whether you were successful in a 42:34 day or week or a month I decree and declare even as I pray a simple prayer 42:40 lord teach us to number our days that we may apply our heart to wisdom I decreed 42:47 that you are not moving out of ignorance but you are moving based on the wisdom of God it was Theodore Roosevelt that 42:55 said far better is to dare mighty things to win glorious triumphs even though 43:01 they are checkered by failure than to take rank amongst the poor spirits who never enjoy much nor suffer much because 43:09 they live in the great Twilight that knows no victory or knows no death T let 43:16 people talk about how you got in the water and you started to sing but at 43:21 least you are you how you got out of the boat and you started to sing but at least you know that it’s possible to 43:29 walk on water there are many people that you will meet in life that have a 43:35 one-two in their spirit but allows fear to immobilize them until it dissolves 43:41 into I can but Timothy 4 in the book of Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 it said for 43:48 God hath not given you the spirit of fear but a power of love and soundness 43:56 of mind I decree and declare by faith you are changing your I can – I will and 44:04 when you say I will you will become unstoppable I decree this is a season that no demon 44:12 no devil no deikun is gonna stop you you are going to be unstoppable gone is gonna give you 44:20 the courage to act upon his instruction he’s going to give you the courage to 44:26 act upon the dreams it means that you have to move beyond anything that is 44:31 self-imposed I decree you’re moving beyond self-imposed limitations and 44:37 excuses I decree you were moving into the realm of pain but you are not only 44:43 moving into the realm of pain you were moving into the realm of courage there 44:49 are two kinds of courage the physical and the moral and one of the things that 44:54 General Matthew B Ridgeway said and he who would be a true leader must have 45:00 both I decreed that God is strengthening you in your mind he is not only 45:06 strengthening you mentally he is strengthening you emotionally he is not only strengthening you emotionally he is 45:14 strengthening you spiritually this is a season that through acts of obedience 45:20 gone is reforming your character he’s bringing you into a new developmental 45:27 process where you were going to develop self-control self-discipline he’s going 45:34 to give you the ability to endure to the end in other words he’s gonna give you 45:39 grit he’s gonna give you I’m not giving up until I finish my task I decree you 45:47 will no longer throw in the towel because people have walked away from you 45:52 because people have did not understand you because people did not support you I 45:59 decree and declare you are going to be obedient even if you have to go by 46:04 yourself i decree you understand that although in the natural it will feel as if you’re 46:11 going by yourself and you don’t have any support but God is going with you and you can trust him 46:19 even when you cannot trace him I decree today you will create 46:24 and no exact excuse tone in your mind I decree and declare you will make no more 46:32 excuses they’re gonna seize every moment that God is presenting to you as moments 46:38 of opportunity i decree you’re gonna leave ordinary behind because God has an 46:44 extraordinary life for you when you leave the ordinary it means that you 46:50 have to be emotionally and spiritually resilient I decree that you will begin 46:55 to understand that the word resilience mean that you never never give up I 47:01 decree that you ever never give up in your spirit i decree you’re gonna take 47:07 the risk and even as you read in the Bible where people were used by God and 47:13 they risk their health they risk the reputation they risk the security of a 47:19 job they risk family and friends misunderstanding damn I decree that you 47:25 will understand that it’s worth the risk when I think of people who decided back 47:31 then that they would halleluyah reach Mount Everest I believe that they had some doubt in their mind 47:38 but they acted anyway i decree and declare you are going to take the risk 47:44 necessary in order for you to obey God faith faith connects you to the realm of 47:53 risk faith connects you to the integrity of God that what he promised he will put 48:00 home it was gone that said heaven and earth pass away but not one word shall pass away for all of 48:08 the promises in God are yay and amen I decree and declare that whatever God 48:15 promise you you’re going to embrace that God said if you leave hallelujah if you 48:21 give up anything in this life but I’m gonna restore that which you have given up would you have sacrificed and in the 48:28 life to come when you’re moved by faith faith takes you into the realm of risk faith also 48:34 helps you to do the thinkable to believe for the impossible 48:39 and to manifest the most incredible things ever faith faith is what you need 48:46 in our tax Abraham was given an instruction and he moved by faith and 48:53 the rest is history because we see how God changed his destiny I decree and 49:00 declare your destiny is being altered even now I decree your tomorrow will 49:07 look nothing like yesterday I decree you will begin to believe that your tomorrow 49:13 is filled with unlimited potentiality and limited possibilities for a bright 49:20 of future not just for you but for your family not just for your family but for 49:26 your ministry not just for your ministry but for your business not just for your 49:32 business but for your neighbourhood not just for your neighbourhood for your community not just for your community 49:39 for your city not just for your city for your state or parish not this for your 49:44 city-state parents or province but for your nation I believe that God is 49:50 raising up history-makers in our generation and it’s going to take you a 49:56 clip to commit to God hallelujah and when you make your commitment God will 50:02 show you your next step God will show you your next project God will show you 50:08 your next relationship God will show you the next thing he has called you to 50:13 accomplish I’m decree gone is pastoring and positioning you for your next 50:20 because your next is pregnant your next is pregnant with unbelievable success 50:27 and prosperity i decree you will not remain where you are I decree that gone 50:34 is gonna take you to your place called their your place called there is 50:39 pregnant the h-1 of us when God moves us he’s gonna move us in a into a place 50:46 calls there that will reposition us that will Tran form us into being a powerful woman or 50:53 man of influence each one of us have a place of transformation Adam’s place was 51:00 in the Garden of Eden the Garden of Eden was a pleasure spot there was no war there was no death 51:08 there was no terrorism there was no mortgage there was no divorce but in the midst of 51:15 that he makes a decision to ignore the spiritual laws that God put in place and 51:22 as a result he not only altered his destiny he altered the corporate destiny 51:28 of humanity whenever you make a decision to be obedient to God something is 51:35 altered in your life but not only is it gonna be altered in your life is going 51:41 to be altered in the lives of the people that around you and potentially the entire nation you got to understand that 51:49 this is a season of obedience and I found out that one wrong decision has 51:55 the power to alter your life permanently but I decree and acclaim as God matures 52:02 you gone is going to give you the strategies to make the right decision you’ve got to understand that you live 52:10 in a world hallelujah that is run by decisions and what gon is gonna give you 52:17 this year is not only a the ability to know when a season is changing gon is 52:24 gonna give you decision-making strategy and why is a strategy important a 52:31 strategy is important because that strategy is attached to a specific 52:36 outcome and I decree and declare that whatever decisions you make and whatever 52:42 actions you take the outcome is going to be characterized by success and 52:47 prosperity I decree you are coming into a season of strategy that gon is gonna 52:54 give you an economic strategy a financial strategy he’s gonna give you a 52:59 spiritual strategy he’s going to give you lationship strategy he’s going to give 53:05 you a professional strategy I decree and declare you will not live in this world 53:12 without receiving strategies from God God is a giver of strategy a strategy is 53:19 attached to a specific outcome I decree that your outcomes are gonna be in 53:25 alignment with God’s original plan and purpose for your life that where you end 53:31 up tomorrow is in perfect alignment with God’s will for your life I decree this 53:37 is the last day that your life is gonna be out of sync with the will of God I 53:42 decree that God is synchronizing you and syncopating you to serve to his original 53:49 plan and purpose I decree that as you raise your hand gon is gonna download strategy this is a 53:56 season of strategy i decree before the week is out gone is gonna give you a specific 54:02 strategy that is gonna change there are some area of your life some area that 54:07 has been missed align with the plans and purposes of God is coming back into alignment i decree it and i declare it 54:15 and I can sense God moving even now somebody is getting a break drill 54:21 because what you have been waiting for is an answer pump God and the answer from God is hidden in the word strategy 54:29 God gave a stir a national strategy a strategy that protected her people from 54:36 ethnic cleansing there is somebody in government that God is about to download 54:42 strategy you are viewing this right now and God it is instructing you to do 54:49 something different and it’s going to bring you into a place hallelujah where 54:55 people are gonna question the validity of your sanity but I am commending you 55:00 by way of the spirit that you’re going to do it no matter how it inconveniences 55:05 a person because God is going to save your nation alive God gave the Aster a 55:12 national strategy to protect her people God gave Isaac a strategy to 55:19 prosper in the midst of economic recession many of you have been praying 55:24 about finances but God is gonna give you a new strategy and I see new people 55:31 coming into your life with business opportunities and I decree and declare 55:36 you are going to take the opportunity and it’s going to change your financial 55:42 destiny you are no longer gonna have to rob Peter to pay Paul you are no longer 55:47 have to spend all the time when you could have been interceding for the unsaved hallelujah you will not have to 55:56 pray about finances in this season God is gonna give you the wisdom is gonna 56:01 give you the strategy there’s a strategy for everything that we are confronted 56:07 with God gave Isaac a strategy to prosper in the midst of economic recession God gave Jacob a strategy to 56:15 leave an ill paying job to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman 56:21 I decree and declare every last one of you that are starting your business I 56:27 decree and declare God is going to give you a strategy so that you can become a 56:33 successful businessman a successful businesswoman your ideas are gonna work 56:39 your business plan is gonna work I decree and declare you will not sit 56:44 hallelujah a day longer in the dead-end job when God has given you a idea a 56:51 vision a business plan and wisdom for you to start your own business I decree 56:58 and declare you’re going to be like Joseph Joseph was given an economic 57:03 strategist Moses was given a strategist to deliver his people from the oppressive 57:09 stronghold of Egypt’s Pharaoh Gillian was given a strategy to utilize 57:15 insufficient military resources to win a battle over a military force that 57:21 outnumbered him I don’t care how much you have been outnumbered you are going 57:28 to win in this specific spiritual battle you are going to come out stronger you 57:34 are going to come out more powerful you are going to come out with more influ 57:40 influence because no weapon formed against you will prosper God gave Joshua a strategy to penetrate 57:49 impenetrable walls and many of you want to go up but it seems as if there are 57:55 glass ceilings and there are impenetrable walls but those walls are coming down and those glass ceilings are 58:02 about to be shattered you don’t have to go through life anymore witnessing 58:09 everyone else succeed and wishing it could be you you just have to engage 58:14 your mind you just have to ship your spirit into gear you just have to take 58:20 your faith out of neutral and trust God God wants to give you a strategy for 58:27 your life hallelujah that includes steps that you can execute on a day-to-day 58:33 basis if God gave Adam a strategy to succeed if God gave Eve a strategy to 58:40 overcome the loss of her son if God gave Moses a strategy to deliver his people 58:47 from tariffs if God gave Elijah a strategy to heal the water supply if God 58:53 gave the widow woman a strategy that calls her debt to be reduced and 58:59 eradicated and a wealth creation strategy if God gave Joseph a wealth 59:04 creation strategy if God gave Nehemiah a social reconstruction strategy if God 59:11 gave Jael a spiritual warfare strategy if God gave Elijah a strategy to deliver 59:17 his people from the systemic stronghold of the spirit of Jezebel if God gave 59:24 Daniel a strategy to rule as a president in Babylon if God gave Jacob a financial 59:31 strategy if God gave Moses a negotiation strategy if God gave Deborah a legal 59:37 strategy if God game Solomon a business strategy if God gave Cyrus a wealth creation strategy if 59:45 God gave Mary Magdalene a preaching strategy if God gave job a comeback 59:51 strategy if God gave the three Hebrew boys and educational strategy if God 59:56 gave Daniel a political strategy if God gave Paul a spiritual strategy if God 1:00:03 gave job the John the Revelator an eschatological strategy if God gave 1:00:09 Jesus a kingdom strategy then what what you think that God cannot give you a 1:00:15 strategy gone is no respecter of persons God will give you a strategy 1:00:22 David was given a strategy to define the pit Goliath I decree if there is a giant 1:00:29 in your life gone is going to give you a strategy 1:00:34 God gave Gandhi a strategy for India God gave men dama 1:00:40 a strategy for South Africa God gave Martin Luther King a strategy for the 1:00:46 United States of America God gave Steven jobs a technological strategy 1:00:52 God gave Henry for a court producing strategy God gave Disney and Entertainment 1:00:59 strategy God gave Ray Kroc a franchise strategy God gave Colonel Sanders a chicken 1:01:05 strategy I decree and declare whatever business you are in whatever ministry 1:01:12 God has called you to wherever you are in your growth and development according to the divine timetable that God has 1:01:20 laid out for you I decree and declare God is gonna give you a strategy I 1:01:27 decree God is releasing strategies even now but it’s gonna give you a business 1:01:34 strategy God is gonna give you a marital strategy but it’s gonna give you a 1:01:40 health strategy I decree and declare your health is springing back i decree 1:01:47 God is gonna give you a strategy so that your help swings back bone is gonna give you a 1:01:53 community development strategy God is gonna give you an educational strategy 1:02:00 God is gonna give your children and grandchildren the same strategy then it 1:02:05 gave to Daniel and the three Hebrew boys that made them ten times smarter than 1:02:12 their contemporaries I decree and declare your children shall be ten times 1:02:17 smarter than their contemporaries I decree that gone is gonna give you a 1:02:24 prayer strategy a spiritual strategy an economic strategy why because everything 1:02:31 will rises and falls on a strategy i decree you’re gonna be obedient to God 1:02:38 and you’re going to begin to move out of the familiar and take the risk I decree 1:02:45 and declare everything about you is resonating with God’s original plan and 1:02:52 purpose i decree and declare you’re gonna follow his divine GPS his Divine 1:02:59 compass I decree and declare you are going to pick up God’s direction by 1:03:04 using the GPS called prayer I decree and declare that God is gonna lead you and 1:03:10 there is nothing that God hallelujah nothing that God will not do for you 1:03:17 hallelujah based on acts of obedience God said Abraham I want you to leave the 1:03:29 familiar and he acted on faith and he 1:03:37 moved out into a realm of risk risk takes you into the arena of uncertainty 1:03:46 but uncertainty is defined as 1:03:51 uncontrollable unexpected innumerable 1:03:58 outcomes and I touch that – uncontrollable innumerable success and 1:04:08 prosperity because anyone that acts in obedience to God has to succeed no 1:04:15 matter what the inconvenience – honor God we thank you for the time that you 1:04:22 had given us time for sharing and even as we seek your face we seek emotional 1:04:28 and psychological and spiritual resonance with the task that you are 1:04:34 giving us a way of assignment that we will follow your divine GPS given to us 1:04:43 by the Holy Spirit in prayer we will prepare God for some incredible things I 1:04:51 thank you now father that every act of obedience have a corresponding outcome 1:04:59 of blessing I thank you now father that we are blessed accordingly in Jesus name 1:05:07 Amen amen amen what a powerful word and 1:05:15 I hope that you’re receiving that at a home tonight that God is elevating you 1:05:20 into the realm of faith and it takes risk every entrepreneur it takes risk 1:05:25 out there and some of you have been questioning whether or not moving forward in in certain things and certain 1:05:31 business ideas was of God and you’reyou’re worried about the risk but tonight I believe that the fear has been 1:05:38 completely demolished off of your life and you know what this is the greatest opportunity in this time of empowerment 1:05:45 in Revelation for you to plant a seed into your future and that God will manifest a harvest right now if you have 1:05:52 a business idea that God has dropped during these moments as some of us even in this room and across the world God is 1:05:58 downloading ideas this is the moment where you place a financial seed by faith to make a deposit on that which 1:06:05 God has revealed to you all you have to do is hit that give button right now and make a seed into this ministry where 1:06:12 we’re bringing hope to the hopeless and healing to the hurting Souls all around the world this is a good investment good 1:06:18 soil right here tonight as you’ve gotten a revelation in your spirit I released you to give now and I declare that the 1:06:24 anointing of multiplication comes upon your seed I declare that the business 1:06:30 strategies that you will implement in the next 60 days will manifest with a 1:06:35 harvest of the the million flow and the billion flow in your life and we release you now to give we bless you tonight and 1:06:42 we pray that you’ll come back and join us again every first and third Thursday where it’s live it’s prophetic and it’s 1:06:49 all God this is the 4-points broadcast god bless you and have a great evening amen 1:06:55 [Applause]

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