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0:19 hey everybody welcome to faith with katie i’m katie souza and he’s back that’s right david herzog is on set and about i’m telling you we thought we weren’t going to make this live 0:29 broadcast because we were laughing so hard but it’s going to be an amazing show because the glory 0:35 is here and the teaching is going to be amazing and awesome so share the broadcast everybody 0:41 share the broadcast right now i know you’re chatting on live and i want to welcome everybody that’s getting on right now i see people from all over the world and my regulars i want to thank you 0:51 regulars i see your names coming up all the time every week you guys are faithful to watch this broadcast i love you you know i’m gonna probably try to arrange something to give to my regulars so 1:02 keep watching so that we can bless you in some shape or form we’ll figure out what it is and 1:08 we’ll let you know okay look david he’s here already he’s going to be up on board we’re going 1:14 to talk about all kinds of amazing things and we’re going to minister to you so again share the broadcast get on my faith tv on facebook also get on katie souza on facebook and if if you’re 1:25 just watching on your tv be a faith television network that’s the way that you join the chat 1:30 and in the chat please everybody please say where you’re watching from and give david and i a big 1:37 shout out all right so as we go into the broadcast today let’s start with our selfie miracle 1:43 testimony video it’s a great one check it out anna what happened nana um i believe i was healed from 1:50 dry eyes and floaters and dry iron floaters and my vision loss of vision blur and loss of vision 1:58 blur is your vision blurry right now no how’s the floaters i can’t find them i can’t find him 2:09 thank you lord telling you god is on the move guys you need to put your faith on even if it doesn’t appear like god is doing 2:19 anything that of the increase of his government and of his peace there is no end that’s isaiah so 2:26 even while you’re sleeping the bible says that when we plant seed in the ground that while we 2:31 sleep though we know not how that seed it it gets planted it breaks forth it germinates it 2:37 sprouts and it produces fruit so god’s always on the move put your faith on that when you think 2:42 nothing is happening so you know god loves you so much that he’s gonna make sure you’re 2:47 always being propelled forward just try to get yourself in agreement with what he’s doing amen 2:53 now if you had a miracle don’t forget i need those testimonies guys send them to me get your phone up 3:00 put it in the landscape position like this so we can air it on tv and tell me your story tell me 3:06 what you had tell me what you were suffering from tell me what the doctor said about it and then tell me what happened when jesus touched you in the meeting or on this broadcast or when 3:15 you listen to one of our pr our products and then send it to selfies at katiesouza.com that selfies 3:23 at katiesouza.com i’m hoping you’re sharing the broadcast right now thanks for chatting in guys 3:28 i see the chats are already getting really busy okay don’t forget faith now okay we’re going to be 3:35 expanding even more networks are going to come on faith now so you’re going to have so many choices for 1.99 a month and when you do the dollar 99 a month you get katie tv you get sid roth his 3:47 network you get victory tv you get so much more and it helps me with our prison ministry remember 3:54 i support this ministry supports 4 000 prisons that’s a lot of peeps and we’re going back in now 4:02 we’ve been uh really working it to where now the prisons are getting open and we’re going to be able to go back in we’re going to have footage we’re going to pray for people on death row 4:10 it’s going to be awesome we’re gonna see miracles manifest so we’re super excited that we get to go back in but it takes money for us to go back in so get on faith now okay come to my page 4:21 support the ministry do whatever you can become a partner with us become one of my partner mentors 4:26 you can do faith now by going to faithnow.net and sign up for the monthly agreement and just put in 4:31 kdtv you get a month for free okay and then part of that money goes to just operating the 4:37 the network and the app and part of it goes to our outreaches so make good you guys and 4:44 get your faith now app so that you can get all the blessings and still be a blessing to us all right 4:51 we’re going to bring you on board now it’s david herzog welcome home welcome him to the broadcast 5:12 okay guys hey david’s here and thanks for coming back great to be back again i know 5:18 it’s quite a trip to get here it’s amazing i’m here again i feel like i was just here because we did you some of you watched the show we did a few weeks ago but it almost feels like 5:27 there’s only like 15 minutes between the two shows when actually you’re watching us now and then the 5:32 let’s show you watch us like three weeks ago or a month ago yeah and they need to go back they need to you guys need to go back and look at that show because man we were talking about the glory 5:40 i mean people were in the chat when they were watching that show it was incredible they were saying this is an amazing teaching this is awesome this is incredible i mean people are getting super 5:49 blessed because damian was uh talking about how to get in the glory the steps practical steps to 5:55 how you can position yourself to get there so go back and look at that broadcast uh so i’m glad you came back thanks yeah i’m glad i’m back yeah it almost feel like i didn’t have to 6:03 drive here a second time like as if i was i was here the whole time amazing next time we’ll set up a couple months has gone by but it’s like i was here the whole time yeah i’m going to set up a cot 6:11 for you get you your own dressing room with the cot and all that how’s that yeah okay okay freak 6:16 stephanie though so she can hang out too there you go she’ll love the cot yeah right okay so look um you guys are moving and grooving in glory and miracles all the time tell some miracle stories 6:25 all right um we saw someone grow taller we were in israel yep and a big conference was like 2 500 6:31 people pi auditorium seats 3 000 preaching with this prophet named salvaraj something from india 6:37 and i did my session and i started calling miracles and these people grew taller right like 6:43 taller like like not a dance and they were it’s funny because there was they were mostly chinese people flying into israel for this conference and these chinese people grew really tall this too 6:52 everyone was freaked out they came on the stage they’re crying and then the israeli soldiers asked me that regarding the thing hey we need to talk to you so i thought i got in trouble and said 7:00 something wrong and they look around they go can we pray for can you pray for us for something else i said well it’s jesus yeshua you know you’re you’re sure yeah we’re jewish but we don’t care 7:08 we saw that that’s real we want you so they don’t care once they know it’s real they don’t care what it is so you guys you know you think that god doesn’t want to do a miracle through you but maybe 7:17 he wants to do a miracle through you for someone so that somebody else that would never believe 7:22 that needs a miracle and is watching that would completely shift their mind and come to christ 7:28 and believe that he could do something for them too there’s so many reasons why god would do a miracle yeah you know i mean we saw people in the bible that jesus would do miracles for people and 7:39 and then they would believe the man born blind and you know afterwards he got persecuted by the 7:46 pharisees he got brought into the temple and they’re like well wait a minute you know how did this guy pray for you how did you see again and he goes i already told you a million 7:53 times how it happened yes and then afterwards he came out and he said jesus was talking to him and he said tell me who who you are lord and i will believe and he goes do you believe all 8:03 this unto me and he goes yes i believe so the miracle made him believe yeah we’ve also seen time reversal miracles where a body part goes back in time like 30 years yeah wow so i’m in nebraska 8:13 and the lord said to me in heaven there’s no time right i go yeah lord i preach on that well there’s a man here about in his 70s he’s had several heart attacks stints surgeries command is hard to go 8:23 back 30 years wow so i just declare it not knowing who it is yeah then i asked them to check you know is anyone here this man comes up he had it was him 72 years old heart surgeries even had scars 8:34 not only was he healed he didn’t feel the stints in his heart he opened his shirt up and all the cuts from the surgeries were gone what and i said lord 30 years back and that was right a few years 8:43 before you ever had heart problems so it’s like like the sun stood still with joshua yeah so time 8:48 reversals because so how you do it is you go in the glory realm as we talked about the last show now you’re in the timeless row yep and then once you’re there you you have time travel 8:58 you know you can command things to come back and forth because you’re in a timeless realm right my book limitless glory actually talks about that limitless glory i don’t even know if we have a 9:06 graphic for that but if we do we should put it up because you know i totally operate in that realm 9:11 of of time travel there it is yeah there it is right there go go get it guys davidherzogstore.com 9:17 get your copy limitless glory because this whole thing about there being the ability to pause time 9:25 reverse time go forward in time it’s in the scriptures it is and god wants us to operate 9:32 in that way you know jesus it says that you know like the man with the crippled hand he would say he said stretch forth thine hand the withered hand and it says the eye stretched 9:41 forth and it was totally restored when you look at the language there that word stretched forth it’s ectano and it means to go back to the time something happened the place that happened and 9:51 the cause that made it happen so when jesus said stretch forth thine hand to that man he was actually going back to the time the hand got withered the place to hang out with him 10:00 and the cause that made the hand get withered and it got healed back in time at the root that’s a 10:06 good revelation yeah i mean it’s really yeah this time thing is really amazing talk more about what 10:11 you have like in limitless glory um talk about that revelation like ezekiel 37 yep he commanded 10:16 the bones to come together so i didn’t know this until years ago that you can actually command 10:21 physical objects to do stuff wow come on because how do they how do the how can a bone or a table 10:28 or your wallet you lost hear you right is it alive so everything created has atoms protons neutrons 10:34 inside that has sound waves and the god put the sound in everything creation and that sound wave 10:40 hears god’s commands wow and when you’re in the glory and you repeat what he says 10:45 the sound wave in that object doesn’t hear you it hears god’s voice wow that’s why god tell moses speak to the rock it’ll turn to water how does it turn water from the core from the molecular core 10:55 sound wave turned water in the inside out a tooth that was uh you know messed up turns the goal from 11:00 the inside out a cancer dies from the inside out speak to the tree and he said die and if 11:06 it withered right in waves so everything created speak to the mountain have you thrown into the city so 37 bones come together right and the bones and it knew even which bone to reconnect to had 11:15 cellular memory right wow and then the cellular memory and then the looking realm is now look 11:22 now look at it and it is looking and then skin appears so there’s the speaking and the looking so you get in the glory realm and so now we have this faith i lost my wallet i said i know you 11:31 can hear me because there’s no distance in the glory i know that all right i know you’re made of atoms protons neutrons inside sound waves yeah even though it looks solid they’re still atoms 11:38 back and i’ve had a watch come back from china back to sedona there was a hotel i found my wallet reappear uh floating accent old testament remember the flooding actually came back up so 11:47 this realm when you have revelation with the glory it’s it’s an accelerator if you go to heaven right 11:53 now and you lost an arm you’d have an arm when you get back right if you were overweight you’d be skinny if you had a big cancer the moment you got to heaven you’d be healed right it wouldn’t 12:02 take five minutes right wow so when heaven’s glory comes here that same speed that your will be done on earth in my body as it would be had i just walk into heaven oh my god that’s what thy will be done 12:12 on earth as it is in heaven means how much debt would you have when you got to heaven sip zero you left it for your spouse but you’re good so get life insurance or something i don’t know well okay 12:21 this is real guys this is real okay there is we have to understand something because hebrews 1 1 2 12:28 in the amplified classic it says that jesus is the lawful owner of all things and he created the 12:34 world the reaches of space and the ages of time he built operated produce and arranged them in order 12:41 so in in the glory realm all the ages of time are there you know the the past the future the present 12:48 so when you ascend into the glory realm by worshiping god by by praising him by getting 12:53 still and listening for him you can actually send it to that place in the glory where you can access 12:59 the past you go back to where jesus said you know stretched forth thy hand and he went back to the time the hand was withered the place that got withered and the cause that made it with her 13:07 every location in space and time is in the glory realm so when you when you worship and you get up in the glory through your worship you’re gonna be able to access all those things and go forward 13:17 in time to bring your promises into your now go back in time to correct things that happen to you you know i found out that you can never change the event you can never stop that event from happening 13:26 but you can go back and fix the consequences from that event exactly right it’s like someone gets 13:32 healed of a past issue in their life and all the scars you go hit the root they get deliverance they get healed and all sudden the the scars and their emotions are healed they don’t have the 13:41 the triggers they don’t have the the event happen but they don’t have the results of it right they don’t have that like you said the triggers all of a sudden they’ll think about that thing 13:49 that accident or that divorce or whatever and they don’t feel the same like pain exactly they don’t feel the same reaction they don’t get their buttons pushed exactly when somebody talks 13:58 to them about it anymore because we’ve actually gone back in time to where it happened to them 14:03 but even on earth time is interesting so being transported physically i’ve been transported driving my car linear time is eight hours across france from the north northwest and 14:12 northeast and we were worshipping the glory we’re getting lighter and lighter in an hour and a half we were at our destination yeah wow so so let me show you a piece of paper 14:18 here about how it works so here let’s let’s see this paper yeah this is my car here yep wait wait 14:24 oh yeah those i’ll shoot you right here this is my car right here yep it’s my destination yep eight hours right but because we’re here we’re spring and glory is coming glory there’s 14:33 no time right the time this realm gets closer close to my car point a and point b starts to 14:39 bend yeah there you go and all sudden we’re there’s no time so god bends the time continuum 14:45 in the glory right so it happens at super speed that’s why the miracles happen super speed 14:51 the finances happen super speed there’s no time in the glory so the time versus over body parts over 14:56 like philip being transport geographically yeah or things that should be in your destiny to take 20 years it’s happening in the same year right there’s just an acceleration in that realm of 15:04 time and space is that cool yeah it is i mean you know jesus ripped through the fabric of space-time 15:10 the fabric of space-time is a real thing okay it’s like there’s a visible fabric that we can’t see this has been proven by nasa by experiments with gravity probe b that this actually exists 15:21 and but it acts like a giant trampoline like you know weights of planets and stuff can bend 15:27 bend it stretch it you know and all that and and when that happens then time can collapse time can 15:34 reduce you know when like you just said you just showed the bending of the fabric of space-time you know and jesus already went through the fabric for us that’s why it says on when he died on the 15:44 cross so the joy said before him yeah that right the curtain which is what’s the curtain made out of fabric was ripped from the top to the bottom yeah so i mean he’s given us the right to be able 15:54 to bend space-time and to be able to shorten time to accelerate time i mean look hezekiah time went 16:01 backwards ten steps on the sunday of ahaz uh what happened with joshua he said sun stands still in 16:06 the midst of heaven moon stay in the valley uh valley of agilent and the sun stood still and moon stayed until joshua took revenge on all his enemies a lot of times god gives us mastery over 16:16 time so that we can take revenge over our enemies well we’re seated to heavily places right so if 16:21 you go to your heavenly seat and sit there and then pray and decree you’re above time right right 16:26 but you have to get up there or us then you’re bound you’re not in that realm you get above time and now there’s a time you know and then when the people say well when did jesus die on the cross 16:34 so we say two thousand years ago but then the bible says uh by uh before the foundations of 16:39 the earth he was slain well that would be before genesis but then when the prophet saw my stripes were healed he saw that thousands of years before the cross so time on earth is not we 16:49 think it’s linear heaven is circular jesus goes to about to go to the cross and he goes oh for the joy set before him he as if he’d already been there he rejoiced he already saw the outcome wow 17:00 he knows the end from the beginning it’s true it’s true and we have to understand something he’s like god has done this jesus has given us the ability to do this by ripping the fabric of space-time 17:12 so that we can see all the provision that god has for us and we can see the miracles 17:17 that god has for us okay so you know i want to go back to like um hezekiah and the time going 17:24 the sun going backwards 10 steps on the sundial of ahaz it said why is that important the sundials 17:31 there was a lot of sundials in jerusalem at that time that’s how people told time around the world right so now ahaz his father had hezekiah’s father a house he had built a sundial so it was called 17:43 the sundown of ahaz and why was god saying you know the sun’s going to go back 10 steps on the 17:50 sundale as because ahaz was a big huge idolater yeah and so then it created problems in the future 17:57 for hezekiah in fact the first thing his kind did when he me became king was he cleaned out all the 18:02 idols and all the altars but god was and then he got sick himself and then he got attacked by the 18:08 assyrian army and all this other stuff and god was saying this is a miracle i’m going to give you 50 more years of life i’m going to destroy the assyrian king and i’m going to save jerusalem 18:17 and this is going to be the sign the sign is that i’m going to go back 10 steps the sunlight’s going to go back 10 steps and the sundown a has meaning i’m going to go back on 18:25 your bloodline go back in time on your bloodline hezekiah to where your father opened up the door 18:31 to these attacks to the sickness that’s on you to this assault on jerusalem through his sin through his idolatry and a lot of you right now are dealing with stuff that’s generational 18:41 it happened your parents started it and you’re dealing with the repercussions and the consequences right now but if you understand this precept about being able to go into the glory 18:51 and where all time and space is available to you and you can go back anywhere in time 18:56 and space to a place where something started in your bloodline then you can wipe it out i 19:03 had that happen to me too i actually had my legs start shrinking down i was losing all my muscle tone and i was like what is this guy and he goes go back in time on the sundial of your parents 19:12 because that’s where your limbs started getting decimated so i started researching it and i looked 19:17 up and i think it’s in chronicles or kings it says that it went back the shadow went back 10 steps 19:24 that word shadow means decimated limbs wow decimated limbs so when i went back 19:30 i came to the root got i saw it i replied the blood of jesus to it and then from that moment 19:36 on my legs started growing in diameter an inch every month wow three inches i’ve gained so far without even working out or anything well part of what you said interesting about hezekiah there’s 19:45 another part to that how did he get to the point where god granted him his wish to live longer and 19:51 the lord showed me the revelation on that so there was idolatry he destroyed the pagan altars yeah 19:56 but then he rebuilt the godly altars yes secondly here’s a big one right here he restored the feast 20:02 of israel the feast that’s right the feasts are god’s way of keeping you in his timing yeah so when you don’t celebrate the feasts we’re out of time and so he said and one of the seven blessings 20:11 on most the feasts is long life you know there’s an angel goes before you there’s provision there’s debt he’ll take sickness from you and i will in long life so he basically claimed he said lord 20:21 hey i destroyed the pagan altars you said you’re going to die you know lord to him you’re going to die and he negotiated he goes wait lord i restored the the feast 20:28 i got rid of the pagan altars in the feast is long life that’s one of the promises from god so he claimed that basically because he said i restored the feasts back come on and so i’m 20:37 supposed to have long life and awesome god shifts and it goes okay 15 more years wow so so you so he got into so the feast is god’s way of keeping us in heaven’s time people say what is that so in 20:46 heaven i found out when i was during the feast i was laying out in the spirit i got taken to heaven yeah and i saw the pageantry in heaven during the feast was totally different than normal times 20:55 so when you stop let’s say passover pentecost treats have now because you stop and take that week and be with the lord and gather god’s people you actually are sinking with what’s going on 21:03 specifically at that time in heaven so you get the download of all the blessings all the gifts all the glory you miss the feast you miss the next six months of your life because that’s the direction 21:13 for the next season so if you miss the feasts they were agricultural they were farmers right they said if you do this go to the feast give the offering worship me hear the word you’ll have 21:21 rain which means you’ll have prosperity in your ministry your business your if you don’t if you don’t have rain there’s no crops there’s no food so you go through dry seasons when you don’t hit 21:29 the so that’s also redeeming the time see i had no idea uh first of all that the there was pageantry 21:37 like in heaven specifically on the feast days so heaven is massively celebrating the feast 21:45 and that’s why it says do it because i want you to sync with what i’m doing in heaven at that specific time and when you sink guys when you sink with heaven what are you doing you’re 21:52 tapping into the fact that you know jesus created all the reaches of space and the ages of time so you can tap into any time you can go in the future if you’re in syncing with heaven’s time 22:02 and that’s one of the ways to do it is through the feasts right that means that you can tap into going into the future and grabbing something that wouldn’t normally happen for a year 22:11 five years ten years whatever and bringing it back into your now i’ve done that before 22:16 yeah well even in zechariah when the lord returns after the tribulation after all that the thousand 22:22 year reign it says every nation will have to come back to jerusalem celebrate the feast of booths 22:27 so you think well that’s so that shows you it’s not just a jewish thing for just jewish people it’s not just old testament he says keep the feasts now and in the future it’s going to 22:35 be eternal even the gentile nations will have to come up to celebrate but the difference is he’ll be the reason for the season it’s jesus well come on even passover it’s celebrate jesus is our lamb 22:45 yeah i mean all it’s all foreshadowing of christ exactly the old testament feasts all foreshadowed 22:51 everything christ would do and you’re in time yeah and you’re in god’s time sometimes you feel like you’re getting behind in things in your life celebrate the feast you’ll get catch up realign 22:59 you’ll be in time realign and also those who eat my flesh straight my blood shall never die there’s a level of it where the you’re unkillable until the lord allows you like paul they couldn’t kill 23:08 him john island and patmos couldn’t kill him they couldn’t kill them unless it was the time right and even if you’re gonna go you can be so close to god you can have a negotiation with the lord 23:17 like hezekiah paul wrote should i stare should i go i’d think it’s better for you that i stayed but 23:23 i’d rather go basically he had an option god was saying you’ve done what i told you would you want to come home now or do you want to stay right so even death there’s no fear you could be unkillable 23:31 in the last days or you could choose if the lord allows you hey do you think it’s your time to go right that’s the relationship we have with him okay so now look i know that we didn’t agree on 23:39 this but since we’re talking about the feasts then we need to talk about the passover glory event let’s do it don’t you think okay look so we’re gonna throw this up did you hear what david 23:47 just said one of the ways to tap into this realm of being able to do like jesus stretched forth 23:55 on hand and he went back to the time the hand got withered the place that got withered and the cause 24:00 the accident or whatever disease that may get withered the one way to tap into that is by celebrating the feasts because you get in heaven’s time and in heaven that you have access access to 24:10 go backward in time forward in time all the above so we weren’t going to mention this but you know 24:16 david is having this amazing passover glory celebration april 14th through the 17th it starts 24:22 tomorrow starts tomorrow right guys that’s correct okay it starts tomorrow you still have time to get 24:28 there if you’re local get there okay and if you’re not if you’re overseas or whatever i know a lot of 24:34 you are chatting online from overseas there’s going to be a link correct yes to watch what do they do do they go to the gloryzone.org to get the link the gloriazone.org and then you can register 24:43 right there okay so look the gloryzone.org you can either register to go in there in person which is 24:48 the better option if you can please go begin in the glory okay but if not there’s a link on the website there is a link on the website for you to watch this entire conference celebrate the feasts 25:01 because you’re going to tap into this realm of control over time and space i mean look joshua’s 25:06 commanded sun stands still you know moon stay in the valley of ashland and the sun stood still in 25:13 the moon state until joshua took revenge on all his enemies god has given man the power 25:19 to operate in this because of what christ has done for us on the cross exactly so so you know satan changes times and seasons right yeah he does so you notice even the police departments 25:28 will tell you when there’s a full moon there’s much more drama there’s there’s fight there’s oh yeah there’s domestic violence all this people go to the emergency room for halloween you could 25:36 sense oh it feels dark yeah or winter solstice as they celebrate all these pagans yeah but when you celebrate god’s feasts you’re not under the power and you don’t feel the influence of those pagan 25:44 feasts yeah it’s come on when you’re not doing god’s feasts and you’re not doing anything you can you can get moved at times and feel bothered in certain days or angry and agitated but you stand 25:54 under god’s timings which is the feast it’s his sundial basically yeah you’re not moved by the 25:59 demonic stuff well it’s like you recalibrate right you’re recalibrating guys if you feel like you’re 26:04 out of calibration if you’re out of timing if you’re not in the flow of god and you need to get 26:10 recalibrated you definitely need to tune in tomorrow or show up at the conference you know um 26:17 for me i’ve had so many miracles by operating this let’s talk about practical ways you take 26:23 the feast first you if you get in the feast you’re gonna you’re gonna unite with heaven’s timing yeah 26:28 what else for me it’s been worship and things like that what about you um fasting can also 26:34 do it because fasting is basically the first sin of adam and eve was with food right so you go to the root of that and you’re fasting come on it sensitizes your spirit man 26:43 to suddenly see and hear what god was trying to get you all along yeah it’s not like oh he feels sorry for you that you fasted you’re hungry you’re weak so i’ll answer your prayer no he was already 26:51 giving it to you but you couldn’t see it to receive it and when you fast and pray you get out of your flesh and all sudden you get sharper and sharper in the spirit and you see crystal clear 26:59 yeah you get dreams your sensitivity is higher and you can just grab it wow so fasting is also a way to speed up the time well think about it guys okay so like in the garden before they sinned and 27:11 ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil what was it it was there was they 27:16 were in an immortal eternal state there was no time they weren’t aging there there was no there 27:22 was no linear time as we know it now when they sinned and ate that fruit they fell out of that 27:31 eternal state into this linear time and they began to creep forward in time aging and getting closer 27:38 and closer to death as it went so that totally uh resonates with me well when you get older a lot of 27:44 times your mental capacities in the natural or you forget things but you can reverse that so daniel 27:49 did something unique yeah he did a daniel fast he called it after himself no we called it after 27:57 and he didn’t he had vegetables eating meat for three weeks yeah he did a vegan fast basically yeah and what happened is he his iq went up ten times he was smarter than even the highest system 28:08 but says ten times yeah in all areas of the arts of not just the bible like everything everything 28:14 so his iq literally jumped come on ten times he didn’t study ten times harder that’s how king solomon had he was the smartest man face the earth come on that your iq and your mental abilities to 28:24 pick up things discern and when you’re little you pick up languages really easy when you’re older it’s much harder to learn a language or learn something like that because the part of your brain 28:31 just kind of shuts down yeah you kind of go on autopilot as you get older right when you’re young you’re sponge right yeah that could be reversed what daniel did when you’re in the glory and 28:40 you’d say you do you add a little fast to it for a season it could reset your cells in your body yeah reset your blood so there’s there’s a reset resets time reversal over your body right there’s 28:50 actually time reversals we’ve seen bald people grow hair we’ve seen white hair completely white in the meeting turned back to their original color black that’s going back in time that’s 28:58 that’s yeah so time for your body parts okay so so that’s part of it but age he renews your youth 29:03 yeah like the eagles yes not the bald eagles because that would be fun right but there’s other eagles right yeah yeah well sure it’s the same thing with what happened 29:11 with my legs you know um that word shadow the the sunlight went back 10 steps or 10 the shadow of 29:18 the sunlight went back 10 steps on the sundown of ahaz and um he got 15 more years of life wow who 29:25 knows you know it’s like maybe it’s not just 15 more years in the future but maybe it’s 50 more 29:31 years while you’re going back your physical body’s going back 15 years you should have died that week 29:37 and you late stayed longer yeah right i mean here i was my legs were going back to where they were 29:43 when i was younger wow so that’s a restoring you know that’s how your flesh will become fresher 29:49 than a child’s and you’ll return return go back to the days of your use where you’re tapping into the 29:55 the well the body when you take communion you always say lord i take i tattle i take on your 30:00 resurrection power the same power that rose jesus from the dead was my mortal body so every time i 30:06 take it i say lord reactivate the resurrection of the lord and so that’s where he goes then those who eat my flesh straight my blood shall not die yeah i don’t mean people are dying but 30:15 you’re unkillable or the enemy can’t take you out before the time right you continue regenerating 30:22 and even even paul probably died when they stoned if he comes back up john i’m he’s that you sort 30:27 of boil them like a french fry the hottest oils yeah right they put them in there and he didn’t die and he’s like oh this is a nice bath where’s the bubble yeah is it my birthday thank you 30:34 come on come on they had to stick him out on an island in the middle of nowhere in the lion’s den that we should have been to go in the fire right they were literally unkillable but the guards 30:43 died immediately with the flames yeah right they were put in so there’s a level of the supernatural even in this glory realm you could become unkillable and then we’re in the last days 30:52 and there’s a scripture that says pray that you may be kind of worthy to escape all these things coming in in the last days pestilence persecution martyrdom some are called me martyrs but not all 31:02 are and some the devil was just going to try to take out before their time uh whatever it is so you even having faith to not die up until the lord’s return yeah you know the 31:10 uh psalm i i like is psalm 90 um 92 or 90 let me look if it’s 92 or 94 i want to make sure sure but 31:18 it it’s it’s crazy awesome because it basically says all the stuff that you’re saying it says 31:24 this is uh 92 verse 12 the uncompromisingly write yourself first like the palm tree be long lived 31:29 there you go stately upright meaning they’re not going to be bent over creeping around they’re going to be useful meaning you know you’re going to do your own laundry and clean your own house 31:37 and take your own bath when you’re 90 100 years old you’re going to be fruitful you’ll grow like a cedar in lebanon majestic stable durable meaning you’re going to fall down and you’re not going to 31:47 break your hip or your knee or whatever you’re going to be incorruptible meaning your cells are incorruptable they resist they resist sickness there is this covalent you know it sounds like 31:56 you’re tapping into your new body you know your heavenly body that you’re gonna get later yeah you’re almost like getting a little down payment of that yeah i would think i i think 32:03 it’s true i think you know it says in this it says that you shall bring forth fruit in old age that’s good come on you know guys look we have to start believing for this i i’m 32:12 my faith is that i at this more and and this is at the very basic level of my faith is that i’m going to live long strong and leave a good looking corpse you know so like 90s still look 32:23 hot and still be energetic and if god wants to take me then cause i’m done with my assignment amen if it’s not then i’ll live another 20 30 40 years who knows no i heard you say 32:31 when you’re in your 90s when you retire you’re going to be running on the beach with a pink bathing suit you said that at frank within the scene no that was hilarious yes i did the point 32:40 was i’m going to be young yeah as well but how he had this wrong doctrine and i’ll be honest with you he he said i have a dream that we’re going to be hobbling down the beach with great 32:48 gray hair holding hands into the sunset and i said get behind me satan said you can hold it on the 32:55 beach all you want i’m gonna run down the beach in a hot pink bikini hair braided like bo derek 33:00 okay it’s like yeah i i changed my hubs doctor on that because uh no i ain’t going out like that 33:07 so thank you jesus and the glory and and tapping into this time travel to be able to tap into the 33:15 realms of time yeah is a big part of that i mean hezekiah had 15 more years of life and he was 33:20 dying at that moment exactly he was dying so he the death was taken off of him he got elongated 33:26 life and for all we know he got regeneration where he was actually physically in his genes in his 33:31 genome he was 15 years younger that’s amazing yeah come on right reset your dna code reset your dna 33:37 i mean okay guys how many of you feel like you need to reset your dna code chatting right now because i i know we’re only through like you know a little bit more than 33:45 half the show but i’d like to minister to people right now about the ability for anything that’s 33:52 in their bloodline perfect like like ahaz it says the sunlight went back on the sundial ahaz that’s hezekiah’s father who was an idolater he was sinful he brought trouble on to ahaz 34:04 i mean not to hezekiah but we’re gonna when we do that um there’s two fold the lord show me okay so one of them is you break generational curses right yeah you break and 34:12 then but a lot of people don’t do is they don’t go back down and release generational blessings come on so this has to do with time as well let’s say your great grandfather was it was a super 34:20 rich guy another one knew 12 languages another one had gifts of business those are sleeper cells in 34:25 your bloodline and a lot of times i’ve seen people that are completely drug addicts they get saved and suddenly they have leadership skills they know languages they’re good with finances they 34:33 never were it was the gift was there but it wasn’t liberated because the curse broke it down so what happens is they get free you break your your the curses so they’re not pulling on you but then you 34:42 liberate the generational blessings come on one of the proofs of this is this like for instance in the blood there’s memory right in your bloodline yeah yeah yeah yeah we always think of sin only 34:50 you have relatives that did great stuff that you can ask god to bring that down your bloodline 34:55 it’s in you example is they took a heart of a guy a guy got a heart transplant and it was a chinese guy his heart this guy was like from the south you know the hillbilly kind of guy 35:04 he suddenly understands and speaks perfect mandarin wow because the in the bloodline it 35:09 gets so commemorate and then you liberate not just the memory of your bloodline when you take commune the memory of jesus blood of his resurrection you put the two together you release wealth from 35:18 your generational bloodline yeah you release uh gifts callings influence talents that were lost i 35:24 experimented on my own body one time and my dad’s side were jewish from austria yeah you know they were like hundreds of years the nazis came you know killed the great grandfather i went back over 35:32 there prayed over the apartment so i liberated my bloodline to break every curse and i liberated all the blessings he knew like 12 languages he had a newspaper for diplomats he was a 35:41 scientist he wrote scientific books like probably einstein wow i get up in the morning a few weeks later and i’m getting equations of time travel i’m understanding it i’m picking up russians 35:52 i’m picking up german i start with this app and i couldn’t pick it up before easily yeah and suddenly my brain is picking up uh you know scientific stuff wow um understanding of even the 36:01 finances and that’s what they were and i said lord i liberate the what the blessings you gave them even if they weren’t saved i think you’re onto something here because most of us just go around 36:10 and we and we do just you know command the curses to be broken yeah so that’s great right but why 36:16 not we i mean think of their our lineages and our ancestors had many many gifts and talents exactly 36:24 i mean we need to take a hold of what is ours so let’s minister to the people right now all right 36:29 do it okay um father we thank you right now that as we move into this that you are going to go back 36:38 on the sundial of their ahaz father i decree right now i step into the court of heaven right 36:43 now and from that glory realm in heaven i decree that the that the scrolls of your life are being 36:49 brought forth to search the scrolls for all of the altars that were erected in your bloodline 36:55 that brought curses or anything else and all of the blessings as david was saying so that they can 37:01 be brought forth into your bloodline so we decree that the sunlight is going back 10 steps on the 37:06 sundial of your ancestors right now in the name of jesus and we ask lord by the power of your blood 37:14 and the power of the cross which ripped the curtain from the top which is the glory realm to 37:19 the bottom which is this realm of linear time that it would be enacted right now in the name of jesus 37:26 and we thank you lord that we’re searching out every evil altar that was erected to idols or 37:32 any other demonic spirit that is causing everyone that’s watching right now issues in their health 37:38 issues with their finances with their marriage in in their business in their education or any other 37:45 area in their life right now father we asked that the scrolls would be read and the and the officers 37:51 of the court would would search those scrolls for every single time that those altars were erected 37:58 placed that they were erected and cause that made them erected the cause of every curse the cause 38:03 of every sin the cause of what they’re suffering right now in the name of jesus we stretch forth our own hand that’s what peter said he said now lord stretch forth your hand to do signs and 38:12 wonders through us through us that’s ectano peter was saying lord do miracles through us by going 38:20 back in time back to the place that happened the time it happened and the cause that made it happen we decree we’re doing that right now in the name of jesus right now and we’re putting the blood 38:29 of jesus on that right now we call it forth right now then everything that people are dealing with right now this that is that is active and having authority in their lives because of that something 38:39 in the past be completely pulled up at the root at their root at the time it happened the place 38:44 in heaven and the cause that made it happen in jesus name right now thank you lord amen thank you 38:49 lord go ahead go ahead so lord i pray for those who are watching right now she just broke off all the roots she broke off all the curses and i liberate also the generational blessings relatives 39:00 wealth that was lost in your family line thank you jesus influence that was lost curses broken and 39:06 then uh what they call not retribution retroactive retroactive blessings multiply back on you maybe 39:14 you lost loved ones maybe you lost friendships that god restores that back to you peter said what do we get lord we give everything for you we sacrifice everything he says a hundredfold in 39:22 this life and the age to come so i pray father god even properties that were lost even even those if 39:28 you’re out i see african-americans that are here you were taken from africa brought over here lost your family line lost your wealth god can restore that back to you native americans god can restore 39:37 that back to you a european descent they came on the mayflower and those who came after to a new world because of the persecution in europe and in england and they lost everything god can restore 39:47 what was lost in your bloodline a jewish people asian whatever you are whatever your background is 39:52 god wants to restore things that were lost in your bloodline abilities in your in your mind and your 39:58 influence in your body that you don’t seem to have now but are like in your body ready to be 40:03 activated where suddenly you know how to do things you never knew before you know how to operate 40:09 things i read a thing where these scientists cloned a dog and they loved this little dog at the lab and he died they cloned him and the clone of the dog knew all the tricks and the trails of the 40:18 original dog without teaching him anything wow so so there was bloodlines that were passed down and memories so like their sin memories like i don’t know i have anger like my father and my uncle 40:28 or maybe you have a lust issue and maybe in your family line they all were divorced they all had several you know cheated on their wives or or financial curses all the way down line poverty 40:37 bankruptcy foreclosure like like it seems like a pattern so you break the pattern but then you liberate the blessings on whatever seems to be a recurring pattern of sickness if someone has 40:47 dementia and your grandmother had dementia and your great grandfather had dementia then you break it and then you claim i’m gonna be like daniel i’m gonna have 10 times more higher iq way more not 40:57 just not just not having the sickness i’m going to go beyond and get payback for what the enemy did you can also demand the enemy pay back seven times for what you lost so you don’t just get back 41:06 what you lost you lost all that time to enjoy that stuff you lost all the influence so you get seven times more payback the israelites were 500 years did not get paid in egypt worked their butt off 41:16 and not only did they get out that’s like breaking the generational curses they got it with the gold and the silver the wealth of egypt was given to them as they went out so you don’t want to just 41:25 get out of your curse you want you need payback it’s like when you go to court you say oh you stole from this guy for 10 years you owe that plus this for the time and the effects or the emotional 41:35 hurt that this person went through god wants to do that to you and that’s a whole nother subject on the court of heaven you can get that stuff back as well you can use courts of heaven as well 41:43 to get back what was lost not just get set free hallelujah right now wow thank you god i receive 41:49 that if you receive that guys type in on the chat i receive it i receive the breaking of the curses 41:56 and the release of the blessings in the name of jesus i’m receiving it right now 42:02 man yeah like like wow like there’s so many things that i want to do that actually burn 42:07 in my heart and probably there’s a burning in my heart because i have the right to have it but i’ve never actually pulled it into my now yeah so i’m pulling actually when you feel this 42:15 holy frustration where yeah right i know i should be doing this or something much more than do now yeah and you feel frustrated it’s because deep down inside you know you’re called to do right 42:23 like i used to watch before i did this stuff i was just living on the mission field but i was white i come back to the states turn on tv and i watch like bonkey doing these crusades or bending in 42:31 and i started crying i didn’t know why i was crying i was like my wife said why are you crying i said i don’t know something deep in me is resonating because i’m supposed to be doing that 42:39 come on and i’m not i wasn’t even doing that kind of ministry at the time but i was like oh i was just feeling such a a burden and a weep i would just weep when i looked at it and i realized 42:50 oh my god oh my wife would watch a superhero movie yeah like fantastic five or something crazy and then she would weep in the middle of the it’s like a movie right like i said honey why 42:58 are you crying she goes because we’re called to do that yeah the world’s trying to mimic what we’re yeah supernatural abilities yeah should we because she knows so that your your body groans 43:07 the earth groans for the manifestation of this the fullness of the sons of god absolutely so 43:12 that’s what you’re the earth is groaning and we’re made of earth too so we are groaning yeah you know i’m working on a teacher right now we won’t go into it it’s called superhuman but 43:20 honestly we are and we need to start walking in the fullness of everything we really have so jesus 43:26 has won for us redeem the time redeem the time look guys i don’t know i’m probably going to throw a loop at my little and my little millennials over there but um we don’t they hopefully can 43:34 get a graphic made it’s called uh in the midst not that we were going to do something else but 43:40 i have a teaching called in the midst it’s all about traveling through time and space all about traveling through time and space they’re going to put the graphic up for you 43:46 it’s amazing you need to go to katiesusa.com and get it and this just a little bit of teaching is is just something that it’s just the tip of the iceberg and now put up the graphic uh guys for 43:57 um david’s book david’s book unlimited glory is that what we’re yeah yeah no i’m sorry 44:02 limitless limitless glory but it is unlimited too it is absolutely limitless glory guys go 44:08 to davidherzogstore.com and get it it’s totally amazing stuff look you need to start operating 44:14 in this and there there’s so much scripture about it totally so much scripture all over the bible it’s all over the box you just weren’t taught that in sunday school but it’s there right exactly or 44:22 you had the scriptures but you didn’t know it meant that you know whenever i worked medical miracles i’ve been in your place and worked mental miracles before yeah okay um i always freeze time 44:31 first yeah because there’s something that happens when when you command time to freeze which is 44:36 people like where’s that in the bible this joshua son stands still in the midst of heaven moon stay right um until joshua took revenge of all his enemies there’s a demonic spirit behind the 44:46 the medal and so when i do that what happens is it not only gives me time right to kick that spirit 44:52 off but also time for the angels to come and take out that metal and put in a body part that’s good 44:58 you know so i always say that first and that’s how i move it into that realm how do you uh how 45:06 do you apply this when you’re working miracles so it depends like sometimes i’ll do um car accidents 45:12 like i did last week or a few days ago so yeah how many people had a car accident you’re still not fully healed you pray you lay hands on it you have other pray for you but it’s not you’re not getting 45:19 the healing so they come up raise their hands and i go lord i’m in the glory realm i go now in the gorgeous time we go back in time to just before the accident what happens is when you have a fall 45:30 or an impact uh trauma comes to try to protect you or from the impact so this trauma this fear this 45:38 it covers let’s say your knee or your shoulder and it tries to buffer it and then what happens is it 45:43 compartmentalizes it so then you’re praying for healing of that pain but the trauma is invisible it’s covering that body part so you’re like how come it’s not healing because it’s not 45:52 getting to the root so i just go in the name of jesus now i take the trauma get off of the body yeah we don’t need you anymore in jesus name now the trauma’s gone yeah now the body is left wide 46:01 open for healing now you can just go directly hands or declare yeah and they would almost every time almost pretty much everyone gets healed right there yeah see uh so you go back in time 46:09 and re to before the accident yeah then i’ll say i clock it at that or froze it i clock it 46:14 from before so you hold the body to before they accidentally was perfect then you tell the body to go back to that original state okay so let’s similar what you’re saying 46:23 i do the exact same thing we just might have you know a little bit of different mechanisms but you know uh i do basically the exact same thing uh and it says okay so i was in seattle too 46:37 and i was activating into this truth and the lord told me there was a bunch of people in the room that had had accidents right and that i was supposed to go back in time to the time 46:48 the accident happened the place that happened and the cause that made it happen take the trauma off and command the bones to move into place and so i said okay then the lord starts telling me just go 46:59 crack crack crack pop pop crack crack crack pop up and people in their seats i have this on video 47:05 so i mean i wish we had it prepared but we we can show it later um people just start they would be 47:11 sitting in their seats and also out of the blue their their knee would go pop-up crap and they’d be completely healed their spine one lady said she felt like eight pops that’s awesome and her 47:21 spine popped right into place this stuff really works and you know it’s really cool how the man 47:26 with the withered hand when uh jesus is praying for him and i don’t know if it’s in this version 47:31 but it says that he had a withered hand yeah it does it’s mark three verse one in the amplified classic it says jesus went in the synagogue and there was a man who had one withered hand as a 47:40 result of an accident or a disease ah that’s good this is what we do it’s what we do yeah we just 47:46 go we’re gonna go back to the accident or the disease that’s how we roll yeah for sure but it 47:53 works um i think that there’s probably okay guys i want you to start chatting in right now have you had an accident or disease and you have a bone issue there we go like your spine’s not aligned 48:05 uh your knees injured you have pain in your hips um something’s happened you know i had a lot of 48:12 tmj miracles during that meeting a lot of tmj’s miracles you know um maybe your shoulder and your 48:19 torn uh your rotator cuff or something like that start chatting that in now start chatting that in 48:24 now we’re gonna pray for you uh towards the end of the broadcast now before we do let’s show one more time the meeting let’s do it because yeah passover the passover glory event let’s take a look at it 48:34 look at this wow now this is like the tomorrow starts tomorrow it’s amazing yeah yeah so guys 48:40 get there right and it goes to the 17th and talk about the speakers oh the speakers are there’s one 48:45 guy he’s really crazy i like him a lot i don’t always agree with him but i think he’s amazing his name is david herzog and he’s a good friend of mine i’ve had the privilege of having been in 48:54 every single one of his meetings for the past 30 years even if i wanted to get out of it i could never get out of being in his own meeting i couldn’t watch him on zoom or you uh stream i 49:03 had to go there so i’ve had i’ve learned a lot of stuff and we’ve become very close yeah and then also stephanie herzog my favorite person in the world my wife awesome glory science wonders joy 49:15 she’s got it all yeah and then we’ve got cindy jacobs who’s like the a general of the prophets yeah yeah right you know she’s amazing she’s going to really talk about what’s happening the last 49:22 time she came she prophesied over me i’m getting a building very soon four months later we owned the building yeah i know she’s gonna say this time but she had worked for a lot of different people tell 49:30 her come prophesied with me there you go amen and then troy brewer’s coming and he has the high level uh understanding the numbers like what the year means what the hebrew means yeah wow and 49:40 what how does it all equal to what is happening on earth right now and what we need to do yeah and so you got to be there steve swanson with awesome crazy worship yeah that’s going to be crazy 49:48 awesome as well he’s always a glory bringer every time i work with steve there’s always big miracles yeah steve he’s my favorite worship leader to do meetings with yeah look you guys need to 49:57 tune in for even like the worship wow because i mean i had like a dead bone come back to life when i was working with steve on the stage one time working miracles in the glory i had a lady that 50:06 had a metal plate in her neck disappear proven by a metal detector i had an another lady she had a 50:11 one of hers her discs had popped out like this and the bottom one underneath it popped out so it formed like this saddle horn on the back of her spine he brings a realm when he 50:20 he brings around one time we had in sedona he wasn’t he was did the worship then he got 50:25 off the keyboard as speaker came up to speak and angels started singing into the crowd wow and he starts crying he goes i’m not touching nothing and we all audibly heard even new englanders 50:33 were there new agers got saved hearing it come on they thought it was et at first 50:41 and he was like what’s going on yeah steve is so powerful so go guys and if you can’t go in person get on the the gloryzone.orgthegloryzone.org 50:52 and you can download a link okay and watch it it’s really good and don’t also forget uh that in the 50:58 midst in the midst get it guys in the midst in the midst that’s our teaching on time travel 51:05 you’re gonna love it it’s it’s a revolutionary breakthrough okay so we’re gonna start praying for people let’s do it okay um bones guys you’re chatting in i see people are yes good 51:17 all the body parts are interesting that you chose bones okay because you never pray for people’s bones or medals ever so for this the first time for you i’m kidding you always do 51:26 you know it’s gonna say what what okay so thanks for chatting in because we’re about to pray if 51:32 you have pain in your bones you have misalignment in your spine you have you know this we’re going to pray right now uh do you want to open it up sure go ahead thank you so those watching 51:41 you got pain in your bones your body ligaments whatever it is tissue low we go in the glory around we worship you the realm is here we go up in our heavenly seat we’re seated how many places 51:51 and we decree and rule and reign by decree father lord little kings unto the king of kings and we 51:56 decree and we declare that a time reversal over the body parts to before they have the problem we command the trauma to come off from the day that it they fell or had the accident trauma 52:05 goes in jesus name and we command the body to go back in time before the accident and clock it 52:11 and freeze it at that moment when it was perfect when there was nothing wrong with it we came in the body parts of reverse time go back in time grow out pain to leave everything to be healed 52:22 bones ligaments tissues nerves everything to go back and reconnect to where they need to go in 52:27 the name of jesus stretch at your hand as an axe for stretch out your hand to heal father in the name of jesus thank you lord yeah and we go back to the time the accident or the disease happened 52:37 the place the accident or disease happened and the cause that was the reason for this accident 52:44 or disease right now and we speak to the trauma that happened in that in that place right now that 52:50 wounded your soul and it’s preventing you from getting the total breakthrough the bible says that you’ll prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers so i speak to your soul right now 53:00 and i and i declare declare that the trauma that came from that accident or that disease or the surgeries you had to go through or the procedures or the you know the financial losses 53:10 that you went through and and all the traumatic events that sprung forth from that incident and 53:16 i command your soul to be healed right now of all trauma right now in the name of jesus from from 53:22 that circumstance from that stressor from that incident from that traumatic event right now i 53:27 release the holy spirit right now in the name of jesus and i command your soul to prosper i command 53:33 you to become excellent of soul i curse that trauma at the root right there at the root at the 53:38 time it happened the place that happened the cause that made it happen right now and i speak life and healing into your soul first in the name of jesus right now now i hear a crack in my mind right now 53:48 i command the bones to align right now i freeze time sun stand still in the midst 53:54 of heaven moon stay in the valley of ashland and the sun stood still and the moon stayed until joshua took revenge on all his enemies and i command your bones to align right now i command 54:03 new bone matter to grow i command ligaments to be healed i command muscles to be repaired i command 54:09 alignment in the spine the neck the back the knees the shoulders the elbows the joints the ankles the 54:15 feet in the name of jesus right now i command you come into alignment now now i speak creative 54:21 miracles into this and i command you be healed be healed now in the name of jesus and i speak to the demonic spirit that came upon you at that time and i say you come out come out i loose them of that 54:34 demonic spirit that’s kept them bowed over like the woman bent over with the spirit of infirmity i judge that spirit in the court of heaven right now and i command you to come out come out come 54:43 out come out come out come out come out in the name of jesus now now thank you jesus right 54:53 check your body and try to do something you couldn’t do before yeah and see what’s going on now with it a lot of times as you test it and look it’ll start to to move quickly 55:01 and and and as you do that guys i want you to start chatting in did you have heat energy um cold uh did you hear the cracking did you 55:12 as you stand up do you have more movement do you have less pain and keep testing don’t just try one 55:18 time i get irritated by that david i mean one guy i was he was wanting i’d already seen a bunch of 55:24 mental miracles happen one lady had her collarbone moved from being sticking up out here to in place 55:29 she came up and testified and then he wanted me to pray for his medal i i had no problem i i started praying for him and then i said now test and he went still there and i went no no test test 55:38 really test and he goes nope still hurts i go you know i really need you to like you know do this 55:43 do this too you know bend over twist move he he would not he goes no i still feel it and i’m like 55:49 it’s almost like they’re trying to prove to you it doesn’t work i know hey but bible says elijah told the guy look seven times no no cloud look again look again yeah yeah but but it’s not just looking 55:59 in an attitude though of faith yeah versus looking with a bad attitude like uh i tried didn’t work yeah yeah there’s like a spirit behind it like the way they say it yeah you can tell their attitude 56:08 another way they could say the same thing and say oh no not yet but i believe it will versus yeah right right no it’s not not keep on trying not quite yet but i really think it’s coming you 56:17 know like in faith yeah but if someone just goes nope they work like there’s a spirit an attitude somebody you can’t have that attitude you got to be like no i’m going to get this yeah i just had 56:25 a woman that had a massively her her arm she tore the ligament it popped out of the socket 56:32 and she had it been frozen like that for months well i had a word of knowledge i said i didn’t know that i said somebody here your your shoulder’s getting healed and i said but 56:42 you got a test and she sat there in it it i mean it popped it cracked and finally it 56:47 put it came back into place wow but she kept on testing because it still made a little noise yeah she would not stop and she got her healing so guys do that and chat in now as you’re chatting in or 57:00 running out of time okay so tell me what happened let uh david and i know and right before we go put 57:06 up the passover thing one more time don’t forget go to it go to it april it’s tomorrow tomorrow 57:12 oh i can’t believe it’s tomorrow yeah i know it almost feels like we’re still in march it’s not great it’s amazing that’s amazing all right it’s the passover glory with damon and cindy jacobs and 57:21 troy brewer and stephanie herzog love her love her so much i did too yeah yeah i know i we knew that 57:28 already but yeah so goats guys or you can get the link and also get david’s book let’s put that up 57:33 and uh it’s called limitless glory limitless glory there might be a limit on how many books 57:39 we have left so get it quick yeah there you go right dave herzogstore.com hurry up get it and get it fast okay we got 30 seconds left just you have like 10 second 15 seconds closing 57:48 remark go ahead uh i’m david herzog and i approve this message i’m really excited to be here i love 57:54 this ministry we love katie keep praying for katie kenny has awesome things ahead for you new beginnings thank you lord new territories yes it’s going to happen katie i believe it can i receive 58:03 it already keep following this lady man okay you heard the man keep following okay don’t forget 58:09 to share this broadcast so people can watch the replay and i will see you next week bye bye cynor 58:29 you

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