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0:01 CS: Do you struggle with addictive behaviors? 0:02 Do you have a void in your life that caused you to 0:06 create negative patterns? 0:08 If this is you, stay tuned because I’m going to teach 0:11 you how to break the strongholds. 0:14 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:17 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:23 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:25 in victory and wholeness. 0:28 This is Your Path to Destiny with 0:31 Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:33 [Music] 0:35 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:38 I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman, 0:40 and I love to mentor you and encourage you as a 0:44 life coach trainer. I want you to know 0:47 your personal path to destiny. 0:49 And so I’m so glad you’re with me today. 0:51 I’m going to talk to you about addictive behaviors. 0:55 Yes. Addictive behaviors are very, 0:57 very common in our world today. 0:59 Human nature causes us to lean into that place of 1:03 becoming addicted to certain things. We set up 1:09 different habits and patterns and ways of doing things 1:12 that cause us to get off our path to destiny. 1:16 And so I want to teach you a few ways today 1:20 that you can break free from addictive patterns 1:23 and behaviors. 1:24 See, addiction happens when we have lack in our 1:29 soul and lack in our soul was created from the fall 1:32 of man. If you go back with me to 1:34 Genesis Chapter three, 1:36 you’re going to find that Adam and Eve, 1:38 when they ate the forbidden fruit, 1:41 they were positioned at that point to have a 1:44 lack mindset and poverty in their soul. 1:48 Their soul was in a place of always needing to 1:52 receive something, always needing to get provision 1:56 protection and acceptance. 1:59 And so because of this, they were put into 2:01 a position of having to create and develop habits 2:05 and patterns in their world that would meet 2:09 their needs. And this is how we get stuck. 2:11 You see our souls, which is our mind, 2:14 our will and our emotions carry this lack of mindset 2:18 or this poverty of soul. And this poverty is 2:22 handed down from generation to generation. 2:24 We don’t have to do anything for it. 2:26 We just simply need to be born. 2:28 And in in being born, we automatically are born 2:31 into this state of lack in poverty. 2:35 And so when it comes to addictive behaviors, 2:38 what we do is we set up patterns that will help us 2:41 get our needs met where lack exists. 2:45 See, any time that there is a lack, 2:48 we have to fill it. But if there is 2:51 a fullness, then there is no need. 2:54 And this is what makes breaking strongholds so 2:57 important is once we come to find Yeshua as our 3:01 Lord and Savior, we then position ourselves to be 3:05 able to finally break free from strongholds, 3:09 break free from those things that are entrapping 3:12 us in steering us, causing us to step into habits and 3:17 patterns that are destructive for some of us. 3:21 We find that in alcohol, drug abuse, 3:24 sexual addiction, there’s a tremendous amount of 3:28 different addictive patterns that we pick 3:30 up over our life. And addictive patterns are 3:33 patterns that we create to fill the 3:35 lack need. They’re created to fill a void 3:38 in our life and we begin to get 3:40 so focused on doing certain things in 3:45 order to have that void filled. Then we have 3:49 opened up a door for the enemy to take 3:52 a strong hold. Strongholds mean 3:55 he has access to us. 3:57 It means that there’s an open door in the spirit 4:01 realm where He’s invited to come on a daily basis 4:05 and bring confusion, create disorder, 4:09 cause us to experience fear, 4:12 anxiety, depression, all of the negative things 4:15 that we don’t want in our lives. 4:17 So we need to learn to close the doors to 4:20 addictive behavior, but we need to understand the how 4:24 do we do that and who made a way for us. 4:28 Those doors would be closed so that we can 4:32 follow the path to destiny that we’ve been called to. 4:36 And so I want you to take an inventory right now. 4:39 I want you to begin to take out a piece of paper 4:41 and a pen and start to write down your addictive 4:44 behaviors. All right. 4:45 And each one of those behaviors, 4:46 their negative things that you do in order 4:49 to soothe your soul, they become traps. They’re false. 4:55 They cause us to lean into them or they cry 5:01 out to us. Come over here and let me massage you. 5:05 Let me make you feel better when in reality 5:08 they’re alive, they’re alive from the enemy to 5:11 get us to walk away from the very freedoms 5:14 that we’ve been given in Yeshua. 5:17 And so I just want to encourage you today 5:19 that as you begin to make this list, 5:21 it might be difficult for you to write it down. 5:23 But listen, I want you to be honest, okay? 5:25 Because any time there’s a breaking free, 5:28 we have to be honest about who we are. 5:30 We have to be honest about what is holding 5:32 us in bondage. And I know. 5:35 We are speaking to you right now, there is 5:37 something that the Lord is sharing with 5:39 you that you hold high and dear and don’t want to let 5:44 go of, and it’s something that is not healthy 5:47 for you and it is negative and it opens up doors for 5:50 confusion and disorder. 5:52 Write it down, because that’s the very thing that 5:55 Yeshua is going for. That’s the very thing 5:57 that He is coming into that place. 6:00 He wants an invitation in your life to break you 6:03 free from that area, but you need to be able to 6:06 confess it. And so if you write it down, 6:08 it becomes visible to your eye. 6:11 You’ll be able to look at it and you’ll be able to 6:13 say, “Hey, that’s not a good thing. And 6:16 I need to confess that before the Lord and I 6:18 need to say, Lord, I want to be set free from 6:22 this very thing.” And He provides that opportunity. 6:25 All we have to do is confess, you know, 6:28 repentance is one of the greatest things 6:31 that God ever gave us. It’s a gift. 6:32 What is the word repent means? 6:34 It means to change your mind, 6:36 change your mind about something, 6:39 recognize that it’s unhealthy. 6:41 Recognize that it’s not good for you, 6:44 and then begin to say, “Lord, 6:46 I need to make a change.” 6:47 And so when you write this down, 6:49 you’re going to be positioned now to see 6:51 it with your eyes. Then I want you to say it. 6:53 I want you to say what’s on that piece of paper, 6:55 because when you say it, then turn that into a 6:58 confession, which just means making a statement, 7:01 Lord, this thing has got a hold on my life and 7:06 I want to be free from it. 7:08 And as you begin to say that a legion of angels is 7:10 going to come right where you’re at and encourage 7:13 you in that place, you’re setting yourself up for 7:17 beginning to receive Yeshua as your 7:20 Lord and Savior. He’s the only one 7:22 that can break the stronghold of the enemy. 7:23 He was sent purposely to the earth to break every 7:28 stronghold that we have in this earth. 7:31 He’s the only one who has all the power to break 7:35 the strongholds. But we have to cry 7:37 out to Him and quite often we don’t even 7:39 know what we’re supposed to say. 7:41 Just say what’s on the piece of paper. 7:42 Just say, Lord, I confess, I’ve been doing these 7:44 things. I’ve been in these negative behaviors. 7:47 I, I’ve been harming people with my choices. 7:50 Addiction is very harmful. 7:52 If you are noticing in your life and your 7:55 relationships that things are breaking down 7:58 because you won’t let something go. 8:02 It’s an addictive behavior. 8:03 It’s something that has a hold on you. 8:06 And yes, I want you to be free. 8:08 So write it down and then begin to start your 8:11 confession and say, “Lord, I confess today that this 8:14 thing has a hold on me,” and say, 8:16 “Yeshua, I want you to come into my life, 8:18 Jesus come into my life. 8:19 I want to receive You as my Lord and Savior. 8:22 And I want this stronghold broken.” 8:23 That’s all you have to do. 8:24 That’s all you have to say. 8:25 And the strong hold will be broken because 8:28 at that point of confession, the enemy loses his 8:33 hold on your life. It’s just that quick. 8:36 Now, I’m excited because as we continue the program 8:40 today, now that you’ve made this confession about 8:44 what you need help with, you’re now going to have 8:47 your eyes open to see the great things, [Music] 8:50 the great path of destiny that’s before you. 8:53 [Music] 8:59 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international 9:02 prophetic voice healing minister, 9:04 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 9:07 how to access the heavenly realms and live the 9:09 resurrected life. Her passion is to 9:12 see people healed and delivered and come 9:14 into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:16 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:20 She believes everyone can access heaven and walk in 9:23 the power of God. In her meetings, 9:25 your faith will increase and you will feel the 9:27 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 9:30 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 9:33 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, she 9:35 offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 9:38 where you, too, 9:40 can learn to release Heaven, 9:41 the glory and walk in the power of God. 9:44 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 9:47 “Dream Mentors International,” 9:48 an organization that teaches and trains 9:51 biblical life coaches. 9:52 Check out her Website and subscribe to her 9:55 YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook 9:57 for more resources. 10:00 [Music] 10:06 CS: I’m so glad you’re back with me. 10:09 We’re going to continue our discussion on the 10:11 power over addiction. I see in the Spirit realm 10:15 that you are being set free. 10:17 I know that was hard for you to write down 10:20 those things that are binding you, 10:22 but it’s so very important to confess those things 10:25 because it’s at that time that we can receive 10:28 freedom through Yeshua. 10:30 He comes and he ministers to us and he sends his 10:33 angels to minister to us to bring us to that place 10:36 of wholeness and completion. 10:38 And so now you are positioning yourself for a 10:42 path of destiny without these strongholds. 10:46 Now we’ve got to pray for your strength because 10:50 don’t think the enemy is going to let go that easy. 10:53 All right. You’ve gone to a place of 10:54 confessing, but now it’s time to begin to 10:57 put on your armor and start marching forward 11:00 in the victory that you’ve been given. 11:03 And so I want to share with you some ways that 11:05 you can stay victorious in Luke chapter for Jesus 11:09 was in the desert and He was tempted while He was 11:12 there. And one of the most important things 11:14 He did was He combated the enemy with the 11:16 Word of God. And each time He spoke 11:18 the Word, He spoke the word in fullness. 11:21 In other words, He spoke it based on the abundance 11:24 that He knew He had as the Son of God. 11:28 And so you have been given all that Jesus 11:31 has everything that Yeshua has. 11:33 He extends to us. And so you have been 11:35 given that same power by faith in the 11:38 Word of God. And so as you are going 11:40 through this list of things that you’re 11:43 confessing, know the enemy, he’s going 11:45 to come for those very things. But 11:48 you can trust the fact that you will stand 11:50 strong in the Word of God. So here’s the 11:53 next step. I want you to find scriptures. 11:56 I want you to find in the written Word 11:59 everything that will combat the addictive 12:03 pattern, everything that you’ve confessed. 12:06 You have a strong hold over all of this strong 12:08 hold things, you know, whatever the enemy is a 12:10 stronghold exist based on three things, 12:14 which is provision, protection and acceptance. 12:17 Those three things are the root cause of every strong 12:22 hold that you have. And so what you need 12:24 to be doing is, as you have confessed, 12:27 your stronghold. Now, I want you to 12:30 begin to say the strong hold exists because and 12:34 you need to confess this I have a lack in the 12:37 area of provision. I have lack in the 12:40 area of protection or I have lack in the 12:43 area of acceptance. One of those three 12:46 things is why the strong hold has been developed. 12:49 Okay, so then you find a scripture in the Word 12:52 of God to come to combat that very 12:54 stronghold. And Jesus did the same thing 12:56 in Luke, Chapter Four. 12:57 And one of the things I want to focus on is when 13:00 the enemy began to speak to Him, 13:03 one of the needs that he came for Jesus for was his 13:07 need for acceptance. And as he came to 13:10 Jesus and began to taunt Him about the need for 13:14 acceptance, he wanted the enemy, wanted 13:16 Jesus to worship him. And Jesus says, “No!” 13:21 He says it is written that I shall worship the Lord, 13:24 your God, and serve him only, it is written to 13:27 worship God and serve him only. 13:29 And now listen, this is very, very important 13:31 because as you begin to develop 13:33 scriptures to find these scriptures and this is 13:36 easy, I want you to find your Bible or get a Bible. 13:40 All right. 13:41 Any translation and go to the concordance. 13:43 It’s in the back of the Bible. You just 13:45 flip to the back, look up every Word that is 13:48 relative to the addictive pattern that 13:52 you’ve just confessed. So, in other words, 13:54 if you are having fears about financial provision 13:59 in your life, then I want you to look up 14:01 the scriptures based on fear. 14:04 Then I want you to choose, ask the Lord to help you 14:06 choose a few scriptures that are relevant 14:08 to the fear of financial provision. 14:12 Write those down and begin to declare them and 14:15 decree them. When you’re doing that, what you’re saying 14:17 is “Enemy, I am not going to worship you. 14:21 I am going to worship God with His Word and with 14:25 His Word, when I worship Him.” 14:27 And I began to speak His Word, 14:30 I’m expecting to see that my fear is going to go 14:33 away and I’m going to be able to believe that by 14:37 faith I will have the financial provision that 14:40 I need to keep going. See, that’s the very 14:42 thing that Jesus did. When the enemy came 14:44 for provision protection and acceptance for him, 14:47 He combatted with the Word of God. 14:48 We do the same thing as the enemy comes for you 14:51 and tries to taunt you. 14:53 What you do is you respond with the Word of God. 14:56 I want to stay focused on how Jesus said, “I 14:59 worship the Lord God and serve Him only.” 15:02 That is God’s desire for his people. 15:05 Now, let me tell you how important 15:06 this is. When you seek after addictive behaviors, 15:11 what you’re saying and when you do the things 15:14 that you know you shouldn’t do, 15:15 you’re saying, Lord, I don’t have enough faith 15:19 not to go this pathway. 15:21 In other words, you’re confessing by doing your 15:25 addictive behavior that you would rather worship 15:27 that thing than you would worship the Lord. 15:32 This is where the rubber meets the road, 15:34 should I say? It’s where you get to that 15:37 place where you realize, “I’ve been called 15:41 as a child of God to worship Him only.” 15:43 That’s His greatest desire. 15:46 And I need to train myself. 15:48 I need to train my mind, my well, 15:49 my emotions to worship God only. 15:51 Listen, we’re not to worship people. 15:53 We’re not to worship things. 15:54 We’re not to worship places. 15:56 We’re not to worship financial provision. 15:59 We’re not to worship anything above our 16:03 relationship with God. 16:05 But it’s hard, folks it’s part of humanity. 16:08 Humanity wants to worship anything but God. 16:12 Why? Because in the Garden of Eden, 16:15 when the serpent came in and he deceived Adam 16:19 and Eve, what he did was say to the universe, 16:23 Lord, this is like Satan said this. 16:25 He said, Lord, now they’ll come and worship me. 16:30 Let me tell you how important this is. 16:31 The day that you confess your addictive behavior, 16:34 the day you make a commitment not to do it 16:37 anymore, and that you’re going to fight with the 16:39 Word of God. And I’ve told you how 16:41 to fight with it. You go into your 16:43 concordance and you find 16:45 whatever the word is that you need. 16:47 The moment you make that commitment, 16:49 you are telling the spirit world, 16:51 you’re telling the spiritual realm and the 16:54 earth realm that God, the Yeshua is the only way and 17:01 that I will worship Him only. 17:04 Now there’s freedom right there. 17:05 See if we worship God and serve Him only, 17:09 we set ourselves up for a pattern of health, 17:13 healing, wholeness, restoration, everything 17:18 that your true heart desires will come to 17:21 pass when you make the commitment to worship Him 17:25 and serve Him only. There’s not one 17:26 person on the planet that will not 17:29 come to this decision-making point 17:32 where they will have to decide who will I worship. 17:35 And if you worship negative patterns and 17:38 behaviors that are causing you harm your temple 17:42 because you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, 17:45 if you are causing yourself or others harm, 17:48 you are saying I’m going to worship the enemy. 17:50 Now who? 17:51 There’s nobody on the planet that wants to say 17:53 and especially not someone that knows Yeshua as their 17:55 Lord and Savior. So we must make a 17:57 commitment and get in line with the Father 18:00 and say, Lord, I will worship you and 18:03 I will serve you only and I will change my life 18:06 by speaking, by declaring the Word of God, 18:09 by setting my path of destiny with the 18:13 commitment that I’m going to go forth and 18:16 do all you have called me to do. 18:18 And I will not allow the enemy to deter me in 18:22 any way. I want to encourage you today. 18:25 You are so close to utter freedom. 18:29 When that enemy comes, you say, [Music] 18:31 “No! I will worship the Lord and serve Him only!” 18:37 [Music] 18:43 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 18:46 coaching or would like some direction and 18:47 encouragement? 18:49 Dr. Candice is a board-certified counselor 18:51 who walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 18:54 and she wants to mentor you. In her 18:57 School of the Supernatural, 18:58 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 19:00 books and many other additional resources that 19:03 will help you strategize and release heaven in 19:06 every area of your life. Her classes on 19:08 the supernatural will equip you to live in 19:11 the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 19:14 You can also schedule some personal time with 19:17 Dr. Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 19:20 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 19:23 through personal issues in your life and propel you 19:26 into your purpose and destiny. Visit her 19:29 website for all of her resources and follow 19:31 and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 19:34 Instagram and YouTube. 19:40 [Music] 19:47 CS: I am getting very excited here because you 19:49 are being set free, you walk to the path of 19:54 confession, you have learned how to take the 19:57 Word of God and use it as a sword to come into that 20:01 place of complete and total freedom. 20:05 Make sure you do this for everything in your life. 20:09 Come to that place of worshiping the Lord and 20:12 serving them only. I want you to make 20:14 a commitment today that nothing is going 20:17 to come in and mess up this place of worship 20:20 that you have with the Lord. Worshiping Him 20:23 and serving Him only is what our destiny is 20:26 all about. In Luke, Chapter Nine, we 20:29 find that Jesus began to speak to people 20:34 about following Him. 20:35 And I want to just take you there real briefly. 20:38 He began to speak while He was on the road, 20:43 and it says in Luke, Chapter Nine, 20:45 verse fifty-seven, as they were going along the road, 20:48 someone said to Jesus, I will follow you wherever 20:51 you go. And He said to them, “The foxes have 20:54 holes and the birds of the air have nests. 20:56 But the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” 21:00 So Jesus’s response to the people was, 21:04 look, I don’t have a need for protection. 21:08 I know I am protected. So it doesn’t matter 21:13 when I make choices and decisions where 21:15 I’m going to lay my head because I know 21:18 My Father in Heaven is taking care of me. 21:20 Then He said to another person, He said, 21:22 “Follow Me.” And that person said, “Lord, 21:25 permit me first to go and bury my father. 21:27 But He said to them, ‘Allow the dead to bury their own 21:31 dead.’ But as for you go and proclaim 21:33 everywhere the Kingdom of God.” 21:35 In other words, He began to speak to them about 21:38 provision. So He’s calling the people 21:41 to come and they’re making excuses, one 21:43 for protection, one for provision. 21:46 In other words, when he responded, 21:49 the man responded about going to bury the dead. 21:51 It meant that he would have received his 21:52 inheritance if he had buried the dead. 21:54 So his main concern was his provision. 21:57 Then the man said, I will follow you, Lord, 21:59 but first permit me to say goodbye to those at home. 22:01 But Jesus said, “No one, after putting His hand to the plow 22:05 and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.” 22:08 That was a need for acceptance. So Jesus 22:11 is calling out to all three people to follow Him. 22:14 One has a problem with provision, 22:16 one is a problem with protection, 22:17 and one has a problem with acceptance. 22:19 He wanted to be accepted by his family so he 22:22 couldn’t follow Jesus. 22:24 Now, folks, this is really simple. 22:27 These are needs that we have in human nature, 22:31 but they cause us to make choices and decisions that 22:35 are not of God because we will say, I can’t follow 22:39 you, Jesus, I can’t make a commitment to you. 22:41 I can’t step into this place that you called me 22:43 because I need provision protection and acceptance. 22:47 And so therefore, I can’t go the path of destiny 22:50 that you’re asking me to go. 22:51 And then what are we saying ultimately? 22:56 That we want to worship those things and not Him, 23:00 the enemy laughs at this, he begins to say, 23:02 oh, so your people won’t follow you, 23:06 Yeshua, because they’re more concerned about 23:08 having their needs met. But Yeshua, isn’t 23:12 it true that you met all their needs? 23:15 Do you see how the enemy will mock the people 23:18 of God before the throne? 23:20 He will cause us to be used as pawns in his game. 23:25 You don’t want that ever to happen again! 23:28 You want to be able to say, “Yes, 23:29 sure, I can follow you when you call me. 23:32 I can go to where you’re asking me to go, 23:34 because I am not concerned about provision, protection, 23:37 and acceptance, because I know I have that in my 23:41 relationship with You.” See, your Father is good. 23:43 He will never let you go without provision 23:46 protection or acceptance. 23:48 We, the people of God, have to stand in that 23:50 place by faith and grab a hold of that. 23:53 It becomes ours when we believe that yes, 23:58 we did it for us and we become one with Him. 24:01 If you were one with Yeshua, then what He 24:04 has also belongs to you. That is part of the inheritance. 24:08 And so you have been gifted in inheritance for 24:11 your path to destiny. 24:12 How amazing is this? 24:13 You can set aside addictive behaviors. 24:17 You can fill the void in your life by knowing the 24:20 Yeshua has come to fill it. 24:21 You don’t have to be concerned about provision, 24:24 protection and acceptance. You can follow Him. 24:26 You can take His hand and follow Him to your destiny 24:30 because of everything He’s already done for you. 24:35 He has a great plan and a great purpose for your 24:38 life, and He wants to bring this to pass. 24:40 And Matthew, Chapter 22:1 of the things that He began 24:45 to speak was the most important commandment 24:47 of the law. When He was taunted by the 24:50 Sadducees and the Pharisees, He said, listen 24:53 “You’re to love the Lord, your God with all your 24:56 heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. 24:58 This is the first and greatest commandment. 25:00 And the second is like it. Love your 25:02 neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the 25:05 prophets hang on these two commandments.” 25:07 And so we know it is our job to love the Lord 25:11 with all our heart minds on strength. 25:14 And when you allow his Spirit to overflow into 25:17 your soul, which is your mind, your will, your 25:19 emotions, you’ll begin to have all those desires 25:22 quenched simply in that deep and abiding 25:25 relationship with Him. 25:26 Then you’re going to live in freedom. 25:28 You’re going to live in that place of knowing 25:32 that you are worshiping Him, you are serving 25:35 Him and you know it. 25:36 There is nothing more beautiful than to be in 25:39 perfect alignment with God knowing you are doing 25:42 the will of the Father. And the way that 25:45 we know that is simply by loving Him so much 25:50 that we say no to the things of the world. 25:53 And first, John, chapter two, verses 15 through 17. 25:55 It says specifically What are the things in the 25:58 world that we are supposed to not grab a hold of? 26:02 And it’s defined as provision, protection and acceptance. 26:06 Go ahead and read that you’re going to be 26:07 encouraged. I know in my heart how hard 26:11 it is to let go of addictive behaviors. 26:15 I have had addictive behaviors in my life and I 26:17 had to learn and grow through the process of 26:21 allowing my heart, my mind, my will and my 26:24 emotions get to that place of breaking free. 26:28 And all of it was about confession and 26:31 believing that God was a good God and He wanted 26:34 to set me free. And so I just want to 26:35 pray for those of you today that are 26:38 struggling with this very thing. 26:39 And I also want you to stand in the gap. 26:41 If you have a family member who is struggling 26:44 with addiction, addiction is tearing up families all 26:48 over the world. And we have to stand in 26:51 that place of prayer and asking the Lord 26:53 to release the angelic hosts. Ask the Lord’s presence 26:57 and power to come in and to begin to start to 27:01 bring restoration to those places that have 27:04 been traumatized in our soul that causes 27:06 us to step in to addictive behaviors. 27:08 So I want to pray with you right now, Father. 27:11 I just thank you right now for my 27:12 friend who is watching Lord and I ask you, 27:14 Father, to surround them, 27:16 Lord, with your presence, Lord, 27:17 we just ask for the glory of God to come in right 27:20 where they’re at and just begin to minister to them. 27:23 Father, I thank you, Lord, that you love 27:25 them even through everything that they’re 27:27 going through, you see into their heart, 27:30 you know that that they want to follow you. 27:34 And so, Lord, I just thank you right now, 27:36 Father, that you are positioning your people to 27:38 come into that place of following you. 27:41 We break every demonic stronghold over your life 27:44 right now. And brother, I thank you, Lord, 27:46 that freedom is coming to your people because 27:50 of the death and resurrection of Yeshua. 27:53 You are a new creature. Stand and walk in 27:56 being a new creature and every demonic 27:58 force must flee in the mighty Name of Yeshua! 28:03 This is an amazing time to step into your victory. 28:08 [Music] Take His hand as He walks you right 28:12 in to Your Path of Destiny! 28:15 [Music]

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