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0:01 CS: Lack mindsets increase demonic strongholds. 0:05 I want you to learn to break free from a poverty mindset. 0:09 Stay tuned and I’m going to share with you how. 0:13 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:15 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:20 Today is your day to change your life 0:23 and live in victory and wholenesss. 0:26 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:30 with Dr. Candice Smithyman 0:36 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:37 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman and your life coach mentor. 0:41 I’m so excited because today we’re going to be talking 0:44 about how to break a poverty mindset. 0:47 Yes. 0:48 We do not want to have any more demonic activity in our lives, 0:52 but we want to be living in victory 0:54 and overcoming power and lack mindsets 0:58 actually draw demonic forces. 1:02 You know, if you’re depressed or you’re anxious 1:04 or you’re fearful, actually demonic forces 1:08 senses that in such a way that they come like Velcro 1:13 and want to stick and hang out with, 1:15 you know, we don’t need those guys. 1:16 They cannot be our friends. 1:19 But our lack of mindsets will often create environments 1:22 where demonic strongholds will come 1:25 and want to spend time with us 1:27 and we just don’t have time for them. 1:30 And so lack of mindsets means we have a poverty mindset. 1:33 A poverty mindset means we’re always thinking less than. 1:38 And so we need to change our thinking 1:40 if we want to start living healthy, whole free. 1:46 And that starts with the mind. So, that starts 1:47 with recognizing. 1:49 So, let’s start to identify some patterns and some behaviors. 1:54 If you’re always weighed down, if you’re always feeling like 1:57 it’s it’s just too much to even get out of bed, 2:00 it’s there’s all this heaviness in your life. 2:03 Maybe there’s certain environments that you enter 2:06 and you immediately feel 2:08 as though you’re weighed down by those. 2:10 It’s because those environments have created within you 2:14 a state of fear or concern that is causing you 2:18 to not only experience the weight and the heaviness, 2:23 but it begins to draw forces that want to come 2:26 and migrate to literally how you’re thinking 2:30 and how you’re feeling. 2:31 See those forces when to bind you. 2:33 They want to hold you down. 2:34 They want to arrest your development. 2:36 They want to cause you to be in that place 2:39 of having to cry out really loud for some type of relief. 2:44 And so I just want to encourage you that poverty 2:48 and a poverty mindset, though it’s part of humanity, 2:52 is not what God is calling us to live like or to follow. 2:57 And so we know in Genesis, Chapter 2:59 three, at the fall of man. And I want to read this to you. 3:02 This is when Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit 3:07 and there was a curse that was put upon their life. 3:10 As a result, they were asked to leave the Garden of Eden. 3:13 There was a flaming sword 3:14 that was placed at the edge of the Garden of Eden, 3:17 and the only way back into the garden 3:19 was through the flaming sword. 3:20 And the flaming sword was Jesus Christ, okay? 3:24 But they were asked to leave and a curse was put on them 3:27 and they were told 3:28 that they had to go live their life with this curse. 3:31 And so the curse not only came upon them, 3:34 but also upon the serpent. 3:38 And the serpent was Satan who was in the Garden of Eden 3:41 and had lured Adam and Eve to come and to eat the apple. 3:46 And so the curse was that they would toil 3:49 all the days of their life. 3:50 And this is in Genesis, Chapter three. 3:52 And there was going to be pain 3:54 and there was going to be a lot of discomfort in the work 3:57 that they were called to do. 3:58 All right. The other thing that happened with this curse 4:00 is when the serpent was cursed. 4:02 And that’s the one I want to read to you. 4:04 Genesis, chapter three, verse fourteen. 4:06 It says, “Because you have done this, 4:08 you were cursed more than all the cattle 4:10 and more than every beast of the field. On your belly 4:12 you should go and you shall eat dust all the days of your life. 4:16 And I will put enmity between you and the woman 4:18 in between your seed in her seed. 4:20 And he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel.” 4:23 “Jesus will bruise the head of Satan 4:26 and you will bruise his heel.” 4:28 In other words, Satan will nail the heel of Jesus to the cross. 4:33 And so through the cross of Jesus Christ, 4:36 through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, 4:39 the curse becomes broken in Genesis, Chapter three, 4:42 verse thirteen. 4:44 The Word says that “Christ redeemed us 4:47 from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us, 4:51 for it is written cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree 4:54 that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles 4:57 in Christ Jesus, that we might receive 4:59 the promise of this Spirit through faith.” 5:01 That’s a lot of words right there. 5:03 But really, what I want you to get from this poverty mindset 5:06 is that there was a curse on Adam and Eve. 5:08 There is a curse on the serpent. 5:10 But Jesus, through having His heel bruised, 5:14 all right, through having to kneel, 5:15 go through His heel, 5:17 through having Him go on the cross, 5:19 the curse that came upon us was now cursed. 5:23 In other words, 5:24 there was a death that took place to that curse. 5:27 That’s good news. 5:28 That is really good news, because that now means 5:31 that we don’t have to live under the curse. 5:34 And the curses that 5:35 we would feel this poverty, this lack, this torment, 5:40 this working hard, but not having any joy in it- 5:43 and so the curse was broken 5:46 when Jesus made the choice to die on the cross, 5:50 shed His blood, be buried and resurrected for us 5:53 and His resurrection, sin, death in the grave was overcome. 5:58 That means that just because we’re feeling it, 6:02 it’s not necessarily a reality. 6:05 The reality is that the curse has been broken. 6:09 And what’s so great about Galatians, Chapter three, 6:11 verse 13 is that it says “Cursed is everyone who hangs on 6:15 a tree.” Well, who is everyone who hangs on a tree? 6:18 Everyone is you and me, because the word says that we died. 6:22 This is in Romans, Chapter six. We die with Christ. 6:25 We are buried in and we are resurrected with Him. 6:27 So we died with Him. 6:29 We’re buried with Him. We’re resurrected in Him. 6:31 Which now means that through the resurrection, all of sinned. 6:36 Death in the grave has been overcome. 6:38 Only problem is the mind. 6:40 The will and the emotions hasn’t always caught up 6:45 with what Jesus has already done. 6:47 And this is where we break the poverty mindset. 6:51 This is where through the Word of God, 6:53 through study, through prayer, 6:56 we come to the place of knowing that we are no longer poor. 7:01 You are not poor in any way, shape or form. 7:03 I know you might look at your checkbook and say, 7:05 “Wow, I don’t have enough money in my checkbook 7:08 or my heart is really torn. I’m experiencing lots of loss 7:12 and I’m living in this heaviness. 7:13 I’m full of depression and anxiety.” 7:15 But listen, the good news is all of that curse 7:19 in every effect that came with it went 7:21 on the cross of Jesus Christ, which means you’re set free. 7:25 You have complete and total freedom from poverty. 7:29 And so if you’re free from poverty, 7:31 then we’re not called to take back that yoke of slavery. 7:34 In other words, every time you feel like you’re in a less 7:38 then or a lack or a deficit or a poverty state 7:41 or a poverty mindset, 7:43 that’s what comes with humanity and the earth realms. 7:47 But it is no longer truth. The truth of the matter 7:50 is that you are an overcomer in every way 7:54 and you do not have to have poverty as part of your life. 7:58 I just want to speak to you right now. 7:59 We break every thought in your mind in the mighty Name of Jesus 8:04 that is perpetuating, lack, lack of finances, 8:08 lack of, of physical and emotional strength, 8:12 lack of anything in your life, lack of relationships. 8:15 We bind those spiritual forces right now. 8:17 We bind that curse right now 8:19 because it has been taken care of on the cross. 8:22 And every force that is drawn to you 8:24 as a result of it must flee in the Name of Jesus. 8:28 Father, I think you right now, every curse is broken. 8:31 Freedom is here for my friend who is watching. 8:33 They have been set free 8:35 by the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, 8:37 and they are called to live victorious. 8:39 So I want you to just lift your hands 8:41 and begin to start praising the Lord right now 8:43 because you have been set free. 8:45 You are free from a poverty mind. 8:48 And when you begin to live like this, 8:50 you will start to feel it emotionally 8:53 and you will start to feel it in your physical strength. 8:56 That’s the manifestation of having a changed mind. 9:00 It blesses the Lord when we allow our minds 9:03 to be focused on the fact that we’re seated with Christ 9:06 in heavenly places, we have all the fullness in Him. 9:10 When you live like this, 9:12 then no enemy can come and trick you 9:15 because you are above all of the things that they might do. 9:20 [Music] Stay tuned. 9:21 And when we come back, I’m going to share more. 9:29 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smitherman is an international prophetic 9:32 voice, healing minister, author and pastor 9:35 who travels the world sharing how to access 9:37 the heavenly realms and live the resurrected life. 9:40 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:43 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:45 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms, 9:49 she believes everyone can access Heaven 9:51 and walk in the power of God. In her meetings, your faith 9:54 will increase and you will feel the presence of God 9:57 and see miraculous healings. 10:00 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:02 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:05 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:08 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:10 the glory, and walk in the power of God. 10:13 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:15 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:18 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:22 Check out her website 10:23 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:25 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:34 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me today. 10:36 We’re talking about how to break the stronghold of poverty, 10:41 how to break that poverty mindset, 10:43 and, you know, when we know who we are in Christ, 10:47 in the poverty mindset is broken 10:49 and we can start living in joy and peace and freedom, 10:53 all the things that God has promised us. 10:56 And so I want to continue to encourage you today 10:58 with the Word of God, 10:59 because I think it’s really, really important. 11:01 We have to wash our soul with the Word. 11:03 If we want to see our lives change, 11:05 then our soul has to change, 11:07 which is our mind, our will and our emotions. 11:09 And so we have to wash the mind with the Word of God. 11:13 And when you work the Word, the Word will work for you. 11:17 That’s how the Word works. 11:19 Jesus said He was the Word. He was flesh. He dwelt among us. 11:24 And when we read the Word of God, we are washing our mind, 11:28 our will and our emotions with the truth. And then 11:30 we begin to become the Word that was spoken over us. 11:35 That’s why it’s very important to not only read the Word, 11:36 but to speak the Word. Let me read to you Romans, 11:39 Chapter eight, verses twelve through seventeen. “Brothers, 11:42 we are debtors not to the flesh, 11:45 not to live according to the flesh, 11:47 for if we live according to the flesh, we will die. 11:50 But if by the Spirit we put to death the deeds of the body, 11:53 we will live for as many that are led by the Spirit of God. 11:57 Our Sons of God, for you did not receive 12:00 the spirit of bondage again to fear, 12:02 but you received the Spirit of adoption 12:05 by whom we cry out Abba Father. 12:07 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit 12:10 that we are children of God. 12:12 And if children, then we are heirs. 12:14 We’re heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. 12:16 If indeed we suffer with Him, 12:19 that we may also be glorified together now.” 12:22 Wow, that was kind of a mouthful there. 12:24 But when we’re talking about breaking poverty spirits 12:28 in a poverty mindset 12:30 and a poverty way of receiving curses, 12:34 see curses are poverty driven 12:37 and they come from the fall of man. 12:39 But you may actually have generational curses 12:42 that come through your family lines or through bloodlines. 12:45 These are broken by our death, 12:47 burial and resurrection in Christ, 12:49 by His broken body and His shed blood. 12:52 All curses are broken. 12:54 This means any generational curses. 12:56 If you have sin in your family lying, no matter what that is, 13:00 you can call that out right now in the mighty Name of Jesus 13:03 and that generational sin, 13:06 that generational curse will be broken in the Name of Jesus. 13:10 Why? Because Jesus body was broken 13:12 and His blood was shed that you might be set free. 13:15 So when you recognize these curses, when you say, 13:18 Oh, my gosh, this has been happening in my family 13:20 for years and years and years, just sit before the Lord 13:23 and ask Him to break these curses over your life 13:26 and it shall be broken in the mighty Name of Jesus. 13:29 Just take a moment and begin to pray that prayer 13:33 while I encourage you to begin to lift up 13:38 the understanding that your mind is free. 13:42 And if your mind is free, 13:44 then this means you will not live by the flesh. 13:46 It means that the Spirit of the Lord within you is so strong 13:50 that it’s overcoming the deeds of the flesh, 13:53 which means anything that the body would do. 13:57 Any feelings or emotions that are negative, 14:01 that are restraining, that are hurtful 14:03 and that are harmful for when we’re led by the Spirit of God, 14:07 we are Sons of God. 14:08 This means that because you’re seated with Christ 14:11 in heavenly places, 14:12 that’s Ephesians, Chapter two, verse six, 14:14 you are positioned now to be an heir 14:17 and an heir of God receives everything that the Father has. 14:23 That’s why we call Him Abba Father. 14:24 He’s our father. We’re His children. 14:26 We have all that belongs to Him. 14:28 So no matter how your day starts out, 14:30 no matter the depression you’re experiencing, 14:32 no matter the difficulty, the fact of the matter is, 14:34 you’re an heir of the most high God 14:38 and He is Abba Father to you. 14:42 And so with this, you’ve been given everything you need to now 14:46 live a life free from poverty. 14:50 You might say, “Well, you know what Candice, my checkbook 14:52 still looks really, really bad.” 14:54 But listen, how is your checkbook going to change 14:57 if you don’t begin to start walking in the fullness 15:00 that God is giving you spiritually 15:02 and emotionally through His Word 15:04 when you begin to live it out that way, 15:07 when you begin to start praising Him? 15:09 “Oh, hallelujah, lord, I know I don’t have much my checkbook, 15:11 but I just think you right now 15:13 that that’s going to be filled in the mighty Name of Jesus.” 15:15 When we begin to start speaking life. 15:17 “Lord, I know my body is hurting right now, 15:19 but I’m going to speak life to my body to get in alignment 15:21 with my spirit in the mighty Name of Jesus.” 15:23 “I thank you, Father, 15:25 that I have everything that you have given me as an heir. 15:28 And so I’m going to apply All that I have as an heir 15:32 no matter how I feel and no matter what’s going on.” 15:34 Hang on, then you’ll begin to see change, 15:36 that’s how miracles happen, 15:38 is when we began to start speaking the Word of God 15:41 and standing on the Word of God. 15:42 And so the apostle Paul was very, very specific. 15:45 He wanted to make sure that we did not walk as flashy people. 15:50 That means just doing whatever it is that we want to do, 15:52 but that we live controlled by the Spirit 15:56 in such a way that we don’t respond to everything 16:00 that is driving our lack mentality. 16:03 In other words, for instance, if you’re living in lack 16:07 and you don’t have any money, but somebody offers you money, 16:11 if you do something that is not righteous and not holy, 16:14 you might fall prey to receiving that money 16:18 by doing something unrighteous and unholy simply 16:21 because you’re in a place of need. 16:22 You’re in a place of lack. This is why it’s so important 16:25 to live in a place of fullness as an heir, 16:27 because that means offers that come to you or things 16:30 that you’re, that that come before you that are tempting. 16:34 You can easily say no, a person who is full, 16:38 a person who is no longer in poverty, 16:40 will not be tempted by the things that the enemy 16:44 brings to the table to tempt them in. 16:46 Because you simply say,”Hey, listen, I’m already full. 16:49 I don’t need that.” 16:50 You know, it’s- my husband and I kind of have this joke. 16:53 Don’t go to the grocery store while you’re fasting 16:57 because you’re going to want to eat everything on the shelf. 17:00 Right. 17:01 So that means you’re going to have a really big grocery bill. 17:04 So instead, go when your full, 17:06 go after you’ve already had a meal, 17:07 then you won’t buy as much. 17:09 Right. And so the same thing goes 17:12 when we talk about having a poverty mindset 17:14 or having a mindset that is on price and mind. 17:18 My own price is life and peace. 17:20 Having a mind that’s for having a mind that’s focused on Heaven, 17:23 looking to Heaven and beginning to break the bread 17:27 and know that all of our provision is there for us. 17:29 When we live like that, then it’s so much easier 17:32 to be able to call Heaven to earth 17:35 and see the changes that we want to see made. 17:37 See, the strongholds are only there because lack is there. 17:40 But if no lack is there, there is no strong hold. 17:43 So the Lord comes to the Earth to teach His disciples 17:47 and to provide all of us with the way to live 17:49 by saying the Kingdom of Heaven is arrived. 17:51 It is arrived in that fullness has come complete 17:54 and total fullness is here. 17:56 So when we begin to start living like this, 17:58 then we began to start making changes that are righteous, 18:03 holy, pure, because we don’t have a need, 18:05 there’s no need, there’s no land. 18:07 Then there’s complete and total fullness. 18:10 Lack thinking or poverty thinking is earthly thinking. 18:14 Full thinking, curse is broken, 18:17 moving full, forward in satisfaction. 18:20 All of these kinds of things are heavenly thinking. 18:23 That’s how Heaven thinks. 18:25 So we want to break poverty mindset and poverty 18:27 strongholds of the enemy. We have to change our thinking. 18:32 And listen. This is a subject matter 18:35 that you could hear over and over and over again, 18:38 because every day we are faced with an opportunity 18:42 to think less than or more. 18:44 Then it’s, it’s a moment by moment thing. 18:47 Any situation that we’re in, no matter what we’re faced with, 18:50 it’s are you going to see it this way 18:52 or are you going to see it that way and see 18:54 if you see it the full way everything’s taken care of? 18:57 You have a positive statement to make. 18:59 You have something encouraging to bring forth. 19:01 If you see it the other way, 19:02 you’re going to breed negativity. 19:04 We’re going to harm others. 19:06 We’re going to say things that are not true 19:08 and not in line with the Word of God. 19:10 And so I want you to stay with me, 19:11 because when we come back, 19:13 I’m going to pray you through this poverty mindset 19:15 and a breaking of generational curses of poverty upon humanity 19:20 and upon your life specifically. God wants to see you set free 19:25 and seated with Him in heavenly places, 19:28 carry and wearing all the power of the inheritance 19:32 [Music] that He’s given you to. 19:33 Stay tuned and we’ll be right back. 19:43 [Music]>> Are you in need of personal counseling or coaching 19:46 or would like some direction and encouragement? 19:48 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 19:51 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 19:53 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the Supernatural. 19:57 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, books 20:01 and many other additional resources 20:03 that will help you strategize and release Heaven 20:05 in every area of your life. 20:08 Her classes on the supernatural will equip you 20:10 to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 20:14 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. Candice, 20:17 where she will encourage and pray for you 20:19 in private 45 minute sessions 20:22 to help you walk through personal issues in your life 20:25 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 20:28 Visit her website for all of her resources 20:30 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:33 Instagram and YouTube. [Music] 20:47 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me 20:48 because we’re going to break some generational curses, 20:51 we’re going to break some poverty mindsets, 20:54 we need to lock in the fullness 20:55 and the overcoming power of the Lord Jesus Christ. 20:58 And so we’re going to do that in this last bit here of this show, 21:03 Your Path to Destiny. But before we do this, 21:06 I have one more scripture I want to share with you, 21:08 because this is very, very important from Romans, 21:11 Chapter one, verses 16 and 17. 21:14 The apostle Paul says, “He is not ashamed of the gospel of 21:18 Christ, for it is the power of God 21:20 to salvation for everyone who believes, 21:22 for the Jew first and also for the Gentile. For in it, 21:26 the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith. 21:30 As it is written, the just shall live by faith.” 21:33 And so it’s faith that makes us righteous people. 21:36 It’s faith. That’s evidence of the fact that the poverty 21:40 and the curse of the poverty has been taken care of. 21:42 When we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. 21:45 That’s what it says here. 21:46 “Power of God is salvation for everyone who believes.” 21:50 And that word salvation is the word, 21:53 “Soteria,” it means, health. 21:56 It means a breaking down of the Greek word. 22:00 “Sozo,” which means, “nothing missing, nothing broken.” 22:03 In other words, the gospel of Jesus Christ 22:06 is the power of God for us to have “Sozo.” 22:08 So, that means healing, deliverance, salvation, 22:13 nothing missing, nothing broken. 22:15 It’s like shalom. The peace of God 22:17 and to the power of God is so amazing 22:22 when we recognize the fact that Jesus died, 22:25 buried and resurrected for us. 22:27 And so when we talk about breaking curses, 22:30 when we talk about generational curses or or a poverty curse 22:33 and listen, all curses have a realm of poverty in them 22:37 because you can’t have a curse 22:38 unless you have a poverty situation. 22:41 Right. Poverty and cursing and curses go together. 22:45 Okay, and so I just want to encourage you, 22:48 because we want to make sure that we apply the death 22:54 and resurrection of Jesus Christ 22:55 to every area that feels cursed or is in a state of black. 23:00 So I want you to join me in this prayer, okay? 23:02 If you never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 23:05 I want you to take a moment and I want you to receive Him. 23:08 See, without Him, 23:10 we can’t break the power of poverty over our life. 23:14 We can’t break the curse. And so all you have to do, 23:18 according to Romans, Chapter ten, verse nine 23:20 and ten is, “Believe in your heart and confess with 23:23 your mouth, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.” 23:26 All you have to do is say, “Lord, 23:27 I have lived in poverty too long. 23:30 I have lived under a curse. 23:32 I have been weighed down, depressed, broken. 23:36 I’ve been in a place of lack deficiency. 23:39 Lord, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 23:42 I’ve hurt myself. I’ve hurt others.” 23:44 All we have to do is ask the Lord 23:46 for forgiveness for those things. 23:48 So, I have to do is just lift your hands to heaven 23:50 and say, “Lord, please forgive me. 23:53 I’ve lived my life in a way that I have had this lack 23:58 and I’ve had this poverty and I’ve watched my family 24:02 and all these bad choices have been made. 24:04 And I need your forgiveness.” It’s all you have to do. 24:07 Say, Lord, “I need your forgiveness.” 24:10 And when you say that you’ll be flooded 24:12 with the presence of the Holy Spirit- 24:14 it’s going to come 24:15 and He’s going to surround you with His laugh. 24:17 And then from there, He’s breaking history in your life. 24:22 He’s breaking everything up until this moment. 24:25 Every curse, every word spoken over you. 24:28 That was not right. 24:30 He’s breaking it just in this moment. 24:32 Every action that you did that you are not proud of, 24:36 He’s taking care of that right now. 24:38 All the guilt, all the shame, 24:39 all the condemnation is breaking it 24:42 in the mighty Name of Jesus. And so all you have to do 24:45 is just say that simple prayer, “Lord, 24:46 please forgive me of my sins and come and live in my heart.” 24:51 And then what you’re doing is you’re inviting the Holy Spirit, 24:53 the power and presence of God 24:54 to come and live on the inside of you. 24:57 And then the Word says that when we do that, we are saved. 25:01 Now you are saved, healed or redeemed. 25:04 Nothing missing, nothing broken. 25:06 And you will spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord. 25:10 But the best part is you can live eternity today in the here 25:14 and now by learning to transform your mind 25:17 through the Word of God 25:19 and begin to live in this place of wholeness, 25:23 knowing that nothing missing, and nothing broken, 25:26 is in your life at this particular point. 25:29 Okay, it’s one moment in time. 25:31 But now you’re inviting the Kingdom of Heaven 25:34 to come and rule and reign around you. 25:37 It’s a wonderful invitation. Everything is going to change. 25:40 Not only is it going to change for you personally, 25:42 it’s going to change for all of this people 25:44 that you love around you. Why? 25:46 Because now you become a light in the darkness. 25:49 Anywhere that you go, 25:51 the darkness has to respond to the light. 25:53 The light consumes the darkness. And so God is going to use you 25:57 in a way to consume your environments with light. 26:00 Light is going to go forth so much that your husband, 26:03 your wife, your children, your relatives, 26:06 the people at your job are going to notice a difference in you. 26:09 You’re going to look lighter to them. 26:11 And I don’t necessarily mean just a lighter, 26:13 as in you’re not carrying so much weight, 26:14 you’re literally going to look lighter. 26:16 You’re going to glow for the Lord, 26:18 and that is going to be a draw. 26:20 People are going to be drawn to Him as a result. 26:23 You now stepped into a place of freedom. 26:26 The curses are broken and now you can begin to live in a state 26:31 in a place of fullness and wholeness. 26:33 I don’t know about you, 26:35 but I want to just praise the Lord for you. 26:38 I’m just going to give the Lord a handclap. 26:40 I’m just going to thank Him so much that He saved you. 26:42 He’s healed you. He’s redeemed you. 26:45 Now I see that your body is being heald. 26:47 I see kidney’s being healed. I see livers being healed. 26:51 I see gallbladders being healed. People have digestive issues, 26:55 stomach issues, intestinal issues. 26:57 Right now in the Name of Jesus, 26:58 a healing is coming to you right now. 27:01 I see people that have been having pain in their upper legs 27:07 being healed right now in the Name of Jesus. 27:10 Father, I praise you and I thank you, Lord. 27:11 I thank you, Father. 27:13 Right now that you’re bringing healing to legs, 27:15 Lord Jesus to arms, Father. 27:17 Lord, everywhere there is an ache 27:19 and there’s a pain in the mighty Name of Jesus. 27:22 Healing has come. 27:23 Once salvation comes to the soul, 27:26 then the Holy Spirit begins to move all throughout your body. 27:29 Your emotions begin to line up and your body begins to line up. 27:32 I thank you and praise you, Father, 27:34 right now for the release of the angels 27:36 that are bringing healing to my friend right where they’re at. 27:40 Listen, I want you to reach out to me 27:41 and tell me that you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior 27:44 so that I can send you a blessing. 27:45 Or if you got healed from this program, let me know. 27:48 Just go to CandiceSmithyman.com 27:50 I want to know who you are. 27:52 I have some special resources for you. 27:54 And it’s truly been a blessing for me 27:56 to teach you about about how the mindsets of poverty, 28:00 as crippling as they are, 28:02 are broken by the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. 28:06 And so I want to thank you so much 28:07 for joining me on the program today. 28:10 You have a Path to Destiny. [Music] 28:12 God has a purpose and a plan for your life. 28:15 And now you’re going to begin to live it up. 28:18 Take His hand. 28:20 He’s leading and guiding you. [Music to End]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares how to break the demonic mindset that satan wants you stuck in.

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