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I’m so excited about my new course. In this course, I’ll show you how to demystify the seer anointing, and mentor you in the gift so you can discern what God is saying with confidence. Seeing God and walking in the prophetic aren’t supposed to feel like guesswork—but unfortunately, that is how so many Christians feel when it comes to this subject.

When you finish this course, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to living a lifestyle of the supernatural, gain practical tools to activate the gift of seeing and discernment and a Biblical understand for what a Seer actually is. Do you desire to see the supernatural ways of God on a daily basis? Amazing encounters with God aren’t only possible—they are supposed to be normal! So if you are ready to change your normal and go deeper and higher with God than you ever have before, this course is for you. Let’s take this life-transforming journey together!

See what each session covers:

Session 1 : What is a Seer’s Role For Today
Session 2 : 10 Keys To Unlock The Seer Anointing
Session 3 : 10 Major Blockages To The Seer Anointing
Session 4 : 10 Major Blockages To The Seer Anointing – Part 2
Session 5 : How To Use Your Seer Anointing + An Invitation To Go Up
Session 6 : Demons and Combating Spiritual Warfare
Session 7 : Angels and How To See Them
Session 8 : The Seer Mandate and Impartation



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