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0:00 [Music] 0:25 welcome to supernatural life my name is 0:27 Patricia King and this week we are going 0:30 to talk about a very exciting subject 0:34 time travel that’s right because in the 0:38 spirit there’s no time or distance in 0:40 the eternal dimension there is no 0:42 restriction on time or distance and 0:45 we’re going to see through the Bible but 0:47 even Jesus operated in this dynamic and 0:50 with me today I have a special guest and 0:52 a special friend of mine 0:54 Katie Souza who is a revivalist because 0:57 a powerful testimony of the Lord was 0:59 transformed her life and taught her so 1:01 much on the supernatural so Katie it’s 1:04 so awesome to help you with us and 1:06 especially to talk about this subject 1:08 yes you know it’s a controversial 1:10 subject because a lot of times in the 1:13 New Age there is instruction and new age 1:17 groups and cults on how to astral travel 1:21 astral project on that and so a lot of 1:23 times Christians say well gee you know 1:26 that’s demonic we shouldn’t be entering 1:28 in anything like that but I always say 1:30 it’s really important to know that that 1:33 Jesus is the truth yes and everything 1:36 else is the counterfeit yes so if 1:38 there’s a counterfeit we have to find 1:39 out well where’s the truth in it okay so 1:42 I have a question from Michelle she’s 1:45 from the USA she says what’s the 1:47 difference between astral projection and 1:50 time travel and so you can speak into 1:54 this but one of the things that I do 1:55 want to mention to our viewers is a 1:58 source is everything like what is the 2:02 source if the Holy Spirit is leading 2:05 according to truth and that is the 2:07 source then then that’s the truth that’s 2:10 a good thing but if it’s a demonic 2:12 source if you’re submitting to a New Age 2:14 demon or a philosophy or something like 2:16 that then of course you’re going to get 2:19 a counterfeit but you have any more to 2:21 add into that well to me source is the 2:23 most important thing we actually had 2:25 everything first God created everything 2:27 for ours and the enemy has taken 2:29 everything and counterfeited it so we 2:31 have to not be afraid of things we have 2:34 to find them in the Bible and then we 2:35 have to 2:35 take them back from the enemy now Jesus 2:37 did move in this realm of the 2:39 supernatural he did yes he did 2:41 I mean throughout the Bible we see that 2:43 Jesus would go back to the time someone 2:46 was sick or had a curse or a disease or 2:47 a disorder come up I can hardly wait for 2:49 you to unpack this okay I am so excited 2:51 okay so he went back into time he did he 2:55 went back to the place too because time 2:57 and space are linked together that 2:58 scientific right and he went back to the 3:00 cause that made it happen right now look 3:03 where is that in the Bible okay well 3:05 there’s many proofs in just a couple is 3:06 in mark three the man with the withered 3:08 hand yeah okay he’s got a withered hand 3:10 and the amplified says it’s from an 3:11 accident or disease that happened in the 3:13 past okay so he tells the man stand up 3:16 he says stretched forth thine hand he 3:18 gives him a command and he said he 3:20 stretched it forth in the hand was 3:21 completely restored so how did Jesus do 3:23 that miracle well the Frazer stretch 3:26 forth is the Greek word act on O and in 3:28 it it means the time something happened 3:30 the place something happened and the 3:32 cause that made it happen 3:33 so when Jesus said that command 3:35 stretched forth thine hand he went back 3:37 to the time the man’s hand got withered 3:39 the accident or the disease the place it 3:42 got withered and the cause the accident 3:44 or the disease that made it get withered 3:46 and He healed it right at the root and 3:48 of course that all happened in a moment 3:50 of time like you know in in fact in the 3:53 kingdom things aren’t measured by time 3:55 right it’s not like Jesus was saying 3:57 okay I’m going to right now yeah back 3:59 into time I’m going to go back to the 4:01 place I’m it was just like happening as 4:03 a as a miracle through time travel that 4:06 is like that is he’s restoration 4:09 yes he’s accessing the eternal route 4:11 clear and we have the right to do that 4:12 too because we are seated in heavenly 4:14 realms with Christ and we are citizens 4:16 of heaven seated this past tense so 4:18 we’re already there were able to access 4:19 eternity and the access eternity were 4:22 all time and all locations in space are 4:24 located he did that even to deliver 4:27 people of demons remember the man in 4:29 mark one he’s in the synagogue he meets 4:32 up with a man that’s demonized he speaks 4:34 to the demon that’s in that man he says 4:36 come out come out of that man well that 4:39 phrase come out is the exact same phrase 4:41 as stretch forward it sect ah no and so 4:44 when Jesus had come out of that man 4:46 he was commanding that 4:47 demon and right he was saying act uh no 4:48 he was commanding that demon to come out 4:50 of the time it came into that man’s life 4:52 he was commanded to come out of the 4:54 place it came in the location and the 4:56 cause that enabled it to come in the sin 4:59 the curse whatever and that demon was 5:01 pulled out right at the root yeah 5:03 nothing can restrain Jesus no nothing 5:05 and nothing can restrain us because we 5:08 see in the scriptures that then the 5:10 disciples did the same today they did 5:13 the same thing and acts for Peter is 5:15 with the group of believers and he does 5:17 a bold prayer he comes before everyone 5:20 and he prays he says now Jesus stretched 5:22 forth nekton oh right your hand of power 5:26 through us to do signs wonders and 5:30 miracles so he was saying I saw you do 5:32 all these time-traveling miracles Jesus 5:33 now stretch forth attano 5:36 through us do it through us so we can go 5:39 back to the time people’s diseases came 5:41 in the place that came in them and the 5:42 cause that made it happen 5:43 pull it right at the root so we can see 5:45 signs wonders a miracle that yeah and 5:47 you’ve seen this happen yourself I have 5:49 I just had not too long ago a personal 5:51 encounter with this the Lord came to me 5:53 one night and he says I’m gonna act on 5:55 on you I’m going back to the time 5:57 something happened in your life the 5:58 place in the cause I said what is it he 6:00 says the rape I said the rape I remember 6:03 my father he just passed away a year 6:05 before he did he told me a secret he 6:07 never told me my entire life he said 6:09 your grandmother your great-great 6:11 grandmother was raped in Nazi Germany by 6:14 a Nazi officer and so I was like what 6:17 would be the consequences of that well 6:18 my father had these skin growths that 6:21 would look like mushrooms that grew all 6:23 over his whole body and I was starting 6:25 to get them on my back so God came as 6:28 trauma and Nick Witte all that can be 6:30 passed down through the generations yes 6:32 and physical diseases that’s why doctors 6:34 always ask you did your mother or your 6:35 grandmother have cancer they always 6:37 inquire of your medical history right 6:38 yeah so that night I didn’t know what 6:41 God was gonna do I didn’t know the 6:42 consequence of the rape but he went back 6:44 he took me back into visitation I 6:45 actually went back to Nazi Germany in 6:47 the spirit I saw it and I went back to 6:50 the rape and God healed it right at the 6:51 root okay I get up the next morning and 6:54 the skin growths are starting to fall 6:56 off my body 6:57 Wow yes yeah and we see this out 7:00 our meetings all the time I was just in 7:02 a meeting in Seattle and I was teaching 7:05 on this teaching about time travel and I 7:07 began to command people that we were 7:08 gonna go back to the time something 7:09 happen the place that happened and the 7:11 cause that made it happen and I got a 7:13 word of knowledge I said people are 7:14 gonna be adjusted in your spines and in 7:17 your jaws right now and every part of 7:18 your body without anybody touching you 7:20 and I started just commanding pop pop 7:22 pop crack crack crack and people who are 7:24 having it happen all over the place 7:26 there was a woman named Teresa in there 7:28 she got into an accident which was 16 7:30 years old she also had reverse like a 7:33 curvature of the spine and she had major 7:35 problems with her back so she’s sitting 7:37 there in the meeting no one’s touching 7:39 her and also when I say pop pop crack 7:41 crack crack she hears eight six to eight 7:44 pops and cracks in her back now you had 7:46 already taught on the time trial I had 7:48 now I just want our viewers to know this 7:50 is that God says Jesus himself said in 7:54 mark 16 he said if you go out and preach 7:57 I will confirm with science follow me 8:00 men so and we’re sharing on ya and time 8:03 travel right now so it’s gonna confirm 8:05 it you shared about time travel and how 8:08 could go back to the the cause of it 8:10 plays that back to the place about all 8:13 the time and you were sharing on that 8:15 and so that’s what God did but it was it 8:16 just happened in the whole room even 8:18 happen in the atmosphere so many people 8:20 lined up and said they got a miracle and 8:22 we even had a nurse there Teresa came up 8:24 on stage after she heard the popping in 8:26 her back no one touching her and the 8:28 nurse checked her back she had no 8:30 coverage of the spine she checked her 8:31 neck because in the accident it she had 8:33 a vertebra turn a half turn she had no 8:36 twisted vertebra totally healed another 8:38 woman was there she had suffered from 8:40 TMJ for twenty five and a half years two 8:43 days before the meeting she went to the 8:45 doctor’s to get medication because she 8:47 couldn’t bite down it was excruciating 8:48 pain so she’s in the meeting I said 8:50 you’re gonna have adjustments in your 8:51 your neck your jaw every place she’s 8:54 sitting the meeting she’s listening to 8:55 me teach about it and all of a sudden 8:57 you know 25 and a half years she went 8:59 back to the time it first started she 9:01 bit down she had been on medication she 9:03 couldn’t even eat cuz it was so painful 9:04 she bent down no pain completely healed 9:06 twenty five and a half years of TMJ no 9:09 one touching her Wow 9:11 there’s other examples in the Bible even 9:13 the 9:14 Testament for example Moses he obviously 9:17 went back into town because he wrote the 9:20 first five books of the Bible 9:21 and he was even alive when Genesis was 9:24 taking place right so he had to have had 9:27 some kind of insight or maybe gone back 9:28 into town also David when you read the 9:31 Psalms when he talks about being at the 9:33 cross yes it was like he was at the pass 9:36 and he was you know I had the whole 9:38 emotion and everything yes so he was 9:40 catapulted forward into time you can be 9:42 catapulted forward you can go backward 9:44 into time in fact I had you know I’ve 9:47 had time travel often times in fact one 9:50 time we were going to a meeting mm-hmm 9:52 and there was road problems and so we 9:56 couldn’t get through the construction 9:58 thing in time and we were behind over an 10:00 hour of getting to the meeting and so we 10:03 prayed and I called ahead and I said 10:05 we’re gonna be late at least one hour 10:07 you’re gonna have to start the meeting 10:09 without us and all of a sudden were 10:11 there even before the meeting started 10:14 well remember when Jesus walked on the 10:16 water to the boat in the storm and he go 10:18 yeah it says immediately the home yeah 10:24 and also I have a testimony I want to 10:26 share about you know when when when God 10:29 took me back in time because I would I 10:31 had remorse about raising my children 10:33 because I was in a Christian when I 10:35 first had the children and and I had 10:37 remorse and and the Lord said well why 10:40 are you going through this I’m gonna 10:41 take you back and we’re gonna recreate 10:44 the whole scenario Wow and so instead of 10:46 even making most mistakes they’re gonna 10:48 be forgive well but they’re also going 10:50 to be healed and you can recreate it and 10:52 God actually did that it was so powerful 10:54 and of course saw the results that 10:56 followed but right now we want to show 10:59 you a testimony from that sore girl who 11:02 is also a great friend of ours a 11:04 powerful man of God a revivalist who who 11:07 lives in the realm of the supernatural 11:08 but he had an amazing encounter being 11:12 taken back into time in fact he received 11:16 an anointing while he was back there 11:18 that he’s operating in to this very day 11:21 so we’ll be back in just a moment after 11:23 this video 11:25 [Music] 11:32 hi this is Matt Sagar and I remember a 11:35 time that I was in this large auditorium 11:38 worshiping God it was a packed out house 11:41 and the presence of God was so strong 11:43 and during this time of worship I was 11:46 caught up in the spirit and it was as if 11:49 I traveled back in time suddenly the 11:52 whole setting changed and I was in an 11:55 auditorium but it was an older 11:57 auditorium and I remember seeing this 11:59 woman up on the platform and she was 12:01 walking across the platform and she was 12:03 saying how much she loves the Holy 12:05 Spirit and she was saying it over and 12:07 over again 12:08 I love the Holy Spirit and then suddenly 12:11 as I was watching the scene in front of 12:14 me I recognized the woman to be Kathryn 12:16 Kuhlman and it was as if the Holy Spirit 12:18 caught me up and brought me back in time 12:21 to one of Kathryn Coleman’s meetings and 12:24 then as I saw her worshiping and saw her 12:27 ministering suddenly she came up right 12:29 in front of me and she looked me right 12:32 in the eyes and she says if you love the 12:35 Holy Spirit the way that I love the Holy 12:37 Spirit you can have what I have and 12:39 after she spoke that to me the whole 12:42 scene changed and I was brought out of 12:45 this visionary encounter and I was back 12:47 in the auditorium that I started with 12:49 that I started in and there we were 12:51 worshiping God and again caught up in 12:53 his presence and there was amazing how 12:56 the Holy Spirit caught me up into this 12:58 encounter and it radically impacted my 13:00 life as God used the vision even of 13:04 Kathryn Kuhlman and what she represents 13:06 about intimacy with the Holy Spirit and 13:07 life in the Holy Spirit it set a plumb 13:10 line in my own heart and spirit and 13:12 ministry that everything of God’s power 13:15 and everything of miracles and healings 13:18 and and signs and wonders flows out of 13:20 that place of deep intimacy in 13:22 connection with the person of the Holy 13:24 Spirit so I pray today that this 13:27 encounter encourages you in your faith 13:30 in the things of God 13:32 [Music] 13:40 what about an awesome testimony god is 13:44 so amazing and his works are outstanding 13:47 well Katie we’ve got a slew of 13:49 testimonies on time travel but you want 13:52 to share right you know I just pray this 13:54 simple prayer that Peter prays you know 13:56 stretch forth your hand Jesus during the 13:58 power to act on Ojo through us to do 14:01 signs wonders and miracles and I pray 14:03 that similar prayer before I go into a 14:05 meeting and then I operate in it in the 14:07 meeting right so you’re gonna see a 14:08 meeting right now of a woman in Denver 14:10 she got into a skiing accident she had a 14:12 really limited movement but she had a 14:14 rod in her leg I think she said it was 14:16 about a foot and a half long so it’s a 14:19 metal rod in her leg and she sits down 14:21 on stage she’s so healed that she 14:23 actually grabs her knee and touches her 14:25 knee – amazing right okay and then there 14:31 was this woman in San Jose she actually 14:33 got into a work-related accident she 14:35 lived in a box and she heard a snap and 14:37 a crack in her neck and three of her dis 14:39 were herniated right so by the time they 14:41 decided to do surgery now she’s lost the 14:44 disks and everything is bulging it’s in 14:46 terrible shape so they actually put an 14:48 implant a cadaver implant with titanium 14:51 metal in between them and they put it in 14:52 her neck now this implant she couldn’t 14:55 move her head she had pain all the time 14:56 she couldn’t lean forward because the 14:58 implant would shift and so when she’s 15:01 living forward it was like it wasn’t 15:02 secure in her neck and she you’re gonna 15:05 see a video of her now she’s totally 15:06 healed she comes at the front she’s 15:08 shaking her head she’s you know bending 15:10 forward touching her toes she’s turning 15:13 her head and her friend was there who 15:15 was an art and a nurse and and a pastor 15:18 and so this this RN reaches over she 15:21 said I could normally when I touch her 15:23 neck I could feel the implant it feels 15:26 protruding it feels bony she was but now 15:28 when I touch her neck I can’t feel it so 15:30 we thought it was gone right so we 15:32 actually sent her to do an x-ray she 15:34 went in to do an x-ray it was still 15:36 there but the thing is that it had moved 15:38 oh it had moved to its proper place so 15:43 now she could shake and Bend and lean 15:45 forward and everything else so that was 15:47 totally amazing 15:50 it’s an angel and that one yeah the 15:51 angel was there and I believe the angel 15:54 actually moved I’ve had angels move 15:57 collarbones before and put them into 15:58 place 15:59 move bones and do all kinds of things 16:01 Priven with you know x-rays proving with 16:03 testimonies and they just interject a 16:07 little bit about the angelic mom because 16:09 it says in Hebrews 1:14 that they’re 16:12 there to serve us yeah you know we’re 16:14 the heirs of salvation so we’re out 16:15 doing the work of God in they’re there 16:17 to serve us amen and that we can have an 16:19 expectation yeah for for God to send 16:23 angels when we’re ministering or when we 16:25 need them if you have them around all 16:27 the time and they do things that we 16:29 cannot do in the natural so we need to 16:32 rely on the heart of living a 16:33 supernatural life it is and they’re time 16:35 travelers yep it was rated by Jesus 16:38 they’re living in the eternal dimension 16:40 they are actually time it’s just a 16:42 created substance yes God created time 16:46 yes in Genesis when he created a day and 16:48 night and he actually created time but 16:51 he lives outside of time so if we think 16:52 of time as this little capsule inside of 16:55 an endless eternity right so it’s so 16:57 small and compared somebody but we as 17:00 eternal beings are not confined into 17:02 time right because exactly that’s like 17:07 time is used for things to teach us but 17:08 we can reach outside of time to do 17:10 miracles exactly man right I also had 17:13 this other really cool this is so fun 17:15 this woman in Denver 17:17 she had a bunionectomy her name was Lexi 17:19 she came up on stage and she said yes 17:21 they had to slice my foot open shave 17:22 down the bone it’s a horrible process 17:24 right 17:25 they put she said they put in a metal 17:27 rod about that long and she says every 17:29 time I you know put my foot on the 17:30 ground I can feel like the rod grinding 17:33 right it’s just I always have pain so I 17:35 looked at her and I knew she was healed 17:36 already because I saw the angel come and 17:38 take the metal out right so I’m looking 17:39 at her and I said you still have pain 17:41 it’s just yeah I go you do I go I want 17:43 you to test it so she’s there and she 17:45 starts slamming her foot and you’re 17:47 gonna see it on the video right here she 17:49 kept on slamming it and she couldn’t get 17:51 it to grind so then she got frustrated 17:52 took off her boot and started digging 17:54 her foot into the ground and I’m asking 17:56 her questions like do you feel anything 17:58 what’s going on she just kept with 17:59 saying what the heck what I mean I don’t 18:01 mean to use that word but she just 18:02 covers like what 18:03 but that I can’t believe I’m trying to 18:05 make it grind and it won’t grind and I 18:07 said well do you have any pain she just 18:09 no I no pain so then we brought up the 18:12 metal detector I ran in over her foot 18:14 and she you can see her dancing in this 18:16 video I even brought up a volunteer a 18:18 police volunteer to run the metal 18:21 detector for me and there was no metal 18:23 it was super fun right oh you had taken 18:27 her back into time and the place yes 18:30 where she got injured yes even the cause 18:34 right remember economy’s time something 18:37 happen to him and the cause so you could 18:40 take it back all the way to what created 18:42 the bunionectomy in the first place and 18:45 he lit there and in that process because 18:47 the metal rod doesn’t belong there God 18:49 didn’t create you with a metal rod huh 18:51 so he takes it out because he’s taking 18:53 out he’s creating the new foot the new 18:55 bone in there so it’s just amazing you 18:58 know I just feel faith rising right now 19:00 and for those of you that are watching 19:02 you’re starting to think right now oh my 19:05 goodness I’ve got issues here that if I 19:08 go back can I invite God to go back into 19:11 time yea and heal up there and bring a 19:13 shift and that’s happening right now 19:15 some of you are actually getting very 19:17 excited your faith is arising and you’re 19:20 starting to lay hold of that miracle 19:22 so bring got into that place and watch 19:24 what he will do and I even heard that 19:26 people are gonna have adjustments 19:27 supernatural adjustments what they’re 19:29 watching there Joe is gonna crack into 19:30 place their spines are neck their knees 19:32 one lady we had her knee violently crack 19:34 and 30 years of pain gone so I had 19:36 another lady I tell you about this is so 19:38 fun we went to a prison this person was 19:39 off the chain right 151 impacted in the 19:42 small room everyone’s singing their 19:43 hearts out I mean it’s prime for a time 19:46 travel miracle and there was a woman 19:48 there named Marley she had shot herself 19:51 in the chest with a 357 Magnum so that 19:54 she didn’t have to go to prison but 19:55 they’d saved her and put her in prison 19:57 anyway they actually had to wire her her 20:00 sternum and her breastbone together with 20:02 wire and I asked her I said can you feel 20:05 the wire and she put her hand up by this 20:07 long scar on her chest and she said yeah 20:09 it feels like chicken wire so I said I 20:11 looked at her I said God’s gonna take 20:13 that out today and she looked at me like 20:15 I don’t know if I believe ahead but an 20:17 hour later I’m ministering to an another 20:19 woman with a metal rod or neck which 20:21 disappeared by the way and all of a 20:23 sudden the Holy Spirit goes check on 20:24 Marley and I said Marley hey girl how’s 20:26 that wires it’s still in your chest just 20:28 oh I don’t know I haven’t checked she 20:30 reaches up touch touches the area with 20:32 this car and instantly you can see it 20:34 her eyes just started to fill with tears 20:36 and all she kept on doing saying over 20:38 and over again I can’t believe it I’m in 20:40 shock I can’t believe it I’m in shock so 20:42 beautiful yeah I’m just getting a word 20:44 right now there’s someone watching maybe 20:46 similar to Marley I said you did 20:48 something that you said but it was my 20:50 fault but it was my fault but it was my 20:52 fault 20:52 you know no matter what God loves you 20:56 and he’s willing to just erase at all 20:59 he’s a redeemer and don’t let that hold 21:02 you back from believing for your miracle 21:04 we’re going to take a break right now 21:06 because at god TV we are very committed 21:10 to resourcing you to making sure you 21:12 have opportunity to be equipped in the 21:15 things that bring about a supernatural 21:17 life and we want the very best for you 21:20 we want you to learn we want you to have 21:24 all the teaching from the word that you 21:26 need so that you can operate in the 21:29 supernatural not only living it yourself 21:31 but also be able to minister to it to to 21:36 others through it rather okay so we’ll 21:38 be right back after this break growing 21:41 the supernatural with our wide range of 21:43 premium eCourse a–‘s deepen your 21:45 understanding of god’s presence the 21:47 prophetic healing the angelic realm and 21:50 much much more 21:51 taught by some of today’s most respected 21:53 leaders and voices access more of the 21:56 supernatural go to god TV forward slash 21:59 Patricia 22:01 [Music] 22:10 we do want to encourage you to take 22:13 advantage of all the great equipping 22:15 that we have on god TV so make sure you 22:17 go check it out and and just be good to 22:21 yourself make investment into yourself 22:23 but right now Katie and I we want to 22:25 minister to you because we know that 22:27 there’s things that God is going to do 22:29 to our audience all around the world no 22:32 matter where you are and the word that 22:34 I’m getting is about financial decisions 22:36 that some of you have made in the past 22:38 that destroyed that brought destruction 22:41 you know all of that can be turned 22:43 around because God is willing to wants 22:47 to any will go back into time to that 22:49 very place and forgive you and change 22:53 the circumstance so that it brings a 22:55 different outcome today you can have a 22:57 miracle of restoration today we were 23:00 just reading in the break about manna 23:02 say who is a very wicked King and 23:05 brought all kinds of abominations into 23:07 the land and ultimately built an idol 23:09 and stuck it right in the center of the 23:11 temple at the end but with one prayer he 23:14 cries out to God because he was he just 23:16 felt bad about what he did he cried out 23:19 to God in in one prayer God restored 23:21 everything and I believe right now I 23:23 decree and declare restoration of your 23:25 life financial miracles taking place 23:28 right now going back into time healing 23:31 forgiving and reconstructing in Jesus 23:35 name right and I’m really feeling like 23:37 people as they’re watching right now 23:38 they’re gonna have their bones just pop 23:41 into place with nobody even touching you 23:42 Jesus is the ultimate chiropractor so 23:45 right now in the name of Jesus I go back 23:47 like Jesus did I econo you I go back to 23:50 the time your spine or your knee or your 23:52 neck or elbows or shoulders came out of 23:54 alignment the place that happened and 23:56 the cause that made it happen where 23:58 there was an accident or a disease or 24:00 any kind of disorder right now in the 24:02 name of Jesus I might command you be 24:05 healed in Jesus name stretch forth your 24:07 hand just like the withered man 24:08 stretched forth his hand and he was 24:09 completely restored and I speak to the 24:12 demonic power that bends the spine 24:15 remember the woman bowed over with the 24:17 spirit of infirmity 24:18 loosed by Jesus and I command that 24:21 spirit to come out of you to come out of 24:24 the time it came onto your body the 24:26 place it came onto your body and the 24:29 cause that enabled it to come onto your 24:32 body right now come out in Jesus name oh 24:35 I just heard it crackling come on people 24:37 are crackling right now into place right 24:39 now you’re being healed right now in the 24:41 name of Jesus right now get up and 24:44 stretch and you’ll see you’re gonna pop 24:45 and crack into place and your pain is 24:46 gonna be totally gone I’m getting a word 24:49 of knowledge right now for someone that 24:50 you had an abortion when you were 16 24:52 years of age and you’ve never been able 24:55 to get over the grief the shame the 24:58 guilt everything that surrounded that 25:00 time when you have that abortion and 25:02 when your parents found out you’re 25:04 pregnant and things like that right now 25:06 Jesus is going back through time into 25:09 that place and he’s breaking off of you 25:12 the guilt the shame the remorse the 25:15 grief it’s lifting off now in fact 25:17 you’re starting to to get teary-eyed 25:19 right now it’s lifting off right now and 25:21 you are being healed your soul is being 25:25 healed and the Lord’s presence is 25:28 touching Wow and empowering you I just 25:32 see a brand-new future for you 25:34 this is pivotal for you this is gonna 25:36 change your whole life and your outlook 25:38 on life and by the way the depressions 25:40 gone to in Jesus name Amen 25:43 anyways this is wonderful and thank you 25:46 so much Katie for joining us on today’s 25:48 program and I do want to encourage you 25:51 if you have never received the Lord 25:53 before into your life or if you’ve been 25:56 away from the Lord and you want to 25:57 return to him that now is the time to do 26:00 it God loves you so deeply there’s 26:03 nothing that can keep him from loving 26:06 you and he’s knocking on the door of 26:08 your heart right now in fact you are 26:10 watching this program because he he just 26:13 divinely appointed it so that you could 26:15 say Jesus come into my heart forgive me 26:18 my sin and make me your child and if 26:22 that is your desire and longing just 26:24 pray that prayer and he will do it he is 26:27 the only name under heaven by which man 26:30 can be saved amen 26:32 and let us know if you’ve done that and 26:34 there’s an address on the screen 26:36 god TV forward slash Patricia we’d love 26:40 to hear from you and also I just want to 26:42 encourage you to become a medium 26:44 missionary with God TV we need your help 26:47 to take the airwaves and impregnate them 26:50 with the glory and with the Word of God 26:53 we need to make Jesus name known in the 26:57 nation’s this is a time when we need to 26:59 like never before be aggressive in our 27:01 outreach through media would you help us 27:04 would you consider making a generous 27:07 donation or joining our partnership 27:09 today well that’s it for today we’ll see 27:11 you next time and remember that God 27:13 loves you and and you go live the 27:15 supernatural life we hope you enjoyed 27:19 this episode let us know how it impacted 27:22 you send your feedback testimony or 27:25 prayer request today or ask Patricia a 27:27 question for a future program and don’t 27:30 forget you can continue growing in a 27:32 supernatural with our premium key 27:34 courses connect with us at go TV forward 27:38 slash Patricia and join us next time for 27:41 our next episode of supernatural life 27:44 [Music] 27:46 you 27:47 [Music]

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