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There Is A Name (Music Video) – Sean Feucht | Live from Iraq

In the countryside of Northern Iraq, the site where Nahum the Prophet was buried, Bethel Music and Sean Feucht gathered to make a declaration. The site was a monastery over looking the biblical city of Nineveh. In this ancient setting Sean declared the name of Jesus…

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Verse 1
There is a name
Who reigns without contention
Whose power can’t be questioned or contained

With humble fame
He rules the earth and heavens
His glory knows no measure or refrain
And it’s bursting past the border lines of space

Enthroned upon the praises of our hearts
You’re the King and You’re the center of it all

Verse 2
There is a name
Reaching past the margins
Calling sons and daughters back to Him

And as He saves
We can hear the roar of Heaven
As prodigals are coming home again
Oh the triumph of His name will never end

For every eye will see
Every heart will know
There is no name above
The name of Jesus

Death could not hold Him down
No grave could keep Him bound
All sin and sickness bow
To the name of Jesus

Written by Sean Feucht / Pat Barrett / Ben Hastings

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