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0:01 CS: Is prophecy necessary for revival? 0:04 How can we as a prophetic people, 0:06 cooperate with God in the end times? 0:09 Stay tuned because my guest is going to reveal 0:12 all about prophetic and revival. 0:18 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:20 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:25 Today is your day to change your life 0:28 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:31 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:41 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:43 I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman, 0:45 and we have an exciting show for you today 0:47 because we’re going to be talking about world revival 0:49 and how prophecy is a part of calling 0:53 for a revival in the earth today. 0:55 And I have with me a very special guest prophet, 0:57 Joshua Giles. 0:59 He is also a pastor and he’s the lead pastor 1:02 and founder of Kingdom Embassy Worship Center 1:05 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1:07 He’s actually seen revival firsthand and been a part of it. 1:11 He has written a book called 1:13 “The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet.” 1:15 And what’s really exciting is that this book 1:17 really takes you to the places that you may not want to go 1:20 when it comes to learning to be a prophet, 1:22 the very necessary places. 1:24 And so I want to start there prophet Joshua, 1:26 talking a little bit more about your book 1:29 and then how understanding these principles 1:32 can really take you to be a prophet in a revival. 1:35 GS: Oh, yes. 1:36 You know, that’s such a good subject for us to deal with 1:39 because there are so many people now on the verge of revival 1:43 and they may not even know it. CS: Yes! 1:45 JG: Because it only takes a willing vessel 1:48 who will submit themselves to the Father 1:51 and really pick up a passion for prayer. 1:53 And I believe the first call of a prophet’s ministry 1:56 is prayer and intercession. 1:58 You can’t be a prophet and you don’t pray. 2:01 You know, you can’t stand in that office. 2:03 If you do, you’re in serious trouble. 2:05 You can’t stand in that office. And there’s no intercession. 2:08 No, there is no declarations or word 2:11 that you have or substance inside. 2:14 And so that’s all it takes for one spark of revival. 2:18 It’s going to take passionate, fervent prayer. 2:21 CS: Yes. You’re so right. 2:23 I find that a lot of prophets are revivalists. 2:26 GJ: Yes. CS: Because when you’re in the presence of the 2:28 Lord and He is full of fire, His eyes are blazing fire. 2:31 When you’re in His presence like that, 2:33 you can’t help but catch His fire and- 2:36 right. And when and when you’re a prophet, 2:38 you’re in union with the Lord, 2:40 you know, I mean you’re thinking the thoughts of the Lord. 2:42 You know, you’re speaking forth 2:43 what His thoughts are in the earth. 2:45 And so there is this consistent energy, 2:48 burning energy that comes between the relationship 2:51 of the Father and His prophets, which then sparks revival. 2:55 GJ: Yes. Now, you talk in your book 2:57 about how important it is for prophets to be humble. 3:01 Yeah, yeah. Let’s talk a little bit about humility. 3:04 GJ: Well, humility is one of the character traits 3:06 that we need as servants of God. 3:09 I think we have to be reminded that we are servants first. 3:12 Some people hear the term minister 3:14 and they think celebrity or someone 3:17 that is called to be served. 3:19 And we’re actually those that are called to serve. 3:22 That should be our heartbeat. 3:24 That should be the thing that we love. 3:25 And humility is the key 3:27 to unlocking the prophetic dimension. 3:30 And some people don’t realize that because they think, 3:32 oh, if you can just sharpen your gift only and just, 3:35 you know, work your gift, then you’ll be good. 3:37 But there’s something missing when you have a gift 3:40 operating outside of the spirit of God. 3:43 And so it has to be the Holy Spirit 3:45 that’s driving the vehicle. 3:47 You know, anybody can get behind the wheel and drive, 3:50 but everybody is not licensed 3:52 to they don’t have the permission or the unction. 3:54 And when the Holy Spirit is in the life of a prophet 3:58 that is submitted, 3:59 He says, “If you humble yourself before me, 4:02 then I will elevate you in due time.” 4:05 And so humility is the key 4:07 to unlocking the prophetic dimension. 4:09 CS: Well, I like that. Yes, exactly. 4:12 And, you know, Moses had a lot of humility. 4:14 GJ: Oh, yes. CS: You know, and and 4:16 and how does he, did his humility come? 4:19 He was beaten up literally during his walk from being, 4:24 you know, in the in Pharaoh’s house 4:26 all the way through the wilderness 4:28 and having to go through all that 4:29 before the Lord even approached him, 4:31 like, am I going to get you to that place 4:33 where I can even talk to you about what’s going on? GJ: Yes. 4:35 CS: And then when he he meets God in the flaming fire 4:40 bush, that doesn’t burn. It doesn’t break up. 4:43 You know, those arms are not falling off of that thing. 4:45 But he had some quiet training 4:48 during that length of time in the desert. 4:50 GJ: Yeah, right. It was very, very important. 4:52 And I want to talk to talk to you 4:53 about that’s an important part of training the prophet 4:56 you bring up in your book. 4:57 Zephaniah, Chapter three, verse seventeen. 4:59 And the scripture reads, “The Lord 5:01 Your God is in your midst. A victorious warrior. 5:05 He will exalt over you with joy. He will be quiet in His love. 5:09 He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.” 5:13 “He will be quiet in His love.” GJ: Yes. CS: Talk to us a 5:17 little bit about that. GJ: Oh, that’s loaded 5:19 right there. And I think some people misunderstand 5:22 when you go through silent seasons. 5:25 And what do you do in those seasons 5:27 where you go to pray and you don’t hear from Him? 5:29 Not in the same way that you used to. 5:32 You’re not hearing that audible voice. 5:33 What happens when you enter into prayer 5:35 and you’re not getting that breakthrough 5:37 in the way that you’re used to getting it and it’s those quiet. 5:40 seasons where I believe the Lord is developing you, 5:43 it’s the breaking season of a prophet 5:46 that any time the Lord begins to take you to a new level, 5:49 He will always break you first, 5:52 because before bread can be served, it has to be broken. 5:55 And so when we look at the life of a prophet, 5:57 when I go through that quiet period, 5:59 I know something’s coming after this. 6:02 But in the Spirit, it’s like the ocean. 6:05 They’re ebbs and flows. 6:07 And when the waters recede and they pull back, 6:10 it’s an indicator that something greater is about to surge. 6:14 It’s coming. 6:15 And so we must take advantage of those silent times 6:18 where the Lord is quiet over us, where He is in that place, 6:23 where it’s as if- “God are you even here anymore?” 6:26 We can even look at key biblical figures, even Jesus Himself. 6:31 He went through that on the cross where He said, 6:34 He felt like He was forsaken, like God wasn’t even there. 6:37 But I believe that was the point 6:38 that the Father was the closest He had ever been to Him. 6:41 And sometimes when we feel He’s not there, 6:44 that’s the moment God is closer 6:46 than we’ve ever experienced Him before. 6:49 CS: You know, I totally believe that. You know, St. John of the 6:53 Cross writes about the dark night of the soul. 6:54 GJ: Yes. CS: When I was working on my doctorate, 6:56 I did a tremendous amount of study 6:58 on the dark night of the soul 7:00 because I myself actually went through that 7:01 for quite a few years. GJ: Yes. 7:03 Let me tell you what the fruit 7:04 was of that wilderness time with the Lord. 7:08 It was a fruit that was born 7:10 in that I would be committed to ministry. 7:12 GJ: Wow. CS: That is the fruit that came out of the dark night 7:18 where I would sit in the presence of the Lord, 7:19 but I wouldn’t necessarily, I wouldn’t feel His warm holy hug. 7:23 I wouldn’t feel that deep connection with. 7:25 But what He was doing is He was training me. 7:27 “Do you know that I love you?” 7:29 “Will you still stay in this place?” 7:31 ‘Will you let me work these things out?’ 7:33 And when He was finished with it, 7:34 He then rushed me like a heavy water, deep waters. 7:38 GJ: Yes. CS: It all came over me 7:39 and then it was like I was ready to go forth. 7:43 But listen, that’s a time where you want to run for a minute. 7:45 GJ: Oh yeah. CS: Like did you really call me? 7:47 I can I hear you. So, what will I tell your 7:51 people? But it was during that time that he was causing my 7:54 soul to come into this place of purification. 7:57 But the fruit was that I became more committed to ministry 8:00 because it wasn’t about what I was going to get right. 8:03 He was working out. He was ringing up all the getting. 8:06 “Are you going to be faithful to me?” 8:08 GJ: Oh that’s good. CS: “Are you going to sit 8:09 before me? Are you going to do these things when, 8:11 hey, I’m not showing myself to you right now, 8:14 you know, then I’m there by the Word of God, 8:16 but I’m not revealing myself.” 8:18 GJ: Yeah. CS: It was quite the time. 8:20 And so I learned, I learned during that time 8:24 some great and very important truths 8:27 about being a prophet of the Lord. 8:29 But I came out knowing for sure that I was more committed 8:33 to, to coming forth with all that was going to come. 8:35 And you and I both know when you say yes. 8:38 GJ: Oh, yeah, [Laughs] CS: You don’t really know 8:40 what you said yes to. GJ: You have no idea, fully. 8:43 CS: But there is so much testing 8:45 and so much pulling, priding, so many things that go on that 8:48 eventually you will know and understand 8:51 after you’ve been through that, how God has prepared you. 8:54 And so I want you to stay with us. 8:56 I’m talking with Prophet Joshua Giles about his book, 8:58 “The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet.” 9:01 And also, we’re getting ready to speak to you about how 9:03 the prophetic voice will bring about revival. [Music] 9:08 And so I want you to stay tuned, because we’ll be right back. 9:16 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international prophetic 9:20 voice, healing minister, author and pastor 9:22 who travels the world sharing how to access 9:25 the heavenly realms and live the resurrected life. 9:28 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:31 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:33 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:37 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:39 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 9:42 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 9:45 and see miraculous healings. 9:47 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 9:50 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 9:53 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 9:56 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 9:58 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:01 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:03 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:05 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:09 Check out her Website 10:11 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:13 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:22 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us 10:24 because we are talking to Prophet Joshua Giles 10:28 about his book, “The Rise and the Micaiah Prophet.” 10:31 We are also talking about the processes 10:33 that we go through as prophet. 10:36 There’s a dark night of the soul phase 10:38 where we are called into wilderness 10:41 and we may not feel the power or the presence of God, 10:44 but we’re called to be consistent 10:45 because He’s working on our souls. 10:47 He’s purifying us with His fire to get us ready 10:51 to be voices of prophecy that can spark a revival. 10:56 And that’s what I want to talk about now, 10:58 is I want to talk about how the prophetic voice 11:00 sparks revival, prophet Joshua. 11:03 Share with us. How does that happen? 11:04 GJ: Well, we’ve got to go to the word for this. 11:07 Ezekiel 37, I believe, is the prime scripture for this. 11:11 We look at Ezekiel, 11:13 who’s dropped into this valley of dry bones, 11:16 and God says to him, “Can these bones live?” 11:21 They asked him a question. 11:22 Sometimes God will ask a question. 11:24 He doesn’t give you the answer. 11:26 He starts out sparking your imagination. 11:29 Can you see these bones living? And of course, Ezekiel said, 11:33 “Well, Lord, you know,” of course you know 11:35 what you’re already asking me. But He then tells him, 11:39 I want you to speak to the bones and prophesy to them. 11:44 And it caused a rumbling to begin to happen 11:47 with those bones. And you all know the story, 11:50 but the bones begin to come together. 11:51 But the second thing that God told Ezekiel to do, 11:54 and I think we missed this, 11:56 we’ve heard this preach a million times 11:58 and we missed the point 11:59 where He says now prophesied to the wind, oh, 12:01 CS: Come on, you’re going there. 12:03 GJ: He said “Speak to the four winds,” and the four winds 12:07 began to come and bring breath and life into the bones. 12:10 When we’re dealing with revival, 12:12 revival can be sparked by prophesying to the bones, 12:16 which is the infrastructure of a thing, 12:18 and then prophesying to the wind, which is the spirit. 12:21 And it brings about a revitalizing 12:25 and it brings life and energy and this spontaneous outbreak, 12:29 CS: You know, that’s so true. And when you read it 12:32 and you break it down in the Hebrew right, 12:34 that word wind is rock 12:36 and you’re actually prophesying to the Spirit Himself. 12:39 That’s when He tells you to dance. 12:41 When I first read that, I was like, 12:43 well, why am I prophesy now? 12:45 But really, it’s like you’re you’re creating this momentum 12:49 of when and what does wind do when it comes in 12:52 and there’s a spark to a flame. 12:54 GJ: Oh, yeah. CS: When rain comes, 12:56 then it spreads. That’s right. 12:58 So it’s like the prophets themselves are prophesied 13:01 to the Spirit Himself to come forth 13:03 and just start breaking forth and breaking fourth 13:07 will put together the bones and put the flesh on 13:10 and begin to position the body to become the army. 13:14 Yes, the company that is going to go forth 13:17 and start the revival. So tell me, what did you see? 13:20 Obviously, you learned that and then you took it out 13:23 into the field and you used it. So, what did you see? 13:26 JG: Well, you know, it all started with me 13:27 being in North Carolina, pastoring a church. 13:30 And the Lord spoke to me out of the blue 13:32 and said, you’re going to move to Minnesota 13:35 and plant a ministry there. 13:37 And I said, “God, wait, wait, wait. 13:39 What do you mean?” 13:40 He told me that there was going to be a revival that would spark 13:43 and I had to be there for it. And so I picked up everything. 13:47 I only knew one person in Minnesota and they were, 13:52 you know, really kind of focused on their business. 13:54 So, I wasn’t even super connected with them at the 13:57 time, but I picked up and moved there. And in that process, 14:00 the Lord told me to begin doing all night prayers 14:04 and to do spiritual mapping in the city. 14:06 And we did strategic prayer, my team and I, for months. 14:10 Every month we would do this. 14:11 This went on for the space of about two years. 14:14 And by the time we started the ministry 14:17 and got to the point where there, of course, 14:20 was some racial tension going on. 14:23 And many people know about the death of George Floyd. 14:27 Well, we were ten minutes away from that location. 14:31 And so when it happened, 14:33 I remember running out to the streets 14:35 and seeing this because, of course, you know, 14:37 I’m thinking, well, this isn’t right. 14:38 And when I went out to, you know, 14:41 just stand there and pray on the street 14:42 and protest as well, the Lord said to me, 14:45 “I’m going to shift this into a move.” 14:48 And He said, “You think you’ve stood here for one reason, 14:50 but I brought you here for another.” 14:52 And immediately we begin to bring food out to the people 14:56 because there were stores burned 14:57 and people could not get anywhere. 15:00 There were no busses going at the time. 15:03 And so we would buy up thousands of dollars 15:05 worth of food from the suburbs, 15:07 bring them into the inner city every day. 15:10 And it opened the hearts of people. 15:12 And it wasn’t just us. 15:13 There were pastors from everywhere 15:15 and just regular people coming out into the community 15:19 and serving the community. And so when we did this 15:22 it opened the hearts of the people, 15:24 many people asked us for prayer, 15:26 and so people got saved right there on the streets 15:29 and it erupted into what the world has now seen 15:33 with the baptisms and the salvations. 15:35 And I was one of those pastors who were there 15:39 before it started, ministering every day on the streets. 15:42 And so I was in the center of that revival as it erupted. 15:47 And it was so spontaneous and so beautiful 15:49 because I’ve done street ministry before, 15:53 but it had been years 15:54 and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. 15:57 I remember one day I was out preaching on the street 16:00 and there was a lady just standing there. 16:03 I didn’t touch her, didn’t call her up for prayer. 16:06 She got healed just by being in the line of sight 16:09 where the word was coming forth. 16:11 And she immediately broke out in shout with her voice saying, 16:15 “Oh my God, the pain is gone.” 16:17 And so it was that kind of eruptions. 16:20 There were deaf ears that opened. 16:21 I remember some of the Muslims came around 16:25 because in their culture community, 16:27 I look like some of them. 16:28 And so I said, “I’m going to use this to my advantage.” 16:30 So some of them came around and they were watching me baptized 16:35 and and they were wondering, what are you doing? 16:38 And one of them asks, “hat are you doing?” 16:39 But the prophetic anointing was so strong 16:42 that I just started prophesying to the Muslims that were there. 16:45 And so the Lord spoke to me for one of them and said, 16:47 “You have someone who very close to you, 16:50 it’s either like an uncle for you.” 16:51 And he said, “Okay, yeah.” 16:53 I described how he looked to him. 16:55 And the Lord said, “He has a heart condition, 16:57 but God wants to heal him of this heart condition.” 16:59 And he said, “How do you know this?” 17:01 He said, “Yeah, my uncle has a heart problem.” 17:03 And so he began to ask me, “How do you know?” 17:06 I said, “There’s only one person that could have revealed 17:10 this to me. And His Name is Jesus Christ.” 17:12 And so the prophetic is so key to revival. 17:17 And we can’t miss that. 17:18 I think some people think the prophetic is only about, 17:21 you know, ministering to each other 17:22 in the four walls of the church. 17:24 But revival has to start in the church for us, 17:28 but it breaks out into the world. 17:30 And the prophetic unlocks that. 17:32 CS: Yes, that’s so true. Wow. God had you by a call. 17:37 He said, “I want you to go.” 17:39 And you went, you picked up you left and you were in the 17:43 center. You were in the middle of one of the major revivals 17:46 that we had in the United States recently. 17:48 You know, and very, very important time. 17:50 You know what I love about revival? 17:52 What I love about prophecy is it will take a dead thing, 17:55 a lack thing, a thing with nothing, 17:58 and it will bring it completely and entirely to life, 18:01 just like, of course, you know, prophecy to the dry bones, 18:04 you know, these kinds of things. 18:05 But when I listen to what you said about how you went out 18:07 and you bought all this food, right. 18:09 I mean, that’s, that’s God taking a natural need 18:12 and feeding the people. But so they didn’t have this. 18:16 Then He brought this in and then- so they were at zero. 18:20 Then they had some that came because it was God’s desire 18:24 and he used messengers like you to bring that. 18:26 And then from that point,He had toiled the ground 18:28 and got it ready for His Words. 18:30 You go forth and for miracles, healing signs 18:33 and wonders to come forth. GJ: Yes. CS: And wow. 18:35 So now tell me, we’ve only got a few seconds here, 18:38 but has your church grown and flourished as a result? 18:41 GJ: Absolutely we have. 18:43 And of course, we know during that time there’s the pandemic 18:46 and all of this going on. 18:47 So, we were in what looked like, looks like a hybrid church, 18:52 virtual and in person at times. 18:54 But the church began to expand during all of this 18:57 because people were wanting to know who is 19:00 that God that we experienced while we were on the streets. 19:04 We’ve had people write into us saying, 19:06 “I gave my heart to the Lord right there on the streets 19:09 when I heard you, minister.” 19:10 And so, of course, God gets all the glory for this, 19:14 but it has expanded our local assembly and not just ours. 19:17 There are many other churches that were around that expanded 19:21 because of the revival that took place there. 19:23 CS: Stay with us, [Music] 19:24 because we’re going to learn more about revival. 19:33 [Music]>> Log on today and get Candice Smithyman’s 19:35 powerful book “Releasing Heaven.” 19:39 CS: There are vats in Heaven where there is oil, 19:41 grain and wine, I teach you about 19:43 how you can access those markets for yourself or for a friend 19:46 or a family member that’s in need. 19:48 I also teach you about how to increase your faith 19:51 for healing and miracles, how to have the faith of God 19:55 that sees amazing things come to pass in your life. 19:59 >> Through “Releasing Heaven,” you will discover your identity 20:01 in Jesus and cultivate a heavenly mindset. 20:06 CS: Your soul is going to change and transform 20:08 and you’re going to be positioned to be one 20:10 that releases Heaven into your environment, 20:13 the heavenly encounters are for us today 20:16 and therefore, you simply go to my website 20:19 at CandiceSmithyman.com and click the ‘Shop” button. 20:22 It will take you to the shopping cart 20:23 and you can purchase the book there. 20:25 You will love this book. 20:27 >> Order your copy today. You will love this book. 20:38 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us, 20:40 because we’ve been talking about revival 20:43 and how prophecy will spark revival and prophet. 20:46 Joshua Giles was right in the middle of the revival 20:50 in Minneapolis. The Lord took him there by word. 20:53 And he, as you heard all these different testimonies, 20:56 I felt the power of the Lord rising in the house 20:59 while we were talking. 21:01 And I know we had to go to break. 21:02 But I want us to come back to that place 21:04 because I really feel like there’s a powerful anointing 21:06 on you right now to speak life and to people that are watching. 21:10 They want to come from that place of lack and fullness. 21:13 GJ: Yes. CS: They are broken. And they and we know “Sozo” 21:16 the word “Sozo” is “Shalom,” 21:18 “Nothing missing, nothing broken.” 21:20 We want to take them to that place. But we also want to 21:21 deposit fire on the other side of this- JG: Yes, yes. 21:24 CS: -so that they can be somebody who prophesies 21:29 revival in their home and in their town, 21:30 in their neighborhood. You know, all of these. 21:32 But everywhere we need to see revival happening. 21:35 So I’m going to turn it over you 21:37 and I want you to minister to the people. 21:38 GJ: Well, let’s pray. 21:39 You know, I can sense the Holy Spirit moving so strong 21:42 even as we’re talking and just recording this. 21:46 And for those of you watching at home, 21:48 some of you can feel and sense that God wants to use you 21:52 to help bring about the next move of the Spirit. 21:54 So I’m going to pray for you now 21:56 and get this stirred up in your spirit, 21:58 Father, in the Name of Jesus, 22:00 I’m decreeing right now that there is a release 22:03 and an outpouring of your Spirit. 22:05 You said in Joel, Chapter two 22:06 that your sons and daughters will prophesy. 22:09 And I decree that right now. 22:11 But the one that’s watching that’s broken, 22:13 the one that’s watching that’s saying, “God, 22:15 I feel like I’ve just lost myself. 22:18 I feel like I can’t really find you. 22:20 I feel like I’m just so far from You!” to that one, that’s 22:24 watching, I pray right now that there would be a God encounter 22:27 released in your life in the Name of Jesus. 22:30 You’re about to encounter God in an amazing way. 22:33 I sense even now that they are those of you 22:35 that are watching and the Lord’s 22:37 about to break out in home ministries. 22:40 You’re going to be right there in your home. 22:41 And God says to me “That there are some of you 22:44 that are about to start churches right in your home.” 22:46 You’re going to even have neighbors coming, people coming, 22:49 and they’re going to sit in your living room 22:51 and you’re going to have Bible studies going on. 22:53 Then the Lord says there will be an outbreak of revival 22:56 that is about to hit houses all across America 22:58 and across the nations of the world. 23:01 And so even as you’re watching this, 23:02 I release the fire of God upon you. 23:05 I release the fire of God in your family. 23:07 I release the fire of revival over your city, 23:10 over your region. 23:11 Then I see a group of women in the Spirit. 23:14 And Dr. Candice, these women that I see in the vision of God, 23:18 they are intercessors. 23:19 You’ve been praying over your region. 23:21 You meet every so often, but you pray over your region. 23:25 I even see you on Mondays like meeting and you’re praying. 23:28 And the Lord says that He’s about to use you 23:31 to spread revival to that region, to that city. 23:34 Some of you have experienced oppression over your state, 23:38 oppression over your city. 23:39 But the Lord said to tell you that that stronghold is breaking 23:43 right now in Jesus name and the fire of revival 23:46 is coming over you in the Name of Jesus. 23:50 It is. So I can sense that word so strong. 23:53 Even as people are watching this, 23:55 I can sense that the Lord 23:56 is causing the bones to come together. 23:59 Now, what we talked about in any Ezekiel 37 then, 24:01 so we released the wind of God, the ruach of God, 24:05 the breath of God to begin to flow to you, 24:08 to revitalize you. 24:10 One thing that I’ve learned, Doctor Candice, 24:11 is that revival is for the church first. CS: Come on. 24:14 JG: We tried to release it to the world, 24:17 but it’s really for the church first 24:18 because how can you be revived 24:21 unless you first lived and then had died? 24:24 And so when we’re talking about revival, we’re not 24:26 talking about those that are are we’re not living. 24:30 We’re talking about those that were in the church, 24:33 were on fire, somehow lost that fire. 24:36 And now you need to get it back in order to spread that revival 24:40 which turns into awakening in the earth. 24:42 And so we’re coming into a prophetic season 24:45 where we’re about to see revival and awakening at the same time. 24:48 CS: Wow, revival and awakening at the same time. 24:51 That’s powerful. 24:53 I hope you’ve received today from the word 24:56 that Prophet Joshua, brought forth, it is so true. 24:58 And listen, I just want to speak something to you 25:01 from a personal aspect. I know that God has equipped you 25:05 to be a mighty prophet of the Lord. 25:08 And I know because you’ve spoken prophetic words to me 25:11 and they have come to pass. JG: Wow, praise God. 25:14 CS: Yes. And so I just want to just put that out there 25:17 that what he has spoken to me in the past has come to pass. 25:23 And so therefore he speaks the Word of the Lord. 25:26 And so as you are being revived in the house, 25:29 your house today, you need to lend ear to what’s been spoken, 25:34 you small group of women, house churches raising up. 25:39 I see that, too, and, you know, I believe that is going to be 25:43 a very huge movement in the United States 25:45 where that takes place and I see it happening now, 25:47 but I see that is going to go more and more. 25:51 The church needs to be in a place 25:53 where we can be the church 25:54 and do what it is that God’s called us to do. 25:57 And there’s lots of restrictions and things like that now 25:59 that we seem to be dealing with. 26:01 And so we need to press on and move forward. 26:03 And revival is for the church. When the church is revived, 26:07 then others become to awaken and they come to know 26:10 Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 26:12 And, you know, there’s a whole I mean, God Himself, 26:15 He’s sovereign over everything that’s going on in our planet. 26:19 Yes. You know, and He watches over this, 26:21 but He, His heart desires to see soul- souls saved, 26:25 healed and delivered. GJ: Yes. 26:27 CS: That’s that’s a primary thing for God. 26:29 We get very concerned sometimes with earthly structures 26:32 in the way that things should be going right the way 26:35 and really they’re the way God would like them to go. 26:37 But if they don’t go that way, He just does His thing- 26:40 GJ: What He wants- CS: -and He gets us to 26:42 the place we need to be. 26:43 And until sometimes things get to a place where we say, 26:47 I don’t want it to be this way anymore, 26:48 we’re not at the end of our rope 26:50 to allow the Lord to come in and do something. 26:53 And even the church itself and the different structures 26:56 and the ways that we’ve done things, 26:57 we have to come to a place 26:59 where we say that’s just not working anymore. 27:01 GJ: Right. CS: We need to step into the 27:04 new, we need to move into the new things that God 27:06 has. And so when you come to that place in your life, 27:09 in your church, in your environment, 27:10 it’s- God is ready to start sparking something. 27:14 No matter what seems to be dead, 27:18 no matter what seems to be buried, 27:19 God is doing a new thing and He is raising you up 27:23 and He is properly positioning you. 27:25 And I believe that you have received an impartation 27:28 from today’s show. 27:29 And I’m just going to speak over you right now. 27:31 I’m going to ask the Lord, we’ve had great prayer 27:34 right here in this house. 27:35 There’s a lot of revival going on. 27:37 So we speak to you right now. Fire of the Lord. GJ: Yes. 27:41 CS: Come upon you in the Name of Jesus, 27:43 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 27:45 As fire comes upon you, 27:46 I want you to begin to just speak out, 27:48 begin to utter in other tongues [Speaking in Tongues] 27:52 [Speaking in Tongues] 27:53 [Speaking in Tongues] 27:56 Lord, we just call forth your people right now 27:58 in the mighty Name of Jesus. We thank you, Father. 28:00 They’re getting on fire for you, Lord. 28:03 We give you glory, honor and praise. 28:05 I want you to reach out to prophet Joshua 28:07 at JoshuaGiles.com 28:09 Reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:11 We have resources that we want to bless you with. 28:14 And remember, you are on a Path to Destiny. 28:18 Take Messiah’s hand because He’s walking you 28:22 exactly to the place 28:22 that He’s calling you! [Music to End]

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Joshua Giles share how to unlock the final revival in our land.

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