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we’re so glad you’ve joined us tonight I’m pastor Ryan and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with 0:06 dr. Cindy trimm well tonight we’re believing that this word is gonna hit 0:12 you right where you’re at and I want everybody in the room and if you’re at home – welcome to the platform dr. Cindy 0:18 trim let’s look at Ezekiel once again 0:25 Ezekiel let’s read 15 to 21 we’re going to get to 16 there the Bible said now as I 0:31 beheld the living creatures build one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures with his four faces the 0:39 appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of Beryl and 0:44 they for had one likeness and their appearance and their war work was as it 0:50 were a wheel in the middle of the wheel when they went they went upon their four 0:56 sides and they turned not when they went as for their rings there was so high 1:03 that they were dreadful and the rings were full of eyes round about the fore and when the living creatures went the 1:10 wheels went by them and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth the wheels were lifted up whithersoever 1:18 the spirit was to go they went thither neither was their spirit to go and the 1:25 wheels were lifted up over against them for the spirit of the living creatures 1:30 was in the wheels and where and when those when these went and when those 1:37 stood these stood and when those were lifted up from the earth the wheels were lifted up over against them for the spirit of 1:46 the living creature was in the wheels now this is an interesting vision that 1:51 Ezekiel has he has this vision of a wheel in the middle of the wheel and in division Ezekiel sees eternity bringing 2:00 heaven to bill on earth and earth affecting heaven it’s like Jesus prayer 2:05 when he says when you pray pray our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom 2:12 come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven he saw a time as both cyclic 2:20 and linear he was saying I see a wheel within a middle of the wheel heaven it’s 2:27 touching heaven and as it touches heaven it is affecting earth and then whatever 2:33 is going on on earth is affecting heaven is this cycle that he saw let’s just dig 2:39 a little deeper Genesis 1:16 2:18 the Bible said in God made two great lights 2:45 the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night he made the stars also and God set them in 2:52 the firmament of the heaven to give a light upon the earth and to rule over the day and over the night and to divide 2:59 the light from the darkness and God saw that it was good Genesis 8:20 to life is cyclic while the 3:07 earth remaineth seed time and harvest cold and heat summer and winter day and 3:14 night shall not cease so that means that we have a cycle while the earth remain 3:19 there’s gonna be seed time and harvest there’s gonna be cold and heat there’s 3:25 gonna be summer and winter if there’s a summer there’s gonna be a winter and then the summer is gonna come back it’s 3:30 gonna be day and night and he says time is like a cycle it’s not gonna cease so 3:37 time is cycling’s so we have the cycle called a second so one sec one second 3:44 finish another second comes ones that finish another second so it’s cycles of 3:50 second so if someone were to put money into your bank and promised to give it 3:57 to you in increments of eighty six thousand four hundred dollars every 4:02 single day and told you you have to spend it all within with one caveat you 4:08 could not carry any of it over for the next day how would you spend it in other 4:14 words we’re gonna deposit into your bank account eighty-six thousand four hundred 4:20 dollars and you have to spend the total eighty-six thousand four 4:25 hundred four hundred dollars in that day and you cannot carry it over to the next 4:32 day how would you spend that money so just like I gave you that scenario every 4:40 day God deposits 86,400 seconds in the 4:47 Banco life and he does it every day and you cannot carry that over so every day 4:56 God gives you a gift of time in the form of seconds each second has never been 5:02 used before and it can never be reused again you have an opportunity to use it any way 5:10 you want and when that second is gone it’s gone forever 5:15 so here’s my challenge to you today make every second count because each second 5:23 is pregnant with opportunity I’m gonna say it again God gives everyone time and 5:30 it gives everyone opportunity so every second that is given to you it’s 5:36 pregnant with an opportunity each second is pregnant with an opportunity for you 5:43 to invest in it for an incredible ROI that means you have been given 86,400 5:53 opportunities to create when you have been given 86,400 opportunities to 6:00 succeed you have been given 86,400 opportunities to grow you have been 6:07 given 86,400 opportunities to prosper you have been given 86,400 opportunities 6:15 to make a decision you have been given 86,400 opportunities to do something 6:21 epic you have been given 86,400 opportunities to accomplish a goal you 6:28 have been given 86,400 opportunities to finish something you started you have been given 86,400 6:36 opportunity to say I love you you have been given 86,400 opportunities to say 6:42 I’m sorry you have been given 86,400 opportunities to do something in your 6:49 life 86,400 opportunities it’s more than enough time to make a positive life 6:56 change to make a change for you you’ll make a change in your marriage to make a 7:01 change in your lifetime to make a lifestyle to make a change in altering 7:07 how you conduct your life affairs 86,400 opportunities to turn your life around 7:15 86,400 opportunities for you to alter the direction of your future and you are 7:20 given that every single day do not tell me you’ve never been given an opportunity you have not used those 7:28 opportunities wisely time comes to you 7:33 and it’s cyclic you have the cycles called a second but then God adds 7:41 something even greater you have a cycle cycle called moments if God gives you 86 7:49 thousand to 400 seconds of opportunities watch this there are twenty thousand 7:58 moments in a day moments creates money momentum momentum creates monuments so 8:06 your day is also made up of minutes and moments not just seconds watch this your 8:13 future comes to you minute by minute my minute please write this down your 8:21 future is not for sale buy it own every 8:28 moment of your day mmm please forgive me for using him but he wrote something 8:36 that was so brilliant to me he said lose yourself and he said if you had one shot 8:43 one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted one moment would you capture 8:49 it or would you let it slip and he has this hook which I loved you better lose 8:57 yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go you only get one shot do not miss your chance to 9:05 blow this opportunity only comes in a lifetime the moment you own it 9:13 how do you buy back your future you buy it back by owning the moment every day 9:23 God is going to deposit 20,000 moments 9:30 into your bank account what are you going to do with it how are you going to live your life make 9:37 each moment how does a moment become something that you remember when you do 9:44 something epic can I actually what question last year on this date what 9:52 were you doing what about July 4th last 9:59 year what were you doing you know why 10:04 because you created a monument of that moment you did something spectacular so 10:13 now it is anchored in your memory so I want every single day of your life to be 10:21 spectacular but it’s impossible for you not to recall it as something great one 10:30 of the Philosopher’s says there’s a critical moment for all things there’s a 10:35 critical moment in time for all things that means that you’ve got to live 10:40 consciously and deliberately you just can’t you just can’t go through life doing nothing 10:47 Ecclesiastes 9 11 says I’ve returned and so under the Sun the race is not to the Swift nor the battle to the strong 10:54 neither yeah bread to the wise nor yet riches to men of understanding nor yet favor to man of 11:00 skill but time and chance or time and opportunity happens to them all so that 11:06 means that you not only should be valuing your seconds you got a value 11:13 your time to understand the value of time it will have a profound effect on 11:20 how you live from day to day moment by moment now watch this to realize the value of 1-year access 11:29 student who failed a few courses in university and had to repeat the next 11:34 year to realize the value of one month ask a mother who gave birth to a 11:41 premature baby to realize the value of one week ask the editor of a weekly 11:47 newspaper who forgot to hit the switch to realize the value of one day ax a 11:55 person that works a daily wage laborer who has kids to feed based on his ability to work ask him the value of a 12:02 day to realize the value of one hour ax the bride who is patiently waiting at 12:10 the altar to meet a groom that never shows up to realize the value of one 12:16 minute ask the person who missed their connecting flight to realize the value 12:23 of one second that’s the person who avoided an accident by one second to 12:30 realize the value of one millisecond ax person who won the silver medal instead 12:37 of the goal value every moment our times 12:43 are in in his hands but he wants us to manage our time let me just go on time 12:49 is cyclic remember the song Whitney Houston give me one moment in time I 12:56 love that when I’m more than I thought I could be when all of my dreams are a 13:02 heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me give me one moment in time you remember saying that for the Olympics he said 13:10 then in that one moment in time I will feel eternity your winner for lifetime 13:17 if you seize that one moment in time make it shine that’s amazing don’t let 13:27 people waste one second of your day and never waste one moment use your time 13:36 like money time is cyclic it comes to us 13:41 in seconds it comes to us in moments but watch this it comes to us in ours as 13:47 well don’t just go through life without paying attention to what you are 13:52 assigned to do in an hour every single day assign your time hour by hour what 14:00 am I gonna do between 8 & 9 what am I going to do between 9 and 10 what am I 14:06 gonna do between 10 and 11 use your time and assign activities according to that 14:12 hour never spend it invested don’t spend time with anybody invested if there’s no 14:19 ROI then tell people I don’t have time can I take you to lunch is there gonna 14:27 be an ROI if it’s not gonna be an hour or I just say I don’t have that time 14:35 invest your time in pursuing your dreams use the 10,000 hour principle Malcolm 14:43 Gladwell said whatever you do for 10,000 hours you’re gonna succeed in it the 14:48 greatest painters on the earth invested a lot of time to become the greatest the 14:53 greatest singers on earth invested time to become the greatest the greatest dancers invested time the richest man 15:01 and women invested time the wealthiest invested time 15:06 show me the empty garden of a man’s soul and I will show you a man that has never cultivated his time 15:14 show me the emptiest hearts with the hopes for their future best against the 15:19 rocks of bitterness and regret and disillusionment and I will show you individuals that spent their time but 15:26 never invested their time the poorest and the most obscured have not invested 15:32 any time in building their wealth David Beckham put time in to become the 15:37 greatest Einstein put time in what are you using each power of your day doing 15:44 how do you use your time wisely pour every ounce of your energy and time into 15:51 making your dreams a reality because God has given you the resource to do it you 15:58 have to invest time and everything in order to be successful at anything 16:03 you’ve got to invest your time if you want to have a successful relationship 16:09 you’ve got to invest time if you want to build a healthy home you’ve got to 16:16 invest time if you want to healthy marriage you’ve got to invest time if 16:21 you haven’t won a healthy body you’ve got to invest time if you want great 16:27 friendships you got to invest time if you want a greater celery you got to 16:33 invest time if you want a great ministry you got to invest time you’ve got to be 16:39 able to invest time in developing your reputation you’ve got to invest time in 16:46 investing in the things that will bring you great professional success you’ve 16:52 got to be able to take me moment you better be able to take time to write 16:57 your vision you’ve got to take time to develop your goals you’ve got to take time to reflect on your experience 17:05 you’ve gotta take time to think about what you really want in life you’ve got to take time to plan 17:11 you gotta take time to strategize you gotta take time to get it together 17:16 you gotta invest your time to pray you gotta invest your time in things and 17:22 whatever you invest your time in you are going to have your ROI in that same 17:28 thing if you don’t invest time in anything you still have a ROI in nothing 17:35 but what do you use your minutes for are just as valuable as you having money in 17:41 your bank account time is cyclic it comes to us in seconds it comes to us in 17:47 minutes it comes to us in hours it comes to us in days and it rotates that day 17:54 rotates in a 24-hour cycle and when it rotates we call it a day the secret of 18:00 your success is hidden in your daily routine it’s hidden in the habits that you have every day what is it that you 18:07 do every 24 hours because what you do everything a 24 hour period 18:13 determines what you end up with at the end of a week that means that if your 18:18 yesterday is gone you can reset the button tomorrow that means if you didn’t 18:24 do it yesterday you have another opportunity to do it tomorrow God does not withhold your 24 hours that 18:33 means that whatever you didn’t complete yesterday go to bed don’t regret it but 18:38 plan to do something about it tomorrow you’ve got to understand and when David 18:44 said teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom there is 18:51 Paul echoing something similar when he said in first Corinthians chapter 4 verse 1 let every man so account of us 18:59 as the minister of Christ and stewards of the mystery of God in other words God 19:04 is one of the greatest accountants and he said let us reckon lettuce 19:10 now let us help you that means that life has its own balance sheet your birth is 19:17 its opening stock time is your credit how you use it is your debit your ideas 19:24 are your assets your bad habits are your liability your name your character your 19:29 reputation is your character is your capital your successes is your profit 19:35 your failures is your loss your education your friendship is your investment your age is your depreciation 19:41 and your debt is your closing stock that means that whenever we talked about time 19:49 time has its own accountant and its accountant is called purpose God is your 19:55 auditor you’ve got to endeavor to always have a perfect balance sheet because 20:01 your auditor is gonna come back sooner or later to determine how you spend your 20:07 time life happens quickly the Bible said that life is like a dream that flies 20:14 away that it’s job 20 and eight life is like a shadow that disappears first 20:20 Chronicles 2915 life is a cloud that vanishes job seven and nine life is a 20:26 flower that dies Joe 14 one to twelve life is like grass that withers first 20:33 Peter one 24 to 25 it’s a vapor that vanishes James 4:4 20:39 James 4:14 it’s like a mere breath Psalms thirty-nine and five life is like 20:45 nothing Psalm thirty nine and five it’s like a Penta some thirty nine and six 20:51 it’s like a sigh Psalm 90 verse nine it’s like the wind that passes some 7839 20:59 Salomon said I’ve returned and I saw Under the Sun that the race is not to 21:05 the Swift nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise no riches to the man of understanding 21:11 nor yet favor to man of skill but time and chance happens to us all in light of 21:19 these true with this reality it is important to use your time to determine whether you’re 21:25 going to be sick or healthy whether you’re gonna be single or married and here it is time has no discrimination 21:32 time shows up whether you’re alone or with you’re with someone whether you’re 21:38 saved or not saved whether you’re young or old time and opportunity is given to 21:44 you whether you’re happy or sad whether you’re rich or poor whether you’re strong or weak whether you’re employed 21:51 or unemployed whether you’re living life to its fullest or not whether you’re educated or uneducated that means that 21:59 time is given to all of us and time is no respecter of purpose and I’ve 22:05 discovered that if you miss the seconds you’re gonna miss the moment you’ll miss 22:10 the day you’ll miss the power you’ll miss the week you’ll miss the season 22:16 you’ll miss the year that means that all you’ve got is today today I decree and 22:24 declare that once you understand that time is gonna give it be given to you in 22:30 increments of 24 hours of day that means you don’t have time to procrastinate I 22:37 decree and declare when you walk out of here you are going to begin to say teach 22:43 me to number my day that I’ve days that I will apply my heart to wisdom I decree 22:50 you will never procrastinate another day in your life when you wake up in the 22:56 morning you’re going to decree I’m going to live today I’m going to love today 23:02 I’m going to create today I’m going to progress today I’m going to succeed 23:08 today I’m gonna innovate today I’m gonna start my business today I’m gonna write 23:14 my book today I’m gonna succeed today I’m gonna reach my goal today I’m gonna 23:20 pray today I’m push forward today I’m gonna dream today I’m going to dear today I’m gonna make 23:28 something right today I’m gonna do something today I’m gonna love somebody 23:33 today I’m gonna touch somebody today I’m gonna forgive somebody today I’m gonna 23:39 worship it on my heart today I’m going to repent today I’m gonna tell someone 23:45 how much they mean to me today I’m gonna encourage somebody today I’m gonna bless 23:50 someone today I’m gonna greet someone today I’m gonna serve someone today I’m 23:56 gonna give hope to someone today I’m gonna search my heart today I’m gonna 24:02 regard word today I’m gonna enjoy my family today I’m not gonna wait for 24:08 tomorrow tomorrow I will have to live without regrets but I’m gonna finish 24:13 this day with no regrets I’m gonna make good choices today I’m gonna make God 24:19 choices today I’m gonna love God with all my heart today I’m gonna say kind 24:24 words today I’m gonna greet somebody today today I’m gonna make a difference 24:30 in somebody’s life you’ve got to be able to do what you’re going to do but you’re going to do it now it’s in 2nd Kings 24:38 chapter 7 where you hear elijah saying tomorrow about this time are you 24:45 preparing for your tomorrow and if you are going to be ready for your tomorrow you’ve got to do it today and so I want 24:54 to prophesy over your life that time is cycling and you are not going to go in 25:00 tomorrow regretting anything because God is reminding you today how valuable your 25:07 time is I decree and declare this is the last day you’re gonna allow someone to waste 25:13 your time from today onward you are not gonna waste one second and you are not 25:19 gonna allow anyone to waste one second of your time just for today I decree 25:26 that this is the beginning of a new day gone has given us this day to use it as we will we can either waste 25:33 it or use it for good but what you do today is important because you are 25:39 exchanging a day of your life for it and when tomorrow comes this day will be 25:44 gone forever leaving in its place something that you have traded for it I decree and declare you will be 25:52 deliberate with what you were trading your day for you’re going to be deliberate with it when it comes to 25:58 relationship you’re gonna be professionally deliberate you’re gonna be nutritionally deliberate I decree and 26:05 declare you will not exchange one second of your time hallelujah for something that is 26:11 unhealthy and anyone that will cause you to be irritated or frustrated so that 26:17 there is a distraction I decree that those people are being removed swiftly 26:22 from your life and agree that everyone that comes in your life is going to 26:28 respect your time and if you invest any time with anybody they will recognize 26:33 that you were exchanging your life for that I decree every one that comes into 26:39 your life is gonna tell you your time because you’re gonna teach them how valuable your time is I decree in the 26:47 Clare that whatever you trade for your time it’s gonna be gain and not loss 26:53 it’s gonna be good and not evil it’s gonna be success and not failure I 26:58 decree and declare that you would understand that whatever you have left you have paid a dear price for it 27:05 because you paid it with your time I decree that you will walk out of here with an understanding that if you waste 27:13 your time you are actually wasting your life and I decree and declare that this 27:18 is the last day of waste I decree from the day onward you would set your 27:24 priorities and focus on the things that really matter according to Matthew 6:33 27:30 that you are seeking first the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness and 27:35 all of these things shall be added unto you decree every day you are going to make 27:41 gone and his kingdom your priority I decree that there is a shift in your 27:47 priorities i decree that even if you have conflicting priorities you will 27:52 always put God first because however your day begins as how it’s gonna end 27:58 however your week begins is how it’s gonna end however your year begins as how it’s gonna end 28:04 I decree and declare that you are gonna begin every day with God I decreed 28:10 things in your life is shifting I decreed that you were resetting your day 28:15 tomorrow morning about this time you are gonna wake up with a new mindset and a 28:21 different mindset I decree that you will use your time wisely I decree from today 28:27 on it according to Romans 8:28 you are going to face your greatest challenges 28:33 discouraging situations and seemingly insurmountable parable a problem with 28:39 the resolve that only good can come out of this I decree no matter how bad a 28:45 situation is you will superimpose Romans 8:28 on it and you will begin to say all things 28:52 will work together for good it doesn’t matter how the week started it’s gonna end good they don’t matter what’s 28:59 happening in your relationship it’s gonna end good you’re gonna say like Jules have said even though they mentor 29:06 for bad God hallelujah meant meant it for good to save much people alive I 29:13 decree that you’re gonna practice a positive mental attitude according to 29:19 Philippians I decree that you’re gonna seek the wisdom of God before you make 29:25 any decision so that you don’t have to go over old ground I decree that you are 29:31 going to you rely on the Holy Spirit like you rely on a GPS to get you from 29:38 point A to point B I decree that you are seeking the wisdom of God before you 29:44 make any decisions according to proverbs 3 5 to 6 greed that you’re going to live a life 29:50 of gratitude that this is the last day you’re gonna grumble and complain and curse your own life but you are gonna 29:57 live a life of gratitude according to Ephesians 5 and 20 I decree and declare that you were going to honor your word 30:04 that if you make a promise you’re gonna keep a promise I decree and declare that 30:09 everyone in your life that is going to hallelujah be invited to be in your life 30:14 for the rest of your life are gonna be honorable people those people that may promises to you in the days to come 30:22 they’re going to keep their word and honor the word I decree and declare that you were elevating your expectations 30:29 according to Ephesians 3 and 20 I decree that you will communicate with honesty 30:35 and act with integrity I decree that you will be diligent with your love and your 30:41 care for your family i decree you will practice healthy positive successful 30:46 process prosperous thinking according to Philippians 4 and 8 and Joshua 1:8 and 9 30:53 I decree that you will live often authentically according to first Carano 30:58 khals 29 14 to 19 I decree you will do be diligent in earning and managing your 31:05 finances that you would save more you will invest more and you will spend less 31:10 I decree and declare you will pursue and invest in solid mutually beneficial 31:17 relationships and if your relationships are not mutually beneficial you’ll give 31:22 yourself a gift of goodbye you will not wait until they tell you goodbye you 31:28 will give yourself a goodbye I decree that you will make the most of your time 31:35 and that you will have open eyes to proceed opportunities in every crisis 31:40 and in the middle of every problem I decree and declare that you will leverage every crisis and it would turn 31:47 in your favor in the name of Jesus I decree today you were replacing 31:52 unhealthy habits with healthy ones i decree today you will deepen and live out your faith 31:59 in God I decree today you will maintain a prayerful attitude I decree today you 32:06 were planned for and modeled generosity and give to those who can never reciprocate I decree today you will be 32:14 true to your convictions and core values that you will not compromise your Christianity to blend in with the 32:21 prevailing culture in a system that will keep you bound I decree and declare that 32:27 you were seeking goals things which are above and not beneath I decreed today you will be true to your conviction I 32:34 decree today you will pursue improvement refinement and upgrading in all areas of 32:40 your life I decree today you will live morally and conduct all your fears 32:46 ethically I decree today you will ensure that your actions and responses are 32:51 governed by the Word of God I decree today you will discover and manifest 32:57 your purpose I decree today you will maximize your potential I decree today 33:04 you will live a life as a visionary thought leader I decree today you will 33:10 live a holy life style that fosters peace success and prosperity I decree 33:15 today that your body hallelujah will be given the exercise it needs your mind 33:22 you will give it the rest you need I decree and declare you will give your 33:27 soul the nourishment it needs i decree then you will nurture your soul 33:32 today i decree you will feed your spirit today i decree you will hone your skills 33:39 today i decree you will walk in forgiveness towards others and yourself 33:44 today i decree you will not grow weary in well-doing that you would trust god to sustain you 33:51 i decree today you will give yourself permission to prevail i decree today you 33:58 will choose and display a positive mental attitude and i kept forgetting to give you the scripture Philippians four 34:05 and eight I decree today you will seek the wisdom of God before you make any decisions 34:10 proverbs 3:5 – 6 I decree that this is the day the Lord has made I decree today 34:18 you will manage your fears according to specific timeframes i decree today you will manage your 34:25 resources of time your your gifts your talent your relationship your finances 34:31 and your opportunity today I decree you will deepen and live out your faith in 34:37 God according to Hebrews 11 and 1 and mark 11:24 today I decree that you will 34:44 maintain a prayer for attitude 1st Thessalonians 5:17 that you will pray without ceasing today I decree you will 34:53 plan for model generosities hallelujah and give to those that can never return 34:58 the favor proverbs 19 17 today I decree and 35:04 declare hallelujah that you would choose according to Deuteronomy 30:19 35:10 you would choose life over death you would choose blessing over cursing I 35:16 decree in the clip today you will begin to realize that you are not a victim of 35:22 circumstance that the choice is yours and today you were choosing you million 35:28 humility over pride serving over being served honor over dishonor tooth over 35:34 lies transparency of a deception openness over closed mindedness integrity over duplicity righteous 35:42 living over unrighteousness character over compromised trust over distrust 35:47 love over hate peace / harmony giving / receiving faith over this beliefs 35:55 courage over fear progress over stagnation success over failure 36:01 prosperity over poverty health over sickness kindness over begrudging 36:06 generosity over stingy nurse joy over depression happiness over sadness hard 36:11 work over laziness focus over distraction honesty over dishonesty 36:16 morality immorality loyalty over disloyalty faithfulness over betrayal I decree and 36:24 declare you will begin to realize that the decision is yours that God is giving 36:30 you time but he’s not only giving you time he’s giving you opportunity I decree and declare every day in every 36:38 way you were growing wiser you were growing stronger you were growing better 36:44 you are going for us for prosperous by decree you are going to live one day at 36:50 a time and you are going to enjoy every moment in time and I decree under Clare 36:56 even if you’re in the midst of hardship i decree now you see this as a pathway 37:02 to peace I decree and declare you are standing firm this is the beginning of a 37:09 new day God has given you this day to use it as you will I decree you will 37:15 refuse to waste it or maintain the status quo I decree every day you’re 37:21 gonna use it to advance the kingdom and you’re gonna use it for good and I know that at the end of the day when they 37:29 write you’re on your appetite and they give that epitaph your birth date and 37:35 your death date that – between your birth date and that day will account for 37:41 something I decree that God is with you I decree that God will give you an 37:48 understanding of the value of time and even in the absence of money even in the 37:55 absence of education you will begin to use your time like money and you will 38:01 use it wisely because your destiny is it 38:15 minute you are on this earth use your time wisely 38:23 [Applause] 38:32 [Music] 38:37 make every day count time management is 38:44 a misnomer you can only manage activities according to timeframes 38:50 no one has an excess of time and we all get the same amount of time structure 38:59 your days but most importantly structure 39:04 your week know what you’re gonna do on a Monday and a Tuesday and Wednesday and a Thursday and Friday and a Saturday and a 39:10 Sunday I call it an on/off use a Monday 39:18 to create the Tuesday to implement the Wednesday to create the Thursday to 39:25 implement the Friday to create your Saturday to play and rest and then your 39:34 Sunday to worship and then hit repeat and if you live your week like that 39:42 schedule your activities but you’re gonna do each day what day of the week 39:49 are you gonna do your laundry what day of the week are you gonna clean your car what day of the week are you gonna clean 39:56 your house what day of the week are you gonna visit your friends and family what 40:02 day of the week are you gonna have family night what day of the week are you gonna shop be very specific with 40:09 what you allocate your time to the time you will rise in the time you will sleep 40:15 the specific time and time frames for calls you don’t take a phone call all 40:22 during the day that’s why you have an on/off switch and those of us that are 40:28 innovative and creative if you ever hit in a creative or innovative mode and 40:33 then you take a telephone call you diminish your level of innovation and 40:39 sometimes you could never get back when you get that spark of genius sometimes 40:44 you could never get back to that so use your own off switch those of you 40:51 that are married make your bedroom off-limits to telephones unless you’re 40:57 expecting an emergency so once you hit your bedroom there should be no television and no telephones in that 41:04 bedroom unless there’s an emergency so let me encourage you your bedroom is for 41:11 sleeping so go home and get rid of that that television take your television out 41:18 of your sleeping area and make your bedroom a no-phone zone if you use an 41:28 alarm set it near the your door a little table by the outside of your room or 41:35 just put it on the floor and charge it if you were sleeping charging your felt 41:40 your phone and you’re sleeping with it in the bed you’re creating a very 41:46 unhealthy environment for your brain 41:53 you’re being set up if you were charging your phone never use your phone not even 42:00 with the earpiece to speak to anybody until it comes off of the electricity it’s an LC waves electrical waves that 42:10 you’re sending into your body and that’s creating an unhealthy environment never 42:17 ever have a charged phone and let your baby listen to the air or play with it 42:24 unplug it and never put that phone by your ear use your earpieces move it as 42:32 far away from your head as you possibly can have specific time frames for calls 42:40 make sure you use the one off switch for all of your devices bundle your 42:46 activities when you’re exercising if you exercise for an hour pray and exercise 42:53 for that hour while you’re preparing dinner and cooking throw some 43:00 in the washer at the same time if you’re exercising and you have a friend that 43:07 talks a lot don’t be just sitting there letting them eat up a whole hour 43:14 talk to them while you’re cooking or talk to them while you’re cleaning or talk to them while you’re exercising 43:20 make sure you bundle your time if not don’t talk to them because they’re gonna 43:26 eat up two hours three hours and they’re only gonna tell you the same story they talk to you about last year and the year 43:33 before and the year before establish clear goals the weekend before you start 43:42 your week and intend to accomplish it use your week as a seven-day marker make 43:51 adjustments to your activities evidence every seven days relative to your 43:56 overall goals and your objectives use your four weeks in a month and listen to 44:04 me carefully those of you that work once a month go on a mini vacation and we 44:11 have staycations but do it once a month every three months equals a season 44:17 something changes every three months so that means every 90 days you should have 44:23 another accomplishment marker you have a weekly marker but every 90 days you have 44:29 an accomplishment marker the things that you plan to accomplish in a 90 day period you’re either going to accomplish it or 44:35 you’re not and make sure that you do it and then in the 12-month cycle actually 44:41 self this question one year from now where do I want to be where do I want to 44:47 be financially where do I want to be socially I began this year and I said 44:54 these are the things that I want to accomplish and I was very very clear about it some things I didn’t exactly 45:01 know how I was going to accomplish but I said by the end of this year this is 45:09 what I want this and everyday acts God for wisdom 45:14 God would say make this call connect with this person finish this and I 45:20 notice now we’ve gone through the first quarter and we’re going into our second quarter I notice how much close I am to 45:28 realizing my goals but if you never establish a goal for your year 45:34 the goal for your quarter a goal for the month and a goal for the week how do you 45:40 know when you’ve succeeded so from today you are never ever going to live another 45:48 day without a goal you’re going to leave your week and although we can decide 45:55 next week I’m going to accomplish this and you are no longer going to use time 46:03 management strategies we’re gonna start managing your activities according to 46:09 specific time frames I hope you got something out of this you’re blessed I 46:17 hope you walk out knowing that you’ve got something that you can exchange 46:25 anything for and most people ignore it but tomorrow about this time everything 46:34 about your life is gonna be changed for the best this is the day the Lord has 46:43 made and it’s got again good because I 46:48 started this day with him let’s pray our Father that God would give you praise and honor and glory we thank you for 46:54 teaching tonight on time and there’s so much we want to be able to share but let 47:02 us start with this that they wisest men Solomon said I looked under the Sun and 47:09 I noticed something time and opportunity is given to everybody so within our 47:18 lifetime each one of us will be given at least one opportunity 47:23 to succeed we will have multiple but if we look at each second every single day 47:31 you’re giving us a 86,400 opportunities to finish something to love something to 47:39 start something to we’ll come to something and we’re gonna use our time wisely so now one to him who is able to 47:46 do the exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think it’s according to the power that works with us let the church 47:52 say Amen man come on put your hands together one more time for dr. trim that 47:59 powerful word I don’t even have to ask you I know you got something out of this if you don’t have pages and pages of 48:06 notes [Applause] 48:12 well I want to encourage you at home thank you for watching with us you know 48:17 I’ve been to conferences three or four days conferences spent hundreds of dollars at a time I know people have 48:22 spent thousands of dollars and they don’t get out of that time what we get in one message were privileged and if 48:30 this is a lifeline for you I encourage you to connect with us by partnering 48:35 with the ministry financially we’re bringing hope to the hopeless I was just sitting over on the sidelines 48:40 scrolling through testimony after testimony that our emailed to us and sent through the comment boxes on social 48:46 media and direct messages and it’s just astounding the lives that are being transformed the marriages that are being 48:53 restored the businesses that have been started people who have demolished debt who have gotten out of poverty this is 49:00 the message of the kingdom it’s putting you back in the driver’s seat and I’m telling you when you invest in this 49:06 ministry you’re investing in all of those lives I look through the pictures you know we adopt cities I look through 49:13 the pictures and I see the faces of those children receiving the backpacks the families receiving the dinners the 49:20 meals the empowerment the encouragement and I look and what I think about is you 49:26 because none of it would be possible if it weren’t for partners who helped to 49:31 make it happen and at the end of our lives in the story of Cindy trim ministries is written your name’s gonna 49:37 be in that book and when you get to heaven and you and you come to the gates 49:42 and and and you walk in there’s gonna be a line of people through this ministry 49:48 that have been impacted by the financial gifts that you have deposited in this ministry you know we’re just the faces 49:55 we get to stand in front of the cameras but it’s really you who’s the champion who makes it happen and we can’t do any 50:02 of it without your support so I encourage you tonight if you’ve given before give again become a committed 50:08 partner who gives automatically if you’ve never given before I challenge you right now hit that give 50:13 the link is right up in the box above you if you’re on Facebook connect to what we are doing because children all 50:20 over the world are being impacted through adoptive City programs lives are being changed through this medium 50:26 ministry and we’re expanding we’re gonna be developing technology to make this this even more interactive or continuing 50:34 to develop lifegroup curriculum so you can build community right where you’re at the ministry is expanding and we need 50:40 your help hit that give button now and and make sure to share this and spread this empowerment to all your friends on 50:46 social media and join us back here every first and third Thursday where it’s live 50:51 and it’s prophetic and it’s all God amen would you put your hands together and send them out with a great God bless you 50:58 we’ll see you next time

Time Travelers Part 2 | Dr. Cindy Trimm | The DNA of Destiny

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