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we’re so glad you’ve joined us tonight I’m pastor Ryan and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with 0:06 dr. Cindy trimm we’re in an amazing 0:12 series and I’m telling you if you’ve missed any one of the sessions you can go back on the Cindy trim app on our 0:18 YouTube channel virtually anywhere on our Facebook page and watch all of these past messages so you can get caught up 0:25 on this series entitled the DNA of destiny isn’t that a profound title and 0:31 we’re talking about identity we’re talking about relationships and we’re talking about the power of your 0:36 decisions and so it’s been an incredible time and tonight is also gonna be a phenomenal word once that nugget of 0:43 Revelation pops up in your spirit we want you to tweet about it we want you to Facebook it and we want you to use 0:49 hashtag destiny DNA so you can join in on the conversation if you’re on our 0:54 website right now we have intercessors standing by getting ready to pray for you it’s going to be a wonderful night 1:01 there’s a word for you raise your expectations wherever you are around the world we believe that this word is gonna 1:08 transmit over the internet airwaves and bring deliverance healing freedom 1:13 salvation to you their salvation for you if you’re lost if you if you’ve been looking for the answer and you’ve been 1:20 wondering why was I even born let me tell you the answer is found in Jesus Christ and the message he preached which 1:26 is the message of the kingdom you’re gonna hear that tonight and when you respond and you when you feel that urge 1:32 we want you to email us and let us know that you’ve made a decision to accept Christ the information is right there on 1:38 your screen and we’ll be able to pray with you connect with you and we’ll be able to help you along this journey of 1:43 empowerment we we want to also invite you to some of our incredible events we 1:49 have the kingdom school of ministry it’s every summer yes it’s a week-long ministry intensive 1:56 training that you don’t want to miss eight power-packed courses but you have to enroll now there’s payment plans 2:01 available and you can start paying in advance and we also have into your year strong empowerment summit how many of 2:07 you coming to the summit this year it’s December 7th and 8th it’s gonna be incredible 2:13 we got amazing lineup of death speakers and worship artists it’s gonna give you the prophetic momentum that you need to 2:19 end this your strong and start your new year with the strategies that you need to succeed we want you to be there well 2:26 tonight we’re believing that this word is gonna hit you right where you’re at and I want everybody in the room and if 2:31 you’re at home – welcome to the platform dr. Cindy trim how’s everybody doing 2:41 this is another great day on planet earth any day above ground zero is a 2:47 good day to praise the Lord we thank God for you tonight and especially for our 2:54 own Bible study group this is our life group in Atlanta Georgia and we want to 3:00 put our hands together to invite all of you from around the world there are life 3:05 groups meeting and just about every continent right now and we are meeting 3:11 simultaneously and we thank God for each one of you because tonight is going to 3:17 be an exceptional night God is up to something great and he has you in his 3:23 mind how many of you are excited to be alive today amen let’s pray our Father 3:30 now God will give you praise and honor and glory you have appointed our times and seasons our time is in your hand and 3:38 we’re asking you to teach us to number our days that we would apply a heart to wisdom father I thank you for the word 3:47 that you have placed in my heart and your word is quick and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword it is your word 3:54 that light the entrance of the Word of God gives life and we thank you right now 4:01 hallelujah that even as we received the Word of God it will transform our minds 4:07 and our hearts that we in turn can be used of you so that we can transform 4:12 this world until the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our 4:18 Lord and of its Christ and you shall reign forever and ever speak through my 4:24 lips think through my mind let there be none of me all of you I decrease so that you make increase bless your people let 4:31 no one father hear this message and remain the same and wherever they are at 4:38 this moment I pray for divine intervention I pray father that their 4:44 deepest needs will be met for you are able to meet all of our need according to your riches in glory I thank you now 4:51 father for the testimonies that will occur as a result of hearing this word I 4:58 pray that there will be no hindrances there will be no distraction and father 5:03 there will be application for immediate manifestation of this revelation bless 5:08 our time together in Jesus name Amen do you still have a hallelujah last do 5:14 you still have an Amen yes we’re believing that the Lord is going to do 5:20 some great things you may take your seat I’m gonna encourage you to take out your notepad and your iPads and your phones 5:29 or whatever you are recording with because this message is going to be a transformative message we’re going to 5:36 talk to you about time about time and it’s something that we use every single 5:43 day it’s something that we have but we cannot keep it something that we are 5:49 given but we cannot manage ourselves and so as the Lord began to speak to me 5:55 about destiny God talked to me about giving everyone resources that that that 6:02 are necessary for them to fulfill their purpose in the correct timing and one of 6:07 the resources that God begin to talk to me about today was the resource of time the resource of time so 6:15 let’s look at the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 11 and over the next few 6:22 messages we’re going to talk to you about time and and what can anyone say 6:28 about time that could keep us for a couple of messages are you’re getting 6:34 ready to find out amen glory to God hallelujah Ecclesiastes 9 and 11 I 6:41 returned and I saw Under the Sun that the race is not to the Swift nor to the 6:47 bat nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise nor yet riches to 6:53 man of understanding nor yet favor to men of skill but time 6:58 and chance happeneth to them all time and chance in other words every last one 7:06 of us get the same amount of time the wealthy didn’t get more time than the 7:11 poor Asians don’t get more time than Africans Americans don’t get more time 7:19 than Brazilians God gives gives everyone the same amount of time we all get 24 7:26 hours in a day and then it goes on to be able to say time and chance happens to 7:33 us all that were chance can be translated opportunity so that means 7:39 within your lifetime you are going to have an opportunity to do something 7:45 great an opportunity to succeed an opportunity to live an opportunity to 7:51 prosper so each one of us before we die will have an opportunity to change we 7:59 will have an opportunity to grow we will have an opportunity to succeed 8:04 so opportunities are not reserved for just skilled people opportunities are 8:11 not just reserved for developed countries opportunities are given to 8:17 everyone they’re given to you whether you are Mexican or Brazilian or 8:22 American or African whether you are from the Middle East or Central America from 8:30 the Amazon each one of us are given time but all of us are given an opportunity 8:36 now this is important because with when we talk about opportunities we are also 8:43 talking about you discerning a specific time for an opportunity now Ecclesiastes 8:51 3 and 1 if you would go there with me please the Bible says to everything there is a 8:58 season and a time for every purpose under the heaven a time for everything 9:08 under the heaven a time for every purpose now if I were the enemy would I 9:15 fight you in the area of you receiving 9:21 things or what I tried to frustrate your time would I use destruction or 9:30 subtraction which one would I use destruction why why why talk to me to 9:40 every listen to this everything has a season and a time for every what purpose 9:47 so why would I use us distractions why 9:53 would I use distractions why would I want to break your focus why yes because 10:00 purpose is expressed according to a what time frame so if I wanted to abort what 10:10 God wants to do in your life and through your life why don’t I just distract you 10:17 so you’re wasting time because if I if the devil can distract you and frustrate 10:24 you so that you’re wasting time he can potentially avoid purpose so that by the 10:33 time you you come to yourself and you we catch up you have what wasted your 10:41 time and time is something that once it’s gone you cannot get it back once 10:49 the Sun Goes Down and it is tucked in 10:54 and covered by night you cannot get that day back no matter how much you fast no 11:02 matter how much you pray no matter how much you speak in tongues you cannot get 11:07 that time back so time therefore is one of your most 11:13 valuable resources the Bible talks about 11:18 there being a time to every purpose so 11:23 watch this that word time comes from a Hebrew word at write that down 11:30 II th now there’s a scripture that talks 11:35 about the set time to favor her has come 11:41 you remember that and it’s talking about Zion Zion and the set time to favor her 11:48 has come that’s that same word and it’s translated the most fortuitous moment 11:56 for an event and experience or an opportunity to happen or occur watch 12:03 this to everything there’s a season and the most fortuitous moment for your 12:12 purpose to occur under the heaven so that means that your purpose has a 12:19 timeframe for its expression so that means now we have to wake up every 12:27 morning and pray a pretty simple prayer lord teach me to number my days that I 12:36 can apply my heart to wisdom what is wisdom wisdom is not just knowledge is 12:43 not just information whiz is the application of information and 12:51 revelation and knowledge is the application so you’ve got to know when 12:56 to apply what revelation it’s not good enough for you to keep coming to church 13:03 and get revelation that you never apply it means that you’re gonna just keep 13:10 stacking it up and stacking it up and stacking it up there are three types of people that live in this world number 13:17 one people that watch things happen number two people that acts what 13:24 happened and number three people that make things happen and you want to be on the end of making 13:33 things happen but not just making things happen but making things happen at the 13:38 right time why because when the time is right all the elements fall into place 13:46 and you want to be on the end of discerning when that time is right when 13:52 the time is right for you to do something when it the time is right for you to write something when the time is 13:59 right for you to pray about something when the time is right for you to build 14:05 something when the time is right for you to sleep when is the time the time is 14:10 right for you to be productive there are some people that are sleeping during the 14:15 time they should be productive I’ve heard people that talk about I can’t go 14:21 to church why because I need to get my sleep they stay in too late but I’ve 14:28 discovered that these individuals are not managing their activities according 14:33 to time frames because when they should be sleeping and resting they are up 14:38 watching a serial television they’re up texting they’re up talking in other 14:45 words when it’s time for you to be sleeping sleep and when this time for 14:50 you to be awake be awake and don’t get the two mixed up when it’s time to play play but 14:57 it’s time to work work and don’t get the two mixed up are you with me because 15:02 there’s a time for every purpose under the heavens see Church doesn’t make 15:09 people’s tired it’s just that the assigned time that they should be sleeping they’re awake and they’re awake 15:17 on other people’s timelines turn to your neighbor and say mind your own business 15:27 there’s the most fortuitous moment for an event an experience or an opportunity 15:32 to happen this is what scripture is saying so please write doing nothing with your time is atrophy and death you 15:44 do nothing with your time you’re gonna act Rifai you atrophy spiritually you’ll 15:49 atrophy emotionally you’re atrophy intellectually you atrophy mentally you 15:56 let revise socially doing nothing with your time is atrophy and death something 16:02 is gonna die if you do nothing with your time number two doing the wrong thing at 16:09 the wrong time is ignorance turn to your neighbor and say I’m concerned about 16:14 your ignorance number three doing the wrong thing at 16:22 the right time is disastrous you’re doing the wrong you got the right time 16:28 but you’re doing the wrong thing number four doing the right thing at the wrong 16:34 time is a mistake number five doing the wrong thing at the wrong time with the 16:42 wrong people is failure number six doing 16:49 the right thing at the right time with the wrong people is frustration number 16:56 seven doing the wrong thing at the wrong at the right time with the right people 17:02 doing the wrong thing at the right time with the right people is confusion why 17:10 isn’t this working I’m confused right time right people but 17:16 we’re doing the wrong thing number eight doing the right thing at the right time 17:21 with the right people guarantees success so we need to get it right we just gotta 17:28 get this time thing right now write this down when you miss the timing to do something 17:35 your life spirals out of control and it costs you big time at the end of the day 17:41 but here’s the good news Joel 225 God said I will restore to you 17:50 the years that the locusts had eaten the cankerworm the caterpillar and the 17:57 Palmer were my great army which I sent among you God is saying I’m gonna restore the years now every year has its 18:06 own opportunities so the opportunities may not come again but you will have a 18:12 second chance have you ever thought in your life I wish I knew that when I was 18:19 15 if I knew that when I was younger I would have acted different I would have 18:25 chosen different I would but here’s here’s the caveat you were gonna have a second chance 18:32 you’re gonna have a second chance at it and this is why I love salvation so 18:39 let’s talk to you about time let’s talk to you about time there are 40 things I 18:45 need you to know and I need you to walk away with and we’re not gonna give you all in this one series when we talk 18:54 about the DNA of destiny we cannot leave 18:59 this topic without challenging you concerning how you are using your 19:05 greatest resource and that is time number one God created time he’s the 19:14 creator of time let’s look at Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 to 5 Genesis chapter 19:21 1 verses 1 to 5 God is the creator of time the Bible said in the beginning God 19:28 created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void and 19:33 darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over 19:38 the face of the water there’s good the King James words and said moved upon the face of the water then God said let 19:45 there be light there was light God saw a light that it was good God divided the 19:51 light from the darkness God called the light day and the darkness he called 19:57 night so the evening and the morning were the first day God created time now 20:06 it is interesting with this tax in the beginning God created the heavens and 20:12 the earth now in studying out this particular text and I didn’t want to 20:17 take anything for granted one of the rabbis rabbi mordechai Beecher he said 20:23 in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth Genesis one and one that 20:28 the Hebrew tradition that you would read 20:34 in the Torah would have something called a ninotchka or a pause that that they would use that 20:43 was like a semi : after the word created in the beginning God created semicolon then it 20:53 would say the earth the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and 20:58 void so he then that particular scripture whatever semicolon and those 21:04 of you that her English major simply means that a semicolon means I’m not finished with the idea so I’m gonna tell 21:11 you a little bit more about what I’m talking about so that means that that pause is like a semicolon and it’s not 21:18 there in the English it’s just after the word created so the rule for this 21:24 particular punctuation is that the phrase before the Anechka must be able 21:30 to read independently and stand alone so 21:36 this presents a problem because the phrase in the beginning God created it 21:42 has no subject so those of you that one of the things that we learned up in the English language is if you have a 21:49 sentence you gotta have a subject if not you can talk about anything in the beginning God created so you’ve got 21:57 this noun you got this place you’ve got an action and adjectives but there’s no 22:03 subject so it began to prose a problem so in the Jewish Torah they said then 22:12 therefore in the beginning God created it has no subject so what did he create 22:19 so the Jewish rabbi Jacob he discusses 22:26 this and he explains that the phrase should actually read God created 22:32 beginnings in other words it’s not just in the beginning God created it’s reads 22:41 God created the beginnings so in the beginning in 22:47 not the same thing as that has to do with a place and has to do with a 22:54 position so in the beginning the beginning who happened to be God began 23:01 the beginning because he is Alpha and Omega so the beginning began the 23:12 beginning and we call the beginning that he began time God is the creator of time 23:20 so that means whatever begins with God has to end good how do you begin your 23:31 day because if you begin your day with God if you begin your relationships with 23:38 God if you begin your strategy with God if you begin your business with God God 24:01 is going to be in the beginning he’s gonna be in everything in between 24:16 whatever begins or starts with God and 24:22 good this is the day the Lord has made 24:27 and I will rejoice and be glad in it listen I’m telling you wake up tomorrow 24:34 and decree and declare this is the day that the Lord has made 24:40 and no matter how my day starts it’s gonna end good no matter what goes on in 24:46 the office it’s gonna be good no matter what goes on in your relationship there 24:59 is no shadow of turning God is not Shady there’s nothing shady 25:06 about God God is gonna cause your life 25:27 therefore the first thing that God created had to be time so he created 25:35 time with a purpose for a purpose because everything that God creates he 25:42 creates with a purpose to fulfill a purpose so creating time was a priority 25:50 that means correctly using your time should be a priority too amen 25:58 Psalm 90 verse 12 your prayer you’re gonna wake up in the morning it says so 26:04 teach us to number our days let us use our time wisely God what should I be 26:11 doing with this 24 hours what should I be doing with this day what should I be 26:17 doing with this week what should I be doing with this month what should I be 26:22 doing with this season what do i what should I be doing with this year what 26:28 should I be doing with my life time teach me number my days every make every day on 26:37 this earth counts how God created time and since he created time it is he the 26:45 it is he that manages time it is he that controls time therefore I decree that 26:55 you will let nothing else control your time you will let nothing else no one 27:01 else dictate to your time I decree and declare since he created it he’s the 27:08 only one that controls it he’s the only one that manages it I decree and declare 27:14 today your life is being unraveled from time wasters I decree this is the last 27:21 day that people will waste your time I decree this is the last day you would 27:27 waste anyone’s time I decree you will begin to pray a simple prayer Lord teach 27:34 me how to manage my activities according to specific timeframes you cannot manage 27:40 time managing time is a misnomer you cannot have a time management program 27:47 who has the power to manage something that God created so now we’re gonna 27:57 change we are no longer gonna be managing our time we’re going to ask God 28:04 show me what you had in mind for this month what activities should I be involved in what goals what vision what 28:12 did you want to accomplish through me and as you pray you’re gonna say God if 28:17 this is what you have to accomplish through me you have given me 24 hours 28:23 show me how to manage my activities now according to specific time frames let’s 28:31 look at Luke chapter 13 verse 6 to 8 Luke chapter 13 verse 6 to 8 Luke 13 6 28:39 to 8 a familiar tax and I love the book of 28:44 why because from my perspective the Book of Luke is a gospel written and when you 28:51 read the Book of Luke I usually read it from the perspective of Kingdom 28:56 economics biblical finances so everything as a contact so content has a 29:03 context so when I read the book of Matthew I read it from the context of 29:10 the king in his kingdom when I read the book of Mark I read it from the context 29:16 of servant leadership when I read the 29:23 book of John I read it from the context of relationships and when I read the 29:30 book of Luke I read it from the context of Kingdom economics biblical finance so 29:38 now this is all about Kingdom economics isn’t it Kingdom economics and so since 29:45 time is a resource there is someone that said time is money time is money so that 29:56 therefore if time is like money money is used as a means of exchange so that 30:03 means that you’re going to exchange your time for something so when you go to bed 30:11 at night what is left over is what you exchange your time for it listen to me 30:18 carefully if you go to bed frustrated you exchange your time in exchange or 30:27 you use your time in exchange for that frustration because because you’re 30:36 exchanging time every single day whether you realize it whether it’s conscious or 30:41 unconscious you are exchanging your time for something now if you do nothing with 30:49 your time it means that what you’re gonna have left at the end of the day is 30:56 what thing you are going to exchange your 31:01 time for something time is always being 31:07 exchanged and no one taps out unless they become fertilizers for Rosie’s 31:15 roses but otherwise than that as long as you got breath you are exchanging your 31:23 time for something whether you realize 31:29 it or not some people sit on the couch 31:37 all day eating all day so they may not 31:44 have anything in the bank per se in terms of money but they’re sitting all 31:51 day they’re watching TV eating potato chips eating candy ordering pizza all day imagine doing that for 20 years so 32:00 what what did what did they exchange their time for overweight high blood 32:07 pressure are you following me how you are using your time every single day 32:16 you’re using it like money as a means of exchange watch this Luke chapter 13 32:23 verse 6 to 8 he spoke also this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in 32:29 the vineyard and he came and saw it fruit there off and found none then said 32:34 he unto the dress of the vineyard behold these three years three years time I 32:40 came seeking fruit on this big tree and found none in other words the fig tree 32:49 should have been using it’s time to be productive but there’s there’s nothing 32:55 it’s just it’s just consuming resources 33:01 the Bible said cut it down why cumbrous it big ground so that where cumbrous 33:08 in other words it it is it is taxing and exhausting and 33:14 sapping and draining and weakness weakness weakness weakening the earth 33:20 it’s pulling resources from the earth but it’s not giving back the Bible said 33:29 give and it shall be given you so that means that you cannot live in this world 33:35 and act like an unproductive fig tree you’ve gotta use your time to give back 33:43 to contribute you can use all of the earth’s resources and not give that in 33:50 other words you were born to contribute something to human progress to human 33:57 success to human peace you were born to contribute something within your 34:03 lifetime what is that thing so verse number 8 in the answered and said unto 34:08 Him Lord let it alone this year also give me some time this is what he’s 34:15 saying till I dig about it dung it and if it bear fruit well and if not then after 34:22 that thou shalt cut it down in other words God is gonna give you time to be 34:28 productive to fulfill your purpose to maximize your potential but within that 34:33 timeframe he’s expecting productivity now if you’re not producing based on 34:40 your potential then God is gonna visit you with another giving you a revelation 34:46 and then he’s going to assign a vine dress or someone to come into your life 34:52 that’s going to challenge you to produce and it’s at the point of a specific 34:58 revelation that it’s time for you to produce it is from that point you get 365 days to get yourself together so 35:08 just consider this every time God sends someone into your life and gives you a 35:14 biblical revelation concerning what you should be doing God gives you a year to 35:20 at least get started 35:26 it’s interesting because as I was reading the story of Esther this is what 35:32 our uncle said Esther your time has come and God now wants you to become a 35:40 deliverer to your people and I can imagine her saying the only thing that 35:46 I’m qualified for is a beauty contest that’s my only success in life I don’t 35:52 know nothing about military strategy I don’t know nothing about being a deliverer not to look good I could 36:00 prepare a mean meal but I don’t know anything about being a deliverer of 36:05 people she could have said that and I uncle said something cautioned her he 36:10 said it is your time however if you choose not to accept this assignment in 36:19 this time he said enlargement is going to rise from another place in other 36:26 words the womb of heaven is always pregnant and your substitute has already been ordered in other words you are the 36:36 one best qualified whether you see yourself as qualified or not how do you 36:42 know when you’re qualified when God gives you the revelation that that’s your assignment he doesn’t got to need a 36:50 resume he just needs someone with vision 36:55 resume talks about what you did God is saying you’ve got potential to do 37:01 something more and so you is this tree and and it’s not producing it’s just 37:11 consuming the resource and God said look cut that tree down and the husbandmen 37:18 said listen I realize the impending doom of this planet and I realized it has not 37:27 yet maximized its potential and I realized it has not fulfilled its 37:32 assignment and I realize that is taxing the resources of the 37:37 earth he said just let me see if I could figure out what is prohibiting it from 37:45 being fruitful so the owner of the vineyard gave a specific time frame for 37:53 it to grow for it to fulfill its assignment in the earth and he said another year within one year from 38:02 today’s date everything about your life could change for the best it just takes 38:10 time and most of us do not value the prospering power inherent in time so if 38:19 you listen to this between your last birthday last year and your birthday 38:25 this year you will have made a complete track around the Sun without being an 38:31 astronaut a complete track around the 38:36 Sun and you’re not even an astronaut and you didn’t do nothing can you imagine 365 days from today’s 38:44 date if you could just do a little bit more than what you’re doing towards fulfilling your purpose can you imagine 38:51 where you’re gonna be a year from now just imagine if you get a revelation a full revelation of what God has called 38:58 you to do and you just put just a little more effort into living your life 39:05 deliberately and intentionally can you imagine where you could be financially 39:10 where you could be spiritually where you could be professionally who you could be socially teach me to number my days time 39:20 is heavens commodity and Earth’s currency Lord Chesterfield said 39:26 something he said know the true value of time snatch it seize it and enjoy every 39:32 moment of it no I don’t is no laziness no procrastination never put off till 39:38 tomorrow what you can do today and I want you to memorize that it’s just a little little verse Lord Chesterfield 39:44 teach me to number my days with the Declaration of David Lord 39:51 Chesterfield said no the true value of time snatch its knees it sees it and 39:57 enjoy every moment of it no idleness no procrastination never put off till 40:03 tomorrow what you can do today know the true value of time 40:10 snatch it seize it enjoy every moment of it no mind onus no procrastination never 40:19 put off till tomorrow what you can do today know that true value of time 40:25 snatch it season and no enjoy every moment of it no procrastination enjoy every moment of 40:32 it never put off till tomorrow what you 40:38 could do today I want you to write a phrase down I will do it now 40:57 how many of you have ever gone on a diet before and what do you say this is gonna 41:05 be my last piece of cake this is gonna be my last piece of fried chicken this 41:14 is gonna be my last big meal and I’m going to go on a diet tomorrow have you 41:23 ever noticed that last piece of cake last a whole year because the next day 41:29 what do you do your last piece of cake and the next day what do you do your last piece of cake and the next day what 41:36 do you do the neck so one year later if 41:43 you’re lost it found you again because 41:49 what did you do you procrastinate it till tomorrow and tomorrow never comes 41:58 time is two life what wet is to water waste your time 42:06 waste your life if you are unable to manage your activities according to 42:11 specific timeframes then you will not be able to manage any other resource that 42:18 God gives you I’m gonna say it again if you’re not able to manage your life 42:24 according to specific timeframes then you will not be able to manage any other resource that God gives you whether 42:31 that’s finances or relationship or your health you will never be able to manage 42:37 any other relationships therefore we’ve got to be vigilant in conferring with 42:43 God concerning the timing of everything God is a strategic God and it wants to 42:49 give you wisdom for life and living so wisdom is gained over time based on 42:54 experience that experience can either be yours or someone else wisdom is gained over 43:02 time based on experience that experience 43:07 doesn’t always have to be your experience it could be someone else’s experience so 43:15 the enemy is gonna fight you in the area this particular area with distractions 43:20 so that you waste time and you miss divine timetables so that when when we 43:27 talk about the timing of the Lord we are not only talking about the time as when a calendar or day of the week we’re 43:35 talking about a rhythm that heaven has for you have you ever seen somebody that 43:40 can’t dance or have you ever seen someone in the choir and the whole choir has gone like this and they’re going in 43:47 the opposite way banging they are out of timing and what you want having to do is 43:55 to synchronize you with God’s timetable for your life please yes these three one 44:04 two two we’re gonna talk a little bit more about this in a few minutes so 44:10 let’s talk about time the time was created by God for purpose so that we 44:16 can fulfill our purpose within a specific time timeframe we call that 44:21 timeframe a generation so each one of us are given our generation and then once 44:28 our generation goes there’s an emerging generation that comes and then it’s 44:33 going to be their time so we don’t want you to miss any more timing because your 44:41 your time to accomplish something can actually age out so then the 44:47 emerging a generation is going to be right on your heels so you want to make 44:53 sure that when your time comes for you to do something you’re doing it can you 44:59 imagine the person who created and 45:04 invented the horseshoe have you ever noticed when you go to Sears and 45:09 roebucks there’s no horseshoes there you got to go on amazon.com to look for horseshoes why we don’t ride horses 45:17 anymore we drive cars that have horsepower so the time for riding the horse came 45:26 and went and now this is a generation of what horsepower and so can you imagine 45:33 the family that did not change with time can you imagine them saying well my 45:40 great granddaddy he invented the horseshoe and we’re gonna hang on no 45:45 your time has come and gone we don’t shoe horses anymore we get the 45:51 horsepower of our engine fix nobody goes to a car dealership and say do you have 45:59 any horseshoe you acts about the horsepower how fast can this car go and so when 46:07 your time comes to do something right something speak something say something 46:13 you got to go ahead and do it write it down one more time I will do it 46:22 now I will do it now God has given so 46:29 many people vision vision to go somewhere do something write a book God 46:37 gives us vision insight dreams to start a business and everyone waits when my 46:45 children get older when I retire when I get enough money there’s always some 46:52 excuse the next enemy of time or managing your time according or managing 47:00 your activities according to time frames is not only procrastination it’s fear 47:07 it’s fear of failing we’re afraid of failing what if I fail but what if you 47:14 succeed we buy up so much contingency insurance that we don’t have enough 47:21 resources left to do what we’re called to do we just need to do it now whatever 47:28 God is telling you to do if he says start a business before you go to bed at night at least name 47:34 business put a timeframe when are you going to get the business name 47:43 copyrighted or trademarked and when are you going to incorporate and you’ve got 47:48 to put timeframes to it writing a book when are you gonna start writing the book when are you gonna finish writing a 47:55 book I have some friends they’ve been writing a book for 25 years and I ask them you know what I’m just just 48:03 finishing up the introduction well that’s 25 years when are you gonna do the conclusion and the reason why 48:11 people never finish it because they never look at activities like a project 48:17 so everything that you’re doing think of it as a project a project is a high 48:23 level activity how does it become high level it has a start date and a 48:28 completion date the Bible said to everything there’s a season and a time 48:33 for every purpose under heaven watch this a time to be born and a time to die 48:40 what does that mean there’s a start date for everything and an expiration date a 48:45 day when something should be finished something should be completed something 48:50 there’s a consummation date so so don’t don’t just drag through the week when 48:59 are you going to do what and you’ve got to be deliberate with it so let’s get 49:07 into some deeper things time what is time time is a dimension within eternity 49:14 so we talked about the passage of time it means that the day that you’re born 49:19 you’re you stepped into time the day that you die guess what you step out of time so that means that 49:26 if eternity past is like a room an eternity future is like a room time has 49:33 to be the corridor that you’re moving from one room to another through the corridor or the passage of time so we 49:41 move from eternity past in Egypt into eternity future and that period in between is called 49:47 time so time is a dimension therefore as a dimension time operates on a continuum 49:54 cold life-and-death write it down it’s a continuum and it’s called life-and-death 50:02 that makes listen to me carefully your death date more important than your 50:08 birthday we celebrate birthdays but we really should celebrate death day why 50:16 Jesus was born in the fullness of time he existed in eternity he entered time 50:22 at his birthdate and eggs accident at the appointed time to return into 50:28 attorney and on his death date God gave 50:34 him a name which was above every name and elevated him until he became the 50:40 King of Kings and the Lord of lords that means that your future is more important 50:47 than your past it means that the past and the present and the future are 50:53 linear dimensions that require two things for you to act to appreciate it 50:59 number one it requires imagination and number two it requires memory your 51:06 imagination and your memory makes you a time traveler we are all time travelers 51:13 your imagination allows you to travel into the future your memory allows you 51:19 to travel in your past your past that nothing new to say to you so you might 51:25 as well listen to your future therefore when we use our imagination we trouble 51:31 forward when we use our memory we trouble backwards and there are so many 51:37 people travelling backward when they should be travelling so we are all time travelers whether you 51:45 realize it or not you are a time traveler I am a tribe traveler put your 51:51 books down for a minute and let me show you how you travel in time you ready for this 51:56 we are going to start traveling in time right now now watch this I want you to 52:02 sit quiet for a moment just sit quiet now get up for a moment and those of you 52:10 that are viewing I want you to get up as well it may look crazy to your family but just go with me for now now just put 52:17 your hands out like a you’re a airplane put it out and please don’t hit people 52:22 move away from people move away from people now just move around the room 52:28 just move around the room keep your arms out move around your room move around your room move around move around now 52:35 are you traveling you’re traveling right now fly back to your seat for a moment 52:41 fly back so you have just time-traveled how do we know you time trouble look at 52:49 your watch what time is it all right so 52:57 now put your hands back out one more time put your arms back out one more time look at your watch look at the second 53:05 hand I’ll monitor the second hand all right put your arms out it’s 48 47 53:14 seconds 46 seconds 45 seconds go trouble fly keep those arms out keep those arms 53:22 out now fly back and travel to your seat 53:31 and sit down you des just did some 53:37 time-traveling why I’m looking at the clock again and we started out at 58 53:44 seconds it’s 17 seconds so that means that you traveled 58 17 how much is that 53:53 58 17 come on y’all 53:58 41 seconds you traveled through time for 41 seconds now watch this put your books 54:07 down remember you were moving and you were flying so your time traveling I 54:14 don’t want you to do anything don’t blink don’t move don’t breathe do 54:20 nothing don’t move your feet don’t move your eyes sit quietly 54:28 alright you could bring bling now did you move did you move now you 54:37 remember before we were traveling we move we were traveling but did you move just now all intents and purposes did 54:43 you move no so were you traveling were you traveling were you traveling you see 54:53 even though you were not moving you were still what traveling through time so if 55:02 you’re sitting doing nothing you are what wasting your time even still even 55:10 though your time traveler so you might as well have something to show for it 55:17 and not just sit and wait and wait and wait because you’re wasting your what 55:25 time and time is money and time is your resource and when God comes back he 55:33 wants to know what did you do with your time do you have anything to 55:40 show for it are you like the fig tree no fruit no productivity are you consuming 55:48 the presses resource of time and not giving back anything that means if you 55:55 just sitting there time has slipped away from you even though you’re traveling we 56:04 have the ability to travel back that’s called memory we have the ability 56:10 to travel forward that’s called imagination and 56:15 imagination is more powerful than memory it’s more powerful than memory you 56:24 cannot go backwards to change anything about your past but you can start all over again by 56:32 starting now to use your imagination for your future listen you can have a 56:40 greater and more glorious ending imagination is more powerful than memory 56:47 remembering or regretting the past can do nothing to change the past you cannot 56:53 go back to create a new beginning but you can start now by using your 56:58 imagination to create a new ending did you get back just because you’re moving 57:05 forward doesn’t mean that you’re moving on we want you to move forward and we 57:10 want you to move on we don’t want you to be like Lot’s wife she became a pillar 57:16 of salt what does that mean it means that she move forward but she did not 57:22 move on she could not forget those things which are behind and this is one 57:28 of the reasons why the city of Sodom and Gomorrah had to burn down why God burnt 57:35 it down so that they have nothing to go back to by decree and declare 57:41 you were crossing over and you are not going to go back to Egypt you are not 57:47 going to remember the fish and the leeks you are not going to say that your bondage is more better than your freedom 57:55 whom the Sun sets free is free indeed and I am degreeing and declaring that 58:01 you will not allow your life to have 58:06 what it began with I decree today you were crossing over when you die your 58:14 time on earth it’s going to be represented by a – suspended between 58:20 your birth date and your death date and that’s what’s gonna be on your epitaph you step into it the day you were born 58:29 and you are gonna step out of life and you were gonna step out of time the day that you die and there’s woman by the 58:36 name of Linda Alice she wrote a poem entitled – and she said a read of a man 58:43 who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend he referred to the dates honors – on her tombstone 58:49 from the beginning to the end he noted that the first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following date 58:56 with tears but he said what mattered most of all was the – between the years 59:02 for that – represents all the time that she spent alive on the earth and now 59:08 only those who loved her know what that little line is worth for it matters not 59:14 how much we own the cars the house the cash what matters is how we live and 59:19 love and how we spend that – so think about this long and hard 59:25 are there things you’d like to change for you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged if you 59:33 could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel and 59:41 be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before 59:48 if we treat each other with respect and more often wear a smile remembering 59:54 that that special dash might only last a little while so when your eulogy is 59:59 being read with your life’s action to rehash would you be proud of the things 1:00:05 they say about how you spent your dash the dash represents all your life so how 1:00:13 can someone reduce someone else’s life to a dash it is because they can only 1:00:21 live their life and they can never live yours so that dash represents the time 1:00:27 frame God gives you to fulfill your purpose and what is left is what people 1:00:34 remember what you said and what you did and how you spend that – it’s 1:00:40 interesting that your epitaph is going 1:00:45 to read your birthday and your death date and then for all the years that 1:00:54 you’ve been alive they’re gonna put a dash there but I’m gonna say this time 1:01:03 is going to record everything that you did and history will never be allowed to 1:01:10 forget you you’re going to live in such a way that your life is really going to 1:01:19 matter and even though on your app attack it’s going to say a – you’re 1:01:25 gonna leave behind a book that’s gonna carry your name a building is gonna carry your name a street is gonna be 1:01:32 named after you you are not going to leave this earth without the next 1:01:37 generation knowing that there once lived a woman there once lived a man with your name on it time is more than a – is 1:01:47 everything that you did in between time is a dimension time is cyclic Ezekiel 1:01:54 chapter 1 verse 16 time is cyclic its 1:01:59 cyclic so it’s a time is a dimension between 1:02:06 eternity and when you die they put that little – make your – matter make your 1:02:13 dash count make a dash for it but make 1:02:18 sure you leave your imprint time is also cyclic easy q1 16 is equal 1/16 time is 1:02:31 a dimension we’re all time travelers time is heavens resource Earth’s 1:02:39 commodity time is cycling

Time Travelers Part 1 | Dr. Cindy Trimm | The DNA of Destiny


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